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Found 113 results

  1. Hello, I am completely new to FE and would like some advice. I have spent hours thinking of what would be the best team for hoshido (see image attached) to play this game on hard/classic mode. I am playing birthright so I have the chance to grind as this is my first game so I would like the option. After doing hours of research I have read that some characters/children are completely worthless which threw all my research out the window. I am looking for 4-6 attackers 1-2 defense characters and 2 magic users. I am about to loose my mind over this so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Given what we know about the first batch of dlc for fates, what would YOU like to see in future dlc? I personally would like to see: 1). Apotheosis 2.0 -I never beat the first one, but I did like the challenge for what it is worth, and I would love to see what they do with the new mechanics. 2). Scramble map for the child units -Might be a good way to get some more development and dialogue for the child units. 3). Story/scramble map for the underdeveloped units (Kamuisexuals) - Getting more dialogue and characterization for the characters that seriously lack it would be nice. 4). A what-if scenario where Kamui/Corrin dies in the early game. Could have a set of maps for both Hoshido and Nohr. -Could be interesting. Kind of like future past.
  3. When I first played Conquest and later played through Revelations, I found myself liking characters that I didn't really pay too much attention to originally. An example of this would be Shura. At first he seemed pretty.. meh to me, but I ended up liking his supports with Corrin, and the fact he is a very useful archer/healer right off the bat when you get him. Another would be Felicia. I didn't care for her at all but she kind of grew on me the more I played the game. Anyone else find a character that surprised you enough to be likable?
  4. So with all the new exposure, news, and even spoilers I thought it would be interesting to see what the impressions were of Fates' cast. Who are your favorite characters now that you have learned a bit(and for some a lot) more about them? The first two polls are only allowed for a single vote while the others allow for multiple votes since there so many characters. Please keep it friendly and have fun! :
  5. Ok, you know how Makaze's thread works right? They vote for someone to be the focus of a weekly question spree. The voting process here is going to be pretty similar, except for the fact that we will be voting on a character to discuss for a few days. My series currently on hiatus only really allows for my opinion, and I kinda want peoples input on characters and talk about strengths, weaknesses and such. Match ups as well. Votes will be 2 per person per voting period. The voting period begins today, and will end on Tuesday morning, we'll play it by ear from there Please use Red Bolded Text for your votes. Like this. Mario Past Nominations #1 Shulk #2 King Dedede #3 Rosalina and Luma #4 Marth & Lucina #5 Ike #6 Ganondorf #7 Fox #8 Peach #9 DK #10 Sheik #11 Zero Suit Samus #12 Ryu #13 Zelda #14 Palutena #15 Captain Falcon #16 Sonic The Hedgehog #17 Mewtwo #18 Jigglypuff #19 Samus #20 Cloud #21 Metaknight
  6. Is their anyone in fates you didn't think you would like as much as you now do? Mine were Niles, Shura, and Charlotte. I like all of their personalities and they are all pretty good with a few levels. What about you guys?
  7. So, pretty much everyone had characters that they thought they liked or thought they'd use, or knew which characters were good and which were bad, but actually playing the game is a completely different story. So, did any characters surprise you, either gameplay-wise or even just personality-wise? For me, it was definitely Benny. Pre-English release, I remember people going on about how Generals were bad and that Effie was so good that there was no reason to use Benoit ever, but the guy's an absolute beast. His defence is so overkill high that even after being Defence Sealed, he still only gets hit for sub-10 damage, and his pair up bonuses are godly to boot. I paired him up with Dread Fighter Selena and they legitimately solo half of maps while the rest of my army takes care of the rest. Special mention goes to Ophelia because I was kind of ambivalent about her until I heard her voice and the fact that she's so softspoken while trying to shout ridiculous things just won me over immediately.
