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  1. So how many resets did it take before you got both double arts hands?
  2. I actually have a +10 Summer Wolt, lol. I just want to be able to max out OG too.
  3. No Wolt again huh... At least I have the summer one... I'm lowkey kinda disappointed in Merlinus. Merlinus in FE6/7 had a fairly unique function, but none of what made FE6/7 Merlinus what he was is really here. He's just a unit. Without his cart.
  4. It's not like there's many people going into the room other than themselves... people can put posters of whatever they want up.
  5. The only AoE Quick in English with a 50% battery is Astolfo... Who gets basically no refund and can only loop with a MLB Kscope and 3 50% charge supports (something anything with a 50% self battery can do, technically). Later Voyager exists but he's not for another year and a half. Shame since he'd probably be a bonus servant this event if he was out since he's a shota.
  6. I mean this thread hasn't broken in a few years (when there was a massive IP Board upgrade to deal with a large amount of Korean spambots or something like that), so I think we're good here.
  7. The trailer showed Roy who was basically in the same situation as Marth at the time, I was honestly kind of surprised FE1 was the only game announced considering that. I guess I could see FE3-6 happening at some point.
  8. Spent like 900 quartz and got only 1 Sitonai, 3 Ibarakis, 1 Chiyome and a Herc to show for it, rather unlucky all things considered since the average for that should be 3 SSR and 9 SR. Oh well, at least I got one I guess. An album if anyone's curious: https://imgur.com/a/ah5OVVL
  9. I usually pick based on which design I prefer. If it's customizable, I'll usually look at the options ahead of time then pick off that. I was very disappointed in the male customization options when I played Pokémon XY (I wanted to run around in a nice tux), so since then it's been double check first before playing.
  10. Honestly, I gave up on farming this event as soon as I was done with the missions. Spawn bonus in the old style makes farming really tedious. Combined with the lack of support CE's I just decided it would be better to rush the rest of the plot and farm hands.
  11. The only welfare characters unlockable with RP so far are archer Altera, BB, and Bunyan. Also this basically doesn't exist anymore. Starting with Case Files collab, the mechanics around spawn bonuses change to only affect one enemy per node, a "rare" enemy. The wave the Rare enemy appears in will only have 2 enemies if it doesn't appear.
  12. Regular and Swimsuit Nobus too. His ability to buff his sister is absurd. And well, at least he's pretty easy to get, it really didn't take me much FP rolling at all to get him NP5'd. I really hope we get the Guda 1 Main Interlude soon. I don't have any Nobus on JP and I'd be willing to dump 8 RP to NP5 her since I actually quite like her + she works well with Nobukatsu. Nobukatsu feels like the idea behind Chloe's "buff" done right, thinking about it. He's tailored to Nobu specifically, but the rest of his kit is supportive and he can function at least okay when supporting some other unit.
  13. Nobukatsu It only took like, 3 and a half years? But like, everything about him is just total memery and it's beautiful. His kit, his ascension designs, him being a 1* instead of a standard welfare, his animations summoning mini Nobus and the actual Nobu. But yeah, grailed him immediately. I've waited for this!
  14. Cav is my favorite move type, but Summer Wolt really shouldn't have been one. His supports with Sue made it clear he sucked at riding. Would have made him infantry instead.
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