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  1. The Imperial from Etrian Odyssey 4. In EO4, Imperials are late-game characters with high HP, moderate defense and offense, but low agility. They rely on abilities with cooldowns for the majority of their damage output. So here would be my FE interpretation: Type: Armored Tier: 2 Base stats: 25 HP 7 STR 2 MAG 6 SKL 4 SPD 9 DEF 1 RES Avg Growth Rates: 100 HP 50 STR 0 MAG 45 SKL 25 SPD 40 DEF 10 RES Movement: 6 Armored Weapon Ranks: C-S Swords Skill 1: Death Blow Skill 2: Luna Class-Locked Weapon: Drive Blade
  2. In addition to Gunter in BR and Scarlet in Rev, there's also Rinkah in CQ, who you only get for 2 chapters in the prologue
  3. I'm willing to bet you're going to get a lot of male clerics. But anyway, Saber Cleric.
  4. I liked both P1 and P2 Ferdinand designs, so I'm hopeful that Ferdinand's design will be good.
  5. I once thought of ways to write him as a boss. From what little characterization we have of him, it seems he's not sadistic, but rather uncaring and emotionally detached, given from the fact that he gives up on the abuse and instead just ignoring her after realizing she wasn't going to turn out to be the bargaining chip he hoped for. The only potential route for redeeming qualities, IMO, would be in response to Bernadetta's death, and realizing too late that his family is more than just a tool to manipulate for his own ends. Although, that's just how I would write it, and I prefer humanized villains with plausible motives. Realistically speaking, I think A is how it's going to go down, but I would prefer B, because I think "evil father" is just too static for a minor villain.
  6. A bit late, but if Robin marries Priam and Morgan marries one of Chrom's daughters, you could fit Ike on there.
  7. In terms of character, Seteth is my favorite. He's by far the most interesting and understandable Church character, and while his character gets shafted in the last chapter of SS (to be fair, it's not like the endgame of SS was well-written anyway), he's a great co-lord for the rest of the route. I also liked Xander, it's too bad that he's stuck in Conquest's story, and is uncharacteristically hypocritical due to the writers not having much of an attention span. Remember, it's horrible if your father enlists a serial killer, but when you do it it's A-OK. At least he's cool.
  8. Looking at these turncounts, I suppose I could restart and do better. But eh, I'm already at chp 9, might as well just accept it. I started this expecting this to happen, and I'm doing this semi-blind (to LTC strats) so I'm fine with this. Most notably, I haven't been rigging crits until chp8. P1-3/3 P2-2/5 P3-3/8 P4-3/11 P5-3/14 P6-2/16 P7-3/19 P8-6/25 1-5/30 2-7/37 3-13/50 3x-7/57 4-7/64 5-6/70 6-13/83 6x-2/85 7-6/91 8-4/95 Those extra turns recruiting really do add up, huh?
  9. Roshea. Always had a soft spot for the purple guy. @Astralevin Good luck, everyone.
  10. I'll take Mattis, because it's funny. Yeah not that much point to the rest of the picks... @GlitchWarrior
  11. I'll take Dolph, doesn't cost a turn, only dignity @Astralevin
  12. I think I'll take a chance on Dice @GlitchWarrior And now I will go ahead and start the prologue
  13. Welcome! Be sure to check out the rest of the series as well! Hope you can find what you came for.
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