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  1. So on Gamagoori's expy (Duduu/ドゥドゥー) - his name is either Dudu (a Portuguese diminutive of Eduardo) or Didier. (Hi, Japanified French...) While I like the latter, Eduardo's meaning (guardian of wealth) fits him a bit better for his role. Also he kinda does look like an Eduardo. More likely than not, Patrick Seitz would be cast for him too, based on the Japanese voicing.
  2. Was surprised to see Skrimir is Laguz-25, not Laguz-15. And, well, anyone who knows me knows I love me some cats. Mordecai and Skrimir are on the top of my list totally not because I RP them.
  3. My personal thoughts on the "Blood Runs Red" chapter is that there may have been ebbs and flows of interspecies hostility, and the citizenry doesn't want to draw the ire of the Daein occupation, thus having to resort to the speech they had. tl;dr they're citizens scared of angering the invading army. Also Kirokan, is there anything on Mordecai's page [if he has one]? I'd be glad to help translate if that's doable.
  4. He is a giant cuddly teddy bear (nigh literally) and nothing can convince me otherwise. ALSO: http://pastebin.com/kEnQzwjeHarold x Benoit. Untrue Rumors about him: - Can eat a bear whole - Can fight off an entire division by himself - Can crush a country out of spite - Can defeat a bear with his bear bare hands - Can grow to the size of a mountain - Can erupt a volcano by coughing Actual things about him: - Makes incredibly good sweets - Forest animals were his friends in his childhood - He speaks fluent bear (Camilla, Harold supports) - Laments over being huge because it scares people - Goes into the forest to cry (Ignis supports) - Known to cry when things go wrong (see Harold B) - Expert charm-maker (might've actually learned from the bears)
  5. Is there any place I can find a list of the Japanese kanji supports? I want to translate more but can't find them.
  6. The F!Kamui and Benoit supports that no one asked for but they're adorable. (Translated by me) http://pastebin.com/xubjLE0Q
  7. INCOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING CHARLOTTE X BENOIT C RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK Video Link here Translation by me. Charlotte gives me Akira Kogami (Lucky Star) vibes. [spoiler="Benoit x Charlotte C? Rank] B: Hey, Charlotte... C: He~ey. Someone looking for me~? B: Heh... It's me... C: !? ...Oh. Hey Benoit. Well, out with it, ya gigglin' oaf. B: Snrk... As stunning a mood swing as ever. C: Thanks for the compliment. Men like that kind of girl, y'know? All feeble-looking, makes them wanna protect her... Aagh! It's so stupid! That dream girl look is just too much! B: If everyone knew what you were really like, they'd be in for a shock... C: Thanks, Benoit... I'll keep that in mind. If you shatter my facade, I'll shatter your bones. Got it? B: Take it easy. I ain't gonna do that. C: Ah, good. Feigning weakness opens many doors to a gullible heart, after all. Eh, it's troublesome, but if it works on men, I'll keep it up. Teehee! Hey everyone~! How's it going~? B: Heh... it does on me...
  8. When can we call dibs on translating supports? I can do Benoit's whenever they come up. (Seriously my fave character - he's like an Arden flashback.)
  9. Yeah, that's what I thought. Meh, it might've sounded like that to my friend because in her friend's playthrough, Mordecai had died, so she might've thought the context occurred because Mordecai died.
  10. I remember hearing that if Mordecai died, then the Wolves base conversation has a bit of difference in dialogue. Does anyone have that part?
  11. So, Hilda and Zelda are the two Aunts in Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, so there's that as a potential reference. Zelda and Hilda both mean "battle woman", which is enough to differentiate the names while retaining the same meaning to them. (I mean, Adlez would be a weird name to use...) The villain(ess)'s name is Yuga; an interesting tidbit about (what I assume is) her name: it is likely a reference to the mythological Baba Yaga, the latter being pronounced similarly to Yuga. Yaga, based on the similar words developing from other Slavic languages, gives the impression of a cold-hearted witch. There is some theory that she is the Lorule counterpart to Ganondorf. Also, she may be related somehow to Twinrova (who people probably don't remember unless they played either the Oracle Games or Ocarina of Time)(basically she is Ganondorf's mother).
  12. How I see it: Theory 1: [Copyright Issues] If Nintendo / Atlus wanted to trademark Fire Emblem and EMBLEM for cases like Emblem Saga, they would've done it long before now. I feel like this probably isn't the case, but it is possible. Theory 2: [sMT x FE] I feel like this is probably the most likely case, as SMT x FE was announced recently. (6 months ago, but whatever.) However, the problem is the SMT part of it. I want to say it's for it, but we don't know at this point. Theory 3: [Awakening 2] A sequel doesn't seem likely because of all the marriages, but a prequel would be interesting to see. However, this makes game number 6 or 7 (depending on if you count SatellaView) of the Archanea Verse if this was the case, making about half the series on one world. Theory 4: [sacred Stones 2] Possible due to Magvel being the only continent that hasn't had at least two games centered on it yet. While this may be unlikely, it's not like bringing back old continents hasn't been done before. Theory 5: [Jugdral Remakes] If they continue with revitalizing old continents, Jugdral would be next on the list. I feel like they could still do a lot with the games, and they would be bringing the only JP-exclusive continent worldwide, making all the continents internationally released. Theory 6: [New Continent] I would be happy with this, however likely it is. Theory 7: [Just Because] Also possible, but it would make me (and a lot of us) sad that nothing happens because of this.
  13. An idea based on the Outrealms and our favorite FE mascot, Anna. As we all know, Anna is known to have a plethora of ancestors, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces all named Anna. Her family even keeps a history log of all the events all the Annas have witnessed in excruciating detail. This magical log is known as the Annathology. [Obvious pun of Anna Anthology.] It not only keeps a record of Annan history, but also helps to stabilize Outrealm history. Without it, all the Outrealms can fall apart. [Much worse than Grima awakening.] Well, someone has taken it. Not only did they take the book, but they intend to rewrite history, with the original Anna's special quill that helps the book stabilize the Outrealms - a fiery red quill known as [you guessed it] the Fire Emblem, the other half of the Anna family heirloom. Your mission is to get the Fire Emblem and the Annathology back before all of history is doomed. [Other story elements currently in progress.] Being that it's an anthology, you go across many of the outrealms, completing chapters in a manner similar to Awakening's World Map, except it's an Outrealm Map this time. The various outrealms contain not only new characters and locales, but old locales and familiar faces as well. Other details being worked out at this time. What do you all think of this idea thus far?
  14. Royal Incest Emblem Female MU x Chrom (gets Lucina & M!Morgan) Male MU x Lucina (gets F!Morgan) M!Morgan x (Basilio & Flavia's daughter if they ever had one) (gets a son) F!Morgan x said son (get a child) ... That family would be so broken. Not to mention that Gen 4 child.
  15. So I have a class called "History and Culture of Games", which has a term paper for its final project, where we discuss something in games, like the evolution of a genre. I chose Fire Emblem. I feel so happy about this. And it's due in less than 12 hours. WHEE~
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