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Found 5 results

  1. So I've noticed we have a fair few players of the various Warriors games on the site, I felt like making this thread. It can work as a general discussion/social thread of sorts about the games, discussing or aiding each other. Now I started with Dynasty Warriors 3 on the PS2, and I got so wrapped up into the historical aspects of the games that I'm now a somewhat competent self proclaimed historian of the Three Kingdoms Era and Late Han. I've played just about every Dynasty Warriors I own 3 to 8, I've played the first 2 Samurai Warriors, I've played all 3 Warriors Orochi games, I also really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors. (Still am and am hyped for the Legends bonuses). I really need to look into Ken's Rage and Dynasty Warriors Gundam. So enjoy yourselves and discuss anything, even historical talk.
  2. [spoiler=the unit selection phase] Rules: 1) For the first 5 chapters, any unit may be used in combat, cast spirits, etc. If possible, kills must go to units on the roster. 2) Starting in Chapter 6, unchosen units must be loaded onto a battleship as soon as possible. If no battleship is available, units are considered free until a battleship arrives. 3) Unchosen units may only use defensive spirits during the time they are trying to reach the battleship in order to avoid being attacked (Accel, Focus, Alert, etc.). They may not use support spirits like Trust, Bless, Cheer. 4) Pilots may only be swapped from default mechs if both pilots and mechs are on the roster (e.g. Camille and Quattro could switch since I have both of them, but I couldn't put Boss in the Mazinger or Sayaka in the Boss Borot). Units: Ialdabaoth/Folka (Protagonist) Argama/Bright (Battleship) Z Gundam/Camille Hyaku Shiki/Quattro Methuss/Fa (Repair unit) Boss Borot/Boss (Resupply unit) Escaflowne/Van Scheherazade/Allen Shin Getter/Ryouma+Hayato+Benkei Mecha Tekkouki/Tekkouki Wing Zero Custom/Hiiro Sandrock Custom/Quatre Altron Custom/Wufei Tallgeese III/Zechs Tauros SK/Noin Nu Gundam/Amuro Acrobunch/buncha dudes Teiring/Naria Teiring/Eriya Goraon/??? (Battleship) Guran Galan/??? (Battleship) I will be providing only minimal plot summary, because effort. [spoiler=chapter 1 pt 1] The UC gundams chat about how things have been going since the events of the last game, and how everyone dispersed to mop up stragglers etc. Then they receive an SOS. They go to check it out. Our protagonist wakes up, wondering where he is. Chapter 1 begins at the site of the SOS, some base starting with a J somewhere in South America, I didn't recognize the name. Some asshole by the name of Arion orders the base to be razed to the ground, but becomes excited when the gundam folk show up. He's positively itching for a fight. He and his lackies refer to themselves as the Shura army, and nobody's ever heard of them before... [spoiler=my units stats] Z Gundam/Waverider Hyaku Shiki Argama Methuss The map with the initial unit placement. Since my goal here is to funnel kills to units on my roster, my path forward is relatively clear. Weaken the grunts with two units each, so Quattro and Camille can do the honors. Turn 1: That was a crit, by the way. In order to reach with his post-move, I needed my battleship to cast Accel, so I went and did it early (out of order screenshots, I'm sorry.) Camille needed a crit to kill it turns out, but it doesn't matter since he'll be targeted on the enemy phase. The EP: Turn 2: I realized I forgot to give you screens of the enemy units, so I booted up the chapter and went through to grab them, that's why their HP totals might be out of whack. Anyway, now that we've had a chance to wound both basic Shura grunts, here they are. [spoiler=Shura grunts stats] Bofry Harps Quattro cleans up the sole survivor. Fa heals Camille. I load the other gundams onto the Argama, Accel, and advance towards the base. Turn 3: The protagonist makes his appearance, trashtalks the Shura people, and tells the gundams he has no beef with them, so long as they don't get in his way. [spoiler=his stats] He casts Accel and parks himself to the south of the suspicious northern base. Fa heals Bright and levels up. Bright Accels and chips. Chip gundams chip, and I forgot to take the screenshots of Camille finishing off its pathetic leftover health. We end the turn looking like this. Enemy Phase starts in the next post, because image limit is a dumb. Continued in next post.
  3. I want to see a GundamXMarvel crossover now. Am I the only one who chuckled at Vigna Ant Man?
  4. For reals this time! I haven't wrote the intro for this but if someone can provide me with one then please do! Here are the series that we are using: Space Route: Zeta, ZZ, CCA, Space Runaway Ideon, SEED, Compact 2 Originals (Excellen Browning), Classic Originals (Ring Mao), A Originals (Idiot!Axel). Earth Route: NGE, Mazinkaiser, Code Geass R2, Gundam 00, Megas XLR, Compact 2 Originals (Kyosuke Nambu), Classic Originals (Irmgard Kazehara) Alpha Originals (Sanger and Touma!) and A Originals (Lamia Loveless.). Template: <b>Character Name</b>: (Uh... yeah) <b>Notes</b>: (While this is positioned at the top of the app for our convenience, feel free to add things to it as you go along.) <b>Background</b>: *REQUIRED* (This is a description of your character's background as per canon. This can be a wiki link for a translated canon, or a full text description for anyone. If you are writing it up and want to avoid spoilers you can send it to the mod account. If you do so title the message “[Character's Name]'s Background” and note here that you sent it to the mod account.) <b>Personality</b>: *REQUIRED* (Show us you know the character. At least 1 or 2 paragraphs is a good length for this section.) <b>Capabilities and Resources</b>: (We know your character has something to do with robots, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But what else does s/he do? Newtype? Geass powers? Own a company? Member of a military in good standing? That all goes here.) (*REQUIRED* if you have a robot. Power armor/transformed forms also belong to this section) <b>Robot Name</b>: (Uh... yeah) <b>Robot Description</b>: (What weapons does it have and what can they do? Is your mecha a super (superhero-y) robot or a real (military-ish) robot? Does it have any special armor or forcefields? Magical powers? Traits? Can it fly? How? Feel free to link to a wiki or fansite to give an overview, but write the details down here.) <b>Terrain Stats</b>: (This is optional, but for those who have played SRW, this is a good way to give us a quick judge of how good your mech is overall. For those of you who haven't played the games, they are measured: --, D, C, B, A, S, with -- or D meaning it can't fight there at all and S being the best. Note that only upgrades tend to have an S unless they are entirely gimped or unusable in other areas.) <i>Land</i>: <i>Air</i>: <i>Sea</i>: <i>Space</i>: (*REQUIRED* if you captain a flagship) <b>Flagship Name</b>: (Uh... yeah) <b>Flagship Description</b>: (Essentially the same as a robot description... except for a flagship instead. What abilities does it have? Does it have any special support capabilities? Is it intended to be used with specific units or kinds of units?) <b>Terrain Stats</b>: (Same as above.) <i>Land</i>: <i>Air</i>: <i>Sea</i>: <i>Space</i>: Upgrades: (if any) <b>Job</b>: (if any) <b>Suggested Event List</b>: (The event list should consist of important combat actions that would make good material for missions, or special events and logs that require mod or NPC intervention. At this point, canons should not have more than 10/15 events.) You are allowed to use any Banpresto mecha if you don't want to make your own robot. If some people want to RP the SEED cast then they need to PM me.
  5. So does anyone play or used to play Emblem of Gundam? It's a strategy game somewhat similar to Advance Wars but it's only in Japanese for the Nintendo DS. Here's a trailer.
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