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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you guys could give me any advice. I'm trying to level up characters, where by default, their flaw is strength/magic, thus making it more difficult for skill grinding when they change to a class that can't weild magic/strength weapons. For example: Orochi's flaw is strength. I'm trying to level her up as a blacksmith, but her strength is awful. (I suppose I could grind with her for a bolt axe, but that would take too long to grind for.) Another example: Takumi's flaw is magic. I'm trying to level him up as a sorcerer. Tips? Also, any tips on where to grind single units would also be helpful. I'm playing on Revelation.
  2. Okay, I don't have the time or the patience to do this, but some people out there might. I want to know what happens when you rout the "overpowered" knights in the prologue when you're supposed to sacrifice one of your units. You may say to yourself "That's impossible!", but I assure you, it's not. You just need to grind a lot, or use an emulator. Here's how you do it:
  3. I don't get why people say that Leonardo stinks. He's one of my favorite units, ESPECIALLY once he gets Lughnasadh.
  4. You realize that you can have up to 34 extra skill. This DOES make it possible to have a 100% luna activation rate. However, you will not be able to add any more skills that you would usually use (Galeforce, Lethality, etc.). The average stat cap (without limit breaker) for an assassin or sniper is 50. More or less depending on their asset/flaw. The highest that I've seen so far (Spotpass Jaffar) is 52. 50 +Limit Breaker=60 +Mystletainn=65 +Rally Spectrum=69 +Rally Skill=73 +Rally Heart=75 +Tonic=77 +All Stats+2=79 +Skill+2=81 +Barrack Boost=85 +Defender=86 +Pair-Up with a Sniper, Bow Knight, or Villager=89 +That person has at least 30 skill=92 +If that person has an A or S with pair up=94
  5. I finally managed to do it! Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it.
  6. This may be a late reply, but thank you. I've been playing a lot of Radiant Dawn, and have been procrastinating Shadow Dragon. I try to challenge myself the first time I play a new Fire Emblem game by starting out on a harder mode. Playing on normal mode worked.
  7. Ok, I need help. I'm trying to go for the special ending that consists of But I can't seem to have Soren attack Pelleas (or vice versa) in the Part 3 Endgame. I have no long-ranged tomes, and I'm doing hard mode, so there are more enemies (meaning it's a lot easier to get the kill-count to get to 80). I've gotten really close before, and then Nailah killed Soren, and Pelleas attacked the wrong person. I've tried having Haar rescue Soren, and have him follow the Gallia path, but it didn't reduce the kill-count because Phoenicis will take the center path (the path that you're supposed to take). I've had Soren equip Pass, and have a few people (with a lot of defense or avoid) do a berserk strategy without trying to kill many people, but someone usually ends up dying (mainly Haar). If anyone can give me any tips, it would be most appreciated.
  8. Then sell it, and buy a new copy on eBay.
  9. It's okay. I've tried hitting start, and I still have the same occurring problems. The same problem sometimes (but rarely) occurs when battle animations are turned on, but I can get around it by turning them off. So I just want to know if there's a way to NOT look at the animation altogether.
  10. I've used both methods to class change. Whenever I do I see "Class Change" on the screen, and then it turns black to do the animation. But while it's black, I hear the sound of blowing wind, and it eventually says to eject the disc, and turn the power off.
  11. Is it possible to skip the class change animations? For some reason, the game won't let me class change fighters/warriors, and axe paladins (it's possible that there are more, but I haven't class changed every class). And I can turn the Wii on/off 10 times, before it will finally work, but I don't feel like doing it, because it takes forever.
  12. I'm having trouble on unlocking event 177. On the Serenes Forest guide ( http://serenesforest.net/fe11/recollection.html ), it says "Didn't go to Chapter 24x". But I've started the endgame (without going to 24x) about five times, and it still hasn't shown up. There's obviously another requirement to it. Please help!
  13. It is the same description as his playable character (assuming that's what "PC" meant) self.
  14. Commander: Low attack, but great Def/Res Stat Caps: HP: 80 Str: 35 Mag:33 Skl: 40 Spd: 45 Lck: ??? Def: 50 Res: 50 Weapons: Axes, Tomes Skills: Level 5: Disguise - Enemy will heal you when using fortify/goddess staff Level 15: Run - Always have an attack range of 1-2
  15. I'm not sure if this has already been done on a different forum, but if so, I'm sorry. But anyhow, If you go to Chapter 9, and hit "View map" (You MUST hit "View Map", or else he won't show up) in the preparations menu, go to Gangrel, and hit his name's description (Touch "Gangrel" on the touch screen). It will say that he is the "Former" king of Plegia. But if you go to Chapter 11, and hit his name's description, it will say that he is the mad king of Plegia. My friend tried this on his game, and he said that the same thing happened.
