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  1. It's still more impressive than just being dead. Can we go for one more year? Get that 10th anniversary?
  2. Oh wow, 9 years later and it's still going. (/Sudden return after like 4 year absence)
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  4. JoJo transcends the line between Anime and Art, propelling it over the horizon of fabulousness into what is called a "Masterpiece"! The Louvre agrees. It's literally the reason "Rohan Kishbe Goes To The Louvre" exists.
  5. Oh hey, Ein. You and Emerald still a thing?
  6. Speaking of masos, the hell happened to Roxas, The Eternal ShotaMasoSlut?
  7. >Has a hard time gaining or losing weight Is it Red Velvet? Please tell me that cake's Red Velvet
  8. Sounds like absolutely nothing has changed then. Lovely.
  9. God, it's been forever since I've been here. What's happenin'?
  10. Ever plan on coming back in here, America?

  11. America just turned into a titan, eh?

  12. Same, cripes. Also, that's actually kinda odd. When I was on campus the other day, the only thing anyone was playing was Awakening. At least according to Streetpass.
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