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  1. To be fair, Arts looping is already a thing with generally the same sorts of heavy requirements to work as Quick loops (MLB Kscopes, etc). Castoria just made it way more accessible for people who don't have her (as even one Castoria already lowers the bar for loops significantly, a Sieg with 50% charge CE/Paracelsus/Castoria team is able to 3 turn Assassin nodes as the most glaring example because that is a totally ftp comp), and ridiculously op for those that do have her (via black grail looping/looping off 0% charge event damage CE).
  2. I was weak and spent a bunch for Da Vinci Rider. I got her, so that'll be fun when we get Castoria I guess. Anyway, yearly reminder to PUT YOUR PORTRAIT CES ON SUPPORT FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO. It makes CE hunters very happy.
  3. Did 376-ish runs of Barbatos. I have much QP now! Anyway, for Mnemosyne, I decided to try and see how much I could stall her before she NP'd with Waver/Tamamo/Reines, the answer was 20 turns and 2 HP bars. Did the last bar by nuking with Gray's NP. Either way, Gray's now lv 100. Shiny new support list officially ready.
  4. I saved like, almost 500 rolls for Reines. ...I needed 20. I kept going until I got MLB Whydunit though (Waver Waver Wave--) so in the end I spent ~470 quartz. I also got NP3 Astrea, plus a Liz (now NP2), a Helena (now NP5, also my first np5 gacha gold on NA), an Anne and Mary (now NP3), and a Nezha (first copy) Well, I'll consider that a win against the gacha. I also got a second Waver off a ticket a few days ago, so that's neat.
  5. I started English at its launch, but didn't play very much before the first CBC, when I rolled Waver. After that I got much more into the game. It's kinda crazy how weird the entry curve is in this game. Getting things raised early is hard. But after a while of playing you have lots of excess. I'm ready to lv 100 and 10/10/10 both Reines and Gray as soon as I get them, which would sound insane to a newer player struggling to get mats and EXP. My first rerun was the Halloween 1 rerun. It was neat, I guess.
  6. I mean yeah, but considering the end of the last book was Voldemort being back being accepted by the public at large, teen romance drama feels like a bit of a distraction. It's also just... not great teen romance drama either. At least that's what I remember thinking of it. Whenever I reread HBP I'm mostly there for the Voldemort stuff.
  7. As far as the movies go, my favorite and my least favorite are both PoA. I think the PoA movie did a very good job taking advantage of its medium to portray the world, there's lots of little things happening in the background that make it feel super alive, and in that sense it's my favorite of the movies. But it also kinda epically failed as an adaptation of the PoA book so it ends up as my least favorite in that regard. HBP kinda... exists? I guess? Tbh I wasn't super impressed with either the book or the movie. The book involved an awful lot of teen romance drama, which kinda bogged down the actual plot a bit. But the movie also cut out most of the Voldemort backstory aside from the Slughorn thing so it's like, how does Harry know what he's supposed to look for for the Horcruxes?
  8. Rin and Illya are more or less tied for best in SN for me. I like Saber enough I guess I do not like Sakura at all. And that's putting it mildly. For the franchise as a whole my favorite female character is a toss up between Tine Chelk and Gray.
  9. Late but don't worry about the bar. You can un and refill it as much as you like at the end of the event. Just sit back and enjoy the broken MC skills. Having played Unlimited Loading Works this is better than the first run on JP, but it doesn't feel as smooth as the second run for some reason. IDK. It's definitely closer to run 2 than run 1 though. There was a patch to help fix the loading that came halfway through the first run (at which point I was already done with the event) so it's probably similar to the post patch version of that.
  10. Tbh, this doesn't seem very surprising at all. Even a little bit of playing Fates and you'll notice that your HP stats seem to be trash near universally. When I played CQ hard I'm pretty sure only a couple of my units even broke 40. Units just can't take very many hits there.
  11. Is it because of the spawn bonus? IIRC, the type 1 spawn bonus (from the Hans CE) and the Shapeshifter and Eater bonuses (from the Rin and Rani and Gil CEs, respectively) are rolled separately, so the same Type 1 enemy can be duplicated by both CEs at the same time (thereby turning one enemy into three enemies).
  12. CE drops have my great annoyance RN. This was my first drop this event. Took many apples.
  13. Thanks! I got it. I figured as much but it's still worth knowing if anyone here has her so I can quickly grab it once it's released.
  14. Does anyone here have Assassin Li and/or Shikibu? I still need their Vday CEs in my SOL.
  15. As with the past few years I'm once again voting for Wolt every day. My boy will get his OG version someday! i hope... Interim results with Gatekeeper is honestly hilarious but it's not gonna change anything for me. I am pretty curious what IS will do if he actually wins though, far more than Chrom or Marth who can just get like, protagonisty things.
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