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  1. The symbolism may be great. But I think you're overlooking the all the flaws. I'm not about to start another raging debate, so this is the only comment of mine you'll see here.
  2. Without the [ ] in it. Try it again. Edit: There you go, @ImHereForDrafts!
  3. So, you killed 54 Bonewalkers and got 8 Oils? That's ~14% of the Bonewalkers, which is 493.8% more than you should have gotten.
  4. Lute. @Bjarne You do @[person's name here] to get a mention.
  5. It isn't good, no matter how you cut it. I asked how you can prove it isn't lazy before you asked me how it is lazy. I gave examples of how it's lazy. Where are yours that it isn't lazy, hm? Any examples? Any evidence whatsoever? Or are you grasping at straws, trying to stay relevant in this argument? By all means, prove me wrong on this! Please, provide some examples for us. Yea, most of the story is bland, par-for-the-course average. But the specifically bad parts are the problem here. It's either that they are incompetent writers, or they put minimal effort into it. And incompetence is just as bad as laziness. Anyone can write a bland story. You need little mental power or ingenuity to fill pages with writing. And that's what it looks like with Fates. So, they either tried and failed (incompetence) or didn't try (laziness). Which do you prefer? ... This proves my point. YOU think it's a good - or at least average - story. You refuse to reconsider, and so you're trapped trying to find ways to defend your point against the remaining 99.9% of people who don't agree with you! Hyperbole, in case you can't tell. You can say 'Oh, I like it, it's good enough for me.' It's easy for anyone to say 'X is good in my opinion. Why? Oh, uh... because Z, that's why!' You're trying to convince us that Fates is better than what we think. That's you're objective. And yet, here we are, with you saying 'you can't prove it's bad, 'cause we don't know what the intent was, so I win'. This isn't a debate at this point. This is just you wanting Fates to be well loved, put into a debate format.
  6. If they aren't worshiped, then why do several supports (that aren't with Corrin) focus on various things about Corrin? The plot revolves around Corrin, everyone wants him. In Conquest the Hoshidians are more angry about Corrin not joining them than they are about their country being invaded. In Birthright, the Nohrian siblings' family structure falls apart because Corrin left them. Don't get me started on Revelation. Just don't. It'll turn into a 30 minute rant as I tear that apart, and no one involved with enjoy that, myself included. Corrin should've been just another member of the family's, not the damn center of it. I'm resigned to the point that they are the center of attention, but they don't need all the Avatar Worship. They're cardboard, yet everyone praises them for it. There are so many other ways to go about it than random Deus ex Machina. So many ways. Also, screw shonen tropes. Those're garbage. My opinion, of course, I'll not try to change your mind on that.
  7. Yea. But even if Corrin carried it, they could've not written in all those contrived coincidences. Did Leo have to hand them a warp book? Why does the Yato choose the most convenient time to evolve? Because the writers will it, and they didn't want to waste time putting even a modicum of logic into it. They just did it because it's the easy way out. Which means it's the lazy way out. Least amount of effort = easy = lazy. And yet certain people refuse to admit it's the lazy way out! @Ottservia, I'm still waiting. If you have evidence it isn't lazy, lets' hear it. If not, then admit so, so that we can be done with this.
  8. I'm not specifically referring to Corrin. I'm referring to all the shortcuts they took writing the story.
  9. @Ottservia, you still have answered the question: Once I get that, I'm done with this train wreak of a thread. I'm not leaving until I get it. And for once, don't pull a 'No U'. Answer it strait. How is it not lazy?
  10. Hooo boy. You asked for this. I'm half asleep right now, so I'll probably regret saying this latter, but... I don't. Do you? If you don't, what where you attempting to accomplish with that jab? I responded to Ottservia turning my question on me with a valid answer. What'll you do if I do the same? Give the same response as me, that you don't? If so, why did you ask this question? If you aren't better than me in this case, then it would've been best to not ask that question. If neither of us know, what's the point of raising the topic? You can be only as certain of yourself as I am in this case. It's either that they cannot write stories, or that they did it very lazily. Both are bad, and equally damning for the story. Speaking of @Ottservia. I answered the question you put to me, yet you have bad enough manners to not answer mine? Why is it that people don't bother to answer questions, but instead pull a 'No U'. This is not a valid argument. It makes you look like a fool when they answer the question they asked and you cannot.
  11. Well, I get the pun now (LTC - ember). Didn't at first. So, how do we go about this? Once we get 2 others on board, do we take turns calling characters? I've never done this before, so...
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