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  1. Ever wanted a version of Genealogy where every unit had good mobility, but didn't deviate too hard from the original game? Introducing, Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation! https://www.mediafire.com/file/ageac560pxo15rh/GHP.zip/file This hack features: - 7 Move for Base Infantry Classes, 8 Move for promoted infantry classes!* *enemies excluded, unless you're playing HARDMODE PATCH - Comprehensive Buffs for Weaker Characters such as Arden, Tailtyu, and Hannibal. - Improved Weaponry Balance - Improved Base Stats of Some Classes - Playable Helswath!* *Only if Johan or Johalvier are alive and kill the boss holding it in Endgame, otherwise they can't get it -BONUS HARDMODE PATCH This patch can be applied to a vanilla rom if you feel like playing the game in it's native language, but it should also work with whatever translation you're using. The Changelog should answer any questions you have. If it doesn't, just reply to me in this thread.
  2. Discord Server----> https://discord.gg/ymvjf5J Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6tuu5ttudvev8j/Genealogy+Remake.ups Patch to Fe8 (U) So, long-short story, this is my remake idea for Fire Emblem 4 - Genealogy of the Holy War. It won't be exactly like the source game was, because if it were to be a perfect copy of the source, then it would be better to go and play the original. So, what I mean is that I'm remaking it, and while I'm setting it to be as close to the source as possible, I'm also adding in some extra stuff, that I feel to be necessary to be a even better hack. For example: Thracia 776's characters, like Eyvel, Orsin, Olwen. As well as slightly altering some stuff. Some other examples include myself taking some events from the Manga version and altering it myself. I also plan to make Ishtar and Julius characters to be more relevant, and/or likable as well. So, what I mean is that, please don't tell me: "This is not a Fe4 remake." While I call it remake, all ROMHacking is actually a playable fanfiction. So, yeah, this is my version into Fe4's story. But don't worry, I'm not some edgy teenager creating a cringe-worthy story. I try to make this hack as close as possible from what's considered canon or not. And yeah, Arden is there, he's a joke, but the reason he's there is for the lack of armored units. Hanibal joins too late and giving Darsim/Xavier to the player would also make them come out too late. I hope you can enjoy this hack of mine and if possible give me feedback. And for those who played the source game: I hope you can enjoy it as well, even though it's not exactly the same plot/mechanics as the original. Credits:
  3. Warning: Before I say anything, you're probably going to have a difficult time using this if you have no experience in python, even though you don't need to code yourself. This is because this tool requires python, which you can simply download, but also requires Pandas. I use Pycharm and let it manage all my packages, but setting pycharm up or managing the packages yourself can be troublesome if you've never used it before. That's why it really helps if you already have a working Python environment with Pandas. You can ask questions, and I'll try to help, but I can't guarentee success. link This is a tool which I created mostly for myself, but I realised some other people may find enjoyment in it too. You can use it to either randomize the class (and character ranking) for Sacred Stones/Shadow Dragon/New Mystery/Awakening/Fates/Echoes/Three Houses or maximaze stat growths for kids in Genealogy/Awakening/Fates. How to do this I've explained in the readme.md, so just read it there and if it isn't clear, you can ask what I mean. If I were a better programmer (both in skill and in ethic) I would make my creation more user-friendly, by creating a gui or something, but I didn't, so now you have to install a couple of randomly strewn files from github. You need everything there except the readme (though you may want to read it), ui.py and main.py and just put it in a folder (probably an IDE project folder). From here you can follow the instructions in the readme. If you manage to make it work on you computer, I'd appreciate feedback if you encounter some mistakes. Some I know and I'm not planning to fix (You can use Gunter and Jakob both in Conquest and Revelations but they only have an A+ in Conquest), and one other I only just remembered during writing that it existed (the fates randomizer does not yet take into account child marriage), but there will probably be many I don't.
