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  1. Yeah, that's also bothered me. It also bugs me that Rhajat has a tome instead of ofuda, but Adrift Azura and Camilla do so maybe future Hoshidan mages with Prfs will have ofuda instead
  2. Ya'll remember Lif is a woman in Norse mythology, right?
  3. "I don't want to lose control." "That power... Never again." "I am holding back."
  4. Gatekeeper is pretty much guaranteed to be a Lance unit, so Blue is out for everyone else Red is an obvious choice for the other three since they all have special swords, but only one them can be red Marianne could easily be colorless because she's strong in Faith, But you could also give Marth Aum (unless they finally add Elice) or Eirika Latona The real question is who would be green
  5. @NegativeExponents- Well of course! My favorite character is legitimately good but your favorite character is just a stupid meme/waifubait
  6. Jeralt+Sitri duo unit Byleth with a tome, and the Tome is the ring Jeralt gave them Perpetually single Manuela Alois who can gush about his own wife And maybe Flayn who's very interested in romance stories
  7. @Humanoid Abysskeeper is sorta the Gatekeeper for the Abyss. He actually gets a bit of a character arc
  8. Very happy for Asbel and Sara, just waiting for Linoann, now And surprised we're seeing Fafnir in battle so soon
  9. Not really sure how they'd incorporate a giant wolf and a giant snake into this game. Oh, they could just be Beast and Dragon units
  10. There are 9 realms in Norse Mythology. If we assume Askr and Embla represent Midgard, than we've been to 5 or 6 (Midgard, Niflheim, Muspellheim, Helheim and Alfheim (possibly also Svartalfheim if they're going with Dark Elf meaning instead of the Dwarf meaning)). That leaves Jotunnheim, Vanaheim and Asgard. I'm not sure what they could do with the realm of giants, although the exact meaning of J├Âtunn is kinda flexible. And they'd probably do Asgard and Vanaheim at the same time. So maybe two more books left? Or a surprise twist could be that the World of Steel is Midgard and we end there
  11. I'm gonna go rogue and say Thracia 776 with Karin, Asbel, Linoan, Sara and Salem as the GHB
  12. Kinda surprised they didn't give Ilyana Rexbolt considering she's the only one who can use it. Maybe she'll get it as a Refine
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