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    Anything and everyting that is idiotic, manga/anime, video games, be psycho/emo!
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    my basement
  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Assuming you even read this, that is.

  2. Umm... Isn't that melee and not brawl? Roy's in melee right?
  3. The ramblings post. And my computer was hacked through them using worms, spyware, and other viruses. Apparently, they used spyware to get my passwords and worms to steal about 90% of my files then used viruses to delete my files. And death, it wasn't just this site. I'm serving a ban on several other sites as well. Still, I'm not mad at the mods for increasing my warn level. It's their job.
  4. I'm appologizing to Loki even thought it wasn't me who wrote the post. Receintly, my computer was hacked. Among the items stolen were several of my passwords including my serenes forest password. I'm still trying to figure out how it happened. The reason it seems he went after Loki was because of a spinoff me and TLS were writing. Among the lines were the following "fuck you loki" "go to hell asshole" and "Loki haters club form here" all of these lines were followed by a joke such as for the loki haters club one the response that no one joins and the creator of it goes emo. unfortunatly, the document was stolen and locked. TLS has the edited copy of it so it contains none of the quotes. I'd like to especially thank Rhaan for noticing that my account registered that I had been loging in and out abnormally. I've got no clue to what that little [censored] was planning. I've read the rules and agree with all of them. Also, can anyone tell me where I can change my password? I am trying to prevent this fiasco from happening again. If anyone has a clue how I can find that little [censored] I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. I've only been on this site for like two months but it's become it a second home to me. Therefore I'd like to thank some random people for showing kindness to me. First Rhaan, second TLS (duh), third anyone else on my friend list. I'd also like to say one other thing- FUCK YOU LOKI! God you piss me off, you constantly inslut me and make fun of my randomness. Therefore I'd like to allow anyone who hates Loki to post here. Only requirement is YOU MUST HATE LOKI AND SHOW IT. OK now everyone begin posting now, AND DOWN WITH LOKI.
  6. I finally got myself an AIM and now I need friends (yes, I admit it, I'm sorta lonely). I'd get some friends from school but their all assholes and I hate them. Please do me a favor and leave me your AIM screen name. Oh, and my screen name is Tresachi (Tres+Itachi).
  7. There, are you guys happy now? I capitalized the e in emo. Now I'm stuck with this stupid name.
  8. Jesus! Stop discussing bananas you two! Also,
  10. I have given in and continued the trend. Destiny Hero Destiny Villain Destiny Faggot Destiny Furfayg Destiny Civillian And now Destiny Emo
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