  4. -------------------------------------- Link to translation on tumblr Link to translation on Google Docs: Google Doc, Book 1 - Google Doc, Book 2 - Google Doc, Book 3 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- EVEN IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE GAMES AND DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE THING: I still highly recommend reading from the prologue, to Chapter 3. These early parts address backstory that was not fully fleshed out in the games, including: 1) Loptous' meeting with Galle, 2) the story of the 12 Crusaders, 3) Arvis' childhood, and 4) the attack on Darna. Follow me on tumblr, or twitter, for new translations the moment I finish them! I also do FE game localization vs. Japanese translations and analysis posts, so follow if you are interested in those as well! -------------------------------------- Links to FE5 novel translation, for those who haven't found it yet: Book 1 - Book 2 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- Howdy, everyone! Now that I have finished my translation of one of the FE5 novels (aside from minor edits, like updating to fit the new Project Exile naming standards), and the results of my "which should I translate next" poll are out, I have started work on one of the FE4 novels! It claimed 1/4 of the votes, even with other FE4 book options on the poll! Whoa! We as a fandom are really into Jugdral right now! FE4 is my favorite video game of all time, and I could not be more excited to translate this novel and share this retelling of the story with you all. Be sure to follow me at the links above for immediate updates! Of course I'll post here as well, but I mostly use tumblr and the Google Docs/Folders, so those will get updated first. ***Final Update: This project is now COMPLETE!! 😄 Look forward to the FE8 novel translation, starting Jan 2021!!
  5. I'm currently doing an FE4 ironman, and I lost Finn in Chapter 2 to Waltz's mercenaries since he couldn't dodge enough 50+ hit rate attacks. Worse, he was holding the Brave Lance, Speed Ring, and Paragon Band and took them with him when he fled to Leonster. I want to know if I can bring him back in Chapter 3 with Claud's Valkyrie staff, just so I can retrieve the Paragon Band and Speed Ring and give them to Seliph. I'm assuming I can't revive him since he's not actually dead, but the information I found on this topic is inconclusive, so I'd really like to know.
  6. Any advice for a sub run ? To prevent Pairings in Gen 1, what items to inherit Leif/Altena and Seliph, and how to improve the scrub squad that are Substitutes ?
  7. Nintendo just put up the May 2021 Trailer that are releasing 6 SNES Games and One NES Game. I managed to look at the Japanese Trailer for NES and SNES Online (Famicom Online and Super Famicom Online) that they just revealed Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is coming to the Japanese SNES Online (Super Famicom Online). It is coming at May 26th. I'm pretty sure the two that replaces Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War for the International Game List could been Spanky's Quest or Super Baseball Simulator 1,000. Since Nintendo just put Genealogy of the Holy War in the Game Library, I'm definitely think that possible chances of a Jugdral Remake might going to show as unlikely deconfirm to be shown off for E3 2021 incase what Nintendo and Intelligent System going to show off a possible Fire Emblem game at E3.
