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  1. I have to take like 4 different kinds of medicine and still, I can't eat everything. Even thou I live on a strict diet I have to take some precautions. I ate cow's tongue once, nothing happened but I didn't like it. My palate is somewhat messed up so I can't feel the flavor of some foods and others I feel too much. Although I like it, I cant barely eat spicy food.
  2. I read some old FE games and I'm planning to play the GBA one. I bought the game boy advance yesterday and I'm looking for the sacred stones to buy it, but its hard to find it.
  3. I can't eat those. My favorite fish is called "Tilápia" here where I live. It's very juicy e healthy.
  4. I live on a strict diet because of my health condition. I can't eat meat (except some fish), rice, some vegetables. I can only eat food made on steam or cooked without oil, fat or butter. When I discovered my illness everything I ate was pretty tasteless but now I learned how to make my food tempering with only spices and herbs and those really give flavor to the food. My favorite food is chesse and some cheeses I can eat, there is a cheese here named "Prato" and it's very tasty and handmade and goes with everything: a sandwich, pasta, wine (some wines I can drink but in very low quantities). My daily meals are just salads wish fish and some fruits and I have to take a lot of vitamins pills to compensate the lack of it. One time I was very sad and frustated because I was with my friends and when I go out I have to bring my own food and they were all eating Mcdonalds and I took a bite of a Big Mac and I almost dieded at the hospital but felt so good. I really miss red meat. -_-
  5. Welcome! I'm from another country too and I have trouble speaking English but Serenes is a very welcoming place. @grinus I didn't know about this app, it's helping me a lot! Thanks!
  6. I finished the whole game and it was awesome. The VA was really good and once I got used to the gameplay was really smooth, not very hard like Awakening. Someday I'll write about the game I think. I feel sad because I have nothing to play now.
  7. Mell


    I have some issues that prevent me from leaving home too much. I only go out to work and rarely I hang out with my co-workers to drink something and I usually go home after some hours. Yesterday was one of those day and I just realized how stupid they are using all these "meme-language" in real life and I remembered this topic. Here where I live there is this recurring meme about an old singer and dancer that used to be famous and she talks in some slang like "lacrei" , "queridinha" and that pissed me of so much I don't know why. Sorry if I'm not making sense but I just hate these thing ugh
  8. I bought Echoes and Birthright and I started to play Echoes. I'm loving it. The characters are amazing. I'm not very far but I'm finding the game quit difficult for me too handle, maybe I need to train more, I don't know. FE:A was really hard at beginning and I've never finish it past hard difficult, so I'm struggling a little with Echoes, but enjoying nevertheless.
  9. I did some research about Fates as well. I might have the opportunity to buy them both. I heard there is one version of Fates that comes with all other versions
  10. Mell


    I kinda know how you feel. Here in Brazil people makes meme with everything out of every situation. It's irritating when you try to have an actual conversation with someone and they reply with 4 pages of memes and stuff.
  11. So, I'm planning to buy Fire Emblem Echoes today and I heard it's pretty different from Awakening ( the only one I played). I saw some gameplay videos and stuff but I'd like to have some opinions. It's difference from Awakening is a drawback? Does the gameplay differs so much?
  12. Really?! Cool! It takes so much time for me to write since english is not my language. But i'll try.
  13. Sometimes I think Faye would be more obsessed with Celica than Alm. They would be a cute couple.
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