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  1. Sounds about right. I cringed during her recruitment in birthright.
  2. In the Arena conversation she says "Make yourself confortable.I want you to be able to watch me behead my opponent." Doesn't she realise no one dies there... or suppose to. Poor samurai got the wrong opponent.
  3. As far as I know those brands can't be duplicated. Don't be afraid to use it otherwise you just ended up wasting it.
  4. I have played this game on and off many times but I don't have my original emulator, or rom and never tried to actually manipulate the game. Before I try I wanted to ask. 1. I want to play hector's campaign, but without a cleared save file I'll be forced to play Lyn's tutorial, and Eli wood's campaign. If I downloaded a save file how would I get the game to recognise it. 2. Is there a randomizer that can be used on a phone?
  5. Ok, then I'll battle on. One more question. Right now my strongest team is Lyndis 5☆ lv 32, Jagan 4☆ lv 28, Barst 4☆ lv 28, and Hawkeye 4☆ lv 29. The arena is granting bonuses for teams with Alphonse and Sharena. Should I promote them to 4 ☆ and start leveling them. Would it make a big difference?
  6. I have 5/7 wins in a chain currently and the score between the chain and my score comes to 3,200 something. Do I need to complete the chain or can I wait out the last 2 days? After surviving the last battle by luck I'm afraid to finish the chain lol.
  7. No, while there were some flaws in the game, i believe the game doesnt need a remake. If anything the developer might ruin the game.
  8. To each their own. Just remember P is for pierce, E is for eviscerate, R is for rupture(?), and I is for injure... No, I have a better idea, use all 4 at once! If the opposing army doesn't die from the rain of arrows, they would go insane due to all the 1 liners and innuendos. I'm sure Niles would even come up with a few new choice ones just for the situation.
  9. Do both teams, there are 4 team set ups
  10. I'm still scarred from when I met her in Conquest! Her moral compass is as bad as Hans, and that is truly saying something! On top of that I truly believe she is a soceress! Despite being truly evil she can make Corrin, Xander, Leo, Benny, and even Arthur fall in love with her. She can make Arthur the hero of Justice into her pawn; that is ridiculous! I think I agree, I just need to wait til Tiki is hungry. I hope whatever Peri used to dye her hair pink and blue does upset the poor dragon's stomach.
  11. I get home from a brutal morning of work to draw her... Despite its a 4 star rank I'm still tempted to send her home to Nohr. Then again if I did that she might get really upset she got rejected and murder all the servants in her family's castle. I take it there is no option to feed her to a really grumpy Manakete?
  12. I knew healing leveled characters in the other games, but for some reason I didn't think it worked the same way. Thanks for the quick response.
  13. Sorry if this has been asked, but reading 18 pages worth posts is kinda lot. Is there any way to level a dedicated healer besides crystals. I only have a level 2 Lissa and she cannot attack until I purchase her first spell.
  14. Do you need to do the Nintendo link? I tries 5 times over last 3 days and I never got the email. Yes, I checked spam.
  15. I got a 5 star Lyndis on my 2nd pull. The rest have been pretty rough, though just before quitting I got Hawkeye.
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