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  1. My interest is slightly piqued by this, but I have some questions first: if this is narrative based, without stats, then how exactly do the skills and equipment work? Will there be combat at all, or just not that much of it, or something else? Cause some of those skills seem like they're designed to have specific mechanical benefits, and I'm just wondering how that fits with the premise of the RP.
  2. Agreed. To me, the best part of Awakening is its postgame content.
  3. Fifth-ing (fifthening?) Galeforce. It really is far and away one of the best skills in Awakening, if not the best (honestly I'd argue that it's not even that far behind the likes of Limit Breaker in terms of usefulness), plus the other female-only skills aren't even close to worth it (though it's kinda hilarious to pass down Demoiselle to Brady), Lancefaire is the only one that even sort of works, IMO, and Brady, with his abysmal strength regardless of who his father is, can't make that much use of it unless you run some weird kinda magical paladin setup with a Shockstick (and at that point you're basically a significantly weaker, and less versatile, albeit slightly more resistant, Dark Knight, so it's kind of moot). As an afterthought, though: Dual Support+ from Valkyrie isn't that awful, if you want to run Brady as a full-time pair-up partner... but Brady's really more suited towards a lead sweeper type build IMO. I mean, he's one of four potential Galeboys - might as well make use of that niche.
  4. Felicia!Bow Knight!Sophie using the Shining Bow. Kinda been wanting to try that setup for a while now, and I'd be interested to see how it fares.
  5. Sup nerds inb4 "who are you?" I'm well aware that nobody here knows me.
  6. Gritty, dark fantasy Fire Emblem conframed?
  7. Iunno, sounds like weeb shit fun. Stand: Dark Side of the Moon Ability: Night Enclosing (blinds the target) Power: D Speed: B Range: B Durablity: C Precision: B Learning: C Description: A humanoid stand, purple and blue in color. Its face appears to be simply hidden under what looks like a hood, but in reality the stand is faceless. A single, black as pitch triangle adorns its chest.
  8. I am the bone of my 3DS. Steel weapons are my body and Fire Emblem is my blood. I have conserved over a thousand weapon uses. Unknown to permadeath, nor known to live staves. I have withstood hours of grinding through mercenary to learn Armsthrift a bunch. I am the bone of my 3DS. Yet, those hands will never break weapons. So as I pray, unlimited armsthrift works.
  9. Jeez, only day 2 and already so many kills. And so few shacks.
  10. I agree. However, making weapon durability optional, rather than removing it entirely, would inevitably cause some balance issues.
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