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  1. I sold several consoles (SNES, GBC, GBA, N64, Xbox 360), but my original Xbox, Wii and Gamecube are collecting dust so far. ATM I mainly use my Xbox one x and from time to time Wii U/Vita/3DS. Edit: I actually like my Wii U. 150h in BotW, 50h+ in Smash, Hyrule Warriors and Fast Racing Neo. Not the greatest console ever, but I don't regret buying it.
  2. Favourites: RPG (w and j, although I prefer the former one), Racing, Action-RPG (like Dark Souls), Visual Novel (do they even count as games?), Moba Least favourites: Sports, Horror (I like Horror movies tho)
  3. Yeah, I have. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is perfect imo. A complex western RPG with a good story, great mechanics, depth, good voice acting. I can't think of any complains (besides Thief balance, maybe it's not that perfect).
  4. Counting MMOs? Around 700 DAYS in World of Warcraft. Otherwise around 500 hours in Dark Souls 3.
  5. I own a Wii U and a x1 so far, but I consider getting a ps4 because of some exclusives. Neo or not depends on the advantages it does provide. If there are no (interesting) exclusive games, I expect to get at least higher resolution or fps in the normal ps4 games. Who am I kidding, I want to play Summer Lesson >_>
  6. I guess it's rather cute than funny, but still: She used my cousins as excuse to go into movies for kids. I left all of my consoles besides the current-gen at her apartment and she likes to play RPGs and Nintendo games from time to time. Whenever she has to face a Boss in Mario (especially Mario) she calls me for help as she's afraid of them.
  7. Birthday: Yarne (I've never recruited him, but his personality seems to be annoying) Noone for name and looks I guess. A and 0 were the "good" types as they fit in society, don't complain at their job and are reliable. B and AB were the "bad" ones with at least B being moody and unreliable. It's interesting how the whole blood-type-dating-thingy wouldn't make sense in Europe and the USA as we have hardly any B- and AB-types. Unlike here both types are way more common in Asia.
  8. 60 GB music 120 GB pictures 3,4 TB videos I didn't want to know.
  9. He didn't backstab or inflict poison at all, he simply smashed R1 (and had enough stamina for at least 25+ hits) and killed everyone with it. I'm unable to play the game anyways, but I enjoyed watching the build. I know you can, but I got only 1-2 invades in at least 100 hours below level 100. Invasions seem to strongly prefer people with phantoms. On another note, did you take a look at the patch notes? While my Bandit Knife got a harsh nerf (as they changed the way WA interacted with low FP), it seems like there were a lot of decent changes like decreasing Miracle cast times, increasing Warmth heal and so on.
  10. The spells are mostly the same, but rolling isn't - in DkS 1/2 rolling was more restricted and you could easily punish bad stamina management with fast spells like Forbidden Sun (I remember using GLS in addition to WoG in Dks1, but I haven't played done any PvP there for at least 2 years). Running around with Outcry, Forbidden Sun and Great Chaos Fireball wasn't a display of great variety, but all of them were actually useful without going 30/30 or 40/40 in int/faith (I prefer to go hybrid or 40 dex before spending points in magic related attributes). This guy's free aim is incredible, but half of his spellhits are thanks to the npcs (with either the help of their attacks or simply throwing spells through their models). I doubt it would work out the same way in a duel (yeah, I know this isn't the point of the game). Do you have any idea of popular dagger builds in Demon Souls? I'm kinda sad that I can't find the video on youtube, the guy was using a weapon buff with a golden glow and wrecked people by endlessly spamming R1 with a dagger. Isn't it (almost) the same for DkS3? Not counting Aldritch/Watchdogs of Farron.
  11. Certain weapons and spells were always better, but magic wasn't completely useless in the previous games (pvp). At least for me that's the major concern. I haven't done any PvP in Demon's Souls and Bloodborne (although the latter one's PvP gets insulted a lot) as I don't own any Sony console besides a Vita. I guess the netcode is even worse.
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