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  1. This is not date rape. Like, at all. Corrin may have slipped something in Soleil's drink unknowingly, but it's not like the substance was harmful, or that Corrin took advantage of her or anything. It wouldn't be any worse than your friend sneaking in some hot sauce in your milk or something. But yeah, this game's Supports seem terrible overall from what I've seen, and I hope the localization touches them up a bit.
  2. Any word on a Sound Room list yet for the music titles?
  3. Hey guys, I happen to have Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 typed up, if you don't mind me sharing. I even have both the regular and marriage versions of the start of Chapter 22, but not the mother version. I'm not sure if I have all the battle quotes for Chapter 22 either, I only have special conversations for Chrom and Robin, so if there are more, let me know. Also, I suspect that the start of Chapter 21 might be different if Robin is married to Chrom, but I haven't played as a female Avatar yet so I can't verify that myself. [spoiler=Chapter 21: Five Gemstones][Chrom stands alone in the Shepherds' garrison, until Robin enters the room] Chrom *Sigh* Robin I know that face... "Dueling with unpleasant thoughts," are we? Chrom You know me well, Robin. Robin Hey, remember when Lissa first brought me here? When I met all the Shepherds? And Sumia... Ha ha! Oh, what a day! ...Actually, that's my first memory, in a way. Chrom Heh. I suppose so. I wish all our memories since could have been as joyful. Robin I know... So much needless bloodshed. So many days of pain and doubt and fighting... We would have never made it without you there to guide us, you know. Chrom Funny. I was going to say the same to you. Robin I guess we really are two halves of the same whole. Chrom I've sent Frederick to search for Sable, the final Gemstone. And I've been reading more about the Awakening ritual. It seems that whoever attempts the rite must brave Naga's fire. If both body and spirit survive the agony, they are blessed with the dragon's power. Otherwise, the candidate...dies. Lucina What?! No! ...Er, that is... Father, must you attempt this? [Chrom and Robin turn to find Lucina walk towards them] Chrom Eavesdropping, young lady? Lucina Forgive me, Father. I didn't intend to... I came to speak with you, but I couldn't find the right moment and-- Chrom It's all right, Lucina. And yes, I'll be all right, too. I will withstand Naga's fire. I'm sure of it. Frederick Milord, I have returned. [Frederick enters the room] Chrom Yes, Frederick? Did you find it? Frederick I believe so, sire. King Validar has extended an invitation. He says Plegia has been guarding Sable, and now he wishes to return it to you. Chrom Validar... Frederick They sent word to me, milord. They must have caught wind of my search... In any case, Validar asks that you visit him in person, that he might formally present it. Perhaps needless to say, milord, but I don't like this one bit. Chrom Neither do I, Frederick the Wary. Neither do I. At best, it's selfish political maneuvering at a time when the world can ill afford it. At worst, our run-in with those Risen last visit was no accident... But we will meet with him. Send word at once. Frederick Milord, are you...certain that's wise? Chrom No, but we haven't time to be certain. ...And my sister never refused a diplomatic gesture, no matter how foul smelling. If he doesn't give us the stone, he may at least reveal where it is. ...Don't worry, Frederick. I'm not walking into this blindly. We will make certain everyone is armed to the teeth. Frederick Then the Fire Emblem, milord--you ought at least leave it behind. Chrom Unless that's what Validar expects, and he comes to steal it with my best men away... No, it's safest with me, for now. We'll learn the truth of Validar's motive soon enough... > Begin Chapter [A view of an enormous dragon skull is shown] Lucina There it sits... Lissa What's wrong, Lucina? Lucina That great skull. I saw it once before, when Emmeryn was sentenced to die. Even then it reminded me of...him... Chrom You mean... Lucina Yes. Grima, the fell dragon. A cataclysmic war ushered his return... It's said he fed on the souls of the fallen before turning upon the living... Animated Cutscene - Dire Future II [Lucina continues her fight with the Risen from the previous flashback, until Grima appears by destroying a portion of