  16. This form is for the levels that you have beaten in JUST ONE TURN. You must edit your post, if you have beaten another level in 1 turn after you've already posted here. Also, please don't say things like "The Brady Level". If you need a reference to the names of the levels,=> http://www.ign.com/wikis/fire-emblem-awakening/Walkthrough . You can use any strategy that you want, even if it includes characters that are from a streetpass/spotpass team, DLC cards, or an avatar recruited from a different file. Another thing, you cannot say "I beat a risen/spotpass team/streetpass team on Breakneck Pass in 1 turn.", I only count Chapters, Paralogues, and Xenologues (DLC Chapters). Also, if you want to show-off just how good you really are, you can name the difficulty that you've done it on. Note that Xenologues are the same on each difficulty. I'll go first: Chapter 5: The Exalt and the King (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 7: Incursion (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 8: The Grimleal (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 9: Emmeryn (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 10: Renewal (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 11: Mad King Gangrel (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 12: The Seacomers (Lunatic+) Chapter 13: Of Sacred Blood (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 14: Flames on the Blue (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 15: Smoldering Resistance (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 16: Naga's Voice (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 18: Sibling Blades (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 19: The Conqueror (Lunatic+) Chapter 20: The Sword or the Knee (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 21: Five Gemstones (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 22: An Ill Presage (Lunatic+) Endgame: Grima (Lunatic+) Edit: Paralogue 3: A Strangled Peace (Lunatic+) Edit: Paralogue 4: Anna the Merchant (Lunatic+) Paralogue 7: Noble Lineage (Hard) Paralogue 20: A Hard Miracle (Lunatic+) Edit: Xenologue 1: Champions of Yore 1 Edit: Xenologue 2: Champions of Yore 2 Edit: Xenologue 3: Champions of Yore 3 Xenologue 6: Infinite Regalia Edit: Xenologue 8: Lost Bloodlines 2 Edit: Xenologue 9: Lost Bloodlines 3
  17. Um...The Bride class can't wield tomes, so this post needs to be edited. As for the post above mine, I rate it 7/10, because I personally don't like snipers. Otherwise, this would be a nice combination. As for me, anyhow, this is my combination: Dark Knight (Male Avatar): Weapons: Valflame Forged Brave Sword Ragnell Elixr Skills: Lethality Renewal Counter Ignis Armsthrift Note: I would have traded Armsthrift for Limit Break, but the rules state that "You cannot use any skills mentioned in the post above yours." So by force, I can't.
  18. I have a strategy that will work for anyone who has DLC, on any difficulty. First, you add your avatar into the avatar logbook, with full stats, and any skills you want him to be equipped with. This should be done on easy, or hard, so that you don't have too much trouble. Second, start a game on the difficulty that you cannot complete (e.g. Lunatic). Spam Frederick paired up with Chrom, until you have completed chapter 4, so that you will unlock the Outrealm Gate. Third, grind the Golden Gaffe, until you have enough money to buy the avatar from Step 1. Now use this avatar as much as you want. Notes: The more full-stat avatars you have, the better. You can keep grinding the golden gaffe, to buy up to 20 avatars at once. If you have Rouges and Redeemers 3, you can equip Limit Breaker. You should consider equipping this on your avatar(s). If you have 99,999 Renown, you can sell the Supreme Emblem for 99,999G, and your Bullion (L) for 10,000G, and (probably) buy an avatar before completing chapter 4. These avatars cannot have support conversations, so unfortunately, the support boosts won't increase. You can use the EXPonential Growth, in order to get lots of experience, but I recommend you wait until completing chapter 16 (or paralogue 16) so that you can buy Master Seals, and Second Seals. I hope this information helps!
  19. I beat the game on Lunatic+ (Classic)! But I'm still trying to unlock all the children characters on that playthrough. So I'm in, right?
  20. It gives the impression that this is a popular topic.
  21. Aww...Chrom on! Why not? It's more fun that way.
  22. I aBoyded the attack! I just used the skill Letheality! It's a Mia, Mario. I have a lot of Lute in my money bag! I feel very Colm when I go into war.
  23. I'm waiting in Lyn. I have very good Aimee. I'm a chRicken. Why don't you make like a tree, and Leif? I Ced another pun earlier, but Ikean't remember what it was. I Finnished the race in first place! I Stahl have a problem with eating. I'm wearing Panne hoes. My cat is playing with a ball of Yarne. I'm eating a prEtzel. You know, every Fire Emblem game is Annamated. *Facepalm*
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