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  1. I'm mostly interested in the boxart characters I don't think they're Vander's kids/grankids, they're mostly likely the kids/grandkids of Vander's coworkers. The twitter bios probably would've mentioned if they were related
  2. I think the firey Swordsman might be Ike "The Hero of Blue Flames" The dark skinned girl with the pole looks very feminine but also very physical, so maybe Lyn? The mage girl = Micaiah
  3. We have Pirate, Ninjas, and now (Phantom) Thieves, what's next? Cowboys? Astronauts? Mermaids?
  4. Ascended Celica is weird; design wise it's just a palette swap of her Princess look, but her regular Princess look isn't in the game. And it just further muddies the point of Ascended Heroes Jesse and Atlas are finally in the game! And Atlas is an Axe user! Weird they're using Brigand Boss instead of Grieth, who would make more sense alongside Atlas and Est Ymir's dragon form is so beautiful. Naga is screaming, crying and throwing up. All other dragons found dead in a ditch @Fire Emblem Fan She should dual wield the Mani Katti and Sol Katti like she does in Warriors and redesign the Sol Katti so it looks like its Warriors design
  5. Question: does Shez's Fluegel sword have a name?
  6. What are some supports you'd like to see in Three Hopes, particularly between characters that maybe didn't have supports in Three Houses? I'd like to see supports between Edelgard and Hapi, I think they'd have a lot to talk about, What with being imprisoned and experimented on as children, and Hapi could tell Edelgard about her mom. I'd also be curious to see Constance and Petra/Shamir talk about the Dagda and Brigid War. And Balthus/Caspar and Balthus/Raphael as GYM BROS.
  7. @Ice Dragon Miranda's ending has her abdicating the throne of Ulster to live a normal life as a regular woman, not really an "Ascension" I can see Olwen working, reconstructing Friege and likely wielding the Blessed Sword, but Reinhardt wouldn't. Not only is he canonically dead, but his purpose in the story is to contrast Olwen: she realizes she's fighting for the bad guys and switches sides to fight for what's right, he already know they're working for the bad guys but is unable to bring himself to do anything about. His arc is his inability to grow as a person
  8. I suppose we'd have to guess right eventually
  9. Petra being the princess of Brigid is actually an important character politically If Jeritza's playable then it would make sense to include Mercedes so they can interact Houses Gloucester and Ordelia were the pro Empire factions from Leicester, and Lysithea especially would be a good go between for Claude and Edelgard
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