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  1. I am looking for anything, except people to visit me for the points. Because the game is old, I can't find a good place to put share it 😞 07333-15152-80711-58514 I did the thing where you demolish lilith's temple, and then place just sakura right by the entrance, so give people 1 turn wins.
  2. That is honestly one of my least favorite game design decisions in video games 😭 Most of the time, I will play it on the hardest difficulty that I can access right away, and never play the hardest difficulty. When me and my brother lived together, I would occasionally let him beat a game to unlock it, then play it after lol
  3. No problem! I have to admit, that while I have been starting each game on the hardest difficulty, I have not been doing blind play throughs. I spend a good amount of time looking at character stats here on Serenes, and looking at class suggestions/tier lists on here / reddit / occasionally youtube. I don't look up guides on how to beat levels, but I am also not going in blind haha. I mainly don't enjoy replaying games (which is why I did not end up doing the other houses in Three Houses, the second run I started was too much like same run that I had just beaten), but do like beating difficult games, so I play on the most difficult setting after looking up enough information to think I have a shot at doing it.
  4. The work "to" has two common uses in English. It can be the start of an infinitive verb, which is written as "to" + a verb (to run, to do, ect), but it can also be a preposition, which is written as "to" + noun (he went to the store) In this sentence, they were not making an infinite verb, they were making prepositional phrase. The verb of the sentence is "admits" and "to doing" is a prepositional phrase/direct object of the sentence. Prepositional phrases require a noun, and "doing" is the noun form of to do.
  5. Who would it be better to use the dread scroll on? I am playing birthright. I have heard that Azama does well with one, but I have two, and I did not have a plan for it to go to anyone else anyways haha
  6. Yeah, I really thought I was soft locked on that chapter for a while. It took many, many attempts to find a way out of the starting position. It actually ended up being Annette that saved me. I tried every thing I could think of to get out of the starting positions using Byleth+Dimitri, but could not find a way to keep them alive. I finally gave up on them, and decided to give Mercedes+Annette an attempt at making any progress. I was running Annette as a bolt axe/lighting axe unit on a horse (not sure right now what class she was in at the time, but at the end of the game she was a great knight lol) and Mercedes happened to have Stride on her. So I was able to use stride on Annette, send her out to one shot a single enemy using lightning axe, and then retreat back to her starting position thanks to canto/the extra move from stride. Then I repeated that again the following turn. Then, with 2 enemies down, Byleth and Dimitri were able to safely start moving forward without getting overwhelmed. Once the four of them (and my dancer Ashe+Gilbert) were able to join up, the rest of the level was pretty easy. But I definitely tried moving Byleth and Dimitri on to every combination of tiles I could think of before I found a way out lol I did not know to properly prepare for that chapter, but I think I was lucky that I was mainly using Blue Lions Characters / minimal recruits (because I originally planned to play all of the houses, but ended up on Echoes instead). And I am lucky that some random reddit user raved over how good lightning axe Annette was lol
  7. I am a fairly new Fire Emblem player. FE3H was the first fire emblem I've ever beaten, and now I am working my way back through the catalog. I beat Echoes, and now I just started Fates. My general approach has been to do good amount of looking into units, and then having my first playthrough be on the hardest difficulty. I beat FE3H Maddening with Blue Lions, then I beat Echoes Hard mode. Now I have started a Lunatic Fates run. After reading up on the units, I decided that I wanted to have Mozu on my team, despite the plentiful posts saying you should just bench her. (I liked the villagers training up to be on par with knights from Echoes. Kliff and Faye were two of my best units on that run). I read that making her a dread fighter was her best bet, but even on those posts I saw multiple people commenting that you should just bench her. I just finished her Paralogue, and I must say that she caught up way faster then the internet led me to believe. Looking over her stats, I think that she is already my best unit? She is tied for the highest strength in my army (with Corrin) She has the second highest speed in my army (1 less then Kaze, but higher then every other unit) She is in a 4 way tie for first place in Defense She has the highest Res in my army And with Aptitude, I think she has the highest growths in all of those stats as well, so she should out pace everyone moving forward. I babied her for like half of 1 paralogue, and that was all it took for her to become my best unit. Why do people still say bench her? (I guess I have not seen how long it takes for her to come off the ground if you immediately make her an archer as opposed to dread fighter, but I was seeing people advise benching her on posts specifically about making her a dread fighter.
  8. Yeah, I'm actually using Gilbert as a Guard Adjutant for her. She is doubled by everything, so that is a big part of her being able to take a hit lol. Although, I have found the Crusher less useful then her Bolt Axe+ and her Silver Axe+. Bolt Axe for range, and Lightning Axe on the Silver Axe+ for extra damage. I have only used the crusher if I was not sure if she was going to get hit once on enemy phase, so that she could retaliate. And I think that I am leaning towards having a Sniper Hanneman on my next play through. Hunter's Volley Magic bow sounds sick.
  9. I just want to say, I love my tiny axe girl. She almost single handedly kept me from being locked out of Reunion at Dawn. I tried every thing I could think of to make any progress using Byleth and Dimitri, but it did not seem to matter where I put them, they ended up overwhelmed. I honestly thought I was going to have to go back to chapter 12 to give Byleth White Magic Avoid+20 to try and try and dodge my way out. But I decided to give Annette a shot. After a stride from Mercedes, Annette was able to run out, one shot an enemy with lightning axe, then canto back to safety. They repeated the strategy the following turn. And that was enough that Dimitri and Byleth were able to safely emerge from their starting positions. Thanks to Annette, I was not going to have to repeat Chapter 12! She was a Valkyrie at the time (working towards Uncanny Blow) but none of her spells were cutting it. I have read a lot of posts saying that magic weapons are not very good, but I have to say that my Annette feels like a much better unit after I handed her an axe! Before I made the change, her best offensive option was Excalibur, with 11 might, 1-3 range (she had the Caduceus Staff on her), and that was limited to just 4 uses. By comparison, now that she has a Bolt Axe+ and a Magic Staff she gets 16 might, still with 1-3 range, and she can use it more then 4 times. And the bolt axe is actually her weaker axe option! If the bolt axe doesn't cut it, then she can use Lightning Axe / Silver Axe+ for whooping 23 plus res. scaling damage! That is higher then any offensive spell in the game! And now that she is in Great Knight it boosted her defense to the point that she can occasionally take a hit, although I still try to avoid it lol. Offensively and defensively, it feels like Axe Annette is strictly better then mage Annette. I think the only downside was losing her healing spells, but I have healing more then covered with my other units. I am loving the feel of the bolt axe, and I am curious if there are any other units that can make good use out of the magic weapons?
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