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  1. Im EXited to see how this plays out, as for me akechi being the protagonist of pokemon legends arceus would certainly liven things up
  2. So, my mom gave me a physical copy of Conquest for Easter, and I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of the optimal build for my avatar. I'm playing semi-blind since I got up to Chapter 10 on my emulated version before and I've heard a lot about how hard this game is, so I have some idea of what to expect from particularly nasty chapters such as Unhappy Reunion, Bitter Intrigue, Den of Betrayal, Kitsune Lair, Winds of Change, Ryoma, and Night Breaks Through, but I don't know the best way to deal with most of them. Let me share my thoughts on how I'm gonna build my avatar, and tell me what you think the best choice is. I know female is probably the best gender, since I want to recruit as many children as possible and have them be relevant for as long as possible and the only female Corrinsexuals in Conquest are Flora (late recruitment) and Anna (paid DLC), and also because Jakob is so much better than Felicia early on, but boon, bane, and talent are a bit more complicated. I'm not sure how important optimization is because I'm gonna play on Normal instead of Hard or Lunatic, but I've heard Conquest Normal is still pretty challenging, especially compared to Birthright and Awakening, so I want to play at least semi-optimally. I'm leaning more towards Quick/Unlucky for my boon and bane because extra speed is useful no matter what class I go into, and luck is one of the least important stats unless your name is Midori or Arthur, so there's not too much harm in reducing it, especially because you can just use Luck Tonics and Pair Up to raise your luck to the point where most enemies have a 0% crit chance against you. You also get a Goddess Icon in Chapter 4, which should give the avatar just enough luck to avoid dying to low-percentage critical hits without having to chug Luck Tonics constantly. I also have my talent almost figured out, but it's a bit harder to choose than boon and bane. Cavalier and Dragon (i.e. Wyvern Rider) seem like the best choices because of their good mobility and because they allow you to beat Chapter 8 without spawning any reinforcements, but I'm not sure which is better overall. On the one hand, Cav has Yato access, a level 1 skill that gives +3 damage under most circumstances, can learn Shelter, which is just nice to have in case you make a mistake in positioning a fragile unit and don't want to restart the entire chapter, and can promote to either Paladin or Great Knight, both of which are really good classes, but since I'm probably gonna marry Jakob, who gives Cav access to his wife via Partner Seals, a Cavalier talent may end up being redundant. Also, being weak to both Beast Killers and Wyrmslayers doesn't sound too appetizing. On the other hand, Wyvern Rider ignores terrain penalties, gets Strength +2 for more damage and Lunge for repositioning, and can eventually learn Swordbreaker to help Corrin cheese the Ryoma fight in Chapter 25, but it can't use the Yato, is stuck with E-rank weapons for a while after reclassing from Nohr Princess, has god-awful resistance that makes enemy magic users especially dangerous, and its weakness to bows and yumi may be problematic when going up against Takumi and the enemy archers that I assume are abundant in this route. I kinda wanna go Wyvern, since I'll probably have Cav access anyway from marrying Jakob, and I also want Jakob to have Swordbreaker to deal with Ryoma in Chapter 12. So, what do you think? Is Dragon the best talent? Should I change my boon and/or bane? I appreciate any guidance you give me!
  3. I had this discussion years ago about why people were likely to choose a male Robin or a female Corrin. It all boiled down to fitting certain archetypes and expectations. With Robin, it was the "brother betraying brother" narrative. With Corrin, it was a woman making a choice that torn herself apart. So I wonder if the same thing apply to Byleth? Do you like a male Byleth over a female one, or the opposite? I choose female Byleth, not just because she was meant to be an artificial reincarnation of Sothis, but also because of how she acts to her students--she is more mother than teacher to them. She (the player) controls so much of their lives, as well as providing comfort to these mentally-troubled young men and women.