  8. Ced: Through modification, this video will show off events you usually wouldn't be able to see in normal gameplay. Fee: If you don't like hacking or spoilers, you have been warned! Ced: By the way, these events I'm talking about... Fee: They exist in the data, but they're impossible to trigger. Ced: Fee, why are you stealing my lines? Fee: Oh, sorry, bro. I couldn't help myself... But who cares about that! It's the same no matter who provides exposition... Ced: I hardly appear in the game as it is... Fee: Well then, let's get this started. ❤️ Ced: Fee, that was supposed to be my line too! Quan: Sigurd, I'm glad to see you're alive! Sigurd: Quan? What are you doing here...? Quan: I heard about your battle with Verdane, and just couldn’t sit still. Let me join your cause. Sigurd: Are you sure you can leave Leonster unattended? I heard Thracia had its sights on it. Quan: You heard right. That’s why I only took Finn with me. I’ve entrusted the rest of my Lance Ritter with father. Sigurd: I see... Sorry Quan, I didn’t mean to drag you into this. Quan: What are you talking about, Sigurd? This is our oath. Sigurd: Huh...? Quan: Remember? When we were kids? You, me, and Eldigan. We met in Belhalla’s military academy. Then, we got to know one another, talked about our dreams, and swore an oath to help one another out of any predicament we might find ourselves in. Sigurd: That’s right... I haven’t forgotten... Quan: If it's me and you, those Verdane Barbarians don't stand a chance. We'll make short work of them. Sigurd, don’t forget it. I swore an oath, and I will never let you throw down your life in this paltry war. ____________________________________________ Quan: Haha, and I guess it is a request from Ethlyn. I love her. I can't stand to be away from her. Sigurd: Fufu, I see, so that's the real reason. Ethlyn's a pretty lucky gal. You don't come across a man like you every day. Quan: Don't tease me, Sigurd. C'mon, let's get going. The real battle's only just begun. Midir: Lord Azelle... Azelle: Oh, Midir, it's been so long. Midir: I'm so sorry about what happened to Lady Edain. I was with her, and yet... Azelle: It's not your fault. You don't have to hang yourself up on it. Midir: But Lady Edain was so dear to you, and I... Azelle: She was important to you too, wasn't she? Midir: What!? Azelle: I know it's hard, for both of us... But Midir, for now, we need to work together to get her back. Midir: As you wish, Lord Azelle. Alec: Lady Ethlyn, please, let's stop fighting. Once we enter Verdane, the fighting will only get worse. Ethlyn: Oh, Alec, it's been so long. Thank you for worrying about me. I'll be just fine. I mean, I used to be such a tomboy even your father was concerned about me. Alec: But... Ethlyn: I've been good friends with Edain since I was a child. I worry for her just as you worry for me. If she's going through hard times, I must rush to her side as fast as I can. Alec: ...You really take after Lord Sigurd. Especially how you never back down on your word. Fine, we'll do our best to protect you. But please don't do anything too unreasonable. Ethlyn: Thank you. I'll be careful, Alec. Naoise: We'll be fighting in Verdane from here on. Be on your guard, Alec. Alec: Hey now, don't be so stiff. I mean, look at you. You're always way too serious in everything you do. Naoise: A knight should always serve his lord, resolved for death at every passing moment. Alec: Oh, enough of that! Look here, Lord Sigurd doesn't want us to die for his cause. You know that as well as I do. If you seriously want to be loyal to him, you have to survive no matter what. Naoise: ...I didn't need you to tell me that! Quit worrying about me, or else you'll be the one dropping dead, Alec. Jamke: Why! Why did it have to be like this Edain!? Edain: Oh no. Jamke!? I'm so sorry! Jamke: No, no Edain! Don't get any closer to me! Alec: It's finally time, Naoise. Naoise: Yeah. Alec: You've done a lot for me, you know that? Naoise: That goes both ways... Alec: It was fun. Naoise: It was... Alec: You take care, okay? Naoise: You too. Leif: Hmm... That woman over there... She's a Thracian Dracoknight! But, her eyes look so sad... Arvis: Seliph... Julia is in your hands... please... forg... (TL note: He