  8. So with Fates coming out in about 19 days, we have yet to hear more of the characters' English voices. Some of them are great (especially Nishiki/Kaden, Ryoma, Camilla, and Leo's voices)! And then there are some cringe worthy ones like Effie and Felicia's execution of, "We got trouble!" For the ones we didn't hear yet in English, which voice actor do you think would be perfect for a character in the game? To me, I think Johnny Yong Bosch would be perfect for Shigure. Since JYB is the singer in his band Eyeshine, I can imagine him singing to "You are the ocean's gray waves," and it would come out beautifully. Plus his awesome voice can make Shigure much more fabulous just like Robin's seiyuu. There is one problem though: Is JYB a non-union voice actor? He's in pretty big roles like Lelouch from Code Geass, Izaya from Durarara!!, and Makoto from Free!. Then again, Laura Bailey did Lucina's voice, though she wasn't credited.
  9. I was wondering between each of these characters which are the more popular. I am looking for people's opinions based on capability in battle, personality, and designs. Nephenee vs Aran vs Danved, Oscar vs Kieran vs Makalov vs Titania vs Astrid vs Fiona vs Geofferey vs Renning, Rolf vs Shinon vs Leonardo, Boyd vs Largo vs Nolan, Jill vs Haar, Marcia vs Tanith vs Sigrun vs Elincia, Lethe vs Lyre vs Ranulf, Mordecai vs Maurim vs Kyza, Janaff vs Ulki vs Volug, Soren vs Ilyana vs Tormod vs Calil vs Bastian vs Sanaki vs Pelleas, Rhys vs Laura vs Mist vs Micaiah vs Oliver, Mia vs Zihark vs Stefan vs Lucia vs Edward, Sothe vs Volke vs Heather, Reyson vs Rafiel vs Leanne, Gatrie vs Brom vs Tauroneo vs Meg, Vika vs Nealuchi Skrimir vs Giffca Naesala vs Caineghis vs Tibarn vs Nailah Ena vs Gareth vs Nasir vs Kurthnaga I'm not comparing Ike to anyone because 9/10 people will likely say Ike cuz lets face it, aside from Hector, he is the best lord stat wise, plus he was popular enough to make it into Smash Bros twice.
  10. So, after taking a long break from Awakening (since August 2015) I've decided to pick up the game again. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna play on Normal just to breeze through the game, or go through Hard as a warmup for the higher difficulties. Now comes the problem of pairing everyone and planning everything. I decided to have change some things up, like certain pairings and use some of my less used characters more. Don't have dlc. First of all, the Avatar. I plan on going with a MaMU with the name Camus. I am going to have him end up as a Paladin and marry Cordelia. I only know he will have Luna and Aegis. No plan on asset/flaw and other things. Also, does anyone know what hair color looks the most like FE11's Camus' hair color (or Sirius)? With Cordelia I'm probably have her finish as a Falcon Knight. Seeing how I'm not doing an optimal run, I thought about running Sol/Armsthrift/Galeforce/Lancefaire/Bowbreaker. Thoughts? I plan on having Severa and Morgan end up as Bowknight and Hero, not being set on who gets which class. They will inherit Galeforce and Luna. Ideas for other abilities? How I wish Bowknight was better, but I'll still use it. My biggest change will be pairing up Chrom with Sully. I rarely use Kjelle, even though I like her, and this will fix that issue. As mentioned earlier, I don't plan on having this run be optimal. I will keep Kjelle as a General, even though they suck, and have her inherit Aegis. Since I plan on having fun I might run something like Pavise/Aegis/Aether/Deliverer/Astra. I know Donnel gives her Galeforce, but I'm limiting my Galeforce use. For Lucina I thought about Aether/Rightful King/Aegis/Swordfaire. Not sure what her last skill would be. Thinking about Vantage/Lethality/Lancebreaker/Astra. For the remaining characters I'll go with pairings I like, and the parents of children I'm not interested in will be paired with who's left. Going to list my current pairings below. Open for changes, either because the children will suck or the pairing isn't that great. Lissa-Vaike (I want a blonde Swordmaster Owain) Tharja-Gaius (Nearly always go with this) Nowi-Kellam (Great support, tank Nah) Sumia-Stahl (I like this pairing, plus Stahl seems to work with a lot of children) Cherche-Gregor (Funny support) Olivia-Lon'qu (Great pairing) Brady, Yarne and Laurent I don't care about. Might go Miriel-Ricken so I get another magic user. I also thought Olivia-Frederick and then have Lissa-Lon'qu. Still debating on it. I'll worry about the children as the game progresses. Feel free to leave ideas for them though. That was a long post. Thanks for any help in advance though. In the meantime I'll try to figure out the optimal for my wannabe Camus MU.
