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  1. New PVP is gloriously fun and surprisingly tolerable as far as broken builds go - looks like IS matches you up with somebody roughly with around the "favor" number as you, to keep it somewhat even. Won a bunch the first few rounds but I've been on a loosing streak, and yet - they don't feel ragequitty in the same way Arena does. Mirel might be the only awakening unit I build. The artwork for all of the characters on this banner is really nice. : o I have ... zero interest in Ash but that was also the same feeling for the last few OC's, so no loss there. Nice time to switch out a light mythic and collect story orbs for the next Tellius bannerr. Overall pleased! Solid 8.5/10 for me.
  2. I think you can use non-prf spells, actually - mine's using Blarraven+, and I briefly had Stone. I vaguely remember weapons being super limited when the feature first launched (eg the gun) but they've since broadened the variety of weapons.
  3. Sayin' this as another 'Jill being a top 5 favorite/best units' fan but her and Shinon's banner did pretty poorly. Not the "worst", but not great.
  4. Technically forts do give a 20% def boost iirc. I do wish that mountains/trees also gave some like the mainline games though. Oh lord, my HB4 + Dive Bomb Naesala p!Tibarn Clone that was built right before his forma was announced feels this ...
  5. Tanith looks surprisingly good! Was afraid they were going to mess up her slightly tomboy look and make her into a waifu. I might be the one of the rare peeps that likes Laegjarn's new outfit better. xD That might be because I was always a penekoR fan though.
  6. Leila was surprisingly hard - i had cheesed through the axe Rokkers with yep, you guessed it, nin!Zihark, but ended up needing fedelgard + hel + b!claude + reyson for her. more of a survivability issue than raw damage output.
  7. YESSSSSSSSSSS Volke my baby looks so good!!!!!!!! Goddamn he's premium as hell, I don't even need to fodder anything to him. +10 here we come... do I dare snag one copy of him to give Lethality to Legault..... And free Tanith here I come bearing pegasus flight to you as a gift! 😄 Will be super nice I'll be rolling on a lot of reds soon (nin!hark, Volke) and i'll probably be picking up a bunch of Taniths with that, here's hoping. Man, between Volke/Tanith/Bertram, I'm eating good this banner. I am surprised that Marcia got the treatment she did considering she struck me as mad waifu bait potential. :v Still in, though.
  8. Play enough of FEH, and there'll likely be a few moments that you'll never forget of foddering off a favorite, fumble-fingering an easy AR win, pulling for something you regretted later ... describe those moments here to make us all feel better about our own mistakes ~ I'll start with a few: I didn't know defense tiles gave defense for a good 6 months. :"D pulling 300+ extra orbs for Fallen Dimitri after sparking on the fallen banner when I don't even like... dimitri.. and ultimately just foddered his Odd Tempest to Jill because he was worthless for my playstyle. :') speaking of wyverns with odd tempest: Once I lost so badly in Arena to a Galeforce Y!Minerva with a Tempest that singlehandedly nuked my T20~ competitive team, that I'm pretty sure it scarred me for FEH life. Feathering Fiora when I was strapped for feathers (I do a lot of grail projects) before I realized how valuable Pegasus Flight was. Thankfully I got two copies of her as pitybreakers eventually - one's on Sigrun and the other will likely go on Tanith when/if she appears.
  9. Being selective about resources is absolutely key to enjoying FEH in it's dry periods. I personally do all the modes since FEH pass makes it easy to autobattle a lot of it (during boring work meetings lol), but I don't kill myself trying to be top-tier competitive in all the things, just enough that I can braindead coast and grab 90% of the rewards. plus i find a lot of times it's more fun to enjoy the waves of getting fresh/favorite characters you "do" like and ride that high while they're momentarily the hot meta thing.
  10. You did a wonderful job summarizing all the reasons that FE-worlds would be a good idea and were vaguely flitting around in my mind, thank you. 🙂 Especially yes to the last point - as we start to get "thinner" with the options of the various casts, it feels like IS needs a more ... vivid? character-specific direction on how to highlight obscure characters, and taking nods from the various themes of the series would go a long way there. Plus you could honestly have some amazingly cool interactions with the FEH OC's that we've gotten to know and love and have *them* be foils off of mainline game characters in a similar struggle. (eg, Pelleas talking to Alphonse and/or Lif about what it means to be king and whether the ends justifies the means - and that banner could be Dawn Brigade related, idk.) It is meant to be about the FE series, after all.
  11. The whole Ice & Fire series should be an encouraging sign to those who want it to continue, considering I see it as IS testing the waters of 'is it profitable to go into the deep lore of each of the characters in the books?' rather than just briefly dipping into the two-worlds-in-one-chapter pattern they've been doing. Judging by the Ascended Florets and the next character that's Ascended ... I'm inclined to say they're not going to stop that line of storytelling anytime soon. It'd be cool if Eir and Bruno and Veronica got the same depth. Honestly what I would love to see is more mainline FE worlds, next. Have Loki or some mischief-maker stir up shit in Tellius or Folian, and have our crew have to stealthily track her down and fix things. Would be a brain-dead way to introduce new heroes as well.
  12. As much as I'd be ecstatic for it (RIP my fucking orbs between +40 nin!hark plan and the November banner, I may actually open my wallet for the first time), I can't see two RD banners back to back unless if there was a Tellius remaster/remake announced. @Fire Emblem Fan the most comprehensive information I can find on the leak on the character you're asking for is in this link, tbh.
  13. Given your accomplishments below in your signature, you've had a hell of a run as-is. Just curious - would there be a single character that'd bring you back temporarily?
  14. FE7: playing this for long hours under the sheets with the DS when I was supposed to "be in bed" as a kiddo. :') watching canas wreck everything with luna was always a delight in the later half. FE9 (first and favorite): lotta memories with this one but one in particular - requested this game as my first to play after a hip replacement. first time I felt normal / a human there after a long, long while. FE10: seeing Zihark again for the first time at the desert of death (after already being a mega-fan of his for the last three years before RD was released), and then slowly realizing that the game was so good to him, artwork, story, script and all. :') 3H: while CF was my favorite overall route (I romanced Hubert), in one of the other routes on maddening - I forget which paralogue specifically (it might be Petra/Bernie's) - there was a moment where Hubert (asshole!) basically surprise-appears on the map to laugh at you and i flipped my shit the first time it happened because I knew I couldn't (and wouldn't want to) defeat him there. So amazingly in character.
  15. some (or at least one) of the weapons from last year don't have a replacement yet - thinking ninja katana in particular. it kinda sucks for EP put it's still holding up for player-phase. (also makes for a great arden speed meme build)
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