  4. Byleth is in a weird position of being another avatar figure, but of all the avatars they are the ones with the least amount of customization options relative to other units in their game. For example, you can pretty directly change Kris, Robin and Corrin's growth rates and bases at the beginning of the game but no such system exists for Byleth. Would you have wanted this to be different? To my mind, there are three major vectors for customization in Three Houses: Stats - Essentially the boon/bane system from the 3DS era. Skill Levels - Picking proficiencies and deficiencies. Probably would have to pick at least one deficiency and maybe pick a budding talent. Spells and Combat Arts - I group them together because they're both unique attacks that each character has their own list of. Spell lists max out at 10 (5 for Reason and 5 for Faith) and probably a similar limit on combat arts. Imo I think Three Houses already has a lot of customization available for every unit, so Byleth as-is is ok by me. However, I think that having at least the boon/bane system and maybe some flexibility with spells would go a long way to making Byleth feel more of a "My" Unit.
  5. I heard that Kris or MU was a very controversial character i wanted to ask fans of this game if it is true and if so... How would you change him?
  6. The "Avatar" in this game has some interesting implications. The pre-rendered cutscenes that actually show Byleth's face really points toward signs that they will not be customizable. However, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude also appear in this cutscene. Later in the trailer we see Edelgard reclass into a Brigand. Her outfit is very different from her student attire in that class. That would make any future cutscene that she is in very jarring. I think we can all agree that the cutscenes we've seen are all very early in the game. Maybe after a certain point we are able to customize Byleth. There was so much emphasis on "you" in the trailer, it seems odd that Byleth wouldn't be customizable except for the form when they are pushing that aspect so hard. How do you think the three house leaders will be affected by their classes and cutscenes?
  7. I've been trying to make the most optimal parings for my newest Revelations run and im to determine how optimal they are. A bunch of the pairs I believe will turn out well but there are two that will be godawful. These choices are based on dozens of discussions, polls and personal experience. Any thoughts on making these pairs better? All Underlined Pairings are already married and cant be changed. None of the children have been collected yet. I'm on Chapter 13. Pairings: FeMu x Saizo - Nohr Noble Kana Jakob x Orochi - Basara / Butler Dywer (Leftover Pair) Azura x Kaze - FK Shigure Kaze x Azura - Mstr Ninja Midori Silas x Mozu - Paladin Sophie Xander x Charlotte - Paladin Siegbert Leo x Sakura (Witch) - Grandmaster Leo Benny x Peri - General / GK Ignatius Keaton x Camilla - Great Lord Velouria Arthur x Beruka - Wyvern Lord Percy Odin x Elise (Witch) - Witch Ophelia Lazlow x Hana - Swordsmaster Soleil Niles x Setsuna - Sniper Nina Ryoma x Kagero - Spear Master Shiro Takumi x Rinkah - Sniper / Kinshi Kiragi (Leftover Pair ) Saizo x FeMu - Nohr Noble Asugi Kaden x Hinoka - Basara / Nine Tails Selkie Hinata x Selena - Hero / Mstr o Arms Hisame Azama x Effie - General Mitama Subaki x Oboro - Spear Master Caeldori Hayato x Rahjat - Sorcerer / Witch Rhajat Leftovers: Felicia I found that almost all of these pairs were the most optimal based on the Growth percentages for a given childs class with the exception Nina, Rhajat and particularity Dwyer and Kigari. So If I threw Setsuna, Rinkah, Felicia, Orochi and Nyx in a pile what would be the best way to arrange them for thes ake of Nina, Rhajat, Dwyer and Kigari?
  8. I'm not even gonna pretend I don't still watch the trailer a few times per week, I'm that obssessive when it comes to Fire Emblem. But I just watched the trailer again and this time I noticed something new! So, when Byleth (who I believe is the avatar given that you can choose what Edelgard should train in the trailer and she follows his orders in the map and stuff) does a critical at the end of the trailer, you can see he doesn't even open his mouth or attemps to show an expression or anything even though he's doing a critical. Look: https://ibb.co/i2SHKy Like it's already weird he doesn't at least change his expression, even the most serious characters in awafates do it, and Byleth is not just whatever unit. But the thing is he never opens his mouth, meaning he doesn't say anything during the critical. He also doesn't talk here: https://ibb.co/iS5bCJ That's kinda like in MyCastle from Fates but it still looks weird when looking at the rest of the trailer and at Byleth's never-changing expression through the whole of it. So, I think we'll be getting a silent avatar! And similar to Mark! What do you think?!