  11. Who are the characters you could care less about? For me it would have to be Felicia, she's an abysmal unit and is just annoying in general. Her voice and character annoy me as well.
  12. It's kinda in the name. 1.) What's the problem with said character that you would like to change, whether it be personality, or stats and skills or class, or even design wise. 2.) What would you want the character to be like or have for everyone to benefit from. E.g. Camilla isn't so motherly to Nohr when she's, basically, nice to mostly you, but if she was kinder and supportive to her whole army, it would be different as it would fit her description appropriately and result in neater writing. Nyx, apart from getting her a jumper, her stats are her main problem. Fix that Skill stat by increasing Growth, or something. It's really bad, defense I kinda get, but that's a little low, too. You simply add an opinion of what you would like to change about certain characters, so it's okay to say what you think of what character you'd like changed. As character personality and backstory is one thing to spoil, story-wise spoils must be kept spoiler tagged.
  13. Hello :3 I am asking this question since Awakening was my first ever Fire Emblem game & it means a lot to me. So, please tell me your favorite character that is playable & explain why. :3 My favorite character is Chrom. He is one of the first characters you see & he is awesome. He supports you, & cares so much about you. I know a lot of people may not like him, but I love him. Every time, I marry him. (I have six files, & out of my three female files, I married him twice). Also, I am sorry not every character is here, I was only allowed 40 answers, so I picked the main characters & all the children. If you like other characters, you can still explain why, they just aren't in the poll. :3
  14. [ONGOING] I've seen lots of reference compilations for stuff like data and supports, but none for class refs. I've come across quite a few, so I figured why not. If a class is in Italics it is a unique model or pallete. I want to clarify that I DO NOT take credit for any of these pictures, I'm just compiling them into a single document for easy access. Now to see if I can figure out spoiler tags. Anna: Azura: Asama: Ashura: Belka: Benoit: Camilla: Charlotte: Crimson: Cyrus: Deere: Effie: Elise: Eponine: Felicia: Flannel: Flora: Foleo: Fuuga: Grey: Gunther: Harold: Hinata: Hinoka: Hisame: Ignis: Izana: Joker: Kagerou: Kamui: Feel free to post any refs that I dont have on this list so I can add it to the OP.
  15. Well I've gotten no replies to any of my questions and I know I'm probably behind on rom hacking as most people seemed to be doing so in 2010-11. I am trying to add FE-7 and 8 sprites/portraits, chapters, music in one. I've found so far the only way to add without replacing is adding in HXD so I wondered where free space is in sacred stones.gba. Starting at offset 00E47180 FF FF FF FF FF...... FF FF FF............ and above that 00 00 00..... 00 00 00........ appear in many places. Are all of those chunks free space to add characters and will this add to my nightmare character modules? Also, do you know any other offsets I am free to edit without ruining my rom? Blazer if you see this how did you put FE7 and FE8 characters in the same game as seen on youtube and is that rom available to download? Thanks, sorry I'm so nooby at this stuff.
  16. Hello guys, I have Fire Emblem Fates since yesterday and there is one thing that I absolutely want to know: WHERE is the logbook and HOW can I include Avatars from other files in my main one? I would really appreciate if someone could answer me I searched all day and find nothing Thanks ! (Sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, or something like that, I'm french. :))
  17. So much negativity around the characters in this game, so lets stop whinging so much and talk about the ones we like the best. Now that the game is out in Japan, some goobers have played it. Support convos are coming out translated by the truckload. Lets talk about our favorites for once. Favorite Character(s) Shared? Favorite Nohrians? Favorite Hoshidans? Favorite Kids? Favorite All-Round? Bring it!
  18. This is my first time playing through FE7, and I was wondering if there are any classes or characters to stay away from. Someone told me that Fighter should be avoided, but is there anything else?
