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  1. Ever since Playable Avatar was a thing in NmotE and could also choose which class would you be in that game such as a Myrmidon, Cavalier or Mage in that FE game what do you choose to become it could be any other FE games regardless if there isn't an Avatar in some of the other FE game series. If I was, my choice would to become a Mercenary in New Mystery of the Emblem and be promoted as a Hero because I find Hero to be one of my favorite classes. The Rules: The class has to be from that FE game that you choose No being a lord, Final boss & other exclusive character classes(not even enemy exclusive monster classes) your allowed to choose being a Manakete or a Taguel Class can be an unpromoted or a promoted class from that FE game
  2. She makes the best warrior in my opinion for anyone who uses bows more than axes. I have chrom on her with speed/dex 5. (2nd skill not learned yet). Over 40 speed and dex and close to 50 str is nutty. Plus with her personal skill, in combo with Chrom's crit damage and surprise attack you are looking at a crazy killer. And getting the 30 magic radiant bow damage while engaged is really nice. All of this can be done as a sniper (sniper may actually be better overall for crit) but I found warrior just looks better and has better growths/melee weapon access. Plus having the back up range with long bow is really nice. (Not to mention as a back up Robin backup attacks can't miss) so it is just free added damage. Look at what you made me do! Proceeds to throw axe in sky and slam it on my enemy's skull
  3. Pretty weird but we can play axe weapon and their class (Warrior, Wyvern...) in Valentia games. I want to know.
  4. As the title says, take a character class, job, build, etc., from another RPG and turn it into an FE class. Here's an example: Dragoon (Final Fantasy):
  5. I want to check but I want to know what class can use Sword, Lance and Axe.
  6. Hey, all! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer by searching the forums, so I thought I'd ask here. In FE7's class table, there are three classes directly after eliwood, hector, and Lyn's lord classes, but before their promoted classes. These classes use the map animations from the unpromoted, but use the names of the promoted. Is this extra data (and thus safe to overwrite with other classes), or does this serve some extra function in the game? Thanks!
  7. I need to find the character who are a high magic growth and a class with high magic growth. But I haven't finded. Someone know what character who are high magic growth and a class with high magic growth ?
  8. I don't know if this is a good tier list but I think how good the character can do in Wyvern Lord class.
  9. Let's talk about Dimitri dark bishop class. It's ok for him ?
  10. Note: I've never used a site like this before, apologies if I (somehow) mess up. Hello, I'm looking for help with what build / class path I should go with for Female Byleth on the AM route. This will be my first time trying to seriously play / finish the game, and I'm at a loss for what I should do with her. I've planned out nearly everyone else's builds, but I can't think of anything concrete for Byleth. Originally I planned to go Merc / Archer > Assassin, but I'm not so sure anymore. She's pretty good with bows, and ideally I'd like to keep that in her build, but I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you in advance.😊
  11. - Black Magic use X2 - Black Tomefaire Pretty good this class ?
  12. I know it's a weird but Bishop is a best class in the game ?
  13. Since Master Class is good or no good why not go a class more stronger ? Rules : - Ultimate Seal - Level 40 or higher - Professor rank (Optional) - Class XP (Optinal)
  14. As the title implies, if you were a recruitable character in Fire Emblem(from any game), what class would you be? Personally, I would either be a Armor Knight or Mage(or even Dark Knight). Kinda baseing this on how I play games(and how I like to generally do things). I usually like to be a bit crazy in some moves I like to pull, but I also like to to be the support and keep everyone else's back. Armor Knights are defense tanks and mages are magical tanks(and Dark Knight are a little of both, but more magic tanks). I wouldn't mind taking hits for others just so they can say fine...but also because I can fend for myself quite well! Also, I would have my own critical quotes(this part is optional): Crit doesn't kill: "Underestimate me, will you?!" or "You ain't seen nothing yet!" Crit kill: "You fought the WRONG guy!" or "You're outta luck chump!" (You can add your affinity if you want. Mine is...either Fire or Water.) So...what about you guys?
