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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Saint of Games

      Saint of Games


      (Over two years later, but you seemingly are still around, so... sorry for taking so long)

  2. You know... as someone who actually saw a discussion on the TVT Final Fantasy thread involving the Dirge of Cerberus character Sheike the Translucent end when one of the Mods personally came in and told one of the people arguing to "stop supporting pedoshit" I am gonna have to call bullshit on that.
  3. You mean the Nunnery? They Nuked (ie:Deleted) it recently. Their original plan with that thread was to mantain one thread involving sexual topics so that these topics would not spread to other threads.
  4. I enjoy participating there, the Forums have become the WebSite that I spend the most time in. I would be lying if I said that there were never difficult days... but overall the good outweighed the bad. A while ago, the Admin of TVT and some of the Moderators got fed up with all the "pedoshit" ,as they called it, and gathered a group of people in order to remove pornography, shameful content or anything involving sexual acts regarding minors and started either deleting it or severely altering relevant pages. It is why there is no longer a KissxSis page, for example. Google had even threatened to remove their advertisement if they had not done something.
  5. Both of them have their strenghts and weaknesses, they both had their bad moments and good ones, right now DC is in something of a bad spot because of how wildly succesful the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, as well as movies from other Marvel products being made (example: the Sony-produced The Amazing Spider Man movies) but the opposite, that Marvel was in a bad position while DC flourished, was true in the past and I am pretty sure that cycle will continue eventually. Personally... I kinda prefer DC right now because I was exposed to more of their stuff as I grew up (both comics and cartoons) and also because I think Marvel tends to be a lithe too hard on their Heroes (Peter persecuted by the public, the X-men being hunted down by everyone, and of course... the entire Civil War fiasco.) But that is just me, I don't hate either of them at all.
  6. Though, I think his description on Persona seems to refer more to Persona 4 then to any of the other ones. The first two Persona games allowed every Party Member to have multiple Personae for example. But otherwise... yeah, he summed it all up better then any of us ever could.
  7. Are we talking about the 3DS remake? Because if so, there are a few Bonus Bosses that are only available in New Game + in it.
  8. What is your favorite game? Because through it, I humiliated the person that I admire the most in the worst way possible.
  9. -School PC- MInd you, it must be pointed out that the True Demon Ending was not in the original version of the game, but rather in the Maniax edition which was the one that got localized to America and Europe. You know...
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