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  1. By what time do the Gen 1 characters have to be in love for the children to appear in Gen 2? I've been looking all over, and I can't find an answer-and for some reason the love points aren't always distributing, so I kind of need to know.
  2. Since I figure this is a good place to reach people who delve into the FE4 code... Is there any truth to the assertion I've seen in a few places that Altena's event conversations with Corple, Finn, and Hannibal accumulate love points? I've seen the video of deleted scenes on niconico that demonstrates that the characters like Altena who can't be paired all have "lovers' castle conversation" snippets and could've been paired at some point in development, but it'd be nice to know if the conversations actually do provide love points as well. Not that I'm raring to pair Altena and Hannibal or anything... Altena/Corple 4 ever
  3. Okay how do you get to the village near Darna in chapter 7? The bandit moves towards it before Seliph can even get near Yied castle. Why "Intelligent" Systems ever thought stupid map sizes were an amazing idea I'll never know, Chapter 6 took me 53 TURNS JUST BECAUSE I didn't put the Leg Ring on Sigurd by the end of Chapter 5!
  4. I have just started my third run of fe4(beginning of chapter 2 EDIT: now on beginning of 3), and was planing on doing things differently this time. I found that i used certain strats to get past tough situations on both of my first two runs, and would like suggestions on other strats to use. EDIT: I am listing what i hear/find here for future reference. Also, i may post how well each pairing works. Some examples: -Does anyone know a good way to train Dew? I heard that he can fight the cross knights. How does that work? -Is there a reliable way to deal with final chapter julia other than silence? -I heard somewhere that you could exploit a glitch to get both rezire and aura in chapter 6. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this? -I really want to get the bargain ring in chapter 2 on this run (i was not fast enough on my previous runs). Are there any good methods to use? EDIT: just rush it, then have levin rush over. Your foot units are ideal cleanup troops in this case. -Is there a reliable way to recruit hanibal other then ai abuse? (sleeping him, killing his squad, and stationing someone on his castle entrence tile so that he just stands next to them because his ai says to go to the castle to get reinforcements and this confuses it.) Note that i am using the following pairings: (many of these are intentionally suboptimal because i have already tried the good ones.) Aria X jamka aiden X fin Lachesis X azel Silvia X levin (because i have already tried both fury and tiltyu for levin) Claude X fury (the only one i have already tried, but if i pass down fortify, corple can grind it(which is why i want the bargen ring on him from the start) and use holsety from the beginning of chapter 10) Brigid X Dew(which is why i want to level him up) Tiltyu X Lex I am also using the hard AI setting. Does anyone know what difference that makes? So far, the only difference that i have noticed is that it made aria continue to attack my bait after genoa is captured, in stead of beelining for sigurd.
  5. Will the parents' stats by chapter 5 matter, when it comes to the part 2 kids? Because certain parents like Dew can't combat hence gain exp & level throughout the whole chapters 1 - 5; so will his son & daughter become horribly gimped?