  15. So, thoughts? I was wondering, as I've seen multiple thoughts on both her canon class and her best class.
  16. So, cross referencing across 3 or 4 different pages to see all the different stats, growth rates, abilities, masteries, and whatever else has been a huge pain in the ass. So I decided to put it all together into one big chart. I also did a little write up about Advanced Classes and Master Classes to go with it over on reddit. If you find this helpful, maybe give it an upvote for visibility. I know the chart is going to help me a lot in planning my future runs, so I hope it helps other people. [EDIT: The chart is now complete with all DLC characters and classes! If anyone spots any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix it up!]
  17. Hi, I wanted to try a run with Witch Rinkah, no skillbuying for her, reclass as soon as My Castle is accessible, and Malig Knight/Wyvern lord Felicia (wen for Malig knight for magic growth but might end in wyvern lord with magic weapons). Well, doing that on hard in BR, and so far it's very easy, Rinkah has approximately the same defence as average Silas, enough speed to double every ennemy except swordies/thieves/ninjas, average mag (although with witch base mag she has about the same magic as Orochi, while having more HP, def and way more speed). So we have a hard hitting magic unit with cavalier level defensive abilities, free tonic/potions seeking to save money, and she kills everything except anti mage units in 1 round. Felicia has average strength and def with above average magic and resist compared with similar units, early access to str+2, lv 10 wyvern skill to switch places, savage blow, soon trample, giving her 7 physical damage vs non mounted ennemies and 5 magic damage. She can also get rally def whenever I switch her to wyvern lord and then sword breaker for easy axe berserk. I also picked up Setsuna, don't know which class she's gonna go into, maybe ninja after lv 10 archer for quick draw and more strength/def/HP so she can pick locks and poison strike. I guess she makes a good master ninja/mechanist depending on what you want her to do (mechanist allowing her to use her bow rank and stronger weapon type is nice too with bonus movement being quite useful in some situations with BR open maps). I also found out how useful it was to pair Hinoka with Setsuna in their intro map since Setsuna can double and tank mages and double onis with Hinoka backpack (she 3HKOs the onis in this chapter at base). Don't know who I'm gonna use on top of them. MU is really stat screwed (only stats that got more than 2/3 level ups at lv 8 were HP and strength, making him/her a fighter with swords and dragonstone...with Charlotte level defensive stats and Silas/Effie level speed, so I'm not using MU outside Felicia backpack, which he does well anyway). I like the vanguard and Lodestar skins so I might use some males with DLC classes. Just don't know which ones are gonna be the chosen ones. Now I let you suggest things to try since I've largely seen in my diverse playthroughs that weird class paths often make the best units. Who should get lodestar in your opinion? The class is really poor growths-wise and sword locked, a poor man's swordmaster/master of arms.
  18. Hi, I typed the base stats from the main site for you to see things clearly: Great master: 19 hp 8 str 6 mag 6 skl 8 spd 5 lck 6 def 7 res 65 total Butler/maid: 18 hp 4 str 5 mag 9 skl 8 spd 4 lck 5 def 4 res 57 total Game balance? is that what butlers/maids get for being able to use shuriken? There are 8 base stats points of difference between 2 promoted classes while both are hybrid physical weapon/staff and great master has early access to a passive healing skill while butler/maid has to heal someone (so not attacking for that turn) to get heal back from the same level skill. Shuriken and daggers already hit like wet noodles. Then why this much difference in stats and why is great master as fast as butler while hitting way harder with more powerful weapons and being much bulkier, with countermagic as an anti magic skill vs tomebreaker that doesn't even break magic weapons (while countermagic counters so many weapon types) for what lv 35 skills are worth. I was wondering if I'd switch my Jakob to great master, but now I don't doubt anymore. Great master spits even more on butlers by having better growth rates (+10% hp, +5% str, +5% def) while keeping the same spd growth and loosing only to magic (5%) and skill (10%) (it means even total growths are 5% higher than butler). Why even create classes if there's absolutely no intent to balance them in the first place? I don't know, filler hurts a lot I think. Like how blacksmith and master of arms are replicates of hero with slightly different (should I say slightly worse?) stat/growth spread and different weapons (at least master of arms gets full WTC, which isn't blacksmith's case).