  19. Hello everyone. I'm finally done with the entire game and I have an urge to discuss what I often consider the most important part of a video game: the story. I created a thread not too long ago where I talked about Conquest and how I thought it definitely didn't live up to the hype of a complex storyline, to put it mildly. However, now that the third path has been released and beaten by a lot of people, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the plot and the characters as a whole. Before we begin, I'd like to mention a few things: Firstly, this thread will contain spoilers, and since I'm giving ample warning, I won't write anything in spoiler tags, nor will I expect anyone else to. Please do not continue reading if you are afraid of spoilers. Secondly, if you get upset by me, or anyone else "hating" on the game, please keep in mind that we're discussing the story here - I find the gameplay and music overall fantastic with only a few missteps here and there. I like the game as a whole. Thirdly, my Japanese is pretty poor, so if I have misunderstood something or offer an insufficient description of something, it's probably because of that. Don't be afraid to tell me if I have misunderstood something. Now, with that out of the way, I must admit that I'm a bit unsure as to how to proceed, seeing as we're talking about three different routes and in essence three different storylines. I think the best way would be to talk about different aspects and parts of the story; a deconstruction, if you will. 1. The choice Let's start with the most important part of the game. I initially loved the choice, and it's presented absolutely brilliantly. If you pick any country over the other, the characters really express their disbelief in a believable way, and the game doesn't shy away from making you feel like an asshole - it's an unwinnable situation, accompanied by beautiful, sad music and a genuinely tragic situation. ...Well, unless you spent extra money on the third route. . If you pick the third option, then Kamui talks to Xander and Ryouma as if they were children, the fight starts soon afterward with Kamui attacking both armies and then fleeing to the Invisible Kingdom, where Aqua drops an impossible amount of exposition, telling the player all about how Hydra and how he's the true villain and the mastermind behind the war, essentially making the choice completely irrelevant in terms of the story. Aqua also says that you can't talk about the Invisible Kingdom, or Touma, in the outside world because you'd turn into foam. That is one of the stupidest, most contrived excuses I've ever heard - THAT'S the excuse for Aqua not telling everyone the truth? That's the only reason why the other two routes even exist to begin with? Because Aqua's gagged? It's not to make the third path more difficult story-wise, because everyone's hellbent on accusing you of being a traitor anyway, and they'd have no reason to believe Kamui if they started talking about an invisible kingdom and evil dragons. This was just their explanation for Aqua not telling you anything in the other two routes. There are so many better ways they could've handled this. I'm no writer, but wouldn't it be much better if Aqua didn't know everything from the get-go and also had to find out the truth? As it stands now, Aqua exists more or less only to dump exposition, and she's got very little character; I almost forget that she's in the game, much less had a backstory of being kidnapped and raised in Hoshido, and the game itself seems to forget it as well. In the other two routes, Aqua just follows you without any real reason to, and she never even tries to tell you the truth; wouldn't that be her number one concern? Couldn't she just write us a note or something? - Anyway, from one point to another, but which is also relevant to the choice: The Hoshido siblings. The choice is further dilluted because the big deal about choosing Hoshido over Nohr was because of your blood ties but hey surprise, there are none, so now you can safely bang them to your hearts content! Seriously though, this was such an idiotic move on their part, and it was a plot twist that people started speculating about the very same day the second trailer was released. I've always found it funny how some people claim that waifus destroyed Fire Emblem, but here the story is actually weakened because it seems Intelligent Systems prioritized being able to marry every single character of the opposite gender over genuine intrigue - unless you think the whole "oh hey I got a letter from mom saying we're not related let's bang okay?" a satisfying enough explanation. To conclude, the premise is absolutely stellar, and in the beginning it seems very well executed, but it's so polluted by stupid story and gameplay decisions to the point where it doesn't even feel like a difficult choice anymore, since one is right - the other two will just take you to different maps. 2. The royal families I'll keep this brief, and I can summerize my thoughts fairly quickly: why the symmetry, and why so many? With the exception of Leon and Takumi, the royals feel very underdeveloped as characters. If there had been fewer of them, there could've been more interactions between them as well as a more fleshed out story - I know this is incredibly subjective, and since my Japanese is so poor I'm hesitant to talk much about characters even though I've read supports, but I can't for the life of me see the reason for several of the royals even being in the game. Hinoka in particular feels incredibly bland and forgettable, and she's probably the one who does the least in terms of story in all three routes; she feels like a complete afterthought. "But Thane, you like Awakening and we all know Awakening's characters sucked!" - Awakening had several bad characters, and I agree that Chrom felt underdeveloped, but the game never forgot he even existed. The big selling point of this game was the royal families and the story, just look at the "Iwata asks" and you'll see it's all they talk about, and they feel so...lifeless. I should also point out that this argument is completely irrelevant, since we're discussing Fates' story, but I wanted to prematurely explain my take on this, since I'm sure someone would've brought it up sooner or later. Leon and Takumi are nice though, and those two have a more romantic support than all other "romantic" supports combined. 