  6. Hey-lo. This is my first playlog so I'm going to be learning what works and what doesn't as I go. This isn't however, my first playthrough of FE4. It's actually my second so it isn't much better. Also expect terrible jokes. I will try to keep the language PG-13. My updates will be one castle per update and this will only be updated on weekends. I will be arena abusing because why not? Tell me if you want me to post before and after stats. The pairings for this run are... LevinLewyn/Tiltyu(<3Levin better treat her right...) Azel/Sylvia Beowulf/Adean Lex/Briggid Jamke/Fury Finn/Raquesis Holyn/Ayra Other than that, I believe we are good. With out further delay... [spoiler=Prologue: Part 1] It begins... Oh hey. A timeline. *skips* The land. The first character we see looks like a fat and old Italian.... I love this game. Now we have a shaved Jesus and his disciples. My father-in-law and that guy. The asshole and the blonde. What kind of high school reunion is this? Ah Yied Dessert. Good times... That's wise. #TrustNOne You're kidding right? Finally some booty, It was a sausage fest a minute ago. Too bad you can only be paired with Deidre. Also, how the hell do barbarians sneak across a border? "It's all right Midayle. I didn't expect much else out of you all." ...Did you just give me permission to get you killed? Lol. "Damn straight." Guess you're cool. ....Despite my pent up aggression from your mediocre performance last playthrough, I believe in second chances. Just don't give me an opening to- God knows you couldn't even do that right. 'Cuz you ugly. Actually yeah good idea. Maybe our enemies will just pass out when they see you. Not gonna lie. I thought that said "Junes" for a minute there. The first turn. The first attack. Come block their axes with your face. *myself. Thank you so much. Saved me the trouble of benching him. ...I'm pretty sure you'd break her honestly. Damn hoar. In reality, this walk should take days. I thought only food made people's mouths wat-...Oh... No Church In The Wild dear. Look. Somebody besides Sigurd dodging. Lex~~~ And Trashzel. If I didn't need a mage, you'd be dead. All right so your reservations in hell have already been made. Just tell me when you're ready to go. Even though I'm not using you full time, you are doing a good job. Pretty sure this is the only one he dodged so far. Healer get. ...Let's see... We've used swords, lances... I got it! Guess why they call it a Heal Staff~? FINN~~~~!!!!~~!!~~!~!!~~!~!~!~ It's not even fair at this point. Hey Arden. Look on the bright side. You can't get any uglier. And my bias begins. ....So you have a healing arm? Legit. Weakening him because why not. Not that he really needed it but I'd rather not have an arrow through my healer, *sigh* Nicely done I suppose. For trash. You would dare to attack Lex? And actually hit? You can do no wrong Finn. Duck just doesn't know what he's talking about. So we jumping people now huh? If you die, I wouldn't reset. Just letting you know. Lex da best. The bromance here is coming on way too strong. ... I'm pretty sure you were talking. With your bodies. ....You aren't helping your case here. Honestly I just feel bad at this point. It's like kicking puppies. He got Stength, Yay. Ooh Kill 'Em Scrub/10 ...See above. The assault. Why do they even bother? More Finn kicking ass. Stacking dat paper... coins... Heal your lover. 'Bout time they started killing this guy. The village is almost gone. There. Now you've succeeded at something in life besides fucking 14(?) year old sluts Lord forbid you die on your own and make me happy. ...QUAN TOO STRONK. If only he had Pursuit. I told you I have massive bias. Just wait till we get a certain Thunder Mage though. I want to promote Finn and Ethlyn before they leave. I've done it before and plan to do it again. #PersonalGoals Da boss. More dinero for Finn and a Speed Ring. Brother and sister love that isn't incest. Beautiful B-But Quan enjoys her Healing Staff... Says the barbarians who are obviously ninja that somehow crossed the border undetected. Lol. No sir. The fact that yo- Actually in the words of Masamune Date, "You never had a chance!" But no boss kill for Sigurd. Can we send him back in a coffin? Please? Burn him to the stake "Aww Azel. You're a burden to all of us. Not just him." #YOLO Screw the Weapon Triangle. LEX. That is all. And our forces are just that much more badass because you're here. ...Remember what I said earlier about, "Screw the Weapon Triangle"? This is two misses later. Don't fuck with Finn. Healing and setting up for next time Yes. "And there's also a bird in the sky. Can we go now?" Couldn't we just leave him? Forgot what I was gonna say here but I know it was good. And that's a wrap. Next update will come possibly today. Not sure.
