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  1. I don't mind Caeldori anymore. Thinking back, a lot of names in FE are quite weird and unique. In FE8, they changed Cougar to Cormag, which I don't think is a real name. (Not that Cougar is any better lol) I just hope they don't change Velour, I really like that name. Edit: apparently it's Scottish. Names are weird.
  2. Hello Fire Emblem Community! I'm back from a bit of a rough weekend. Gasquet got kicked around by Djokovic, but I won't let him lose to Nergal. Let's get back to business! This is now fixed. The problem was, specifically, that I was dumb. Now you can vote for anyone but Dorcas to your heart's content! Now!!! Chapter 13: Now that I'm back, I'll try and get out 13x in short order. Expect it when you least expect it. Also, feel free to break the tie in the poll. (Vote Priss!) I'll close it off tomorrow and put up the chapter 15 poll as well. Until next time!
  3. I've calculated the odds of Hector getting 3 speed procs in a row and it comes to about 105% (35 + 35 + 35). So no hax. Also I was really dumb and edited the poll question instead of making a new one, so the votes carried over. I've fixed it now but the 2 votes I got will be added in mentally when it closes.
  4. OK I just got back from reaching the Wimbledon Semifinals, so I figure now's as good a time as any to continue my run. This will be the first chapter with Hector's team. Let's see how they fare, shall we? Chapter 12: And that's a wrap. I'll be closing the poll tonight most likely, and put up the next one for Chapter 14. To prevent someone like Rebecca being chosen later in the game, I'll keep the poll options to the 5 most recent recruits. Until next time!
  5. Howdy all! I've always enjoyed the screenshot LPs here, so I thought I'd make one of my own to pass the time waiting for Fates. I thought up this challenge the other day, and I'm not even sure if it's much of a challenge at all, but oh well. Here goes. Rules: 1. I will play the game with two teams. One team will be deployed only on even chapters, the other team only on odd chapters. 2. Gaiden chapters are free for alls, because I am too lazy to keep track of the switch. 3. Before each pair of chapters I will put up a poll to add a unit to each team. Only currently recruited characters can be chosen. 4. Marcus is banned because he is old and needs to save his energy to help Roy. Consider freeing him up if you are playing a non noob mode. 5. Thieves and dancer lady/spoony bard are free. 6. ENM, because I am a scrub and want a relatively stress free run. Mostly the scrub part though. Current Teams: Team Odd - Eliwood Lowen Bartre Poll Ch 15 Team Even - Hector Oswin Priscilla Poll Ch 16 Chapters: Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 I'll get around to making this post look pretty later. For now, let me know if there's anything I could do to improve this run, since it's still early going.
  6. I like the Javelin/Hand Axe change. Stick it on the Jeigan and have him chip away without getting kills.
  7. Hmm, all of those are good points, and some I had already considered changing. Right now the dialogue doesn't flow very well, because it's sort of in outline form. Once I have a couple more chapters in place, I think I'll start going back and really working on the chapters to completion. Also, the map intros will be changed, too. I already have an idea of who the narrator will be.
  8. Hmm, I think you just need to import a battery save on the windows vba, and for mac, you can just plonk the .sav in the battery save folder. Lyn mode is supposed to glitch up, since I replaced the prologue map with a custom map for a cutscene. I'll try and rewrite the events to Lyn mode, to avoid these problems in the future.
  9. Hmm, I agree that Lowen is a bit too good in the early goings. He's the closest you'll get to a Jeigan, defense wise, because he'll slow down later on. I might make the adjustment, though. The lack of axes will be rectified in the next chapter, with the joining of Bartre, of all people. I'm not a fan of the non-promoted axe users, despite hand axes being arguably the best weapon in the game. Thanks for the feedback, I'll make some more headway this weekend.
  10. Yeah, text editing was one of the more fun elements of making this. I have a lot more to do in that department, though. Yep, it's a typo. Stupid apostrophe's. And yes, growths have been changed, for both allies and enemies. Everyone has pretty good growths, so I guess the goddess just wasn't on your side. Thanks for the feedback. Any comment on the difficulty? I want to know if it's too easy/too hard.
  11. Sorry, it actually was my fault. I made the patch incorrectly. Should be working now. I have zero spriting ability, but I can change the palettes so that the mercenaries, cavaliers, etc., don't look messed up. Since I don't feature any new characters, it's not a priority.
  12. Okay, I uploaded a preview patch. You might need to find a way to get Eliwood mode activated, I'm not sure if the .sav file I provided works. Hmm, I could go either way with Louise. Her hair splits the same way as braids, so there's my reasoning.
  13. Welcome to a world of dreams, imagination, and shoddy hacking abilities. This is a project I've been working on for the last week or so, and I felt that creating a topic here would give me some motivation to actually complete it. A lot of elements are still in the early stages, but I'd like some feedback on where I could be doing things better, or where I'm doing things completely wrong. I'm open to any criticism, etc, so no worries there. Ahem... FE:LoL (I swear it's a coincidence...) Story: Don't think of this as yet another Elibe sequel, but rather a side story, which follows Louise and Pent as the main characters. All of the characters that appear are neither canon nor particularly true to their FE7 personalities. It all starts when Pent is seen fleeing Reglay Manor. Louise gives chase, and discovers a terrible secret... Progress: -First 3 chapters are fully playable, with completely custom events and maps. -Characters have been reclassed, with pretty flimsy explanations to be honest. Palettes have been adjusted accordingly. -The dialogue is currently an outline of its eventual form, but mostly complete. -Supports have been changed to focus on mainly single stat gains. (For example, Dark is the equivalent of Earth in PoR) Currently working on: -Chapter 4 events -Chapter 4 map -Got rid of the tactician creation. -Getting good grades on my midterms... To Do List: -Fix the text so that it looks and flows better. Also I need to lengthen the important cutscenes so that they don't feel rushed. Aslo, remove typsos. -Fix the maps. I need to get better at shading the maps, and making walls. Oh god, walls... Also, I could resize a bit, some maps are too big. -Game balance has first priority, which is why I want some feedback. Cosmetic changes are lower on the list, unfortunately. -Starting with chapter 5, some maps will be split screen, with 2 objectives. One for Pent, and one for Louise. Think like RD, where burning the supplies helps out the battlefield elsewhere. I think I can make it work. -Item editing. I want to help out Louise more than the typical short bow switcheroo. We'll see, though. -Supports. Supports will be custom, as much as I can manage. I think there are some interesting relationships that could be explored that weren't. -Map Events. I have a filler map event, but as much as I hate to replace it, it must be done. -A lot. Screenshots: Patch: I might have one out soon. I'm not sure if I should make it public, or to ask a few people for advice. I'll probably just make the first 3 chapters public, and then if by some miracle I get any decent length I'll test things more thoroughly. Update: Well, I gave in. Here's just the first 3 chapters, in full HD! (Remember to start in Eliwood mode. I'll fix that eventually.) LoL.zip
  14. Interesting. I found that rescuing the NPCs was more efficient than rescuing Hector. That way he can recruit on the way, if you plan right. Also, I always got the Steel Axe on the first turn, and had the Hero die during enemy phase. The second chapter is messing me up too. I'm rushing, and the swordmasters just own me. Sigh...
  15. Yeah, I gave in. After a few more tries, I got a 9 turn clear. I took Hector along the left side, with Barth and Astor rescuing Lucius on the right. Maybe an 8 turn would require talking to the last NPC while on the escape tile, I'm not sure. This is quite fun, I've never thought about LTC before, and this hack is a good introduction.
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