3. The villains Well...if you can call them that. Seriously, I know Fire Emblem doesn't have a long history of complex villains, but these guys take the cake. Iago and Ganz hound Kamui in both Conquest and Birthright in slightly different ways before being unceremoniously killed - Iago even survives to beg for mercy in both routes before being killed by Leon...in both routes. Then in the third route they're just swatted like flies fairly early on without any real impact on the story. See, there's my main beef with them - what on earth are they even in the game for? What exactly do they offer? Sure, Iago is at least good at what he does but...what is it, exactly? They're so generically evil it hurts, and even though they survive for quite a while in the two original routes, they never develop as characters or accomplish anything, and they're so unimortant that Ganz dies without being able to have any dying words and Elise cheers Leon on after having murdered Iago in Conquest so...why weren't they just killed earlier? This is partially the reason why Conquest feels like it doesn't have a story and never gets anywhere, because Iago and Ganz are being annoying and the ragtag bunch of misfits can't do anything about it because they've got that world's version of diplomatic immunity. This brings me to the next villain, namely our favorite Flubber since Flubber, King Garon. ...Who also doesn't do much. I think the third route actually nailed his character perfectly. If you don't know what happens, I'll give you the the complete rundown. You mess up Hydra, who says he needs more power and thus teleports Garon, who has been seen about once in the third route earlier cackling maniacally, to his side. Garon offers his body to Hydra, but Hydra eats him instead - the siblings each say one line and after that he's not mentioned again. That's it. You know, for a guy we've seen turn into a giant dragon, a slime monster and (I imagine) having his powers boosted by Hydra, and being the king of Nohr whose manipulation is essentially what drives the entire story in the first place, you'd think he'd be a bit more...important? Prominent? Developed? As far as I know, we get to know very, very little about the real Garon's death and how Nohr has changed, and the siblings talk very little about living under this tyrant. "But Thane, the real Garon was dead and this was just the body controlled by Hydra, of course we can't see the real Garon" - well, I did find Mikoto and Sumeragi's return very cheesy and rushed (why couldn't they have taken Iago and Ganz' place? Would've had much more impact than the generic assclowns we killed without blinking), but Garon is super important to the story. Also, this sort of leads me to the core of the problem I have with this game: why was Hydra necessary? Why couldn't this game have been only two routes where you had to live with the consequences of your choice? Why wasn't Garon simply a misguided King? I'm not the most eloquent person as you may have noticed since, when talking about the villains, all I've done is asking "why?", but I'll try to explain what I wish Garon could have been. In The Legend of Zelda, you often face Ganon or Ganondorf, who's often portrayed as a very powerful, evil wizard, and that's more or less it. He didn't start getting a personality until Ocarina of Time, I believe, but the point where everybody I know started loving him was in Wind Waker. He talks solemnly about being the king of a desert people (this was known very early on in the franchise), and how the wind always carried destruction where he lived, either it scorched the land during the day or pierced their homes during the night. However, in the neighboring land of Hyrule, the land which he had tried to conquer so many times before, the winds carried something else. This speech lasts about half a minute, and suddenly everything falls into place and you feel genuine pity for an immortal guy who everyone just considered a generic bad guy. Garon, needless to say, has no such moment. We have very little information of how he was before, what drives him or even how the siblings react to him changing. We know they fear him, since Camilla was even prepared to kill Kamui on his behalf under the pain of death, but that's about it. I wish we had gotten to know him in Conquest, but instead we got a generic manipulated bad guy and a team of spineless morons. 4. Final thoughts Believe it or not, I don't hate the story, I merely dislike it, and I'm so underwhelmed and disappointed, and I feel absolutely nothing towards it. There are several moments and characters that are portrayed very well, but they're too few and generally unimportant to make much of a difference. One of the main problems is that the game constantly tries to have the cake and eat it too, like with being able to bang the Hoshido siblings. We can also see that in the third path, where all the important characters live, just in case any family member's death upset someone in another route. Speaking of the route system, I like it in theory, but it's made absolutely pointless by the de facto best one where you get everything and everyone. It's also no coincidence that it's the path you can't buy separately that is the "best" one, and I believe the other two routes suffered further because content was removed fairly late into development to give people incentive to buy the third path. I've got no proof of this, but it would explain why there is so much filler especially in Conquest and why so very, very little is revealed. If there had only been two more developed routes, fewer, better written siblings with more interactions between them and there was no true enemy which made one route more meaningful than the others, then this game could have been brilliant. As it stands, I ask myself a lot of "what ifs", but none of them are what the developers had in mind.