  19. I was trying to find some info on all the students' default class line that were used from all four routes when they weren't recruited before the timeskip. I know that Fates did it the same with showing all the retainers' and others' default promotional line up from all three routes back then (including the Family Royale DLC) and I kinda wanted it it similar for my Three Houses Playthrough. I am currently playing the Black Eagles route in Chapter 2 and I am planning on promoting every Black Eagles students as well the recruitable Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students to the specific class that they were used from Blue Lions and Golden Deer Route in the future. Did anyone played any of the routes knows what the students promoted when they were enemy units? I noticed I watched few videos that noticed some that I am not too sure if I got this right, can you correct me on this one from judging through the timeskip portraits: I think Petra is suppose to be an Assassin I think Dorothea is suppose to be either a Dancer or a Warlock I think Hubert is suppose to be a Warlock I think Caspar suppose to be a Wyvern Rider or Fortress Knight (It's hard to tell from the armor he's wearing) I did saw Mangs's video that Cyril was shown to be a Wyvern Rider, I heard people mentioned about he was supposed to be a Sniper (Can anyone clarify that Cyril wasn't ment to promote as a Sniper in Black Eagels route?) I did saw that Reunion video battle showed Bernadette is a Sniper I think Leone is suppose to be a Bow Knight or a Paladin like Jeralt. I think Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz were supposed to be Cavaliers. I did saw Dedue and Raphael were Armored Units. I know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude have exclusive classes of their own.
  20. Trying to insert custom battle animations using FEditor Adv. Launched program, saved my rom, clicked on class animation manager, nothing shows up. Need some assistance if possible.
  21. I wasn't sure if i would put this here or in Concepts but regardless i wanted to share my list of classes! Whether or not i would use this in something in the future i'm not sure. The class list isn't using the regular terms in Fire Emblem as there's more than the usual weapon and magic types, making it as its own thing rather than specifically Fire Emblem. Weapon types: Melee:Sword, Lances, Axes, Hammers, and Daggers Weapon Effectiveness: Sword->Axes->Lances->Hammers->Swords. Swords=Lances, Axes=Hammers Daggers (and Fists) have no advantage over other melee weapons. Ranged:Bows, Crossbows, FirearmsBows->Crossbows->Firearms->Bows. Magic: Fire (beats Ice, Nature and Earth. Weak to Wind, Water and Lightning) Water (beats Fire, Earth, and Ice. Weak to Wind, Lightning and Nature) Earth(beats wind, lightning and ice. Weak to fire, water, and nature) Wind(beats Nature, Water and Fire, weak to Ice, Lightning, Earth) Ice (beats Nature, Lightning, Earth, weak to Fire, Water, Wind) Lightning (beats Wind, Ice, Fire, weak to Earth,Nature,Cold) Nature (beats Earth,Water and Lightning,Weak to fire, ice, Wind) Solar (beats Dark, weak to Cosmic Lunar (Beats Cosmic, weak to Solar) Cosmic (Beats Solar, weak to Lunar).) Each main weapon type holds 4 main classes, a Newbie, a mounted and flying class. (Exception being the Dagger type) Swords: Mercenary-Gladiator-Champion (Sword, then Axe upon promo) (Infantry) Swordsman-Myrmidon-Swords master (Sword only) (infantry) Sword Mage-Spell Blade-Spell Saint (Sword/Magic) (Infantry/Mage) Duelist-Matador-Musketeer (Sword/Staff) (Infantry/Mage) Lances: Soldier-Halberdier-Sentinel (Lance only) (infantry) Guard-General-Guardian (Lance/Hammer) (Armored Infantry) Drake Knight-Dragoon-Dragon Lord (Lance/Dragon stone) (Infantry/Dragon) Lancer-Highlander-Pathfinder (Lance/Bow) (Infantry) Axes: Fighter-Warrior-Ravager (Axe/Crossbow) (Infantry) Ruffian-Brigand-Barbarian (Axe/Hammer) (Infantry) Seadog-Pirate-Captain (Axe/Sword) (Infantry) Malician-Dark Knight- Terror Knight(Axe/Lunar Magic) (Armored Infantry/Magic) Hammer: Raider-Attacker-Hoplite (Hammer) (Infantry) Vulcan-Troglodyte-Viking (Hammer/Dagger) (Infantry) Phalanx-Juggernaut-Cataphract (Hammer/Sword) (Infantry) Devout-Paladin-Savior (Hammer/Solar magic) (Armored Infantry/Magic) Dagger: Thief-Rogue-Charlatan (Dagger) (Thief) Murderer-Assassin-NightLord (Dagger/Sword) (Thief) Genin-Ninja-Shinobi (Dagger/Bow) (Thief) Singer-Bard-Minstrel (Dagger/Song) (Mage/Thief) Bow/Crossbow: Archer-Sniper-Marksman (Bow)(Infantry) Hunter-Ranger-Harbringer (Bow/Sword)(Infantry) Crossbowman-Arbalest-Ballistican (CrossBow)(Infantry.) Monster Hunter-Demon Hunter- Hell Hunter (CrossBow/Lance) Firearms: Gunner-Slinger-Gunmeister (Pistol)(Infantry) Warmage-WarSage-GunSage (Pistol/Magic)(Mage) Farshooter-Eagle Eye-WorldShooter (Rifle)(Infantry) Mages: Pyromancer- Pyromaster-PyroKnight (Fire)(Mage) Hydrophist-Hydromaster- Oceaner(Water)(Mage) Geomancer - Geomaster-Boulderith(Earth)(Mage) Aeromancer-Aeromaster-Aerosmith (Air)(Mage) Cryomancer-Cryomaster-FrostWraith (Ice)(Mage) Voltomancer-Voltomaster-Electro (Electric)(Mage) Clhoromancer-Clhoromaster-Druid (Nature)(Mage) Solarkinetic - Solarmaster-SunShiner (Solar)(Mage) Lunarkinetic-Lunarmaster-Lunarian (Lunar)(Mage) Stargazer-CosmiMaster-Starite (Astral)(Mage) Cleric-Bishop-Saint (Staff)(Mage) Troubadour-Valkyrie-Saint (Staff/Axe)(Mage/Cavalry) Conjurer-Summoner- Eidolon (Summon)(Mage) Mounted: Vagabond-Vanguard-Gold Knight (Sword/Lance on promotion) (Cavalry) Gallant- Duke Knight-Silver Knight(Lance/ Axe on promo)(Cavalry) Cavalry- Great Knight-Ruby Knight (Axe/ Hammer on promo) (Armored/Cavalry) Sentry-Cataphract-Sapphire Knight (Hammer/Sword on promo) (Armored/Cavalry) Nomad- Conquistador-Emerald Knight (Bow/Crossbow on Promo) (Cavalry) Pegasus Knight-Pegasus lord-Falconer (Lance then Sword) (Flying) Bird Knight- Bird Lord-Wing Master (Sword then Hammer) (Flying) Dragon Rider- Dragon Lord-Drake Master (Axe then Lance) (Dragon) Griffin rider-Griffin Lord-Griffith (Hammer then Axe) (Flying) Kinshi Knight -Phoenix Rider- Phoenix Knight (Crossbow then Bow) (Flying) Mage Rider-Mage Knight-Mage Lord(Elemental) (Mage/Cavalry) Fist Fighters: Monk-Master-Black Belt (Fists) (Infantry) Brute-Savage-Cheap Trick (Claws) (Infantry) Newbies. Each class can promote to either of the respective weapon type: Squire (Sword) (Infantry) Recruit (Lance) (Infantry) Journeyman (Axe) (Infantry) Fledgling (Hammer) (Infantry) Scoundrel (Dagger) (Infantry) Fletcher (Bow/Crossbow) (Infantry) Little Gunner (Firearm) (Infantry) Pupil (Magic) (Mage) Medic (Heal) (Mage) If you have any sort of questions or name suggestions for classes (cause i'm not so great at naming stuff) please let me know. ?
  22. I just got FE Fates: Special Edition, and am planning on tackling all 3 routes simultaneously. However, i read somewhere that in the Revelation Path, you have access to both promotions of Hoshidan and Nohrian Nobles as Corrin. Is it possible then to reclass between the two? If so, how would i do it? Hoshidan Unity with Draconian Hex and Nohrian Trust seem pretty nice and would give me a lot of options.
