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  1. That is true getting through the prologue stages is not that big a deal so it wasn't too much of a drag restarting my 2nd run. (Besides this time I was able to get my F!Corrin into a Master Ninja so I can get Locktouch real early). But one question I have is what is with the castles that have multiple Ore/Food sources in one place? Is there any way you can get those legitimately? (Even if it may require multiple runthroughs.) Or was some hacking involved? (Keep in mind I am referring to the castles that have nearly if not absolutely full Battle & Visit points.)
  2. Ah... I see, duly noted. Wish I knew about this beforehand though but oh well...
  3. Well I did start from Branch of Fate in my 2nd run but not in my first though. Does that make any difference?
  4. Hey folks I just recently started my 2nd run of Fire Emblem Revelations on a Fire Emblem Birthright cart. During my 1st playthrough my resources were... Cabbage, Peach, Ruby & Jade. But now in my 2nd playthrough I still have the same resources. I know I can get other resources when I visit other castles of course, but how do I get other resources in my castle? (Especially since I have seen other castles that have all sorts of resources available.) Let me guess are those 4 resources the only ones available on a Birthright Cart (or only available on a Birthright cart in a Revelation run)? I just thought I ask...
  5. Huzzah! Now I am a regular member so you folks might see me here a bit more often from here on out.

  6. I am almost done with my 1st Revelation file with an M!Corrin in which these are the pairings I did... M!Corrin/Azura Felicia/Jakob Rinkah/Benny Kaze/Mozu (Since Mozu looks like a slightly older Midori) Sakura/Hayato Hana/Subaki Silas/Elise Saizo/Setsuna Orochi/Azama Hinoka/Leo Oboro/Takumi Hinata (Alone, apparently pairing Corrin with Azura throws things off as I didn't realize) Kagero/Ryoma Kaden/Peri Arthur/Effie Odin/Nyx Niles/Camilla Selena/Laslow Beruka/Keaton Charlotte/Xander F!Kana/Kiragi Shigure/Mitama Dwyer/Rhajat Sophie/Ignatius Midori/Percy Shiro/Selkie Asugi/Caeldori Hisame (Non-Existent) Siegbert/Velouria Forest/Nina Ophelia & Soleil (Single) In my upcoming F!Corrin Revelation playthrough I vowed not to make the same mistakes that I did on my 1st run and make sure I get all the child units this time. But as of right now these are the only pairings I am feeling pretty set on... Hayato/Nyx Selena/Subaki Kaze/Kagero Hinata/Sakura Kaden/Hinoka (Since Selkie, Peri & Hinoka are all voiced by E.G Daily) Camilla/Keaton F!Corrin/Silas Asugi/Rhajat But here are some I'm not 100% certain on such as... Odin/Azura or Odin/Orochi (since Ophelia's Paralogue stage is very Hoshindan-styled) Saizo/Rinkah or Saizo/Beruka (for Asugi's grey theme) Arthur/Felicia or Arthur/Setsuna Ryoma/Hana or Ryoma/Oboro Takumi/Elise or Takumi/Setsuna Effie/Benny or Effie/Azama Niles/Peri or Niles/Beruka And more though as for the 2nd Gens I am thinking of keeping the Kana single this time in order to not mess up the order on the other 2nd Gen units much like in Awakening. So in other words aside from Hayato/Nyx, Selena/Subaki, Kaze/Kagero, Hinata/Sakura, Kaden/Hinoka, Camilla/Keaton, F!Corrin/Silas and Asugi/Rhajat I am still on the fence on who to pair next time.