the building] Grima So ends the human race. The future is built upon the past... But your kind will never see it. [Grima's many red, glowing eyes stare down Lucina] Grima Your mother and father... ...are dead, tiny one. [Grima laughs as Lucina takes a battle stance] Grima And now it is your turn... ...to DIE! [Grima charges towards Lucina with his mighty jaws, while Lucina lets out a scream] > Regular scene Lucina ...Whether these are his true bones or just an effigy, I cannot say. But I know this: we cannot let that monster come back to life. Chrom We'll stop him, Lucina. I promise. The future can be changed. You've proven it already. And with all of us together, we can turn the course of history. Lucina I want to believe that, Father. I want to believe that, more than anything... > Scene change [Chrom and Lucina enter the castle halls, while Robin catches up to them a moment later] Robin (Psst! Chrom!) Chrom (...Trouble?) Robin (I saw armed soldiers hiding in the shadows as we were shown in...) Chrom (Then it sounds like we have our answer already...) [The group turns to face Validar and Aversa as they come to greet the Shepherds] Aversa Well met, milord. Validar Prince Chrom! Welcome. Chrom ...I was told you had something you wished to give me. Validar My my! No time for courtesy, milord? Such impatience... Do you really want it that badly? This concerns me. The Gemstones and the Fire Emblem can be...treacherous artifacts. A fact Plegia and the Grimleal sadly know all too well... Lucina "Sadly"? You speak ill of when the first exalt used them against the fell dragon? Validar Yes I do, intruder! Lucina ...Intruder? Validar You are not supposed to be here. You must be destroyed! Chrom You wouldn't dare! Validar Give me the Fire Emblem... Give it to me! Lucina You mad scoundrel! This is a declaration of war! Validar I will only ask one last time: give me the Emblem. Now! Chrom ...Never. Validar Then this parley is over. Guards! Seize them! Chrom Just as we thought... Robin Chrom, this way! Quickly! Aversa Robin had an escape route all planned out... How preciously clever of him. You should be proud. Validar Hmph. If he had half the wits of his father, he would know they've already lost. > Battle Start [The Shepherds are intercepted by a group led by Algol, a slimy, underhanded Grimleal priest] Chrom We have to get out of here now! Cut down anyone who gets in the way! Algol Heh heh. Signal the men in hiding, and give these Ylissean scum no quarter! > VS Algol Algol Heh heh... Leaving Plegia so soon? No, please, stay awhile. Stay...forever! > Algol's Defeat Algol No! Hyaughhh... > Scene change [Chrom, Robin, and Lucina run toward the exit] Chrom Almost there! The exit is just-- Wait. Do you feel... [Validar warps in front of the group and attacks Chrom] Chrom Hnrgh... Validar Run all you like--you can't escape fate. Don't you know that? Lucina Father! Validar The Fire Emblem. Give it freely, or it will be taken. Chrom Just try it! Validar Heh heh... I won't need to do anything... Robin! [Robin clutches his head in pain] Robin Nngh! Ahh... Chrom Robin? Validar Seize the Emblem and bring it to me. Robin Nngh, no, I... Aarrrgh! [Robin slowly moves toward Chrom before the screen flashes white] Chrom Robin... What are you...doing?! [The last Gemstone is placed in the Fire Emblem] Validar Well done, my child. At last, the Fire Emblem belongs to me. And with my Gemstone, it is complete! Now, to set the Table and perform the rite... [Validar vanishes] Chrom D-damn you, Validar! Nngh... Robin Ah! Nngh...ahh... What have I...done?! Chrom Robin! We must go! Robin Chrom, I'm sorry! I don't...know what came over me... I'm so sorry! Chrom I know you are, but right now we need to focus on getting out of here! Robin ...Understood. [spoiler=Chapter 22: An Ill Presage][The Shepherds stand around the castle's exit] Robin What I did... It's...it's unforgivable. Chrom Enough of that, Robin. Save your energy for helping us track him down. Robin No, I... You must leave me behind. He could use me again... I can't be trusted! This cursed blood in me must somehow give...my father...dominion over me... Chrom But he never had full control... You can fight it, Robin. And if he expects you to blindly obey, that might be the surprise we need. Robin Chrom, you...you put too much faith in me. Frederick Get back on that horse, Robin. You can't give up now! Robin But you're not listening! I told you, I'm not-- Chrom The