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  1. petra is my second favorite in the game so it's nice to see her so high I'm too lazy to comment on the rest of this
  2. I live in the same city as earth crisis (90s vegan straightedge hardcore band) and the same city post malone was born in. I don't exactly live the the city (I'm not doxxing myself) but I'm in the same general area I also live near where cannibal corpse used to be based in (until they moved) and where every time I die used to be based in (until they broke up) I've never listened to earth crisis, I kinda like post malone but I'm not a huge fan (circles is a banger tho), and I like cannibal corpse and every time I die
  3. what ideas for 3 hopes character designs do you have? I currently have none but if I think of any I'll post them here
  4. yeah I forgot yu yu hakusho, gintama, and sain seiya other than that there's no changes I'd make to my original roster
  5. this isn't a bad roster but I feel like it has too many characters per franchise
  6. forgot to add yu yu hakusho reps
  7. I considered adding todoroki but I didn't have enough space
  8. if there were to be a (better) sequel to jump force then what would your ideal base roster be? (preferably 40 characters or less) mine would be 1: goku 2: vegeta 3: cell 4: frieza 5: broly (if someone more well versed in dragon ball would like to suggest some better dragon ball reps then please do) 6: naruto 7: sasuke 8: kekkashi 9: hinata/itachi (I also haven't watched/read naruto so feel free to suggest someone else for this slot) 10: luffy 11: zolo 12: nami 13: sanji (I've only read east blue so I only know a few one piece characters) 14: ichigo 15-17: 3 other bleach reps (I know absolutely nothing about bleach lmao) 18: tanjiro 19: nezuko 20: deku 21: all might 22: denji (chainsaw man) 23: power (chainsaw man) 24: yuji (jjk) 25: gojo (jjk) 26: kenshiro (fist of the north star) 27: gabimaru (hell's paradise) 28: gon 29: killua 30: kurapika 31: leorio 32: allen (D. gray man) 33: jotaro joestar 34: joseph joestar 35: kaneki (tokyo ghoul) 36: touka (tokyo ghoul) 37: rin (blue exorcist) 38: kenshin (rurouni kenshin) 39: astra (black clover) 40: nagisa (assassination classroom)
  9. I've had several but the first one that comes to mind is back in august of 2019 when I first stumbled upon smashwiki and began my extensive research of the history and culture of competitive smash this was around when I first started playing competitively and still had a lot of motivation so I was addicted to the site for at least a few days
  10. food is just good. I love eating things
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