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  1. Here's mine! 07757-38796 10634-99850
  2. oops lol, forgot to post these here been ridiculously busy with school and been art-blocking pretty badly lolsob created a new character! tertiary style. another lanceman because all the fantasy/medieval-esque peeps i create use polearms of some sort also drew him in my secondary style! the whole nail polish thing started out as a joke, but then it somehow became legit. actually rather liking how his design turned out. and lastly, just for the sake of making this post bigger, i drew this a little while ago when trying to figure out a guy's hairstyle
  3. Hey, guys; it's been a while! (like half a year) Since my main drawing style's changed a ton since I last posted, I'll just....create a completely new thread to differentiate from now and my embarrassing old drawings! shameless plug I usually post on Sir-Erdgeist @ deviantART Erdgeist @ tumblr SirErdgeist @ twitter I generally have two main styles: secondary (simplistic) and tertiary (painterly). Fletcher Faust (my attack on titan oc) as a Fire Emblem Wyvern Lord! (minus those shoulder decorations and helmet) he was corrupt in the military police, and now he's a corrupt wyvern lord #thuglyfe AND It's around that time of year again when I draw an experimental bustshot of Finland/Tino Väinämöinen from Axis Powers Hetalia! and finally something in my secondary simplistic style man i had so much fun with this like you wouldn't believe (although i'm definitely not redrawing this motorcycle anytime soon) reffed a ton of random chopper googleimages for this yes it says 'first-class douchebag' i'll post periodically when I have more than one thing drawn out
  4. Erdgeist

    Amelia's Gallery

    still really digging that sweet painterly style of yours
  5. hot damn, that last one. the lighting and the colours and everything
  6. Real men don't give in to peer pressure-- It really doesn't matter if you are or aren't a virgin; if you don't want to do it/aren't ready for it, just don't do it. You're only going to see these people at your high school for three years tops, anyway.
  7. I really liked this drawing I did of one of my favourite OCs. That's about it lolsob
  8. Relationship and happy: We met through a friend, though just as friends. I wasn't particularly looking for a relationship at the time and wasn't expecting one, either. We eventually started talking more and more, and they'd often invite themself to join me during spares. And eventually...we started a relationship. I really like that my special person accepts me the way I am; at first, the narcissist in me didn't like that they didn't tell me that I was the greatest or the most good-looking person in the world (I have a bit of a problem), but eventually, I came to like that they're honest and think that I'm amazing in their eyes. And dealing with my overbearing and self-absorbed personality is no easy feat; they're so mature about everything, and I think I became more mature as well as a result of wanting to be better for them. We've been together for a little over three and a half years. I'm not entirely sure about what'll happen in the future, though, lol.
  9. heh good to hear! drawing these things has been infinitely fun.
  10. What do I think? I think I like it! Perspective's pretty neat, too.
  11. Haha, got me there! Faux propaganda, magazine cover parodies, movie poster parodies, you name it-- those are my favourite to do! And good to hear! I modeled it really marginally after my city to some extent although I flipped the river around (and there's no ocean here) and scattered a bunch of the landmarks in different spots, haha (are you Canadian, by any chance?!) Got some switcharound meme results probably coming up soon, so I'll just go ahead and post these first today. Mainly experimented a ton with a more painterly look over the past few days! Some weird amalgamation of my primary and tertiary styles i didn't do any highlights on the tie yolo colour-scheme-wise, this is probably the most unified of most of my recent drawings lolsob maybe i should colour like this more often but yeah dang i think i might do more of this tertiary style colouring for awhile it's too much fun takes way longer to shade, but i end up finishing faster somehow
  12. Thanks! Heh, the more colourful, the better! Glad to hear it; I'll be sure to try drawing girls more often! Ohman, now that you mention it, they do look that way (no!!)! Thanks a ton for the heads-up; I'll definitely have to remember that for future drawings! Drew a couple of lazy things this week, but tried something new in all of 'em! Drew a vague city map for a group! This was literally my first time drawing a map of any kind since elementary school and I didn't know where to start LMAO probably should have made the lines extend to the borders of the image instead of cutting them off at random places at the bottom but oh well It was pretty fun once I started getting into it, though! Definitely wanna do another map in the future. random quick sorta-self-meme in my primary style messed up on the girl's legs and the dog has no teeth but other'n that this was really fun haha is this the first dinosaur i've posted in this thread 'cause there will definitely be more dinosaurs are the best Another reference thing for a group! Secondary style. The composition was really random, but it kinda turned out okay in the end? probably shoulda made the guy in the foreground stand out though 'cause his shoes aren't really visible I really like drawing uniforms it's like all I ever draw wow i need to learn how to draw other clothes
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