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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Aww you've been away for a bit

    But happy birthday anyway~

  3. Makalov x Astrid. For Makalov is the king of make-a-love, he cannot be tamed. Besides couples I openly support Stefan + Mordecai.
  4. Wow this is a hard choice. Hm...well here's my thoughts on all the final boss themes: [spoiler=My Thoughts]13. Fire Emblem 1 +Funky Beat at the start +Still retains a bit of funk after the epic start -Repetitive high pitch sound at the start -Horrible sound font after start (like a bee buzzing) 12. Radiant Dawn +Sounds somewhat epic (trumpets, choir) +Sounds mysterious -A bit too peaceful for a final boss theme, especially against A GOD 11. The Sacred Stones +Whistle +Drums +Some atmosphere -A bit too all over the place 10. Sword of Seals +Organ +Is that a choir I hear? +Dark atmosphere 9. Genealogy of the Holy War +Sounds...hopeful...yet overwhelming, it's quite odd and exciting really -Not quite as tense as the following themes... 8. Blazing Sword +Harpsicord +Tense atmosphere -Starts off a bit dull 7. Thracia 776 (Applying Justice) +Incredible atmosphere +Epic drums +Organ creates tension 6. Gaiden +Creepy +Enigmatic, supernatural feel +Nice instrumentation +Heavy beat 5. New Mystery of the Emblem +Nice Choir +Nice Violin -Drums felt a bit uneccessary 4. Monshou no Nazo Book 2 +Nice melody -Doesn't set quite as much atmosphere as Book 1's theme 3. Monshou no Nazo Book 1 +Sets a nice end game atmosphere +Kick ass theme -Sound is a bit irritating to the ears at times 2. Shadow Dragon +Epic intro then you get blown away by... +HEAVY-ASS-BEAT (SWEET RAVE PARTY) +Violins +Bells +It sounds generally amazing +/-The demented sounds 1. To Challenge Ashnard +HOLY-listen to that choir go! +Minor use of Bell +Heavy drums +Generally great orchestration -Random slow downs In short: BEST is FE9 (I'm surprised it got two votes for worst) WORST is FE1 (Wow that's an irritating sound font)
  5. Is 18 your real age? Sorry if I sound mean, but, this sounds more like something a teenager would do. Also, if you want respect set up a good topic. Not one based over Selena not getting a badge and moaning over it. Last time I checked Aless didn't have a badge, am I whining? No.
  6. Rolf and Tauroneo Rolf convinces Taureneo to seek out his family to give an apology, upon finding them he leaves them plenty of gold and then returns to Daein to continue being it's pillar of strength with his past laid to rest and a focus on Daein's renewal.
  7. I'll think of more but the main one is: Mordecai and Stefan Stefan and Mordecai already had made a friendship between Laguz and Branded in PoR. When Stefan made his kingdom, Mordecai served as a politician/symbol of peace between the Laguz and Branded. It may have been a rough road, but Mordecai progressed with Stefan's help.
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