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  1. EliwoodBeoulve1


    The game: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/rga8k6nmc3w57/Legend+of+Four+Rising+Heros
  2. I want to be able to make like one of those forum let's plays with the words before the picture but I don't know how to put the pictures before the text to make it work
  3. So this just came to me I just want to make a convo for Chapter 5 of Fire Emblem: Geneaology of the Holy War between Holyn & Bridgette enjoy! Bridgette:(sigh)Guess another war's starting I've heard that Sileese has a good Squadron of Pegasus Knights nothing my bow can't destroy and Pegasus fall to bows easily this will be a piece of cake *cking pussies Holyn bumps into Bridgette Bridgette: Hey watch where you're going you stupid f*ckward(just felt as since she was a pirate she would swear alot)with your stupid sword Holyn: Oh sorry bout that didn't mean it..... Heyyyyy aren't you that Ichival wielder(assuming she has the Ichival/Yewfelle). Bridgette: Yeah I can use the Ichival so what Holyn: So yeah I got a favour to ask.....can you help me find a way to deal with the Pegasus Knights more easily, you have bows that can pepper down an entire army of Pegasus Knights all I've got is some sword Bridgette: So why should I help you you've bumped into me you f*cking dipshit Holyn: Cause I don't want to be useful for killing nerd mages and I am real good at clearing the arena I was even the final boss of one so I know I'm better than killing mages Bridgette: Gehhhhh f*ck it I'll help you take this sword Holyn: Why did you just give me another sword!? Bridgette: Oh it's a Wingslayer it can dispatch lots of Pegasus Knights so you can now go toe to toe to a Falcon Knight Holyn: Thank you I'll cherish this plus you're beautiful Bridgette: Hehehe you're welcome...…wait a second what the f*ck did he just say to me
  4. Ok but what if you are playing on an insanely hard mode and the jagen is necessary for survival until your army is strong enough to handle themselves
  5. So everyone knows what Jagens are right. They are pre-promotes(usually Paladins) who have great bases but horrible growths and low exp gains and not Oifeys who have the good base stats of Jagens but have good or god-tier growths making them good in the long term not short so this is a question,when do you think Jagens become not good Early, Mid or Late game just a questions leave your thought down below
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