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  1. Why the hell are you using Bus' avatar?

  2. Why not change your user name to an interrobang (‽) to save space‽

  3. Ike x Soren = <3

    But then again

    Ike x anyone/anything = <3

  4. I haven't confided in a while. How's life? Still alive, for that matter?

  5. All of my warns got deleted. This must be corrected.

  6. Phylis: I did cheer leading in high school

    Michael: Ew yuck, that's worse than you playing.

  7. Hey, I know it's bad, but like they say it's nothing to kill yourself over right?

  8. If I could do it again, I might hesitate a few seconds before refraining.

    That's how far you push me sometimes.

  9. Shit!

    that should be "inorite?"

    fucking mess up an intentional mispelling...

  10. Mine says something more along the lines of HURRRRRRRRRR.

  11. Entry 2:

    Looks like I didn't take it out in time. Not only did I have to get major bowel reconstruction, but I lost all my llell.

    Worst day everrrrr

  12. Rewatched Kill Bill.

    Thinking of you ~<3

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