  7. It recently occurred to me that if we take the formulas to calculate the growths of the children in FE4 and run them in reverse, we can calculate the growths of the parents of the generation 1 player characters and substitutes. To recap, we know the father's growth in a stat plus half the mother's growth equals the brother's growth and that the mother's growth in a stat plus half the father's growth equals the sister's growth. However, if we plug in the brother and sister's growths, we have a system of linear equations in 2 equations and 2 variables, which we can solve for the mother and father's growths. Repeating this once for each stat allows us to calculate the growths of vylon, ring, their wives, and all parents of the substitutes. Note that this rests on the assumption that the formulas given above are followed when the parents are not player characters. Ring's stats also follow the assumption that the formulas mentioned above work for identical twins. Other wise, we would need andre's growths in order to calculate them, which is obviously impossible as he is not a player character. Note that all growths in the following table(note: table is in ziped excel document becaues i could not get it to display properly). holy blood bonuses are not included. Major holy blood is in capitals. I could calculate more, but this suffices to show that intsys did not think about this when implementing this mechanic. Note especially roddlevan's father's negative RES growth. This actually happens whenever one kid's growth is less then half of the other's(for example laylea's and sharlow's MAG growths). In summery, the growth system in FE4 is like the continents at the edge of the awakening map. Intriguing, but nonsensical if you look closely. Parrentgrowths.zip
  8. Hello everyone whats up? well today I have 2 questions concerning nightmare again heh I was gonna do it the long way but I am too lazy to do it that way Lol my original plan was to just write them all down in my note book one by one but I see each list is quite long and they always seemed incomplete to me since they are blank. Although looking at FE4 cheat codes I see the cheats list and nightmare list are almost one and the same except the cheat codes list is missing any skill combos that include the unused skills in the game Darkness Sword and Holy Sword I want to do more good combos with those skills. 1.FE4 skills editor yes FE4 again haha well I wanted to play around with unit skills more than I`ve done now but there is a problem half of the skills in the lists are blank does anyone have a FE4 nightmare module with them all filled in? or have a text list with them all filled in? I was going to write them down by hand at first but that seems it will take very long. Here is an example of it. I will go with hmm let`s use Noish for this. It says in nightmare Noish then you have his equipment slots etc. holy blood then skills you see skill 1 0x09 Critical+Shooting Star Sword then about 95% of the list after that looks like 0x0C - and nothing is there Anyone got a clear list? if not i will continue how I was doing it and write them down. 2.FE5 yep I`ve moved on to the next I want to play my FE5 again but with different classes the issue is promotion editor won`t work thats it. It just says error loading module. I usually just ignore those but this is in the promotion editor I really want to use that so I can explore the rest of the FE5 classes I am curious of many of them.
  9. Well after much working on this thing I am finally done with my very first hack ever! and Boy it was not easy heh I may not do this again for a long while. Anyway Now you guys can play this hack to the end! I did the best i could with fixing things up in this it is not perfect but darn it it plays I beat the final chapter so all is fine. Link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/dghrgwnxtzlvmny/Fire%20Emblem%20-%20Seisen%20no%20Keifu%205.ips Here is the Link to another version of my hack everything is pretty much the same except a made a few minor changes to the silver weapons and Celice`s final chapter bosses. And if you even care about it at all heh the battle music has been changed so yeah if you like hearing different songs then this is good then if not and the standard battle themes do it then no need for this. Here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2s4dj9w9fwp697/Fire%20Emblem%20-%20Seisen%20no%20Keifu%206.ips 1.Error & bugs:Well this is my first hack and all so all is not perfect there is one major thing you should look out for as I do not know how to fix it. When you are done playing or if you feel like a unit may die in battle use save states do not regular save! I mean you can but when loading back up you may notice a few of your units are missing their holy weapons they vanish on some and... You will need every piece of Holy equipment you get so yeah save state it up. Another bug in this hack but I do believe I got rid of it all as I had no problems playing through is certain enemies would crash the game when they attacked you. I found it was the arch enemies or ballista it seems putting the continue skill on them causes a crash so they now have Great Shield instead. 2.Substitute units:Like using sub chars? well I made them slightly better they now have their own holy blood and some holy weapons you won`t get all the holy weapons though heh and sub chars are still inferior to normal ones. I have not tested playing through with sub chars so there is no telling how hard or easy the game will be with them. 3.Class Changing:It is all the same but many units now promote to classes you normally could not get like Queens etc. Also Diadora can promote now :) as well as Cuan and some other pre promote guys. 4:Stronger enemies:I made some enemies so powerful they actually break stat caps and you will see that often I had to fight a dragon master with 54 defense that is insane but adds to the epicness of battle with your holy weapons. 