deed is done. But you can still try to undo the damage. It's not too late! Robin All right. I'll...I'll try. Lucina ...... > Scene change [Robin walks alone in a sunset-lit field, until Lucina walks toward him] Robin ...... Lucina Beg pardon, Robin. Might I have a word? Robin ...Lucina. What is it? Lucina It's about my father. I have memories of him, you know. From when I was little. Before he...died. Robin I see... Lucina He was courageous, and kind, and everyone spoke fondly of him. People say he was brave right up until the very end. I always yearned to know him better. And now that I do... I can see that the world will be robbed of a very great man. ...I won't allow that to happen. Robin I understand. You love him. ...We all do. Lucina Robin, I... Please, forgive me... [Lucina draws the Falchion toward Robin] Robin Lucina?! Lucina Stay where you are, Robin! I have no choice. I must kill you. Robin What?! What madness is this?! Lucina In my future, you... You are my father's murderer. Robin No! That's insane! Why would I kill Chrom? Lucina I was not certain myself, until now... I knew he had been killed by his closest friend. Having witnessed your bond with him, I doubted it could be so... But today's events make it clear. You are at Validar's mercy. I suspect it's he who forces you to take my father's life, and very soon... Robin Lucina, wait. Lucina If my father is right, then we can change our fates. If this dark future is to be averted, sacrifices must be made. I am sorry, Robin! I know this is murder, I... I know that... Robin Lucina, you don't have to-- Lucina Don't make it harder! Don't resist, and your death will be swift and painless. If you hold any love for Chrom, then let this be done... Normal Version > Accept Lucina's judgment? >> No Robin ......I do love Chrom, Lucina. But I cannot just let you kill me. Lucina I understand... Then draw your weapon! We shall let battle have the final judgment! >> Yes Robin ...Very well. I forfeit my life. Lucina Godspeed, Robin. Chrom Enough! [Chrom rushes beside Lucina] Lucina Father, you don't-- Chrom Lucina, lower your sword... Lucina But, Father-- Chrom LOWER YOUR SWORD! Lucina A-all right. [Lucina lowers her sword] Lucina ...I can explain. Chrom There's no need. You're not the only one who can eavesdrop. I heard every word. Lucina, I know your heart is in the right place... But I trust Robin. You cannot shake my faith in him. Lucina This is not about trust! He'll be the death of you! Chrom Robin and I have held fast through good times and ill... We swore to be two halves of a greater whole. You underestimate the strength of those ties, the bonds we share. I believe in them more than some foretold "destiny." Lucina That is easier to say when you haven't seen it yourself... Chrom Lucina, aren't our ties stronger here now than they were in your future? You said so yourself. In this flow of time we are bound tighter than ever, you and I. Not just as father and daughter... But as friends. We can change things--we already have...and we will again. Lucina ...Very well, Father. I would ask your forgiveness, Robin, but I cannot expect it. Robin I do forgive you, Lucina. You needn't speak of it again. Lucina I pray... That is, I trust the both of you will prove me wrong. And that this future will fall to pieces before your bond ever would. Alternate Version 1 - Robin and Lucina are married > Accept Lucina's judgment? >> No Robin ......I love him as much as you, Lucina. But you ask too much. Lucina Perhaps I do... Then draw your weapon, and we will let combat pass the final judgment! Robin I would rather die than point a blade at my own wife. Lucina Chrom is going to DIE! Something must be done! Robin Lucina, I love you beyond words. I would give my life for you, and gladly. But I would also give anything to be WITH you. Do you understand? Lucina No! No, it's not... Ah gods, that's what I want, too! Robin Lucina? Lucina I can't. Oh, damn me! I can't do it! Robin, I'm...I'm so sorry... P-please forgive me! Robin Of course, my love. Of course. >> Yes Robin ......Very well. My life is yours... It always has been. Lucina D-don't look at me like that! I love you! ...Do you have any idea how hard this is for me? Robin I would give my life for Chrom. ...And for you. Lucina ...... Robin Just...promise me you'll find someone else who cares for you. Promise you won't be alone... I want you to be happy, Lucina. That's all I've ever wanted. Lucina