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  1. Elwood and Ninian.. definitely Speakin for me though, definitely Lyn. She’s my type Florina’s too much of a whiny little doofus
  2. 20 str and 1 res... hmmm 🤔 Whats goin on in the lower right there where it says “defend” sumptin or other?
  3. What the hell is this? 🤔 Put a phrase in one language in the top line and a different one in the next?
  4. Maybe its just on my end but seems like the problem with youtube anymore is the damn ads always make it crash
  5. Far as the boob tube is concerned, I enjoy my Law and Order and NCIS
  6. Well, you do need something to park yer behind in while you’re playin
  7. Try a different game or series maybe? Or have ya?
  8. Any preference? Dogs, cats, what have ya?
  9. The second part actually made a little more sense. If those are accurate, then I guess it could be said I like both
  10. If that happens I’d would be against it just like the federal prohibition on marijuana which I oppose on the same grounds
  11. Whats a JRPG? Well, I know what it stands for but whats really the difference between that and a western rpg?
  12. Heluva homemade gun the guy rigged up to do it. Its a wonder it didnt blow up in his hand
  13. As a man I dont think I have much of a dog in the abortion fight so Ill stay outta that one. However, lets dont downplay the Constitutional side of this. People keep sayin “but, but Captain, the Supreme Court banned abortion”. No, the Supremes did not ban abortion. All they did was was basically say “we dont have the authority to decide this sorta thing” and kicked it back to the states to decide for themselves as the 10A provides. Abortion may wind up banned in some but will remain legal in quite a few states ”But Captain, if they was wrong, why did the Supremes do it the first place?” Nobody’s perfect. They was wrong with Dred Scot and undid that. They was wrong with Plessy v Ferguson and undid that with Brown v Board of Ed, and they was wrong in ‘73 with Roe
  14. Far as whats on your list, think I’d hafta go with Zelda or Metroid
  15. Got a horse, gets to use swords once he’s promoted. There’s two pluses. Once he picked up a long bow he come in pretty handy for sticky situation here and there
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