5.Some New skills:Many characters have different skills on them now like Siglud now has Holy Sword as a skill use it well it can increase damage by 20 or decrease it. You will need that skill of his and a critical hit from standing by Ethlin on Prologue chapter. 6.Hints & tips:Not much but eh Use leadership stars and Charisma skill wisely as they all increase hit% and evade% and i was quite generous with Charisma here a lot of your characters will either get the skill or already have so group attacks on some enemies is best as everyone gets the bonus. One place you will need to do that is chapter 5 watch out for those queens!! they all have charisma bonus! it is hard killing them use yours and leader stars. Certain villages give you holy weapons. Well really only 2 one on chapter 6 their is a surprise there for either Johalva or Johan. And chapter 9 make sure you have corple visit that village!! Loptous is waiting heh or you can give loptous to someone else but come on Corple needs it everyone else will have a holy weapon or two. 7.Items:Some item prices have been dropped Lol I made the Valkyrie Staff Very cheap as you will need to use it often atleast I did Aless kept getting himself killed haha. 8.Triangle Attack:Your team can now use triangle attack in the 1st generation the Lenster trio can use it you do know who I am talking about right? heh everyone knows the Lenster trio... ok maybe not I will tell you Cuan,Ethlin & Fin. In the 2nd generation Aless,Leaf & Celice can use it. And well that is it hope any who decide to give this a chance like it I think my first and maybe only hack came out fairly decent I will think about making another..but i am not sure if I am up to that again just yet will be awhile. So that said take the hack and enjoy it i want to know what you guys think of it after he atleast wait till you finish the last chapter to really tell as I have many surprises waiting on that one.
  10. Hello there again it is me! Well after so long on working on my hack i figured I could atleast pass it out atleast once what I need heh is some test players as this hack is not all the way complete yet nope just a tiny bit more to go I have to fix some of the item placement so expect to see Gungnir Lances etc. in weird places Anyway you may test play this hack I mean it is pretty much almost complete I say about 95% so you can play through to the end if you like and tell me what you think. My hack will have the following heh but I won`t tell it all heh the rest is for you to find. 1.Almost everyone in your army will get a Holy weapon one way or another but to counter that as one may think oh no all those holy weapons will make the game too easy! nope heh every enemy in the game in the arena and out has been made harder expect a surprise on the final chapter...just be ready... 2.Some weapons have been slightly altered so for instance the prayer sword is now basically an armor killer. 3.Some class skills have been added mages etc. now have critical as a class skill so watch out and check every skill on all enemies!! 4.Some items you get from villages have been changed only thing I can say is use a save state before you visit because if you get a holy weapon and the unit can`t use it they are stuck with it. 5.Yuria,Altenna and Fin in the 2nd generation can now have lovers will this work? I don`t know feel free to test it I will test it myself too! 6.Some units can promote!! yes Cuan can now promote again as some FE4 players were annoyed that he was a pre promote unit so that problem is fixed he can class change again at 20. Diadora can class change too! 7.Er that is it heh like I said I am still not done with this so there will be some mess ups here and there also this is my very first hack ever!! hehe so yeah I am not 100% skilled at this stuff you know? anyway enjoy it or hate it because I made it too hard or unbalanced it was just my way of counter attacking Holy weapons and it worked haha and I figured people would want a challenge but at the same time have broken/unbalanced teams Lol so yeah the goal of this hack is to just have fun...that is it just have fun haha. Ok now let me try this dropbox thing. Link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrq77uqhsunpysf/Fire%20Emblem%20-%20Seisen%20no%20Keifu%203.ips
  11. Sigh yes yes I know this is like the 100th time I am back here again asking for help. But There is a small problem going on well it is big if I can`t find a way to fix it. Here I am testing everything out once more and just when everything looked in place another problem strikes sigh why me? I feel like kicking FE4 then throwing it out of a window Lol this must be the most hardest tricky FE ever to hack. Anyway the little problem that popped up is 3 children units Sety,Faval and Corple are missing!! and instead their sub char are there..Well I would not say missing the 3 originals are there? sorta but only in cut scenes on the map and in battle they are the sub units a clear example is faval gone and Asaello is here! is this a common problem in hacking FE4? I have a feeling it might be so how do you fix it? I tried myself already and nothing... I wonder if the portrait editor has something to do with this? no couldn`t be as I did not touch anything in there so something else maybe? anyway here it is Asaello is not supposed to be there! it is so weird Patty is there but no Faval. Also there is an enemy Tinny in the castle but I already know what that is I think heh it is just a common glitch in FE4 where if you don`t recruit a unit you at times see them as an enemy in there. But Asaello and the others is another story.
