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  1. I hate lasers Oh, but on Mokou, I have to say one of my favorite Touhou moments was when she suddenly respawned after a clear and gave me a taste of Imperishable Shooting.
  2. What's the secret to Wriggle's Last Word, man... Like I got the one capture but that's not enough, I just don't feel satisfied with lucky BS. I want to wreck this cheeky little brat.
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

    1. Space Flower

      Space Flower

      thanks, and sorry for being late!!!

    2. Space Flower

      Space Flower

      thanks, and sorry for being late!!!

  4. Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story was probably the best thing I've seen in years. I say that because I go nuts for Homura, though.
  5. Yeah, OB64 isn't like Pokemon. Adult and Venerable Dragons are found with stats as if they had been at their respective forms since level 1. Of course, with the item-cloning glitch you can simply power up your precious early units to compete with the later ones. One time I let Dio's unit go without ever reclassing because I just beefed up his Amazons/Fighters. it was rad.
  6. I played Higurashi 1-3 from them when they were ported to iPhone by some heroic Japanese guys. They didn't get rights to much of the music in the first arc but they composed their own stuff that was actually really good. They also made a few tracks for the second arc because a lot of the smaller composers' stuff didn't make it in. The music is supposed to complement the novel and enhance the mood, and it does that fantastically, even if it isn't expertly done. (And honestly, some of the stuff they left out really didn't fit anyway IMO, like it was too off-the-chains for some scenes) tl;dr I liked my experience with them.
  7. If you didn't like it already, I don't think anything else in the series will change your mind. I found it to be a pass as well. Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C³-bu is just fantastic. It's everything I could dream of; Gainax's production of this slice-of-life highschool-club anime feels like it was made in heaven.
  8. I think LTC is very weak compared to Elibe's ranking system. LTC is an absolute, min-maxing sort of thing. It demands that you exploit the game as much as possible and throw away any useless units. S-ranks in FE6/7 were benchmarks and you could still use essentially whoever you wanted. The game itself is simply not designed with LTC in mind. FE6/7 were designed with their ranking systems in mind. I have literally no clue why IS did away with them afterward.
  9. Adding to the list: Yggdra Union is very fun IS-like SRPG done by Atlus. La Pucelle and Soul Nomad are, in my opinion, NIS's best games. Energy Breaker is one of those rare gems that still fly under the radar, but it was fan-translated last year which is great. And if you want to take a chance at real-time, play Ogre Battle or the N64 sequel. If you don't want to take a chance, play Ogre Battle 64 anyway, because it's a 10/10 game.
  10. Yeah, in the vein of usual Tales reduxes, it would be cool if they'd remove some level caps and add some more party customization late-game. The Tales Studio's always been good about giving fans a reason to buy the game a second time.
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