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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to Fire Emblem 8: Hella Awesome Lightning Boots! ([H.A.L.B.] For short) This is a randomized and edited version of FE8. It was edited by Klokinator and features a number of gimmicks, though the editing is not at the level of FE7CM, and this hack is unrelated to FE8CM. Don't get it twisted. -Every character in every class, player and enemy, has 9 movement. The exception is the Demon King. -Weapon effects wasn't checked in this image, but I did check it in reality. Every weapon has a very high chance to add any 1 extra effect, such as poison, unlimited uses, a stat boost, or even the Devil effect. Watch out! -Character classes, their recruitment order, their growths are all totally randomized, and boss classes are also randomized. Character bases are also randomized, though to a smaller degree. -Every enemy and every boss has had their growths increased up to 100%. Some enemies will be very difficult, though this is subjective as I've allowed the tower and ruins grinding as needed. -Items are also randomized, though to a lesser degree. Initially I wanted to edit descriptions for the LPers but since FEditor is borked after randomizing, that won't happen. The goal of this LP is to try out a new gimmick (All units with 9 movement) but also to show off the all new (not really) WIP FE8 Randomizer Fix Patch! If you guys want to randomize with Otaku's randomizer, apply my patch and randomize! (In that order, please) Important fixes include monster weapons displaying stats properly and Eirika always being able to wield the Rapier (Provided her class can wield swords). Also if you randomize her position around (As I did) then the new not-lord won't but that's beside the point. The LPers can play Ephraim or Eirika route, though Eirika route is recommended since I have not playtested Ephraim's. Each LPer has a list of three units. They MUST use all three. They cannot use any units assigned to other LPers. These units appear at random intervals throughout the game. The LPers are only required to use the units on non-Ruins/Tower chapters. (Ie: Main story) and can grind them up if needed. Any units not listed can be used by everyone without limits. Here are the unit lists: [1] The Trifecta of Terror: Neimi, Amelia, Gerik [TAKEN BY TEQUILA] [2] Lords of Chaos: Moulder, Rennac, Duessel [TAKEN BY ECLIPSE] [3] Where's Gerik?: Innes, Tethys, Marisa [AUTO ASSIGNED TO MR. NIGHT] [4] Hardcore Heroes: Forde, Natasha, Saleh [TAKEN BY MONIKER] [5] Strength Without Power: L'Arachel, Ephraim, Tana [TAKEN BY KIRIE] Watch out for the demon king, and may the best LPer... win? I guess? ... And that's Klokinator's intro, made for us all to use. Now, for mine: Welcome to... Fire Emblem Hella Awesome Lightning Boots! If you didn't gather, this is a randomized ROM, which me and four others are playing through simultaneously. Each of us will take our own unique team of three units. We can use whoever we want aside from those teams, where we HAVE to use the three units we pick, and can't use ANY of the other units. Our team is Hardcore Heroes: Forde, Natasha, and Saleh. We are banned from using Neimi, Amelia, Gerik, Moulder, Rennac, Duessel, Innes, Tethys, Marisa, L'arachel, Ephraim, and Tana. That's a sizable chunk of FE8's limited units, so we'll pretty much need to take in anyone who isn't banned from us. Also! None of the LPers are allowed to look at each others' threads. So, if you see any other LPers in the "viewing this topic" area, screenshot their name and then blackmail them with it. From what I've heard, this is going to be quite difficult. We'd better be prepared for anything. I'll be posting growths and the like as normal. Expect this to be a new major let's play, and I'll be prioritizing it equally with Requiem. Don't worry though, I'll try to not let Requiem slow down too much! Without further ado: HALB: Episode 1: Prologue: The Best Worst Crutch Character Since I don't have to record tons of text, hopefully this LP will go by quickly! And hopefully, the RNG will be merciful!