N-no... Ah gods, no... Robin ...I'm ready now. Do what you must. Lucina I... I must... Robin ...... Lucina Damn me! I can't do it! I love you too much! I'm sorry, Robin. I'm s-so sorry! Please forgive me! Robin Easy now. Easy. It's all right... [Chrom walks beside Lucina] Chrom Are you done, Lucina? Lucina Father! I...I can explain! Chrom There's no need. You're not the only one who can eavesdrop. I heard every word. Lucina, I know your heart is in the right place... But I trust Robin. You cannot shake my faith in him. Robin and I have held fast through good times and ill... We swore to be two halves of a greater whole. You underestimate the strength of those ties, the bonds we share. I believe in them more than some foretold "destiny." Lucina That is easier to say when you haven't seen it yourself... Chrom Lucina, aren't our ties stronger here now than they were in your future? You said so yourself. In this flow of time we are bound tighter than ever, you and I. Not just as father and daughter... But as friends. We can change things--we already have...and we will again. Lucina ...Very well, Father. I would ask your forgiveness, Robin, with all my heart. And I pray... That is, I trust the both of you will prove me wrong. ...That this future will fall to pieces before your bond ever will. > Begin Chapter [At the Table Approach, the Shepherds witness a crowd of people wandering toward a glowing, red altar overcast by a stormy sky] Chrom All these strange travelers... What's happening here? Lissa Let's ask 'em! Um, excuse me, sir? ...Sir? Villager ...the appointed...time... ...to the Dragon's Table... ...our prayers...Grima... Lissa Riiiiiight... I'll just be backing away slowly then... Frederick Sire! Chrom Frederick! Have the scouts returned? Frederick Yes, milord, and with grim news. Validar has moved to a great altar to Grima known as the Dragon's Table. What's more, it seems all the Grimleal in Plegia are headed there as well. It's as if they're being drawn by some unseen force... Chrom Any idea what it all means? Frederick Who can say, sire? They speak only gibberish and plod on as if possessed. Chrom The cataclysm in Lucina's future... This shows all the signs of leading to it. Damn! This destiny is a stubborn business... Lucina We cannot give up. Chrom And we will not. We make for this Dragon's Table, and quickly! Come, everyone! > Battle Start [The Shepherds prepare to advance towards the Dragon's Table, while Aversa and Validar converse at its entrance] Aversa The Ylisseans have finally caught up to us, milord. Validar Delay them. But carefully... We must reclaim Robin's power. Aversa Ah, yes. Don't worry, I'll take extra care with Daddy's special little boy. Chrom Validar! Validar Fools! Do you know where you've come? Chrom Return the Fire Emblem now, and we can end this! Validar Aaah ha ha ha ha! You would...end this? Chrom Yes, once and for all. Validar My dear boy, we already know how this story ends--you and I both! And yet you rush here... Are you so eager to meet the fell dragon yourself? Or perhaps your own fatal destiny--you would have that realized first? Ha ha! Chrom To hell with your destiny. I'll write a new ending. Aversa Oh ho ho, so now you believe you can change fate? And here I thought your exalted sister had delusions of grandeur... Chrom We've done it already. Aversa Your victory over sad little Gangrel? Or perhaps Walhart's defeat? Those were meant to happen. They were preordained. You are just another fool in motley, capering on the stage! Lissa But...what about Emmeryn! Aversa You changed only the method of her death. Either way, she was planted in the ground... Frederick But that was Gangrel's will... Not yours... Not Validar's... Aversa You aren't listening. All of this--every word and action--has been orchestrated... Gangrel held the exalt in contempt, yes, so Validar and I used him. In life AND death. The king's demise threw Plegia into chaos. It drove the people to Grima... Now their life force and rancor can be laid before the fell dragon en masse. Chrom You couldn't mean... Aversa It is called the Table for a reason, you naive little man. It is where Grima feeds! The Grimleal have gladly offered themselves to him for ages. Even now, they pray for his return... Today the Table overflows with bounty, and their prayers will be answered! Chrom I will never allow that to happen! Aversa But it already HAS happened in our future. This moment was set a millenium