  12. Hey there guys it is me again with yet another question. So I was hacking FE4 with nightmare all looked like it was going well until it came down to Leaf and Altenna! something in the game is wrong now and I don`t know how to fix the problem without starting my hack over again completely that I am trying to avoid though as I put countless hours and days of work into it as is and I`m so close to being done. So anyways the problem I see Altenna and she shows up with absurdly high stats Cuan or Ethlin did not have those stats I tested it two ways by both training them and not. But the high stats thing is not the problem it is on the chapter after the problem comes when I make Leaf try and talk to her to recruit her the recruit option does not show up!! so she can never join! this is a big problem as i don`t want any of the playable characters like that screwed up. I don`t know what could cause that in nightmare I checked the 1st gen base love points and lovers thing and fixed it I think,as while playing around in nightmare I changed Siglud and Ethlin love points but I reverted to normal I think I believe it was originally 0. I checked Children definition section of nightmare that is all normal Leaf is still Altenna`s brother so I don`t know what could mess them up. Maybe it is the hacked equipment?? i do have ethlin with the circlet which is a diadora/yuria only item hmm or maybe it is because she has the Tyrfing? hmm maybe not the Tyrfing as everyone else behaves normal with it. I don`t know something broke and I want to know a way to fix it Altenna has to be connected to something in the game that i maybe messed up and not noticed.
  13. So I just finished chapter 5 on my first playthrough and I guess Sigurd and company all get killed by Alvis. So did Alvis and Manfloy just have Sigurd go around to all those countries to kill off all the lords/kings so he could become emperor? Also glad I looked at pairing stuff since I saw somewhere the game can be really hard if you don't pair off. Also, did they know Diedre would be found by Sigurd? or will that be answered later in the game?
  14. The basis of the idea is this: The game begins in Lyn's story. It goes on to Eliwood's (Or Hector's if you unlock it). You go through Eliwood's/Hector's story. The difference is, it has the support system of Awakening, with added S supports so characters can get married. The marriages affect the children's growth rates later in the game. After the ending scene, you move on to Sword of Seals. The children's stats are not affected by the parent's level, but they're growth rates are (I.E. Erk!Raigh/Lugh would have ridiculously high magic growths). Once you get done with Zephiel, sidequests appear to recruit the parents, who have the same stats that they had when you left them at the end of Blazing Sword. Changes: -Marriage system that's not completely OP like in Awakening (Canas/Dorcas can't get S supports, as they are already married. Also, Bartre x Karla is cann, so they only S support with each other). -Tactician is a character, you pick his starting class at the beginning of the game, as well as asset/flaw. -Recruit surviving parents in the SoS half. -Updated graphics, but not exactly the same as Awakening (We don't want Canas in that ridiculous Sorcerer outfit) -Voice acting. -World map, but no skirmishes. -Limited arena use for each character (A character can only get so many level ups in a certain arena). -DLC (Available for play after beating Zephiel) -Going to also add in Karla to Eliwood's story, so then Fir doesn't seem like she just came in to existence. My friend and I were speculating about a remake for FE7, and it escalated to this. What do you guys think?
  15. Do raw scans from Treasure other than the actual character art exist anywhere on the Internet? I have a copy of it now, and if the nation profiles, history stuff, and actual character profiles aren't available anywhere I'm willing to sacrifice my copy to scan all that.
