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  1. Even if Tamamo loses in the first round, it's okay, not being best girl doesn't mean she still isn't the best woman, and the best wife.~ So, it's all good, regardless.
  2. I already believed you were tired, Draggy, no worries.
  3. It's already half Trails so it's boring to me, if everyone I like loses immediately I'm probably just gonna forget to vote at all
  4. I just wouldn't want a fun little dumb thing contest thing to be based solely around one series. Would just be boring to me.
  5. I feel like this goes against my own wishes
  6. You just wanted to spare your own wallet, it's okay. Also if we do this again you people should choose less Trails people, I'm just going to vote against them at default 90% of the time because I don't know any of them
  7. It's a bit annoying. I'll manage, though... I've mainly just been getting magatamas that benefit me. Doing a mainly physical build, feel like it would be too hard to keep a consistent skill list otherwise. Yea, I know, why I fused him. Fused him with Broker Nue during full moon as well, so now he has Samerecarm and Mana Refill (which he probably won't need, but still, helps.) That's pretty interesting.
  8. I did visit the 3rd Kalpa entrance, I'll manage, I've managed all the other fiends so far, even if Hell Biker was an undeserved win, so. Yea, I got both of the demons from the 1st and 2nd Kalpa, playing with friends, and I was very strapped for cash, especially so since it's Hard mode, so I did the cursed corridor with the first broker demon. Also that maze in the 3rd Kalpa was so disorienting for me. And alright, good to know, I'll keep it in mind, then. Last thing I did was fuse Daisoujou, will probably continue later.
  9. Maybe they didn't think you would hit the limit.
  10. Well, neither of those comments apply to you, cuz you're the best on this site that isn't my girlfriend, so.
  11. And no one replied to my Nocturne post, great It's okay, I'm gonna need to abandon all my friends after the next waifu poll round anyways
  12. Right, I decided to give SMT Nocturne a shot (I will buy it, when it comes out on Switch) Havin' fun so far, more than I expected to. Finished the 2nd Kalpa and had a Hell Biker fight I did not deserve at all to win.
  13. If my flirty girl doesn't win out, I'm going to take a knife and have a chat with Shrimpy.
  14. I'll ask for help so she doesn't so you can not burn a hole in your wallet.
  15. I love romance, I consider myself a romantic. But I can count EVERYTHING I ship, on one hand, because I think most romance in a lot of games are written like crap. It isn't cute to me, it's the equivalent of your friends/parents pushing you to be with someone you have barely known. It's annoying. My girlfriend had her parents constantly try to push her to go out with random people, and I know for sure she didn't think that was cute. So no, I don't agree with you at all, and I won't let you use a sucker for romance excuse, because I am too. Yea, I want to form my own opinions, that's why I want everyone to shut up! Honestly, if you want me to play something, 100%, bring it up once, and then never again.
  16. Note this isn't the reason I dropped it, I dropped it because I was getting so fed up with everyone hyping it up so fucking hard while I just wanted to form my own opinions, so I just stopped playing it, but this part of the writing at least early agitated me the hell out of me, because it's also a very odd complaint and very specific.
  17. Can't wait to give Trails another shot in 10 years! If I can even get over my writing annoyance with the small bit of the story I played.
  18. Still waiting for a Nia figma/figure.
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