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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. I've yet to hear a quote nearly as dumb as "Is Sigmud Freud, like, that one animal trainer?"; the girl who said it even has the stereotypical valleygirl accent. Some come close. "Oh, I didn't think your brother would have the same hair color as you" probably competes.
  4. Yeah, sometimes it's a good idea to just let sleeping dogs lie. Espcially when you don't know the answer in the first place! Of course, on a jolly note, there are times where I do change an answer for the better! Still, it's never fun to get a B when leaving answers alone could have gotten you an A!
  5. With a double standard like you wouldn't believe!
  6. Socks in public, socks at home, socks in the shower, socks in bed. I don't want to give people the mispleasure of my hairy manfeet!
  7. You've done art! Pure art! Or blasphemy!
  8. I'm totally Kellam, in that I surprise people when I'm right in front of them. However, I'm lucky enough to have people remember who I am!
  9. I also had my first blood donation about a month and a half ago. One of the sororities at my college was having "Heart Week" and I decided I might as well participate in the blood donation part of it. It was sort of funny. I didn't realize how long the process took, so I had to wind up getting the paperwork done and have my iron checked, then rush out to go to class. After class I had to quickly return and do the actual donation process. I'm pretty good with needles, so I had no problems there. However, having to constantly squeeze wasn't the most comfortable thing. After all that, I had to go to another class about 20 minutes later, not before getting a bunch of snacks, of course! But yeah, having to speak German and feeling like I could faint any moment was pretty interesting. I'm glad to say I didn't, so it's all good!
  10. happy birthday

  11. Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

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