  2. I know the newer FE titles get a lot of hate, especially Fates, but I absolutely fell in love with Conquest. I've been with the series since right after FE7 first released in Europe (I was born in Serbia and lived there most of my life) and managed to snag an English PAL copy. Immediately, I was head over heels. Smash didn't get me hyped, and I didn't come into the series late. The second it left Japan, I was on board. On top of this, I've played through and beaten every single FE game AND the spinoff/related titles like the TS games numerous times. So needless to say I'm no series noob, and the older Fire Emblem elements everyone seems to love is what I knew the second I fell in love with the series. Now, I love Awakening (I love all FE games, except FE2 and FE5 though I still enjoy those titles) a lot, and I even like Birthright a lot as well (it was really ambient and you got access to most of the new classes immediately) and Revelations I feel had a good story, even though it wasn't quite on par with FE9 and FE10. Though I still have this, pit, in my stomach when I play those games because they're missing some of what I came to love so much all those years ago. Conquest, cured this. Now, Conquest is STILL a lot different than the older Fire Emblem titles, the new weapon triangle system is still present, weapons just go on in terms of usage forever, forging exists, the castle shit, etc. I LIKE all those things, I genuinely hope they stay because you're not just calculating how much a weapon weighs anymore. It used to be, any character with high constitution could use whatever weapon and suffer no penalty for it. In Fates, using shit like Silver weapons can cripple your next attack, and Steel weapons can prevent you from doubling outright. A lot of people bitch and moan about this, but I rather like it. It adds more strategy to the game, as do skills. It's no longer as cut and dry as it used to be, now, provided you're playing on a harder difficulty where you haven't ubergrinded the hell out of your characters (Which Birthright and Awakening let you do RELIGIOUSLY, Conquest doesn't give hardly any grinding options which I love) you're actually going to have to make some REAL calculations when you're playing through the game. Older FE got too easy, even on the hardest of difficulties. The RNG system was extremely predicable and was even easily manipulated, weapon types had no drawbacks other than weight, some characters like Swordmasters and Berserkers could effortlessly become OHKO machines when given killer weapons and how much damage an enemy could do was all easily calculated. I see a lot of bitch moaning over shit being luck based. People really don't like it, I guess I can see why because it's entirely out of their control. The thing for me is, luck is a REAL factor on REAL battlefields. On a real battlefield, you can't just predict and calculate your way into perfect victory after victory, if so this planet would have one country, The United Empire of Earth. Adding luck based variables like certain skills triggering, a less predictable RNG system and some other things makes the game feel more real, and it's a looming variable that makes you weigh your choices more carefully. Conquest did what I dreamed of, it kept all the new shit I loved with the newer games and even added some of its own new and good shit, but it also took away a lot of the things that made the newer games laughably easy and brought some of the old school FE traits back. Now, I do not think Conquest is as soul crushingly difficult as a lot of people say it is, though it DOES have difficulty, but there are times on Lunatic (and even on Hard mode early on in the game) where Conquest will absolutely fist you. This is not a bad thing, if you don't get wrecked by the game every once in a while, you start getting careless. Getting wrecked makes you a better player, plain and simple. I also really enjoyed the Fates storylines, because I don't nitpick for tropes and the like when FE is a series that has been littered with troupes and archetypes since its birth. All in all, the comeback of the older Fire Emblem elements that prevents you from going godmode on the game by grinding your team into oblivion as well as making the map goals a bit more diverse was really, REALLY nice to see, then that combined with the new elements in my opinion makes this the best game in the series. Though the Dragon Veins are fucking stupid, there's no getting around that. Anyway, I'm sure not everyone will agree with me, this IS just my opinion. Though I'm just making this because I wonder how many old school FE players really liked Conquest the way I did due to the wonderful combination of old and new.
  3. Hey everyone! Welcome to another awesome FE12 playthrough by me, PKL! This time, I will be tackling Maniac Mode again but with no growths. In my quest to be like dondon...be a LTC master improve at this game there will be no growths this time! So, the rules: 1. Maniac Mode (H2) Difficulty. Classic Mode. 2. Rainbow Potion and Bond Drop are allowed. Growth Drop is banned. 3. Lunatic is assumed to have been played, so Lunatic statboosters will be available. 4. Mixed Class Sets for Male Units are allowed. 5. I will be playing through the game as fast as possible but if a chapter is deemed too difficult to LTC for the challenge, stalling is fair game. 6. Full Recruitment. 7. No permanent unit deaths allowed. 8. How's everyone is super banned. 9. Strategies must be a little bit reliable at least. Went with Orphan for Max Str. Makes it easier to hit important kill benchmarks throughout the Prologue. Went with Skl/Spd for the next best thing. I wish I could have both +2 str and +2 Spd. +2 Spd lets MU not get doubled by some P8 Thieves but that's not as important as hitting 1 point harder. It makes a ton of difference. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZleBp734zsUeZXpSe8Vxu7jd Turncounts so far: Chapter Turns Rescue Hammerne Thief Warp Again Rescue Again P1 2 P2 3 P3 3 P4A 4 P5 3 P6O 3 P7C 3 P8 7 C1 6 C2 6 C3 17 C3x 6 C4 5 4/5 C5 9 3/5 3/3 C6 5 2/5 3/3 C6x 2 2/5 3/3 C7 5 2/5 3/3 C8 3 1/5 3/3 C9 5 4/5 2/3 5/5 C10 2 4/5 2/3 5/5 C10x 1 4/5 2/3 5/5 C11 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C12 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C13 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C13x 2 3/5 2/3 5/5 C14 2 1/5 2/3 4/5 4/7 3/3 C15 1 1/5 2/3 4/5 3/7 3/3 C16 3 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 3/3 5/5 C16x 2 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 2/3 5/5 C17 5 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 1/3 5/5 C18 2 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 1/3 4/5 C19 4 0/5 1/3 2/5 6/7 1/3 3/5 C20 1 C20x 4 C21 2 C22 1 C23 1 Endgame 1 Total Turns so far 149
  4. So aside from coming in a giant can these things are awesome. Don't know if any of you are from down under in Australia but damn you know how to make a beer.