  9. You are the avatar. Support your Lord!
  10. The next poll from it. The tactician avatar's Lv.1 based stats are HP 16, other stats 4, all stats based growth 20%, movement 5. Let your avatar becomes a remarkable unit! (The tactician class and the promoted one is able to wield Magical Weapons, Long Bow, Physic Staff, and Tomes with range 3-10 if the respective wielding-proficiency requirements has been fulfilled.) Have fun....
  11. This poll only for players who likes the avatar (my unit) features despise the avatar might affected the storylines or not. All choices are personal preferences and feel free to fun. Best regards.
  12. I'm kind of thinking of doing a balitician run just for something different. I took my new MU to 15 in On I Chieftain for counter. I will probably keep counter on and put in last slot for Kana. But i am wondering if I should run him through tactician or another class first before using sighting lens. I'm thinking I will want to get my unit Pavise, Renewal, Astra, Lethality and or Pointe Blank. Not sure who I should make her mother. I think his boon is skill or strength and his bane is luck. Does anyone have any advice on who would be best choice for Kana's mother? I know children can't inherit DLC skills.
  13. recently i changed my online alias due personal reasons, most of the games i played before i changed it used my previous alias which was a huge mistake to do. for other games i had, i was able to change my nicknames in them using hex editor but i am unsure how to do that with fire emblem fates. whenever i changed my nickname in all 3 path save slots it always reverts back to my old one. does anybody know if there is any successful way to change your avatar's nickname? i really really do not wish to restart a game in which i invested 200 hours in just so i can rename my character.
  14. Both are involved with the plot, Both are vassals, And both are in a game that revolves around the sun and the moon!
  15. Hello! I had a few questions in regards to the Tactician's data in Fire Emblem 7. I know that you can assign units to use the name entered for the Tactician; in this way, you can make a single character renameable. I was primarily wondering if it was possible to set a unit to use the same Affinity as the Tactician, as well. Also, how feasible would it be to re-enable the field used for Blood Type selection in a Western Fire Emblem 7 ROM? It would be nice to have that extra field to use for something. By the way, I'd heard that somebody was working on retooling the Tactician data entry screen into Avatar customization; I'm curious to know what the progress on that is. Thank you very much for your time!
  16. Hey guys, I managed to join BoomBoomPrints since last June and I managed to make a good amount of artwork that I did. I did managed to get one person buy the Two Pots artwork. But, sorry about with these prices in the site, I kept them as Default and I don't want to lower it since the Raising in case if someone buys it and get the money transfer to PayPal will get lower also. But here's the link of the page that has my artwork. And I have about a total of 33 artwork post it right now. And, I am going to be working on a illustration of a Female Robin holding Baby Lucina. Also, I'm planning using it to go to DigiPen Institute of Technology on my future goal and I am going to get a Lucina amiibo from eBay and getting some of the games also. And by the way, I did asked for approval and Avyen Knight (aka VincentASM) saids it's ok that I can post this to the creativity section. Edit: Forgot to update this thread that I already bought the Lucina amiibo and also, I can take on artwork requests on this thread to work on that has to be appropriate enough and can be upload it to BoomBoomPrints.
  17. I having trouble chosing a class so i want to see what other people choose.
  18. So I was searching pair up bonuses and comparing for a team I had in mind for PvP, so I looked into pair up bonuses and found this: Felicia PS= 2+ Damage, Receive -2 Damage Jakob PS= Receive -3 Damage , +15 Avoid Felicia C=Hit rate +10, Avoid +5 B=Critical Evade +5 A=Avoid +5 S=Avoid +5, Critical Evade +5 Felicia Spd +1 Res +1 Mag +1 Spd +1, Res +1 Jakob C=Hit rate +10, Critical +3 B=Critical Evade +5 A=Critical +3 S=Critical +3, Critical Evade +5 Jakob Str +1 Spd +1 Skl +1 Str +1, Skl +1 EDIT: Forget it, she gives the same amount of avoid when not paired up, but when paired up is less than him, lol sorry.
  19. This question is regarding appearance, not stats or classes. Meaning, the aesthetic choices you make in the character customization screen: name, hair, voice, etc. Did you use the same character in Birthright and Conquest, or did you create different ones, for the sake of variety? I'd like to know what most players tend to do. It's two interesting ways to look at the story: does your single character play out the various consequences of their decision, or do separate characters choose differently because of who they are? Feel free to post pictures of your Avatars!
