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    I'm really into any strategy based games like Advance Wars, Triangle Strategy, Chess, TFT, Final Fantasy, and especially Fire Emblem.
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  1. Oh thats a cool function. I'll keep that in mind ^^
  2. Don't know why it matters to you but I'm getting a second one for a friend.
  3. Ooooo I'll keep my eyes open for the Mario game when it comes out. Yeah, Triangle has 4 routes in total, 1 for each of the three convictions Serenoa holds and the "golden route". I'm probably going to space out my completion of each route to avoid burnout like I did with Three Houses.
  4. Once I found out that he was the one who designed FE1-FE5, I played through every game he released (aside from the more recent releases).
  5. I absolutely loved the older Fire Emblem games not only for their stories but also because the critical animations are amazing. SMT Devil Survivor is on my list of games to play. I'll check out the others too. Thanks!
  6. Thanks haha! Oh I definitely think permadeath is essential in making a game based on war more fun. Maybe fun isn't the right word but it makes it feel if you're decisions actually matter, that you're there as the strategist who holds the units' lives in your hand. I know that some people don't care who dies as long as the game is completed, but I like to go the extra mile of keeping everyone alive so its so frustrating to lose any character, especially on an incredibly difficult map that takes forever to complete like Conquest lunatic chapter 17. I have two different rankings for Fire Emblem games, one based on how challenging/how creative the maps are. Sacred Stones and Echoes are my favorite games but they're pretty low on this list because of how easy they are as you can grind infinite xp from dungeons. Radiant Dawn is also ranked higher than POR in this list because the gameplay was just better imo. My second list is my personal favorites/best stories in order. In this list, POR is above Radiant Dawn. For my recommendations, FFT, Tactic Wars, and Ogre Tactics are among my favorites. Triangle Strategy's gameplay is super similar to Ogre Tactics but I'm not too surprised because they're both produced by Square Enix. Disgaea is also really good but that's because I have dumb humor. As far as gameplay goes though it's not bad. If you're more into permadeath games though, I'd recommend the rest of the Kaga games (TRS) if you haven't gotten through those yet. He's the creator of the first 5 Fire Emblem games so you'll find some similarities between the 2 series. Definitely going to play Banner Saga after Triangle Strategy. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll look into them when I have the time!
  7. Yeah, I found the patch through romhacking.net which Eltosian kindly answered for me.
  8. Thanks for sending the link! I managed to grab 2 from Gamestop 🙂
  9. It's cool to see that there's a forum for Fire Emblem aside from reddit. Nice to meet you guys, my name is Alear and I've played every single main series Fire Emblem game. I'm a huge fan of SRPGs so do let me know if you have any recommendations! Right now, I'm finishing all the routes in Triangle Strategy while waiting for Engage to release. My favorite game in the series is Echoes and I love how they stayed respective to the original FE2 by having similar maps, and easter eggs like the dread fighter promoting to villager.
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