  5. Hello, everyone! I am here to provide you all with an LP of FE7 CHAOS MODE, brought to me, and maybe to you, by KLOKINATOR! Yes, I know that FE7 chaos mode is quite possibly the most LPed hack in all of serenes forest, but I decided to LP it anyways, partially because none of the LPs has actually been finished(although with its official release, there are a few still in progress), and partially because FE7 chaos mode is a pretty awesome hack and deserves more attention. HERE IS ITS THREAD: FE7 Chaos Mode Thread Klokinator said that when he made this, he wanted to make a hack different from all the other inflation hacks, with just ludicrously inflated enemy and player stats, fake difficulty, and lots of BS everywhere that tries to trick you into thinking it's hard(the other hacks had those things, not this one.). And, although I wouldn't know because this is the only hack of that type I've ever played, I think he succeeded! FE7 Chaos Mode is the best hack of its type that I've ever played! Maybe you want to know a bit more about the hack before I start. Well, I'll tell you about all the many changes Klok made to everything as we go along. Let me just say that EVERYTHING is different. EVERYTHING. Except the maps. And the game's genre and premise. And the plot, which is only a little different. And probably a few other things that I missed. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT, I PROMISE. Of course, as I introduce them to you, I'll assume you have absolutely no foreknowledge of this hack. I'm new to this whole LPing thing, of course, so tell me how I do. And without further ado, it's time for EVEN MORE ADO: THE INTRODUCTION: Before I go, I realize I need something to make this LP DIFFERENT. So, I will be running a lot on audience participation! You guys get to choose who to drop, who to keep, who to uberboost, and maybe even who to kill! All I ask is that you please be decisive, it is very tempting to try to include every character, as all of them make you want to use them, but we have very limited deployment spots, and if we don't focus our limited XP(no arenas!), I'll be in big trouble. I'm done...for now.
  6. Hey there! I'm Mr. Iggy Koopa, and I'm going to do something special... So, for those who don't know, this is a game called Megaman and Bass, first arrived in the Super Famicom in 1998 in Japan and arrived worldwide on 2002-2003 with the Game Boy Advance, it's known by the fans of the classic Mega Man games as one of, if not, the hardest game in the classic series. "But Iggy!" You might ask. "What does it have to do with this topic?" Well then, I present to you... THE OMEGA RUBY (Or Alpha Sapphire) MEGAMAN & BASS CHALLENGE! Like any classic Mega Man game, this game has 8 Robot Masters. This challenge focuses on these robot masters! But I'm not alone! In fact, 7 other people can join this challenge, so that we can have at least one Robot Master! Let's see them, shall we? [spoiler=Tengu Man] First arrived in Megaman 8, Tengu Man is based of... a Tengu! He was originally an experimental robot that could generate artificial typhoons, and was later weaponized by Dr. Wily. In this game, he joins King's army by Dr. Wily's orders. If you pick Tengu Man, your starter will be the Seedot line, and you will have to catch Grass and Flying Types, and/or they must learn one of the following moves: Leaf Blade, Air Slash, Leaf Storm, Leaf Tornado, Hurricane, as a reminiscent of Tengu Man's weapons in both games he was in: the Tornado Hold and the Tengu Blade. [spoiler=Astro Man] Astro Man appeared in Megaman 8, like Tengu Man. He was originally built to work in a planetarium, but Dr. Wily modified him for combat. If you choose Astro Man, your starter has to be Solosis, you must catch Psychic Types, Pokemon that originate from space, and/or they must learn Cosmic Power and Double Team. The reason for the latter is because of Astro Man's weapon, the Copy Vision. [spoiler=Dynamo Man] Dynamo Man used to be a robot guide for schoolchildren on field trips during power plants. When King modified him, he was given a powerful generator that could create an electric field. Given Dynamo Man's name and appearence, there's no denial that you must catch Electric Types if you pick him. Your starter has to be Joltik, and you must also catch Pokemon that can learn the move Discharge, as his weapon, the Lightning Bolt, is a screen nuke. [spoiler=Cold Man] Cold