doesn't get to finish saying 'forgive me.') Finn: Lene, were you waiting for me? Lene: Fufu, of course I was. ❤️ Welcome back, dear... Lene: Oh, Finn. Were you waiting for me to come back? You sure know how to make a girl happy. Finn: Yeah, I worry about you when you're away... please stay with me. Hannibal: Patty, you were waiting for this old man? Patty: Yep, course I was! Glad to see you sweetums! ❤️ Patty: Hi honey, I'm home! Wait. Hannibal? You were waiting for me? Well whaddaya know! Hannibal: Please, don't push yourself too hard. I don't want to lose you. Coirpre: Hey, I'm back Altena. Were you waiting for me? Altena: Yes, I grow anxious when you're not around... Altena: Coirpre!? You were seriously waiting for me? Coirpre: Yeah, glad to see you too Altena. All things aside, I'm glad you're safe. Ced: So, how was it? Fee: There weren't many of them, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen them before. Ced: Why was Naoise and Alec's conversation removed, I wonder. Fee: Right, right, Naoise barely has any conversations anyway. But I was pretty surprised that Hannibal and Altena had lovers' dialogue. They're not supposed to be able to form those relationships... Ced: Precisely. Fee: By the way, bro. Ced: Hm? What's wrong, Fee? Fee: We used hacks to force supports with Hannibal, but aren't you curious to see if they effect the ending? Ced: That definitely bugs me. Fee: Let me be blunt. There are no endings where Altena, Finn, or Hannibal return home with their lovers. Their ending will always be the same—saying they returned to Thracia. It makes no mention of their lover. Ced: I see. That's a shame. Fee: Well, even for the characters that do have romance options, when the female character is the one succeeding a country or dukedom, the male character's ending make no mention of lovers either. I think we should have been expecting Hannibal's and Finn's bios to follow suit. Just like Julia, Altena is set to return to her motherland regardless of who she does or doesn't end up with. Ced: I see. But Fee, there's something else that's bothering me. Fee: What's up? Ced: Do the endings of the people you pair them up with change at all? Fee: In this experiment, we paired Altena with Coirpre, and as we've said with male characters, his ending was unchanged. Ced: I guess that makes sense. Fee: However, not for Patty and Lene. Ced: What? Fee: You should probably take a look at them yourself. Ced: R-right. Then play the— Fee: Clip. ❤️ Ced: (She did it again.) Seliph: Patty? Are you crying? Patty: Yeah, I'm crying. *Sob* *Sob* Seliph: You liked Hannibal that much? Patty: I did. I really loved him, Lord Seliph. What should I do? Seliph: I... don't have an answer. But you know, Patty, you've got to live strong. Life has its share of sorrows, but you can't lose to them. Patty: Yeah... I'll try. There's just one thing I want to ask you. Could you lend me your chest for a bit? For now, I need somewhere to cry my eyes out. Seliph: Patty... Seliph: You're going to Velthomer, aren't you Lene. Please take care. Lene: Yeah. But if I ever get lonely, could I drop by Belhalla to play? Seliph: Of course you can, anytime you want. Lene: I've been feeling pretty down ever since Finn died. (The red text at the top says, "Hold up, he ain't dead!!") Seliph: I get how you feel. But we need to move forward. Velthomer depends on us. We both have to do our best. Lene: Yeah, leave it to me. Ced: Fee... remind me. When did Finn die? Fee: He's perfectly healthy. Finn: Did you need me for something? Ced: F-Finn!? No, it's nothing. Finn: I see... pardon me then. Ced: That one got me. Fee: Yes, where did he come from? Now, getting this back on track, it looks like even if Finn or Hannibal have a lover, those lovers will be mourning them in the ending. That's kinda sad... Ced: Patty's can be taken a few ways. They danced around the subject. But Lene's, on the other hand... Fee: He's dead. End of story. Ced: Well, we got it through hacking, after all. Let's just be happy the game didn't bug out on us. Fee: Yep! You're right! Took the words straight out of my mouth! Ced: T-then, it's about time to say goodbye. Fee: Thank you for sticking with us for so long! Ced: Thank you, and good— Fee: Good bye!