  20. So I'm still a bit baffled about something. Yeah it isn't really anything new but man I'm still scratching my head to the bone. So in Awakening we pretty much have the kids play Terminator and come from the future to fix everything so to an extent they have relevance to the story and a doable reason for how they got there but here the kids in Fates have no purpose. I can let the characters getting married slide no problem but what would possess them to have kids during a time of war? Also what is this Hyperbolic Time Chamber used to age the kids faster anyways? Where did it come from and how does it even work? If it speeds up the growth of the children why not those who are in there as well? In Matoi's support with Kamui she mentions that the other wives were there along with some caretakers so what do the ladies go into this real once they realize they have a loaf baking in them and enlist elite nannies to raise them?
  21. So I'm kinda new to Fire Emblem but I know with Awakening you can have customization with your characters. A few people just told me "Do what you like." I'd rather have efficiency with my characters so that I can massacre people online. XP Not to mention I'd rather get the game done quickly and max out my characters and have them at their best ASAP. I do have ALL DLC for this game as well. Thank you in advance. ~StormVentus
  22. Would anyone be interested in participating in weekly polls to determine the best class for each character? Each Saturday, we'd vote on the best class of one or more characters. I know the word "best" is quite vague, so there would be three types of polls-- optimization, practicality, and preference. While I understand that people have already started discussing class options for various characters, I feel like it would be nice to have more organized discussions. Additionally, this could serve as a semi-countdown for the NA release date, as weekly polls would be finished before then. It could also be a point of reference for new (or old) players, as I plan to conclude the polls each Friday by summarizing the main points brought up on the topic. As I'm sure many of you detest chunks of text, all other relevant information is hidden under various spoiler tags, so feel free to take a look at them if you're interested. Regardless of your stance on these polls, please vote on the topic poll so that I can judge SF's overall disposition toward this project. Thank you for reading! [spoiler=Types of Polls]The first type of polls would be based on optimization, in which you would ignore the limited experience, money, seals, etc. and choose the class that would best bring out the character's full potential. The second type of polls would be based on practicality, in which you would consider the limitations and circumstances surrounding the character. There would likely be two polls of this type for shared characters-- one for Birthright (Hoshido), and one for Conquest (Nohr). The third type of polls would be based on preference, in which you simply choose the class that you best like for the character. This class could be based on aesthetic, originality, hilarity, etc. If you're still confused, feel free to jump over to Further Clarification, in which I use Leo as an example to walk through the polls. [spoiler=Further Clarification]The topic states “Best Class for Leo,” and the first poll asks me to choose Leo’s optimal class. I recall that he uses a legendary tome, and that he has a Mag modifier of +2. While he does have some physical attributes, I feel that Sorcerer is the optimal class for Leo, as it gives him an S rank in Tomes and has a higher Mag cap. Thus, I choose “Sorcerer” on the first poll, and move onto the next one. The next poll asks me to consider practicality, and I realize that Leo is recruited on Chapter 14. However, Nyx comes in on Chapter 9, and with a Personal Skill that’s essentially a magical Counter. Given her availability and her affinity towards Mag, I decide that Nyx is the more practical Sorcerer. Meanwhile, I want to maintain diversity and flexibility on my team, and Leo’s a more than decent Dark Knight. Additionally, if I leave him in his starting class, I don’t have to use a seal on him, which saves up on resources. Therefore, I decide to leave him as a Dark Knight, and choose “Dark Knight” on the second poll. The final poll asks me for preference, and I immediately choose “Butler” without a single moment of hesitation. After all, what’s better than demoting a proud prince to a mere servant? (Please note that this is simply an example, and not a reflection of my actual