Man was originally created to preserve prehistoric DNA inside his body. King modified him to be his bodyguard. If you choose him, your starter will be Cubchoo, and you must catch Ice type Pokemon and/or Pokemon that learn Icicle Crash and Barrier, Protect or Iron Defense, as a throwback to his weapon, the Ice Wall. [spoiler=Ground Man] Ground Man is a Robot Master created by King to excavate ruins, but sometimes hoards treasure that he finds for his own personal collection without consulting his leader. If you pick him, your starter will be Rhyhorn, and You must catch Ground Type Pokemon and/or Pokemon that learn Drill Run and Dig. [spoiler=Pirate Man] Pirate Man is a Robot Master from King's army with the appearance of a pirate captain. He was created to attack cargo vessels at sea. He is fearless and ruthless and will do whatever it takes to reach his goal. If you pick him your starter will be Corpish and you must catch Water Types, along with Pokemon who can learn moves that have "Bomb" in their name, as a reference to Pirate Man's weapon, the Remote Mine. [spoiler=Burner Man] Burner Man is a fire-themed Robot Master from Mega Man & Bass, created to destroy natural environments. He entered King's army and was ordered to destroy nature. King tricked Burner Man into believing that he must burn a forest every day or else a self-destruct bomb inside him will explode; this isn't true, but Burner Man continued to burn forests in order to stay alive. If you pick Burner Man, then your starter will be Chimchar. You must catch Fire Type Pokemon and/or Pokemon that can learn Overheat, Blast Burn, and Fire Blast. [spoiler=Magic Man] Magic Man is an illusionist themed Robot Master, and a member of King's army. He was formerly a member of a circus, but he enlisted in King's army in order to show off. If you pick him, your starter will be Slowpoke, and you must evolve him into a Slowking. And you must catch Normal Type Pokemon and catch Pokemon who can learn Trump Card. Other than that, good luck people! :D EDIT: changed the games into Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, since they're coming close.
  7. WHAT IS THIS TOPIC?! Welcome people, this is Mr. Iggy Koopa, and this is the Fire Embem Puns thread! Now, what is Fire Emblem Puns? Well, This is a thread about puns on FE characters! And by that, I mean EVERY PLAYABLE FE CHARACTER. (Along with some major enemy.) Well then, the reason this thread is in Creative, is because other than writing the puns, you have to DRAW the puns. ...What? Didn't get it? Allow me to explain. [spoiler=Huge text wall]So, you're making a pun about Ike. You think about the perfect pun for Ike, and then you think about Mike Tyson for some reason or another (Maybe you're playing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, I dunno.) and then you think about how Mike and Ike's names are similar... And BOOM! You get Ike Tyson as a pun. You start to think of how it should look, and then your creativity just would not stop. You want to make a drawing of said pun. And you make a drawing of Ike Tyson. And you post it on Deviantart. That's probably what you should do. (Except that instead of posting on Deviantart you post on this topic.) Anyways, what I'm saying is that various artists can choose the series that can write puns about. You know, Artist A likes the Jugdral series, and wants to make puns about the Jugdral series. So I let him allow to make puns about the Jugdral series. Then, Artist A wants to change and go to the Akaneia saga, for some reason. Which I let him allow. Now then, here comes Artist B, and he loves the GBA trilogy. He wants to make puns about both Elibe and Magvel series, so I let him allow. Also, the number of artists per group is unlimited, but after a series is finished, then the artists finishing the group must go to another group, or leave. That is it. Another Example! Let's say that the group of Artists C, D, E and F finished making puns about Awakening. This group can go and make puns about another series, or can leave FE Puns. Now, in this example. Artist C goes to make puns about the Akaneia Saga, while Artists D and E go making puns about the Jugdral series, with D doing Genealogy Of the Holy War puns and E making Thracia 776 puns. Then comes artist F, which never played another FE game other than Awakening, and has no knowledge of the rest of the series, so he leaves FE puns. Also, an important rule: Don't use FE stuff as your material for your FE puns, such as Maris-a, a pun of Maris from FE12 using Marisa from FE8. It's unoriginal and unclever. Well then, I guess that's all I have to say. Hoping you have fun with your puns! [spoiler=Puns tablet][spoiler=Akaneia Saga][spoiler=Shadow Dragon] [spoiler=Gaiden] [spoiler=Mystery of the Emblem] [spoiler=Awakening] [spoiler=Jugdral Saga][spoiler=Genealogy of the Holy War] [spoiler=Thracia 776] [spoiler=Elibe Saga][spoiler=Binding Blade] [spoiler=Blazing Sword] [spoiler=Sacred Stones] [spoiler= Tellius Series][spoiler=Path of Radiance] [spoiler=Radiant Dawn]
