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  1. Single miss -> death is true for the overwhelming majority of units in Lunatic anyway, and Sariya has the potential to become exceptionally broken with a little pampering and Nosferatu stock-ups. On Hard mode, the enemies are only nominally improved from Normal, meaning she can trivialize the game with little effort from the get-go.
  2. This is certainly true; my only point was that, though rare, the government does enforce positive liberties as well as negative ones from time to time. Biggest problem I have with the way weed is regulated is in the ludicrous punishments that effectively turn harmless recreational drug users into hardened criminals. You can be against weed personally and for it socially, as I am (and Crash could learn from this imo).
  3. MU is without question the best unit in the game. Sariya is probably around the top of High tier, but Top is reserved for Freddy and MU, I'd say.
  4. lol Crash One thing I will say on his behalf (and this is just about the only thing) is that weed certainly has the side-effect of lessening one's ambition. I have no evidence to back this up except anecdotes and personal experience, but it should be obvious. That said, weed done in reasonable doses is perfectly healthy (and I'm really not one to talk, given that I smoke actual cigarettes). Oh, and for what it's worth, I don't do weed. Personal choice. And again, lol Crash EDIT: And I know this topic's long since been derailed, but it could be fun to address a couple other things... What dogmatically libertarian world do you live in? We enforce people owning minimum insurance. We enforce buckling seat belts. We regulate public intoxication. We regulate public nudity. There are about a hundred and a half things we regulate that are exclusively or largely stopping "people from doing things against themselves." That doesn't mean that all forms of interventions are advisable or cost-effective, but on principle, it's perfectly fine. A small amount of alcohol (specifically wine) is good for everyone over the legal drinking age. IIRC, it has heart benefits and reduces anxiety.
  5. First game I ever played was Super Mario All-Stars + World, which set the bar pretty high! Thankfully the SNES is the best console ever, so I had no problem finding other games to enjoy just as much. But if I had to pick just one game to live with on a deserted island, it'd be that one.
  6. Not everyone has seen egoraptor's masterful Sequelitis series, which is a shame, because they're real insightful when it comes to quality game design and... not-so-good game design. Highly recommended watch, and I'm curious to hear any opinions other SF users may have on the series. Yeah.
  7. Sorry if this is a silly question, but what does a "fan book" normally include?
  8. Man I just had a wonderful, wonderful night last night and thought I'd share the secret with you guys. Here it is: -buy Jack Daniels -get shitfaced -watch Red Letter Media reviews A+ evening
  9. Depends. On Lunatic, she's pretty much trash / relegated to chip-damage like 90% of the roster. On Normal and Hard, however, she can quickly break the game in a way matched only by sorcerers: sick defense, amazing growths, and her weapon is both ranged and melee. Only problem is that troublesome speed.
  10. EDIT: I've decided to be a little more productive with this post. 1) There's nothing wrong with disproportionate characters; the problem here is consistency. The Fire Emblem series has always employed semi-realistic proportions (no chibi, nothing abstract), and Ike himself has had an established design. 2) Your points about evolution and gravity are... rather unusual, let's say. I'm also not sure how they make much sense even if we assume some rather bizarre premises, since other FE characters don't have altered body types and proportions to account for this. Why would Ike be a lone case?
  11. Seems pretty well-proportioned to me. What's the problem, exactly? EDIT: Whoops wrong picture
  12. So what are you saying, exactly? That you'd rather have bad DLC off-disc rather than good DLC on-disc?
  13. Predictable choice. Unbelievably laughable artwork.
  14. Any update on the Final? You're so close, Othin!
  15. There's some wiggle-room here. I'm the kind of guy who prefers a clique of 5-10 people, but a little more is just dandy. The big thing here is that social time doesn't cut excessively into study time, which should be the priority if you want to be successful. Sorry, but this is patently false. Law schools care significantly about the quality of your undergrad program. So do business schools. And medical schools. And graduate schools. I'm actually struggling to think of a career path where undergrad isn't relevant. Jesus, are you really promoting the "drift off connections" approach? It's an urban myth. Living a frat house with some future CEO isn't going to land you a good job.
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