  7. Gotcha, fair enough still what do you folks think?
  8. (Note: I admit I was not entirely certain whether to put this in Written Works or in the 3H board here.) Well folks a while ago my older brother and I were playing Mario Golf Super Rush on the Switch, fun game even if it does remind me that I was never any good at golf. (But at least I can do fairly well in Battle Mode though.) Anyways he and I were making observations about how the cast of Fire Emblem Three Houses would feel about a game of Golf. Such as... * Out of the 3 Main Lords the one who would most likely be a golfer would be Claude. * Dimitri would try to give the ball a good swing, but the ball is still missing. * Felix would be out there thrashing away in frustration as he tries to get the ball into the hole without the ball missing it. And of course, the lesser said about his time in the Sand Trap the better. * While Sylvain would be far too busy leering at ladies like Mercedes & Dorothea wearing tight pants and form-fitting shirts like Pauline. * Ferdinand & Lorenz try to impress people with their keen knowledge over the noble game of golf and brag about how skilled they are while admiring each other’s clubs. Of course, those two will not shut up about skilled they are and how golf fits nobility so well in which this gets Dorothea to get incredibly annoyed. (Which Dorothea is thinking that she would rather be out in the battlefield then to have to endure this torture.) However, then a frightened Mercedes clings to Dorothea from behind as she is terrified about having to hear Ferdinand & Lorenz incessantly talk about themselves again. Then Dorothea tries to comfort Mercedes while having a slightly lewd smile on her face. Meanwhile Sylvain was nearby and says he was going to intervene but seeing Dorothea & Mercedes so close to each other like this has him... intrigued. * Edelgard was seemingly doing good at the Golf Course... until Hubert was caught trying to use his powers to manipulate the ball to ensure that Lady Edelgard gets a hole in one at best or in some cases keep the swings to a minimum. Needless to say, this gets Edelgard disqualified and a little cross at Hubert. * Caspar declines the offer for a game of golf as he calls it a boring game that only snobs & brainiacs like Lindhardt play. In which Lindhardt gleefully recalls how while Caspar can swing the clubs well enough, but he nearly spent an hour trying to put the ball into the hole making Caspar defensive about how the stupid ball won't go in. Then Lindhardt recalls how Caspar once got stuck in a sand trap for well over an hour and then they had to dig him out. Dorothea wonders how Caspar must have looked so adorable in his little golfer outfit in which Lindhart reassured her of that in which Caspar vehemently denies that and insists that his golfer ensemble is not adorable but manly. * Petra is slightly baffled by this game of Golf as there is nothing like it in Brigid, but Cyril calls it a boring game that is mostly played by the Fodlan nobles, but he has learned the gist of it by watching them. Namely Cyril tells Petra that you just need to swing the club and hit the ball and get to a hole in the ground. Petra tries to learn how to swing the club by getting behind Cyril grabbing his club while pressing her body to his as she learns how to swing the club. An incredibly flustered & blushing Cyril tells Petra that she knows how to swing the club now and tells her that he suddenly needs to polish his club and leaves. Then Claude comes in being all debonair as he happily offers Petra a good golfing lesson. * Lysithea is decent at the game at first, until her ball lands in a sand trap then with a twitch in her eye she nukes the sand trap with her attack spells. In which this gets the staff at Garreg Mach wondering if they should even have sand traps at the courses at all. * Hilda declines the offer of a Golf Game as she claims that she would know nothing about it. Marianne was rather confused about Birdies & Eagles in which Hilda calmly tells Marianne that those are golf terms and explain what they mean. Now that Hilda realizes that she got caught up in a lie once again she admits that she does know from her brother Holst but recalls how he would not shut up about how great it is. Balthus can second that as he once recalled playing a few games of golf with Holst in which Holst did substantially better and would not let him forget it. * Ashe happily recalls that years ago when Lord Lonato and his son Christophe would play golf and he was their caddy, but then this quickly gets him depressed. Meanwhile Yuri recalled how he was once used as a Golf Caddy by the nobles he was living with and hated the experience as he did most of the actual work. * Constance then goes on a rant claiming her absolute expertise in golf since she is such a fine noble in the Abyss but since Golf games are normally out in a field in the daytime and bright sun, she barely has the energy to lift her club. * Seteth does enjoy the game himself, but he goes into "Paranoid Protective Mode" regarding Flayn to make sure she stays safe despite Flayn's frequent protests. This gets to the point where Rhea has to set a few guards to make sure Seteth (or his Wyvern) doesn't try anything to make sure Flayn's ball doesn't get into any hazards. * Catherine has no interest in the game as she considers it to be a boring game for nobles in which Shamir does agree with her but then also recalls on how Shamir defeated Catherine rather easily in a golf game. Catherine immediately denies this as it was a close game and challenges Shamir to a rematch. * Ignatz happily accepts the offer as he definitely knows how to play and is great at putting the ball. Raphael is not entirely sure since he is not particularly good at the game in which Ignatz happily offers Raphael some golfing lessons. Raphael then recalls on how he did try a game once, but he got kicked out when he broke the club and caused a small hole in the ground as the golf ball he was using is still missing. Now this gets Ignatz a little nervous as he realizes he has his work cut out for him. So what do you folks think?
  9. Will do and thank you, I would post more but I am still considered to be a "New Member" therefore I have posting restrictions. Do I have to do some posts at the "Far From the Forest" boards in order to get out of "New Member" status or what?
  10. Well that is most definitely understandable (and in those cases amusing). Still here are a few more Share a Meals... *ahem* [Dimitri X Mercedes] (Share a Meal - C) Mercedes: Yah! Hiyah! Oh I'm sorry I was just practicing how to chop with butter knives. Dimitri: Butter knives huh? *gulp* Uh... good idea Mercedes. (Share a Meal - B) Mercedes: Oh yes and after this meal I can give you another sewing lesson. Dimitri: Thank you Mercedes, though I promise I will try not to bend your scissors again. (Share a Meal - A) Mercedes: Say Dimitri how about later on tonight I treat you to my finest cake in my room? Dimitri (blushing): Why uh... yes I would like that, I would like it very much. [Felix X Lysithea] (Share a Meal - C) Lysithea: Say Felix have you had a snack before our meal by any chance? Felix: No, why would I do that? (Share a Meal - B) Lysithea (singsong): Felix, have you tried my cake yet? Felix (annoyed singsong): No, go away! (Share a Meal - A) Lysithea: Now don't fill up too much on this meal Felix, I still have more cakes to give you. Felix: Heh heh oh what did I get myself into? [Claude X Petra] (Support C) Petra: Claude, perhaps I shall give you lessons in climbing trees? You can hold on to me while I teach you. Claude: Well I was going to take a nap but how can I refuse an offer like that? (Support B) Petra: You say I'm a wonderful abnormality Claude? Oh Claude you do know how to pleasure me greatly. Claude: Why I'd be happy to milady... uh... what I meant is... why yes that is rather pleasing. (Support A) Petra: I wonder if the man I will marry can unite Fodlan & Brigid? Hmm... Claude: That is a distinct... maybe, would you settle for Almyra & Brigid by any chance?
