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  1. What a chad. He took the Conquest route and reaped all of the benefits out of it. Eat your heart out, Garon/Edelgard.
  2. "This world is imperfect. If only I could wipe away the impurities and make it as beautiful as me." - (Totally not the twist villan) Sidereal Wraith 8/14/22.
  3. Granted. FE4 maps have now been shrunken down in size, making them far quicker to complete. However, in order to make up for this loss of time, FE4 now has an additional 12 chapters with little bearing on the plot whatsoever. Also, FE4 ends up being the same length as the original version anyways due to having doubled in chapter amount. Double Whammy! I wish I had a nice, cold Diet Pepsi beverage in my hand right about now...
  4. Fellow Serenes Forest User: Use the Falchion.
  5. What's the best video game crossover game (or even series) that you've ever played (Not counting Smash Bros)? Mine's Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Apparently Nintendo and Sega thought that putting two mascots -Who were once fierce rivals at one point- along with other characters from their respective series into the Real-Life Olympics was a good idea (and it absolutely was), resulting in 6 games filled to the brim with Olympic events both real and "fake" (Dream Events, basically), trivia to expand the ol' brain, and even a story to play through! If you ask me, it doesn't get better than Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING (in a single crossover game before or since M&S), beats London Party mode on the Wii. It's the peak of the crossover franchise imo. My apologies for taking an entire week to respond. I've been meaning to reply to your question for a good few days now, but procrastination, life, and other things got in the way of that. With that out of the way, onto my response. I've played and beaten Dragon Quests 1-3 (Incidentally the only trilogy of DQ games that are fully connected) thanks to the games being ported to the Switch. I've also played Dragon Quest 11 S since that game is also on the Switch, but I haven't beaten it just yet (Though I've gotten very far). DQ11 is easily my favorite of the ones I've played due to the story, cast, and world that are presented in the game. It also helps that the game is a lot more lenient on the player compared to the older entries. Besides, you can't go wrong with that iconic Akira Toriyama art style that is also used in Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super. I even called the hero of Dragon Quest 3 Goku for the lols for my playthrough of that game.
  6. "Ugh, I've been defeated, but I can't fall here. I must make my retreat." - (Probably) Sidereal Wraith 2022 Colorized.
  7. Banned because I remember the days when Sooksy here had that low-quality profile picture of Roland from Triangle Strategy. Why did he change such a classic and iconic pfp of Bargain Bin Dimitri into our main husbando man Shez? I'm not sure, though all of my credits are on the "I changed it because I felt like it" square.
  8. Alright guys, let me see if I can find the meaning behind the mysterious Sidereal Wraith (Formerly known as WraithReborn). Sidereal: Of or with respect to the distant stars. Wraith: A ghost or ghostlike image of someone. So if my quick internet research hits the mark and I've got this right, then our dear Sidereal Wraith is a ghost of the stars (Not literally of course). What a twist. Now someone do one for me.
  9. I just finished Chapter 1 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 recently, so I figured I'd give my initial impressions on the game so far. I'm very impressed with what I've seen in the 5+ hours I've put into the game at the moment. Story's looking pretty solid, gameplay's still great, and the cast may just be my favorite in the series. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so I'll hold back on any in-depth opinions until I've gotten much further in the game. Suffice to say, I'm really enjoying the game so far. Also, huge thanks to the people who have been kind enough to hide any Xenoblade Chronicles 3 spoilers in those hidden content boxes. I truly appreciate it. Alas, I was not so lucky with games like Live a Live, PM:TTYD and Shadows of Valentia, but otherwise I've managed to go spoiler-free with games pretty well. What am I, chopped liver? (I jest) And CyberZord finally stopped procrastinating on discussing his initial thoughts on XC3 and got around to posting a reply about the game. To be fair, I don't see why anyone would want to level their characters down during the main campaign, even if it was a feature in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. It only seems to beget more level grinding and time investment. At least, that's how I see it. And here I am at a mere level 12 with my group. What kind of elites are you feeding your team? I must know your secret, lightcosmo.
  10. Procrastinate on a project until about 3 days before the deadline.
  11. For me it was around the Summer of 2020 (Yes, really). I did know about the series' existence back in the days of Super Smash Bros. Brawl when Marth and Ike were the only representatives of FE, but I was interested in other Nintendo franchises + games at the time, so years had passed without any contact with the series. Not even Awakening or Smash 4 on Wii U/3DS was enough to interest me into buying one of the 3DS Fire Emblems. It wasn't until far later, specifically in 2020, when I would play my first Fire Emblem game and fall in love with the series. It wasn't until Byleth's release as DLC for Smash Ultimate that I had finally gotten curious enough about Fire Emblem to go out and buy one of the games in the series. I decided to buy Three Houses first since it was on Nintendo's newest system (at this current time), the Nintendo Switch. I fell in love with the game relatively quickly and played the hell out of it (I've got around 200+ hours in Three Houses at the time of posting this with 2/4 routes completed and most of route 3 finished. DLC has been purchased + I played through the DLC route to completion), making it one of the games on my Nintendo Switch with the most amount of hours invested. Now I did go back and play a good amount of the older Fire Emblem games such as Awakening, Fates, and Path of Radiance among others, so I can say with absolute certainty that I am most definitely a Fire Emblem Fan. But that's enough about me. Now it's time that I ask you, fellow Serenes Foresters, this question today: When did you become a fan of Fire Emblem and which game in the series made you a fan?
  12. Depends on the flavor of comedian. I don't do Kid-Friendly. Mature's more my style, but only if you let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Dark-Humor's too strong for my tastes. There's also Ventriloquist(s), but they're always taken. I'm like, 90% sure that my first question on this thread got skipped, so I figured that I'd ask it again in the hopes that my original stupid question can receive a stupid answer. Why can't I bench the main lord?
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