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  1. I added a new version, can you try it and tell me if you still have problems using it? Sorry for the long reaction, didn't have much free time and didn't have access to my old computer which contained the original source code.
  2. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  4. Version 2.0 is out : [spoiler=preview] I hope it'll save you even more time. I plan to make custom palette lists easier for version 2.1 Download links and example of use are in the first post.
  5. You didn't load Clara, you loaded Clara(T) and you should move the soldier next to Clara/Clara(T) or give him a Javelin. I noticed that your ending events are incorrect : MNCH should be before ENDA and the values for MNCH are defined in 'EA Standard library\Chapter Definitions.txt'. Use 'MNCH Ch1' for this chapter. Also nothing triggers your ending events.
  6. IIRC, the 3 'Empty (Make a custom class!)' entries are not empty, they are used for rescuing animations. You should use another ID or expand the table.
  7. Banned for being unable to use a GPS.
  8. Presentation Current version: This program is meant to be used with FE Recolor. This program uses parts of Nintenlord's work according to his conditions. Example 1 Example 2 In FE Recolor, export hex to clipboard. In BSPalette Assembler(the name is not definitive yet), click Import from clipboard, then you can In v2 and later only, choose a ROM (that will be considered as a ROM). Choose a palette entry to replace. Add a palette entry. Extract a palette entry. choose an output file and specify where to write the compressed palette, keep in mind that it doesn't check if the new palette is bigger than the previous one. export the compressed palette to the clipboard and insert it manually with your favorite hex editor, which allows you to check if the new palette is bigger than the previous one. store it somewhere for later use. Any index you don't set will use the default index. e.g. You insert a palette with a blue armor for the player, a palette with a red armor for the enemy and set the default index to the enemy. The NPC and link arena indexes will use the red armor version. If you only edit the player index, the new palette will be shorter than the previous one since the compression algorithm will be more efficient. It doesn't provide any way to edit colors since you're supposed to do that in FE Recolor. Downloads (latest version) v2.0.0.1 New version, built from a more modern computer Source code (Github) Downloads (v2.0) Program Alternate Download Sources (I'm a C#/.NET beginner, so any feedback about my code will be greatly appreciated) Dependencies FE Recolor, by BwdYeti .NET 4.0 or higher Credits BwdYeti, for making FE Recolor. Nintenlord, for making his ROM Hacking libraries. You, for using the tool. Me, for making it. I hope you'll use this tool and give feedback.
  9. Thank you for the welcome. Yes, I read the rules before creating my account.
  10. Did you check "Insert map changes?" and "Write map change ptr to?" in Tiled map inserter ? Did you put the correct offset in "Write map change ptr to?" ? It should be "0x8B363C + 4 * idx" for FE8 (idx can be found in "FE8 Nightmare modules\Chapter Data Editor\Pointers.txt"). Assuming you replaced a map which didn't have map changes, did you change the "Triggerable Map Change" byte using "Chapter Data Editor.nmm" ? If all your answers to the previous questions were "yes", then I can't help you.
  11. Thank you all for the welcome.
  12. Hello everyone, I am a French Fire Emblem fan. I discovered the series thanks to FE 7, even before playing SSBM (when I unlocked Roy, I was like "Who is this guy? He looks like Eliwood."). So far, I've played FE 6 to 11. I didn't like playing FE 11 because of many things, including reclassing and graphics. I can't wait to play Awakening but I didn't save enough money to buy a 3DS + the game. I've been into ROM hacking for 4 years (I was inspired by TLP's first release which was known as TU). I was on FEU, but not very active, before it closed. I didn't make any ROM hack worth releasing yet, but I'm working on it. PS: English is not my native language but I'll do my best to use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation when posting, as stated in the Code of Conduct.
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