  8. sarinomu


    Online name: sarinomu / sarinoku Real name: David DoB: 09/09/98 Favourite FE Game: Currently FE7 but leaning more and more towards FE4 (lyn bby) Favourite Game (other than FE): Kingdom Hearts Favourite FE Character: Lyndis Least Favourite game: Eh Haven't really found one Sports: Nope Online friends: uhhh don't know what about this one Favourite music: grew up with 80s 90s korean stuff so thats cool Favourite artist/band: forced to like KJK (Kim Jong Kook) but its not like hes bad Favourite song: Too indecisive Country: USA MSN/Yahoo/AIM: lolwhat Hobbies: playing videogames, hating school, hating homework, daydreaming Good Point: lack of ego(?) Bad Point: lack of decisiveness (is that even a word)
  9. Well, let's give this another try, shall we? This ruleset should work, but it's flexible. If you guys want anything changed, go ahead and tell me! Rules: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. All the Windows games will be played, except for PoFV and the ones that aren't integers. With the release of DDC, that's now eight games. 3. Only one character/team/shot/whatever may be drafted per game. Only teams will be picked in IN, but you can then use one of the characters of your team individually if you wish to. 4. No cheating. You can abuse glitches and safespots if that's your thing, though. (MarisaBroken in MoF, however, is banned because the Lv3 Laser glitch eats bosses for breakfast, eliminating basically all challenge in 1ccing.) 5. The Hitbox Patch for EoSD, as well as V-Sync-Patches to help with laggy controls are explicitely allowed. 6. Practice all you like, but all replays presented are to be recorded during this draft. No here's-one-I-prepared-earlier. 7. Normal mode, default gameplay settings (where applicable). 8. Continues are not allowed. You can continue as often as you like when you practice, but your actual submission can't use them. Procedure: 1. Snake-style drafting will be used to determine shot types used. Take your pick from the entire pool, but after choosing from one game you obviously can't choose another from the same game. 2. The games will be played in chronological order, with each player using what they drafted for each game. You can send in as many replays of the same game as you like, I'll only count the latest - however, once you've sent in a replay of the next game, I will stop accepting improvements of the previous game. So, for instance, when you finish EoSD, I will accept improvements of EoSD as well as replays of PCB. Once you send in a replay of PCB, I will no longer accept improvements to EoSD, but you can move on to IN (or improve PCB). Of course there's the deadline, too. Once the first round finishes, the deadline of each following game is exactly one week after the previous. 3. After attaining a satisfactory score, players will send me a replay as evidence (preferably by linking to it via PM, although sending it as an attachment also works). I will then release these replays at the end of the round and declare the scores and rankings. You can upload your replays here (although at this time, DDC does not seem to be supported. You can upload DDC replays here instead). Please don't watch others' replays before the end of each round if they upload them there. Scoring: 1. The primary source of points is obtaining the highest score. The player who scores highest will get seven points, second place is four, third place is two. The lowest score doesn't get any points. 2. 