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  1. I'm not sure I get what you said, but, do you think free stats booster are bad? In my opinion, abusing the RNG behind the rings mechanics is worse, since it becomes like powerful free stats booster. If you know exactly when you'll get a good ring, you can then bend the game to have what you want, and more importantly use it. I find it more game changing than just having some stats booster (which you can throw away) or some gold and materials (that you can waste "easily"). Rings give some boost to more than one stats, generally, plus certain skills for the more powerful ones. It's especially game changing when you're in the part of the game where you lost all your Emblems. Anyway, at last, you're the one playing by your own rules. You ask for other opinions, we gave it to you. It's your choice to take those into account, or not. After all, it's your game. PS: If what's only matter is what happens on the map, then the stat booster items and the free materials are not a problem either. Like for the rings, it's free boosts.
  2. That's totally the case. I'm really sick of this old trope we still see in too much things nowadays. When the baddie kills his own army because, you know, he's a real baddie. Bad bad bad guy! I find it so lame and bad writing. I'm surprised that nowadays' writers can still come up with that shit. Especially when, as you say, they keep failing over and over for the rest of the story. It's so funny that at some point, when I saw the four hounds again, I was like "Hi losers! Okay, you want to get your ass beaten again?". From Griss's perspective, as he's masochist, that could make sense. But the others....they're just so useless.
  3. Thanks for the answer. So, in order to get the 5 damages, you do reduces your speed by 5. Seems totally doable. Especially with Speedtaker, where this penalty can be erased in 3 fights. This Timerra seems really scary, ahah. But yeah, she has enough Dex for her skill to proc often. I use her with Ike, and on Aether turn, she do a lot of damages (I think Sandstorm proc around every two-three attacks, lucky as I am).
  4. I'm not fan of the maid/butler design of this new class, as I was unhappy with it in Fates. But, I think it might have a lot of fans to come back like this. Like Camila. This utility class seems more situational even than Martial Master. Won't do a lot of damages like their counterpart, can't heal aside from items (so you must have a lot of them in stock). At least, they have access to daggers, but I'm afraid they just do a less efficient job than martial master and thieves. It's interesting but... That reminds me of a mix between maid/butler and an effective apothecary/merchant. And that class from Final Fantasy Tactics, the one who can throw potions, and everything. Do we know yet how many new classes await in the datamining?
  5. How does that work? What heavy is considered here to add 5 damages? Would it be just like 1 point above the unit's build? I think it would be a cool pair with brave weapons, since they are a bit heavy and always attack twice, no matter what. So, +5 damages times 2 give at least 10 more damages. Even more if your unit is not really speed down by the weight, or have a lot of speed, and can double naturally the enemy. That could give up to 5 more damages times 2 times 2, for a big 20 more damages? I'm not sure about the calculations here, but that seems crazy. Should pair up with speedtaker.
  6. Oh Really? Thank you for the precision! Actually, it was the same in the Nintendo of Europe Direct. A really strange move, as we don't care if one side is favored compare to the other (for me, they both equally sucks in comparison of a Lyon Emblem, ahah). But thank you for the translation, that makes more sense in a Japanese way. I just don't understand the localisation work. 🥲 The next step is to be recruited by IS and show them the right direction for the saga, ahah!
  7. Okay, so we saw the video, and as I knew datamining already, I'm not surprised. Just more disappointed. Nintendo could have tell only two new Emblems and think more for the other, to change them, ahah. Actually, I just agreed with Hector (who wouldn't?) and Chrom-Robin (That was a sure call). I don't like Camila. We saw her too much I think. And she's the Emblem of Revelation? Nonsense. I'm genuinely asking "Why is she so popular?" Is it because of the fantasies of the Onee-chan? =/ Azura is much more noticeable in those games, and more plot-relevant, isn't she? Plus, she can bring Lance affinity. Not many Emblem have a Lance, actually, Sigurd is the only "Lance specialized", and he only have two of them. (not counting Dimitri in the DLC) I'm not fond of Soren. Sure, I liked him in his games, back in the days, but I don't think he's really "emblematic". I would have rather Elincia (and as I said, she could have bring bonus for flier unit, etc.) And Veronica....Actually, I'm not fond of Heroes. I don't really like it, I think it's just a way to pass time for those who love it. But it doesn't ring any bell in me. No nostalgy at all. Even if the "summon" thing seems interesting (actually, she will just summon other Emblems as playable units?) I would have prefer Lyon! He's the one! Perfect here! He could have summon aberrations. Or better, deceased characters' aberrations. That would have been so cool! Anyway. Still sad about IS choices here. I'm not sure the DLC story can do the job to sell all the package when it seems a bit lame overall.
  8. The only fast way I know is via the Arena. The fragments needed depends on the level you want to achieve. You can gain 5 levels max par fight, or go to a multiple of 5, and each time you pass a multiple, the cost increase. If you have some exp beforehand (like from story mode, paralogues or skirmishes), the needed fragments decreases a bit. From 1 to 5 = 100 per level From 5 to 10 = 300 per level From 10 to 20 = 500 per level Hope this helped.
  9. If the units holds the Emblem, it's automatically replaced. If your unit have inherited the skill, you'll need to inherit the new version, and then it'll be replaced. They can't cumulate, and you can't go back to the weak version once you upgraded it.
  10. Daggers are sure nice, but no one talk about bows? I found them really strong! Especially (essentially) if you give them to backup units (either Warrior or Bow user with Lucina's ring). The chain attacks, made possible by longbows, is pretty useful. Radiant bow are nice. But, Longbows, a bit refined are really strong on their own. You can attack safely a lot of foes, without getting in range. And if you give a longbow to the user of Corrin's ring, you can apply Draconic Hex and completely freeze the enemy with the Dreadful Aura, without being in danger. You can also block the foes next. Just game saver when some bosses are such a pain. But yeah, if the enemy get in range, it's useless, ahah. EDIT: Ahah, Scaramuccia was too fast for me!
  11. EXACTLY! I loved the Hero class until the 3DS era. I had some difficulty with the design, but I get used to it finally. And now...this...it's so sad Goldmary would be the only hero. But...in lost of hopes, I made my Alear a Hero, hoping he could gain a bit of strength. I'm really wanting an update where IS allow us to use other outfit in combat mode. Because their designs are really not all good. It's the opposite.
  12. Past chapter 22 here, so I got the last Emblem, and I'm wondering what to do with my "teambuilding" now, ahah I think I kind of answer myself by explaining ahah.
  13. I don't really know how to calculate the Hit percentage, because I can't figure what I'm missing from the math. But I got something close (generally, there is 1 point of hit I can't explain). Total Hit = Weapon's Hit + (Unit's dex *2) + (Rank level * 2) + 1? Consider here that each rank equals a number. E = 1, D = 2, C = 3, B = 4, A = 5, S = 6? That's roughly that, I think. But I miss something, I'm sure! I'll take the example of my Etie. I made the comparison with Saphir and Panette, who are also Warriors (with less dex and less good rank in bows, with longbows, in my play. I find the same thing.
  14. I took a screenshot of him as a Hero. Rethinking about it, he's not too bad, but I have difficulties with the small cape flying on their back.
  15. Right. But I think the concern of Vicyus was to put mage at risk in enemies line. If he gives Celica to Seadall and warp him, it might be the same danger, even more since Seadall might be less powerful, in magic, than an actual Sage. But yeah, Sigurd is the best in term of positioning or anything.
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