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  1. Looks like that other blonde dude that hates Rean. Ash or whatever he's called. Elise looks great, especially, I think.
  2. Yeah he changed the most of the three. Elise and Alfin went from "child beauty" to "full-grown beauty." And then there's Cedric.
  3. Yeah he changed the most of the three. Elise and Alfin went from "child beauty" to "full-grown beauty." And then there's Cedric.
  4. 全然可愛くないじゃん。がっかり。 At least Alfin and Elise are cute.
  5. He's still voiced by a woman. THE DREAM IS STILL ALIVE. Also, lol, enemies can S-break?
  6. >Cedric's appearance has changed drastically Oh no.
  7. Is a Neutral Kagero worth upgrading? I'm sitting on 40k feathers now, and I'm unsure what to do with them. I'm only missing 5*s in the dagger and green breath categories. Also is a Brave Sword+ (from my Ogma I have sitting around doing nothing) better on Alfonse to salvage him, or should I put it on a +Spd/-Res Quad-Hana? Not that I should upgrade another red sword infantry when I have a million of them already.
  8. AM I DONE WITH THE GAME YET?! (nah I have to grind to top 1k first)
  9. I don't have Lilina, but I have Sanaki... who's pretty much a re-skinned Lilina. I don't even have Raudrraven or Swordbreaker 3 on her, and she's still super useful. Honestly, Bolganone+, TA2, and Swordbreaker 1 is enough as a bare minimum. Just be sure to keep her topped off.
  10. Slap Raudrblade/Raudraven, TA, and Swordbreaker on her and watch her clean house.
  11. SUPERSTAR SAGA REMAKE. The only thing out of E3 that I care about. Well, I guess that, and Ni no Kuni II, too.
  12. All these people who haven't played the best FE, smh. If I do happen to pull a Athena, I don't know if I'll sack her immediately or not, since she has other good skills, too... If I had to guess, I'd say Katarina and Rody are the ones who'll stay at 5*, while Luke and Athena will get demoted.
  15. 韓国から来るのは確かだけど、アメリカのパスポートを見せて、韓国語を知らないふりしたら、大丈夫じゃない。:^)
  16. To be fair, I spent a decent amount of money on the game (not a whale, by any means, but still), so having a larger pool of 5*'s to use makes it easier. I've only ever done the hardest difficulty, and probably average about 600 points per run. I wouldn't worry, though, since the 50k seal is the most important objective to obtain, and at the rate at which you're going, you should easily reach it by the end of the event. The 15 orbs and extra feathers are nice, but not a huge deal if they're missed.
  17. 50k get. Time to take it slow. 9 days to get 50k more points. Should make it with just the normal stamina I get.
  18. Bought my ticket to Japan. This will be interesting.
  19. Hm, I wouldn't say all in. I have used all daily stamina plus like two stamina potions a day. I can't really do any more than that since - even if it is my beloved Fire Emblem - it gets boring after too much grinding. I do want to end top 1k in points, though, since I want those sweet, sweet 10,000 feathers, so how much I play after 50,000 may depend on that, too.
  20. Okay, I'm starting to get perfect runs now that I have medic Lucina and medic Linde. (15-HP heals to three characters OP.) At 32k points now. Masked Lucina get. I'll push my way to 50k during the next two days, then slow down my pace after that, since the orbs aren't as important as the Seal.
  21. Perfect run get. (Bless my Triangle Adept Nino.) Tier 20, 4 orbs, and 6400 feathers here I come.
  22. I mean, she's a good unit if you invest in her, since her statline is fantastic. Also she comes at base 5*, so no need to upgrade her.
  23. I'm at 10k points. That's enough for today. If I keep this rate up, I'll have all the prizes in... 10 days.
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