  16. Hello, this forum has been amazing. I've been having a lot of fun learning how to ROM-hack for the first time in my life. FE4 is my favorite. But can anybody help me figure out how to add more enemies to existing maps in FE4? I've tried looking at the Map Editor, Nightmare's Army Editor and Enemy Editor, but I can't figure this out. I'd love to learn how to add more enemy units, place them in different parts of the map and then edit their status and items. Thank you so much,
  17. Hello again everyone! So I`m curious who here has had the luck to obtain those sweet rare FE4 figures?? heh I`ve always wanted them oh man I love FE4 and having atleast 1 would really be sweet so if anyone actually owns one how is it having one? ah and the trading card game too not any downloads of the TCG though I`m talking like physical collections of the cards if I`m not mistaken those are pretty darn rare too I also hope to obtain those one day (actually I saw a FE4 booster pack on ebay awhile back for only 10$ should have gotten that sooner) But yeah... It must be pretty fun having them I wonder if they will ever release anymore in the future? they are not finished yet from what I saw it is only set #1 ah!!! now I remember it is called exceed a generation yeah that figure set so yeah who has some?
  18. This is my first fanfic. The idea is that instead of being a dumbass, Eltshan fights Shagall from the beginning, and becomes king of Augustria. Augustria is then the last bastion of freedom as through house Nodions bravery and Eltshan's strategy it resists Grandbells attempts at conquest. Our story begins on the outskirts of Isaach, as one of the last lights of hope of humanity is about to be stamped out... Chapter 1- Grave Tidings The 14 year old boy ran. He ran like he had never run before. He knew full well that the future of Jugdral lay in his hands. "Where'd that little bastard go?" Shouted one of his pursuers. " How should I know," yelled another one. Oifaye heard the footsteps growing softer and sighed with relief. He looked down at the bundle in his hands. "You are gonna have a great destiny, Celice. You are gonna save the world someday." That, unfortunately, was not to be the case. The magic descended suddenly, and without warning. Oifaye and Celice were gone. There was not even dust left over. Manfroy, from his perch, smiled. The spell had worked perfectly. There was no one left to oppose his master now. No one except... Him. Sigurd... Cuan... Gone. And they wouldn't come back. Damn it, thought Eltshan, My sister could be being tortured to death right now, and I'm focused on my friends from military school. The new king of Augustria did, of course, have more pressing matters at hand. He had received news of the massacre of Sigurd's forces at Barhara only hours before. His beloved sister, Lachesis, had been in Sigurd's army. Eltshan needed to know what had happened to his sister. One thing was sure: if they had laid a finger on Lachesis, Grandbell would pay in blood. "Cross Knights, form up" Eltshan barked. His men charged a contingent of Grandbell troops holed up in a village. They were no match for Augustrias finest. "Brother... help" Eltshan looked down and gasped. His sister was lying on the ground, bloodied. "They caught up with me... Nanna's safe... help." Eltshan helped his younger sister to her feet. "You are safe now, sister. Lets go home. A great storm is coming, one that will sweep up all of Jugdral. We must prepare." He turned to one of the captured Grandbell soldiers. "Why is the emperor attacking the nations of Jugdral? What does Alvis hope to gain from this? Power?" The king demanded. "The Emperor... desires peace and justice! Long live Emperor..." The man fell forward, an arrow protruding from his back. The Augustrian company looked down in horror. There was no further discussion. None was needed. The Augustrians vanished into the night. The assassin looked down from his perch. When the Augustrians were gone, he jumped down, arranging the body in an easily visible way. His work was completed. Now, Grandbell would have the excuse it needed to make war on Augustria. The Archbishop would be pleased.