  23. I was considering running either a Dark mage, master ninja, mechanist, paladin, archer, cavalier, dread fighter or one of the knight(?) classes. I really have no idea; first file was a priestess with magic boon and luck or skill bane, it was decent as a support. For ref; female Corrin here!
  24. Based on the title and Edelgard's line about the Crests, it's looking like her, Dimitri, and Claude, are the "Lords" of the titular Three Houses, with "Teacher"/Byleth acting as a faction-neutral Avatar. We still don't know whether all four will be in the same army like Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector in Blazing Sword (or Chrom, Robin, and Lucina in Awakening, for newer fans), but if they do, Three Houses would have the highest number of playable Lords in the series*. That got me thinking, how many "Lord" characters should a Fire Emblem game have? Do the they ride together or can there be only one? Before We Do This, Let's Set A Few Ground Rules... For this discussion, a "Lord" is defined as a unit who... ...is the protagonist or a major character in the story. ...has higher stats and growths than the other units, as well as exclusive weapons (Ephraim's Reginleif, Hector's Wolf Beil, the Rapier, Legendary/Divine Weapons etc.). ...is required to be on the map. (Depending on the game or chapter, this can be only the main lord or all of them) ...and whose death results in an automatic Game Over. *Radiant Dawn technically had five Lords: Micaiah, Ike, Elincia, Geoffrey, and Tibarn. However, the latter three were only Lords for certain parts, whereas Ike and Micaiah retained their Lord status throughout the entire game. My Thoughts Narrative-wise, I like this. Having a deuter- or even a tritagonist Lord gives the protagonist someone to interact with and flesh out their character. For example, back when I still owned a copy of Blazing Sword, I could never figure out how to trigger Support conversations, so the main story was my only way to get invested in the characters. I'll admit, Eliwood may be the main Lord of one of my favorite FEs, but he's the weakest personality of the trio. But thanks to Hector's battle-hungry boisterousness and Lyn's kind, but stubborn spirit providing contrast, I still found him likable. As for gameplay, I'm a bit mixed. On one hand, a Lord's higher stats and growths, and their special equipment (especially Legendary Weapons) can make them gamebreakingly overpowered, so having more than one can make things worse. On the other hand, extra Lords means the enemy has extra chances to instantly defeat you, so the risk and reward sort of balance eachother out, to an extent. But what do you think?
  25. Right....I've been thinking about this for a long time. First of all, I'm not that good with english, so...sorry. Second, this is NOT a fight to see ''who's better''. This is a discussion that I wanted to create to see what differences they should have, especially with growths, promotions, stats and such. With that said, let's start. -------------------------------------------------------- I was balancing FE6 for myself those days, and I come across the two characters that created this topic. Geese and Gonzales. By the way, I should say that ''sea-crossing''/''mountain-crossing'' is not the main topic. Having 2 similar classes with only one difference is not something that I would like to have. Btw, those are the growths: Geese- Hp 85 Str 50 Skl 30 Spd 40 Lck 40 Def 20 Res 10 Gonzales- Hp 90 Str 60 Skl 15 Spd 50 Lck 35 Def 25 Res 5 (I'm not going to put the enemy growths because...Let's face it, they're pretty stupid...) As you can see, they're pretty similar, even tough Geese Skill is way higher than Gonzales, it still some-what bad. The Hp, Str, Spd, Lck, Def and Res growths are almost equal. Both will end with good Hp, Str, Spd, bad Res and Mid Lck, Def, Skl (for Geese). How do you guys think we should make them into more distinct classes? One of the first toughs that come to my head were a new promotion for the Pirate. I think the Berserker works well with the Brigand, so to balance the Berserker we can make him have a even better mountain mobility, but remove his water mobility, or just make it 1-block. For the Pirate we can make a more ''Pirate-Like'' promotion, like Captain or such. He could have a better water mobility, a new weapon type to use (my first tough was a Gun, but...Fire Emblem, ya know? So maybe a Sword?). Now, to the main question: What about Stats/Growths? Now, that's my trouble...What do you guys thinks about this (And sorry for taking a lot of time for my ideas on this ''What you think'', lol).
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