  9. * UPDATE 8/3/2014 * Last version I have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips Source TGZ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vhuw0xs137yn86/fe4-gharnef-improved-patch.tgz * UPDATE 5/19/2014 * Holy crap it's been a while... I haven't checked this in ages. I also know the location of the patch below is inaccessible, I don't own that webspace any more. I'm going to see what I still have left from this project (I built it in a special Virtual Machine with all kinds of hackery) and I'll find somewhere to dump it all on the web. * PATCH UPDATED 5/31/2013 1:54 PM EST * * Official changelist started! * Improved FE4 Translation Patch Using Twilkitri's work as a basis, I've started undertaking the task of further improving the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War English Translation patch. But Gharnef, why? The current patch is awesome! There are many things now officially translated by NoA in the Fire Emblem mythology which weren't when the existing patch was created. There are also a few other things the community thinks could be improved upon judging by the conversations we've had so far so we can address those too. It's cool if you don't like my patch and don't want to use it - we can still be friends! Cool! So what changes have you already made, and what's planned? Can I try it out? Sure! Here's a link to the latest work. This is ALPHA, I haven't seen any issues in playtesting so far but if you do, please PLEASE let me know - provide screenshots, save states, etc. Just use a CLEAN Japanese ROM and Snes9x, save your current .ips file off somewhere safe and drop this file in the same directory as your ROM. Then, reload the game (not reset, that's not enough!) and enjoy. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips Source TGZ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vhuw0xs137yn86/fe4-gharnef-improved-patch.tgz
  10. In almost every Fire Emblem it has been accompanied by an arena. As we all know the arena has a high-risk high reward type deal but this is not the case for Genealogy, rather you get a huge reward for very little risk. In the other FE games, your units will die if they reach 0 HP in the arena but in Genealogy your units are left at 1 HP. This allows you to heal that unit back to full HP and send them back into the arena for another chance to clear the arena and come out bags full of gold. There's really no reason not to send your units into the arena seeing as how you get nothing but gold and exp from it and it doesn't even handicap you when going into battle since you can heal all your units back to full before anyone even comes close to an enemy. This wouldn't be that bad were it not for the ridiculous amount of gold you get from the arena. In my first playthrough of Genealogy, I was easily able to cap everyone's gold and trade the paragon band amongst my army. By the time I was finished with the arena, all my units were wayy stronger than most enemies. What I would like to know is if IS were to remake Genealogy how would you change the arena to balance the game OR would you argue that the arena is balanced and shouldn't be changed. Some ideas I had in order to balance the arena was to have the enemies scale in level depending on the average level of your army. Another was to simply increase the arenas difficulty either by giving higher stats to the opponent as well as getting less gold from the arena. Thanks and would love to hear your thoughts.
  11. So, after finishing Genealogy for a 2nd time (after a long break) gotta say I still love the game. But I do wonder, am I supposed to be stuck in the player ranking screen after the credits or am I bugged?
  12. Alright, I know there's already a topic about item inheritance on here, but that guy has different pairs than mine. I also didn't really want to derail things there, if it happened, so... either way, new topic. I've got a few plans for my item inheritance sorted out, but I'd like some pointers for the remainder because I've been agonizing over this for a few days now. I'm at the beginning of chapter 4 and I missed the Knight Ring and the Bargain Ring. To my knowledge, every other stat-boosting and skill-granting ring available up to this point in the game is in someone's inventory or the pawn shop (except the Speed Ring, I had that on Finn and forgot to unequip it before he left). Here's my pairs. Adean and Jamke: Obvious inheritance weapons are obvious, but I'm also considering giving Jamke the Power Ring to pass down because I don't know if I want to give Lester the Pursuit Ring. Ayra and Lex: Obviously, Larcei is getting Ayra's Brave Sword (what kind of idiot would I be otherwise). She's also inheriting the Skill and Leg rings from her mother, for the horse movement and Astra proc rate. However, I'm not totally sure what to do with Ulster. I know he gets an A rank in swords