  20. Hello! How is everybody? So, I was wondering how to make the most balanced avatar with the final class of Hoshido Noble. Once I've figured out the stat caps, I plan to use the statues to even Kamui out. I figured the most balanced boon and bane combination was HP+ and Luck-, but with two final classes for the original base class, I wasn't sure. I don't know how to calculate the boons and banes. So, if anybody could show me how to calculate or simply give me the final stats for each combination, that would be great.
  21. Hello. So in my latest play through, after marrying everyone together, my kids for the most part turned out good, some very good (Selkie, Asugi, Velouria, Kana and Forrest) and some very bad (Hisame, cause Peri! Hisame was the leftovers) But ive been wondering... I have the DLC for Grandmaster, but I was contemplating if Forrest, could get Nohr Noble. In this Revelations run, Sakura! Forrest and Avatar! Velouria were done. My idea is... If I S rank Forrest and Velouria, will this give Forrest the access to the Noble Classes (Since hes Technically the son of Nohr Nobility and is a semi fitting class) Or would it just be better to get the Grandmaster seal and give it to him? Forrest Stats: Str 9, Mag 27, Skill 14, Spd 19, Lck 20, Def 13, Res 28 : Total 130, Strategist Level 2 Thanks for any advice you give and have a great day!
  22. help me pick which corrin design to use for revelation Lunatic. also name suggestions are welcome
  23. Hi I wanted to play conquest with all avatars. I originally posted this on gamefaqs, but I'm having little success gaining units. When I complete maps I will post results in a story is way. I will also add supports between our units. My team so far Nick Level 11 Age 20 Starting class- preferred end class. Nohl Prince Nohl Noble Boon, bane, trait Clever, unlucky, Divine Personality-hard working, flirty, kind. Likes training, friendly conversation,reading Dislikes war, oportunists, hurting others. Backstory- unknown to him, he was born to Lady Mikoto, Queen of Hoshido. One day taken into town by the late King Sumeragi for the signing of a peace treaty. King Sumeragi was assinated and Nick stolen away be raised as a lord of Nohl. Crit quote- You have forced my hand! You left me an opening. You should have ran, fool! Castle code 02989 22060 16477 08069 When you post please follow my example. Right now I have a cavalier, ninja, sky knight, and a dread fighter. Post whoever you wish, I'll be thankful. Just a few things I really need/want. A balanced spear fighter to promote to Basara, a ballistician, and I don't have a healer at all. Please make sure your castle is easy seize. Limit stat boosts, if your unlucky I wouldn't mind a goddess icon but even that is unnessesary. Heart seal the character into his first class. Please and thank you.
  24. So I'm trying to make a street pass team made up of custom avatars in fates. Since fates has 9 save files thanks to the extra data, I decided to use them to make my different save files for all of my different MUs. I made 3 different save files in the extra data, one being the actual account I'll be sending out, and the other two I registered into the unit log book. Now this is where the problem comes in. I made the fourth one and bought and einherjar of the fourth MU to register it in my Logbook. When I went to the "main" save file to buy the fourth MU, it said that I already recruited it despite only having the 2 previous Einherjar in the file! Not only that, the second MU that I made and registered was nowhere in sight in the log book! After some experimenting, I found out that save files that are in the same row are assigned the same log book spots. Also, I tried saving the save file to a different row, deleting the unit from the logbook, and then buying it again, but the MU is still in the same position in the log book. Do you have any alternative ideas/ways to make a MU army cause the logbook doesnt work any more.
  25. Hey there! im on EU Fats and im searching for some skills i cant obtain with Nohr only :s would be nice if you have an european / australian FATES My Castle with one or more of the skills on their charakter. Laslow: Rally Speed, Replicate Xander: Swordfaire/Life or Death, Quixotic Avatar: Tomefaire Siegbert: Miracle, Leathality, Rend Heaven Midori: Norian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Shuricanfaire ____________________________________________________________________________________ Helping me would be very nice! :))) But pls remember, blueshild units dont help with sharing skills :s
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