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  1. 1. Cu won last nights poll, which he would have been disqualified for if he had one a previous round I think. Violet was the one who won D2. 2. The second vote winner won on D2, so can use the power on N2, exactly when a kill went missing....
  2. Unlikely then, but Nemu also got docced so...
  3. N1 had three deaths and one person being poisoned, and Violet claimed one of those kills as a result of being the vig. So... it depends on how willing you are to believe scum had even more killing power then we're already expecting? Shiki being a one-shot aesthetic makes a lot more sense then Aizen having a roleblock he can only use the person winning the waifu contest that doesn't block all powers said person gains from winning... willing to vote here, but maybe we should give Violet a chance to chim in?
  4. Something something hitting a docced doc something something said this yesterday. Besides, I didn't get roleblocked last night and we're still missing a kill... Marissa flipped alternating roleblocker, so she probably couldn't roleblock me twice in a row.
  5. This means Shiki secretly has a 1-shot commute/Aestetic/whatever (or x-shot I guess), Aizen has a roleblock or there actually is a ninja-roleblocker in the game. Roleblocking Cu feels odd though, when they could have just roleblocked Nemu and shot Cu instead...
  6. 1. In this scenario we'd have already been in potential MyLo yesterday though? Like, I literally said this yesterday. I at least always thought parity with the anti-town was what counted towards *Lo, not just one team. 2. ....My double vote apparently does get turned off in *Lo. Shinori only answered that question last night... It was proven for one night at least, think that was N2. Full claim then: Apart from being a mayor which gets turned off during *Lo, making it basicly a useless role, but let's ignore that for a second I can also check who someone voted for in the waifu contest. Shiki didn't vote anyone D1, Aizen didn't vote anyone yesterday (lame results, I know).
  7. Hey, at least you didn't die....
  8. Stop whining, you survived that
  9. @Violet Evergarden @Shiki Ryougi please come online!
  10. #Unvote #Vote: Estelle Because you already mentioned your preference I think. A 4th person would be great though.
  11. I want one of Aizen, Marisa or Estelle Nemu is willing to consolidate Aizen or Estelle
  12. Uhm.... this isn't looking great... no
  13. Also, yes I'm being lazy with reading/not spending my time great to find scum, but why does it make sense for scum!me to be this obvious about barely having read? Yes I could be lazy scum, but I can also just be lazy town? Is there anyone around willing to lynch someone of Aizen/Estelle/Marisa?
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