1ccing the game gets you a flat three point bonus. (For your convenience: this results in 10/7/5/3 points respectively when the game is 1cc'd, and 7/4/2/0 when it isn't.) [spoiler=Draft pool] |touhou06|touhou07|touhou08|touhou10|touhou11|touhou12|touhou13|touhou14| | | ReimuA| | | | | | ReimuA| | | | | | ReimuB| | | | | | | | | | MarisaA| | | | | MarisaB| | MarisaA| MarisaA| | | MarisaB| | | | | | | SanaeA| | | | | | | | | | | | Players (in order): |Player |Score|touhou06|touhou07|touhou08|touhou10|touhou11|touhou12|touhou13|touhou14| |ZM | 2 | ReimuA| SakuyaB| Magic| ReimuA| MarisaC| SanaeB| Sanae| SakuyaB| |Kalas | 21 | ReimuB| ReimuB| Border| ReimuC| ReimuA| ReimuB| Reimu| ReimuB| |Fera | 62 | MarisaB| MarisaA| Scarlet| MarisaC| ReimuC| MarisaB| Marisa| MarisaA| |Proto | 62 | MarisaA| SakuyaA| Nether| ReimuB| MarisaB| ReimuA| Youmu| SakuyaA| I myself won't be participating, but I may comment on the replays (unless you tell me not to). Alright then, have at it! Deadlines: Round 1, Th06: EoSD will end at February 27th. Round 2, Th07: PCB will end at March 5th. Round 3, Th08: IN will end at March 12th. Round 4, Th10: MoF will end at March 19th. Round 5, Th11: SA will end at April 2nd. Round 6, Th12: UFO will end at April 9th. Round 7, Th13: TD will end at April 16th. The final round, Th14: DDC will end at April 23rd. (Visual Timer) Results: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | F |
  10. So one of my IRL friends just made me aware of this. [spoiler=attributions]more here other thing sourced from here
  11. Hi everyone! I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to make an account with some help I'm needing for a few things. The first of which is to match up remaining pairings for my hard run through, as I am taking a break from the stress that is a first time Lunatic run through and not having DLC. Here is what I have planned thus far I've already hooked up - ChromxSumia - SullyxVaike - MU(+mag-str)xLissa In this run through, I wanted to try to veer away from CordiliaxStahl, FredrickxCherche, TharjaxGaius, Lon'quxMaribelle, and GregorxPanne, (just wanting to try new things this runthrough). I regret not pairing SullyxDonnel to try something new, but SullyxVaike made them much more sturdy when going through the story against units that make it past my MU. I'm willing to grind, and I just gained access to buying master seals, (MU has been making me loads of Bullion with Despoil), and I now have all but Ricken and Miriel promoted. All comments and advice is appreciated!
  12. Here is my brand-new fan-fic, CordeliaxChrom. Disclaimer to Cordeleeah Cordelia lovers: I don't hate Cordelia, I just love the terribad 'fan-fics' I can make from her unrequited love for Chrom. This IS a troll-fiction, so rate it as such. Thanks for reading~!
  13. The long-awaited fan-fiction, by me: TheWarpedWizard. It's called: Henree teh Keeler. Enjoy. Henree woorked down teh street. He saw a gai. His name wos Ricky. "Hi Henree how u bean lol" "special delivery trolololol your dead" Henree stabbed Ricky in the face with a pencil and he started spurting rarseberry jam every where. Ricky's wife, Cordelima, ran out of a howse suddenly. "Ricky is dead lol now I can mawwy Chwom" "Hahalol not if i keel u 1st DYEEEEEEE!!!!!11!!111!!" "O noes!!!!!!!1!!111!!" Cordy exploded. "Good night, dearee!" Henweeeee woorked away gigling. SCARY PICTURE HERE Please rate my fan-fiction! I worked very hard on it! There will be more soon, until then, bye!
  14. 1. What's my least favorite chapter in FE13? a. Paralogue 6 b. Chapter 17 c. Chapter 4 2. Why is viewer discretion advised? a. The following program cotains graphic content b. The following program contains material that is just too cute c. INFERNO DIVIDER! CARNAGE SCISSORS! 3. Why do I not like FE6? a. The maps b. The hit rates c. The status staves d. The characters e. All of the above 4. What's my favorite franchise? a. Blazblue b. Atelier c. F-Zero d. Zelda 5. What is the avatar build I most often use? a. +LUK/-SKL b. +RES/-SKL c. +DEF/-SKL 6. Who has the most rockin' Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? a. Captain Falcon b. Captain Douglas Jay Falcon c. Kyaputen Farukon 7. What's my favorite stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? a. Port Town Aero Dive b. Bridge of Eldin c. Pirate Ship d. Green Hill Zone 8. What should you do when enemies shoot at your Arwing? a. Use the boost to get thru b. Use the brake c. Don't mess up that Arwing! d. Do a barrel roll! 9. How many claims do I have?? a. No one knows. b. Too many to count. c. Who keeps track of this crap? 10. What's my favorite smiley? a. b. c. WARNING: Might contain trick questions.
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