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  1. everyone's upset about Bride Sanaki and here I am being upset about Bride Ninian because I want her but have no orbs (and no Ishtar)
  2. I step away for... uh... ever, and the fe4 thread dies. thats what happens when Ayra doesn't get a for 4 months IS
  3. That's the problem 80% is games, 20% is fanart and music. and 0% is Elis.
  4. https://twitter.com/HrusaArt/status/926224806139367429
  5. I've been playing this since launch actually. Just have had trouble existing and whatnot... ;^^ 883,068,826, please contact me in some form though since I ignore randoms for the most part. https://i.imgur.com/Fzc2Wem.png All my bad luck has gone to Heroes instead
  6. Y'know tomorrow I should see if I can set up VBA on the new comp to try those Touhou RandomizerLockes again. Those were FUN.
  7. Hopefully I didn't mess the formatting up, I'm not used to the new editor at all. I feel like I'm slightly behind due to two months of focusing on Green mostly trying to get Julia but I'm not sure. Not pictured are Ninian, Faye, Setsuna, Effie, and Sophia, who still need more work to be effective.
  8. I want to correct you on that but I legit don't know what's more expensive at this point
  9. "worst Boss" this made me laugh more than it should have.
  10. I ended up trying EOsD on Hard for shits and giggles the other day, after not touching the main games for a long while. i made it to Stage 4 before I started screwing up and dying. Although that's actually when I start running into trouble even on Easy and Normal, i'm surprised I made it that far at all.
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