starting off. If I give Lex the Silver Blade (just a possibility, I have a spare Silver Sword he could use as well), would he pass it down to Ulster even though Lex can't use it? Lachesis and Beowulf: Naturally, Nanna is getting the Prayer Sword and her Heal Staff (and probably the Thief Sword and Earth Sword as well because I don't like using either of them). But the same question with Lex and Ulster comes up again with Beowulf and Diarmuid: Beowulf has a B rank in swords (I haven't been using him much) while Diarmuid has an A starting out. If I give Beowulf an A-rank sword that he can't use, will he pass it down to Diarmuid, who can use it? I also want to give Diarmuid the Shield Ring to make up for the fact that I haven't been using either of his parents too much, and if he can't inherit A-rank swords from Beowulf, I may also pass down the Defender Sword. Sylvia is unpaired, so her inheritance is moot. Erinys and Azel: I mostly went with this pairing so Ced would be at his second-best (since I've got Tailtiu with Lewyn this time around). Not really sure what he should inherit. On the other hand, I feel the best course of action with Azel as her father is for Fee to be my resident magic sword user. As such, I'm passing down those to her, plus the Magic Ring to give her that extra boost until her stats start to round out. She'll also get Erinys' Slim Lance because it has some kills on it and I don't want her to be locked to swords, plus the Barrier Ring to help combat the magic users she'll inevitably be going up against. Another question: does the trinity of magic apply to magic swords? Tailtiu and Lewyn: Again, obvious weapon inheritance is obvious. Arthur is getting Elwind and Forseti, and Tine... well, she can't inherit Thoron (I think), so she'll probably stick with her starting Elthunder for a while. These two are the reason that I'm on the fence about Lester getting the Pursuit Ring, however. They'll both have great speed thanks to Lewyn, but neither one will have Pursuit right off the bat (and I don't think they'll get it through promotion either). For the first generation, I've got the Pursuit Ring on Lewyn for gameplay purposes over inheritance purposes and I was planning to keep it on him, mostly because Tailtiu doesn't really have a whole lot of gold and I don't think she'll be able to buy it to pass it down to Tine in the first place. Thoughts? Briggid and Holyn: Of course, Febail is getting Yewfelle (and Briggid's also passing down her Silver Bow because I don't want his only weapon to be a holy weapon). Patty's a bit trickier, though, since she's not much of a combat unit. She has a starting sword rank of B, so she could inherit a Steel Sword, but not a Blade or a Silver Sword (I think), and I'd rather that be the case so she has something other than the Sleep Sword to use. Would it be worth passing something down to her and trying to make her a combat unit? I hear she's a pretty decent Thief Fighter on promotion, but lack of Pursuit leaves me skeptical. That's about it. I also have the Paragon Band, and absolutely no idea who to give that to, as well as two Return Rings, which I'm also totally baffled on, and I think that's about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Guest

    Cross Knight help?

    Eldigan's Cross Knights in chapter 3 are driving me nuts. This is a second playthrough after I botched the first one, and I still have no idea how I managed to get past it the first time. I've got a screenshot of the current situation here (sorry for the crappy bordering, I did it in Paint). https://imgur.com/a/WfOlFvU Some relevant information: Finn is promoted, he's the Duke Knight on the bottom. Lex is also promoted, but no one else is other than Quan. Azel can't take hits for crap. He can take maybe one or two Javelins (HP is 37/40), and murder on the counterattack (Thunder tome equipped), but anything past that and he's down. For this reason, I'm sending him up past the thicket to avoid damage (with Erinys, because I'm trying to hook them up). Beowulf is just there to hook up with Lachesis, not really for any fighting. Holyn takes 10 damage from a Javelin and has something like a ~25-30% dodge rate (HP is 42/47) and the Cross Knights gang up on him really fast if he's in their range, so I'm just getting him out of dodge. Same deal with Ayra (who's Lex's lover, ftr). Dew and Sylvia each die from two Javelins and they both have a ~30% dodge rate from them. Quan has a Javelin and Lex has a Hand Axe, but if I equip them, neither of them get targeted, all the Cross Knights go for other characters. Arden is guarding the castle, and can take something like four or five Javelins, with a ~35% dodge rate. I'm not too worried about him. I don't have the Knight Band. Level and equipment on relevant characters: Sigurd is level 20 with a Silver Sword and Steel Lance. Quan is level 15 with a Javelin and