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  1. Rally bots are also pretty much only needed for apotheosis dlc so its a post-game issue. Lots of strata I have seen is 3 pairs 4 rallybots Rallybot final class should also maximise heal and movement where possible so falcon knight female is good As for choice use logbook units
  2. To be fair you don't need to max up before promotion in Awakening - it was more important in older games but second seal means you can essentially infinite lvl until you cap out. As a first time player I ran through - whoever I liked mode - enjoyed the story 2nd run is more for like challenge and dlc options
  3. Well I saw chaos;head before VN so as an anime I found it really good - could say it got me back into watching it - hence why I still consider it my favourite - censorship seemed Lola though as afaik it aired late night in Japan? However I think with most media if u read original source generally adaption seems worst so intend to avoid source material. Recently finished Mirai Nikki (Yuno Gasai is awesome) and no watching Accel World
  4. Well only played Awakening so not much experience but seems Awakening was most accessible? I heard some of the previous titles were like insanely difficult if was new to series. With the new game a lot of newcomers which has its annoying fan boy/girls but with all the sales at least series is not cancelled. As for game I enjoyed the class changing / relationship system - time was spent to translate dialog properly.
  5. What sidequests / minigames just seemed to take up way too much time or you just found way too frustrating in comparison to perceived reward? FF9 - Ozma chocobo thing FFX - Chocobo race / lightning dodge for Lulu weapon Tales of Graces f - grinding for shards for shop request / eleth mixer maxing Vanquish - challenge maps Some that come to mind.
  6. On the very hard difficulty they removed regen which breaks the system and makes it completely pointless. Also who barrel rolls a missile in a helicopter ... seriously? Worst part of AH is how it forces you to engage in DFM whilst making enemy planes immune to damage ..... (especially boss and set pieces ... which are like everywhere). Also on many QTE you don't even need to press button ... But yeah infinity looks good but sold my PS3 - with PS4 incoming I see cash cow plan ... the paid element for infinity would be most likely planes and skins at rather silly prices I would guess.
  7. Well although enemies auto-level with you it makes junctioning easier or less tedious as you gain access to higher level magic. That game is more about what magic you have access to (kind of refreshing as magic in later games became pointless) FF8 is broken though as you can easily grind 100 holy wars .... On the other hand grinding for +1 luck item in FF8 is ridiculous compared to FF7 sources.
  8. Big Mac and Apple Pies Also in Japan they have this God tier teriyaki burger
  9. On normal casual you can just run promoted classes at lvl 20 without issue. Only DLC might present a challenger. Also a couple of chapters in you can buy from shops. Also on normal casual, you can easily recoup cost from reeking box spam.
  10. The only possible canon is Sumia x Chrom cos of opening video but this about it. I only found galeforce for male kids important, everything else can pretty much put together. Really optimal pairings is only to make apothesis a bit easier but any suitable 2-3 S paired team with rally bots and limit breaker seems to make it easiest to complete. Also Awakening has reclassing which maxes stat caps not so much an issue. Of course have crazy stats is fun to look at but its not like omg game over if x character is paired "wrongly" its also up to your gameplay style. I generally think the only way you can properly miss up is with recruiting characters.
  11. If you have played the saga since PS1 days then yeah it does. Its a lot of nostalgia built up in an epic climax. Octacon and his relationships (this got me), Snake and his aging, characters from all the games in one grand salute to a hero who save the world several times from nuclear armageddon / other darker fates.
  12. Oddly enough from searching Google on how to build a troll build for spotpass teams in Fire Emblem Awakening. Initially I was interested in pairings but then I thought to myself - already got galeforce on most of the kids, not going to be like oh noes Lucina is a mage etc.uci
  13. Yarne was just irratating - his support dialogs are cringeworthy Did not really like Kjelle as felt she was too workaholic Favorite male is probably Brady cos Lucina was his sister (yes Chrom x Maribella - burn me) and the dialog options / how he helps others was fun. Favorite female is probably Severa - yes she can be tsundere annoying but also cute and using her as an assassin rocks
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