opinions or an assertion that these are the “right” or “canon” classes for Leo. Also, these arguments are very simple, and hardly cover the wide range of variables that could be considered in selecting the best class. Since these polls are referring to end classes, you're free to consider possible skills you'd pick up by reclassing. Just remember to factor in the resource cost of reclassing for the second type of polls.) [spoiler=List of Classes]For the first and third type of polls, the list of classes will include all of the character’s potential classes-- including ones that could be achieved from Buddy Seals and Marriage Seals. (Of course, if I don’t have the available information, such as which units can A+ support each other, I won’t add it in.) However, the second type of polls will only include the character’s original and alternative base classes and their respective promotions. There will be an “Other” option, but… I’d suggest only choosing that if you truly feel that the character’s given classes suit them horribly. (Please note that the maximum options per poll is 20, and that I will be working within that range. Therefore, if a character has more than 20 potential classes (e.g. Avatar), I will only list the base classes.) [spoiler=Miscellaneous]If SF is onboard with this idea, the first weekly polls will be posted on next Saturday-- 7/11. Along with the polls, I’ll include some basic information about the unit(s) in question. For instance, there will probably be a table (or some semblance of one) that shows the unit’s max stats or growth rates for his/her different classes. Recruitment chapters and profiles are a given, but they’ll probably be copy and pasted from the main SF website. I do have a tentative schedule on which character’s classes we’d be voting on each week. However, I’d like to adjust to the forum’s tastes. So once the main characters are finished, I’ll probably have a fifth poll that asks “Which character(s) do you want to vote on next week?” and change the schedule accordingly. Admittedly, I may not be the best candidate for this type of project, but I haven't seen anyone take the initiative... and I'm a huge sucker for these types of posts.
  23. I have been following this link (http://feuniverse.us/t/repointing-tutorial/584) for trying to repoint/expand, but I have been running into problems. I do not know how to find addresses of the tables (items, characters, classes) and I am wondering if there's a simpler explanation for this tutorial. By simpler, I mean an actual video showing all of this. English was not my first language, hence I hope to be able to see it being done rather than assume what the article is referring to in some instances. I can do portraits, events, and maps easy, but I wanna expand the data (possibly using free space or just new data at the end of the hex editor). If no video is available, I would love if pictures of the steps for expansion is available. I understand the calculations fine, but I really need to know how to find the starting addresses for characters, classes, items, etc. Items is: : 0xBE222c if I recall correctly, but what about the others. Any info to know in addition for easier results?
  24. After looking through some screenshots I was able to find two more characters names who have appeared a couple of times through in game screenshots. Elfie (エルフィ) A pink haired character, similar to Kellam in appearance of armor, so my guess is her class could be Knight or something similar. Appears to wield lances. She’s seen on the Hoshido side but it’s possible that she is recruitable regardless of the path you choose. Suzukaze (スズカゼ) A green haired, possible assassin from Hoshido. Shown helping Kamui in battle when standing next to him. Most likely a Hoshido-only character.
  25. I am planning on creating a mod for Fire Emblem 7 that adds a few more recruitable characters. Though, I do not want to remove any of the other recruitable characters. I was thinking of the following options for starter: Create a chapter/secret chapter that allows the player to prevent Leila death; therefore, recruiting Lelia. Allow the player to recruit either Lloyd or Linus in the Cog of Destiny. In order to integrate these characters into the company, I need to write support conversations. However, Leila is not listed in Nightmare support editor. Is there a way to add her here without messing everything up or removing another character? Anyone have any suggestions? In general, is there a way to add new characters without replacing old ones? Thanks!
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