  11. As you may know each character has generally very limited amounts of Share a Meal/Group Task dialogues in which only a few characters can do them with more than 2 units (in which this includes DLC). Here are the rules/guidelines here. 1). While you can do any given pair of units, it might be for the best to do it for folks who can actually support in the game. 2). While you can do multiple bits for Share A Meal, and the Group Tasks for Stable Duty/Sky Watch (corresponding with their supports up to B or A) or one but each pairing only gets one dialogue for Weeding/Clearing Rubble. 3). You can make it complete (Share A Meal, Stable Duty/Sky Watch, Weeding/Clearing Rubble) or 1 or 2 out of the 3 its up to you. However that being said if you are doing any of the Group Tasks you should also do the results dialogue as well (both Perfect & Good) 4). If you want to do any of the pre-existing ones I would recommend expanding them especially the ones that had rather little in dialogue such as Alois/Bernadetta for example. Anyways I shall give an example or two. [Bernadetta X Caspar] (Share a Meal - C) Caspar: Ah this hits the spot, makes you feel lighter than air huh Bernadetta? Bernadetta: If you say so Caspar... *sigh* Maybe I should start bulking up. (Share a Meal- B) Caspar: Say Professor I've rumors that someone was kidnapped here recently, twice. No idea who it could be though. Bernadetta: *sigh* Of course you wouldn't know. (Share a Meal- A) Caspar: Hey Bernadetta, shall we take this meal to our special spot? Bernadetta: Okay but as long as you carry the food, alright? (Weeding) Bernadetta: Yes! Weeds, this shall be perfect for a recluse like me! Bernadetta: Prepare yourself for Botancial Bernie! Caspar: Wow Bernadetta you got really confident all of a sudden, I like it. (Clearing Rubble) Bernadetta: Aw this looks like this will be so exhausting. Caspar: Well if you like Bernadetta I can carry you if you get really tired. Bernadetta: Normally I would be bothered by that... but just this once I'll let it slide. (Group Task - C) Bernadetta: Oh I hope this won't be too exhausting. Caspar: Not too worry Bernadetta, if you like I can carry your workload too. Bernadetta: Well as long as its my workload and not me... (Group Task - B) Bernadetta: Alright Caspar, Professor says I should be working with you this time. Caspar: Alright but don't get carried away, we both know that I'm the stronger worker here. Bernadetta: Don't get carried away?! *groan* Can't believe you said that. (Group Task - A) Caspar: Well Bernie as soon as we're done I'll take you to our spot. Caspar: But don't worry I'll hold your hand this time. Bernadetta: Oh that is a relief... I mean yes thank you. (Results C) [Perfect] Caspar: Oh sorry Professor I guess I got a little carried away for a moment there. Bernadetta: Well I know how that feels. [Good] Caspar: Well that was okay but it could be better, right Bernadetta? Bernadetta: Well I did manage to stay on my feet today so at least I have that. (Results B) [Perfect] Caspar: Woo-hoo! We did it, lets go somewhere to celebrate Bernie! Bernadetta: Alright Caspar but lets not get too excited, okay? [Good] Caspar: You okay Bernadetta? You seem a bit more skittish than usual. Bernadetta: Well getting carried away twice will do that to someone. (Results A) [Perfect] Caspar: Ah yes you know Bern, we make a very good team don't we? Bernadetta: You know what Caspar, yeah we do, we really do. [Good] Caspar: Wow that was tiring, maybe I should let you carry me for once. Bernadetta: Tempting, but I'm pretty tired too... [Ingrid X Dorothea] (Share a Meal- C) Dorothea: Well this is not my ideal choice for a first date, but this is decent enough I suppose. Ingrid: This is not a date! *sigh* Lets just have our meal in peace, alright? (Share a Meal- B) Ingrid: Okay Dorothea I'll let you dine with me, as long as you stop hitting on me. Dorothea: Okay Ingrid message received. Say Professor do you know if Mercedes is available? *growl* What do you think folks?
  12. Hey there this is Pokejedservo, member of the Online VA community since July of 06 and a Fanfic writer for even longer than that as you can out more about my various different works at... https://sites.google.com/view/pokejedservo-productions/home In which I have occasionally done some fanfic that is Fire Emblem related. Anyways the FE games that I primarily play are the 3DS Trilogy, & Three Houses. However I have also played the original FE (both NES & the DS Remake) and Fire Emblem Binding Blade for the GBA. So this is my introduction thread here on the boards, so hello.
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