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  1. So, 5th anniversary stuff on JP! ...We basically got Arts Skadi, with Caster Artoria. Her kit kinda simultaneously shits on Nero Bride, Tamamo, Waver, Reines, and Skadi. Skill 1 is Charisma with 30% team battery Skill 2 is targetted 20% battery and team NP gain up Skill 3 is targetted 3 turn art up, invincible, and vs enemy of humanity damage up. NP is team attack up, team Debuff clear and team the new "special invincible" that ignores Invicible pierce. Atk up scales with level, the amount of hits the special invincible lasts is overcharge.
  2. Kiara NP buff? Finally. I always thought her NP1 damage was pretty meh. Extra healing is nice too I guess though.
  3. He sent you the request. Also you typo'd, it's actually 629 at the end. I was able to find the right one by searching the first three numbers in the thread.
  4. I have a friend with Circe who's willing to help you. What's your FC again?
  5. Had around 500 orbs saved for Wolt banner. At first there were only spooks. First Adrift Camilla, then Lilina (+Atk though, yay), then reached like 5% focus rate and got spooked by Sonya, then Ursula. But eventually Those were the last three copies I needed to +10. Yippee.
  6. Got the last three copies I needed out of the rerun banner. First and only 5* exclusive +10 so yay. Also these are older but exist I guess, never posted them in here:
  7. Futo is adorable, but she can be a bit off at times.
  8. Ah, for my own registration purposes I'm good on travel CE now. I'd still recommend keeping it on support for the next week or so to help others though! Though if you still want to help me with CE list, if you have any of these bond CE that'd help a lot! Saber: Suzuka, Yagyu, Sigurd Archer: Moriarty, Emiya Alter, Chiron, Napoleon Lancer: Li Shuwen, Nezha, Valkyrie Rider: Ivan, Achilles, Ryouma Caster: Paracelsus, Circe, Anastasia, Sieg, Skadi, Assassin: Jing Ke, Chiyome, Danzou, Semiramis, Izou, Berserker: Atalante Alter Extra: Hessian Lobo, Mecha Eli Mk II, Hokusai, Salieri, Okita Alter
  9. Thanks. That just leaves Atalante. Looking at the CE exchange on reddit it seems like a lot of people are missing it... Hm, I hope someone who has it posts. Edit: Friend asked his friends if they knew anyone with Atalante's CE and one of them decided to pick it (having previously been considering picking it). Now I have all of em registered, it's quite nice to have that part of the SOL complete!
  10. Thanks. I only need Martha and Atalante now. So close!
  11. Well, it's that time of year again... I really can't stress this enough, PLEASE PUT YOUR TRAVELLING PORTRAIT CES ON YOUR NON-EVENT SUPPORT LIST THIS WEEK. It doesn't matter if you picked one that's more common. Anyone who puts their CEs on support raises the chance of those CEs being found by just resetting supports. Still need everyone other than Eresh and Merlin who I picked and Abby and Hokusai which I found already. EDIT: Down to needing only Martha, Kojiro, Sanson, Yan Qing, Nightingale, and Atalante.
  12. Funny, I'd been working on hers as well, via the same method I used for Stheno... Maybe I should switch to someone else for that then. Perhaps Santa Altera.
  13. It's been a while since the last time I asked about this in here, so might as well. Does anyone here have any of the following Bond CE on NA? Sabers: Suzuka, Yagyu, Sigurd Archers: Moriarty, Emiya Alter, Altera the Sunta, Chiron, Napoleon Lancers: Fionn, Li Shuwen, Pavarti, Nezha, Valkyrie Riders: Anne and Mary, Kintoki, Ivan, Achilles, Ryouma, Casters: Halloween Liz, Paracelsus, Geronimo, Scheherazade, Circe, Anastasia, Sieg, Assassins: Jing Ke, Phantom of the Opera, Hassan of the Hundred Personas, Chiyome, Danzou, Osakabehime, Semiramis, Izou Berserkers: Atalante Alter Extra Classes: Hessian Lobo, Mecha Eli Mk II, Hokusai, Salieri, Okita Alter If you do have them, could you put them on support so I could register them? It would be much appreciated.
  14. Reines only having two arts cards is kinda counterbalanced by how absurd the two arts cards she has are. She gets more NP gain off them than many servants with single arts decks. It's incredibly easy to keep Reines NP up 24/7 once she gets it off once, even stack it on top of itself. Also, Reines has a notable farming use that Waver cannot do in that she can charge two team members 30%. So you can have two servants with 20% battery carry a 50% gauge CE with Reines, while you can't with Waver. Or you can tote around two MLB Imaginary Elements instead of Kscopes to save on party cost unless you're like my NA account and somehow still have not managed to mlb one IE. Also, Reines class disadvantage cancel thing does have one more thing I feel is worth mentioning other than getting rid of weakness to Berserkers, and that is it gets rid of Caster Weakness to Riders. While I was doing the Ivan fight on NA recently I found myself really wishing to have her around, even in her unbuffed state, since that'd mean Ivan wasn't just instantly murdering Merlin or Waver. I did the Megalos + Rider of Resistance fight in JP yesterday with a freshly buffed friend Reines, and not having my Waver die or come close to dying when the Rider finally NP'd was a godsend, because I was using Karna as DPS since he could kill Megalos quickly with his effective vs Divine thing so the Rider was relatively slow to go down. In the end, I'd agree with the assessment that it really depends on the situation which is going to be better. Reines is definitely in the big leagues of good supports now though, imo. Any servant with 50% battery is going to be.
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