ago. Lucina How could anyone give their life willingly to that...thing? That monster! Chrom I will stop you! I will stop Grima! Aversa Goodness! Now you're starting to sound like Walhart, the big bully... He intended to destroy Grima as well, you know. ...Our thanks, incidentally, for taking him off the stage for us. Chrom Rrgh... That's why you gave us your ships and treasure but no soldiers... Get rid of Walhart, but keep the faithful Plegians to set your god's Table. Validar Aversa, it is time. I must prepare. Aversa As you command, Master. Chrom Validar! ...VALIDAR! [Validar enters the altar] Aversa Master Validar is not to be disturbed. But fear not, I have brought the Deadlords to keep you entertained. These 12 generals were great warriors in life...and even greater, now, in death! I would introduce them one by one, but well, as you'll see, they're not much for talk. Besides, you'll meet them all soon enough! > VS Aversa Aversa Hee hee. Looking for attention? One at a time, love. > Chrom VS Aversa Chrom A final question, witch, before you die-- Aversa Oh? Then perhaps one final answer, boy, before you fail... Chrom Who is Validar? Why do you follow him? Aversa He is...a father to me. Chrom ...What?! But... You're Robin's sister?! Aversa Aha ha ha! You damn fool! Not literally... But he did raise me as if I were his own. Taught me everything... I was a poor orphaned wretch with dirt for food, yet Master Validar took me in. He provided when others would have watched me starve. I would never presume that he loves me... But he is everything I know of love. I would gladly die at his command. Chrom Even knowing his actions will destroy the world? Aversa But he IS the world--and it is YOU that would destroy HIM! From where I stand, YOU are the only aggressor here. How Robin lives with the shame, attacking his own blood... Chrom Robin sees beyond himself, to the larger reality. One person's life means nothing in the shadow of millions. Aversa A sweet sentiment, and easily spoken when you bear no love for the one... But more difficult when the sacrifice was your exalted sister, wasn't it? I don't expect you to see the world through my eyes, Prince. But I won't pretend to understand how things look through yours. Chrom ...Then I suppose there is nothing more to say. Aversa No, I suppose there isn't. > Robin VS Aversa Robin I'll never understand minions like you and Excellus. No lives of your own... Living only to serve at the beck and call of your masters. Pathetic. Aversa Oh? I might say as much about your relationship to the prince... And please, don't lump me in with that half-witted little toad. Excellus was nothing but a pawn on our board. Another actor on our stage. His ambition was our insurance against Walhart's threat. If you had failed, he might have destroyed the empire from the inside. But in the end, he was just another puppet whose strings we had to cut. Robin Then you've confirmed my theory. Aversa Yes, I promised him the Plegian throne in exchange for the Emblem... He jumped at the offer! Well, as much as the fat little piggie could jump... Men are all the same. Learn their ambition, and you have them by the-- Oho... Well, perhaps Excellus was a bit different in that respect... Robin Here I thought him the lowest from of slime imaginable, but you win handily... Aversa Yes, well, we play the roles we're given, Robin, as you'll soon discover. Robin If we all stand on a great stage, I'll be happy to assist with your exit! Aversa Oh really now, how amusing... You're so cute when you try to be clever. But Master Validar already considers you stronger and smarter than I... Whatever shall I do if he decides you're more witty as well? Perhaps I'd best kill you before you ripen and become his everything... Robin Before I "ripen"? Aversa ...Shhh. Nothing to worry your pretty little head over. Focus on our battle, instead! If you truly are as gifted as my master says... There is no need for me to hold back! > Aversa's Defeat Aversa Ooh... You play rough... But the ritual has already begun. You are too late! Farewell! Perhaps we shall meet again? Oh, actually...I suppose not! Heh hah! > Chapter End Chrom Damn! She escaped! Aversa wouldn't leave Validar before he was ready, even with her wounds. His preparations must be complete... Lucina We have to stop him! My future is upon us! Chrom We will, Lucina. I swear to you--we will.
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