  19. Well...umm I wanted to share something with you guys I`m sure you will enjoy its my FE4 playlist I made all the videos in it all FE4 stuff heh but with some twists I used many cheats on it so its sorta a broken plathrough Lol. I thought maybe this would be neat to share here is how it goes,first generation has more changes to classes Alec as a master knight and noish a sword master? sweet right? and the second generation is where its better as it focuses more on holy blood and holy weapons (if you mix a bunch of holy blood together growth rates sky rocket! I don`t even know how high they are) anyhow the playthrougs are meant for fun so I hope any who come across enjoy there is plenty of stuff for you to sit back to and relax while seeing have fun :) here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnvW8GIFkQA2ntvUJEYnSpyeL3kDlix5S
  20. Hey everyone its me again the new guy around here..I`m curious whats your favorite holy weapon? including the enemy ones because well heheh I used cheats once on my FE4 to get all holy weapons lets just say it was fun having Tinny run around with Thor Hammer. Anyhow back on subject my favorites would have to be Fala Flame its very powerful and Alvis shows that very clearly but problem is its so heavy but it makes up for that by giving +10 def and + 10 res to protect from attacks. The other would be Loptosu who would not like it? it cuts all damage down and gives +5 res only thing that can break through are Naga and critical hits I also like the sound Loptosu makes when used for some reason it sounds so cool. Next in line is Holsety very powerful that +20 speed really helps with it Sety and Levin become untouchable except from bosses. My other would be Gungnir really like that lance because unlike the Gae Bolg it gives +10 speed and it looks cooler ever took a close look at it in battle? it looks like a trident. Last in my line up is Thor Hammer it gives best skill boost a nice +20 its rare for it to miss and thats pretty much it for me.
  21. Hey SF. I was recording all of the hidden events from FE4 and got them all except for the one in chapter 2 where you have to make a male character talk to a secluded Mackily soldier. It was all gibberish in the translation patch(both old and new). [spoiler=Original Japanese Text] Anyone know what he is saying/ could someone translate this? AFAIK the on-site script only has Arden`s pursuit ring hidden conversation and not this one. Thanks in advance, I suppose.
  22. I blew up the "Improving the Genealogy Path" thread with this and it was suggested I come over to the Hackers sub ... before we get started, I'm very comfortable with building software from source in a *NIX environment and hopefully you are too. OK, now to the nitty gritty - I haven't even made script changes to the patch, I'm just trying to build it vanilla in a SLES11 SP2 Linux environment. First issue - fe4p/fe4p.c, the #define macro for row and col vars doesn't like to compile. I manually moved it inline and I can compile this OK.The next big issue is in making the fonts. s11sp2:~/FE4/fe4transsrc # make menufont ... ./fe4enc newfont.bin zfont.bin gmake[1]: *** [zfont.bin] Segmentation fault If I run this command through GDB I see the issue is here: Compressing... 3.3% Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x08048d6f in FindMatch (bestmatch=0xbffff514, readahead=0x8061239 "\347\271\ב\177\221o") at lz77.c:80 80 if(*match != *readahead || So I tried to fake this by using the Windows fe4enc.exe I've seen floating around by manually generating a zfont.bin from the newfont.bin included in the source package. I had to do this for another font file as well. I eventually got an .ips (yay!) but when I loaded it, everything was messed up in the game (boo!). OK, starting over. "make spotless" then just did a "make". All goes well until gmake[1]: Entering directory `/root/FE4/fe4transsrc/dcenc' ../bin/65816 -c -hi dcenc.asm ... [entering second pass] assembling code at $91FAB0...finished at $91FBD3. *** glibc detected *** ../bin/65816: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08063b20 *** ... Soo... Has anyone successfully compiled this from source in Linux to make a working .ips ? Anyone know why you'd make script, or make dump?
  23. Hey Guys. :3 I'll just get straight to the point here. This fanfic will be centered around Fire Emblem 4: Seisen no Keifu and its cast/storyline. For those of us who have played the game the characterization was rather poor especially when put next to other games in the series. In this fanfic I'll try to fix that. Give each character a back-story, a more vibrant personality. It'll follow the main flow of the game as the characters different stories unfold along the way, from the Verdane invasion all the way to the tragic last battle of our hero Sigurd. And eventually his son's story as well. In other words I'm fleshing out the characters in a way which will be hopefully entertaining and intriguing. I'm not sure if Genealogy FFs are all the rage here or if this has been done before but regardless I'll try my best to capture the essence of the game and its storyline along with adding the ever so needed personalities. :) But before we can actually start, we need to figure out pairings right? Genealogy of the Holy War: FTE Pairings Timeline
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