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  1. aren't we all? forgot to quote lmao
  2. I feel like there's some underlying joke here I'm not getting
  3. I wish I was here in 2019 leading up to the release of fe16. that would've been fun
  4. haven't seen shield hero but sounds interesting try being a hyouka fan lmao or your lie in april or fruits basket save for fruits basket those will probably never receive any more stuff in any capacity
  5. haven't seen trigun yet but I like the spiky hair guy and I like cowboy bebop so this definitely sounds interesting also haven't seen bungo yet but from what I've heard about it, it sounds like it'd make a good arcsys game
  6. as I said I do think some games would work as third person action games and rpgs would also work quite well for some of these (I haven't finished code geass yet but a code geass srpg would be great)
  7. what anime/manga do you think should get a 2d (or maybe an arena fighter on par with kill la kill if) fighting game by arc system works? I think jujutsu kaisen would be great for something like this and chainsaw man would also be pretty cool I also think the two mentioned above as well as kekkai sensen, hellsing, and code geass would make great third person action games
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