a Silver Lance. Lex is level 24 with a Brave Axe and a Hand Axe. Finn is level 21 with a Brave Lance and the Speed Ring. Lewyn is level 14 with Elwind and the Pursuit Band. Ethlin is level 16 with Heal (9 magic for a 19 HP heal), Return, and the Light Brand. Azel is level 18 with Thunder, Elfire, the Magic Ring, and the Paragon Band. Erinys is level 14 with the Slim Lance, Slim Sword, Shield Ring, and Bolt Sword (which I'm passing down to Fee). Ayra is level 18 with the Brave Sword and the Skill Ring. Holyn is level 17 with a Silver Sword. Jamke is level 17 with the Killer Bow. No one else is really doing much fighting. At the moment, my basic strategy is as follows: There's a little alcove directly to the right of the ledge just above the castle's point. I place Lex in the space directly north of that alcove (two spaces down from his current position) and put Finn, Quan, and Sigurd diagonally up and to the right from that position. This leaves a single empty space of plains between Sigurd and the forest near the cliff. I send Lachesis as far down as she can go (which places her diagonally down and to the right of Lex). Azel, Dew, Erinys, and Holyn go north to retreat past the thicket, and everyone else books it past the wall that Lex, Finn, Quan, and Sigurd create. Ayra moves closer toward the castle to start picking off the Cross Knights that assault it (depending on what I do on my turn, there's typically two on their first turn, and four or five by their second, but Arden dodges enough hits and enough of them attack with their swords instead of their Javelins that he doesn't really have to worry about damage). That's the first turn. When the Cross Knights move, they mostly target Quan (48% dodge rate), with one usually going for Holyn, two heading towards Arden and the castle, and one attacking Sigurd. They exclusively attack with Javelins. Anyone who can't reach Quan goes for Lex or Finn instead. Eldigan doesn't get to attack on this turn, but he gets close enough to trigger Sigurd's dialogue with him. On the second turn, there's one Cross Knight occupying the space directly north of Lex, so I move Lewyn to take him out (who has an 83% dodge rate with the Javelins, assuming no leadership boosts). From there, Finn defeats one, Lex defeats one, and Sigurd defeats one, but I'm not really lucky enough for Quan to proc Adept, so he inflicts 30 damage on a fourth. After their attacks, they all move back to their original position. Ethlin heals Quan, who's usually taken ~20-25 damage from the Javelins by now, and gets out of their range. If necessary, Aideen heals as well, and I position her diagonally from Ethlin so Sylvia can dance for both of them and give them a second turn, which I use to give Ethlin a second heal and get Aideen out of danger. I move Midir, Alec, and Noish further south out of range (they don't get too far on the first turn thanks to the forest). After this point, a second Cross Knight usually goes up to attack Holyn, a few more go for Arden, and everyone else continues to gang up on Quan - including Eldigan, who kills him, and forces my reset. That's about it, pretty much. This is by far one of the most difficult parts of the game for me and I think I might've pushed myself into a corner this time. I really don't want to restart the chapter, but I might have to considering I can't stand to lose any units. I'm planning on resetting the chapter because there doesn't seem to be any way out of this, but I wanted some extra opinions before I do that. Thanks in advance. If you need any more information, just ask. I've got a save state on the turn I created that screenshot.
  14. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhat recently. If I recall correctly, bookofholsety gave a rough estimate some months ago that the updated translation patch for Genealogy of the Holy War would be completed by the end of this year. I understand that real life can get in the way of fan projects such as these, especially college and work. Nonetheless, has anyone heard any recent news from him or others involved on the patch?
  15. Aight so I have been playing FE4 and god damn are these levels longggggg. So I was thinking if there was ever a remake of the game what are your thoughts if there was a saving system in the game similar to Shadow Dragon and Heroes of Light and Shadow? For those who don't know in SD you could find save point in the map so you could save half way through a level. This was great since the levels in SD could drag on sometimes and would often make you traverse the entire map of go around a mountain. This took some time so the save states were very helpful. So what would you think about having a similar system on Genealogy? I would love it since some levels make you back track a lot and getting Jamke was a nightmare.
  16. Now that Shadows of Valentia has been released and has found success in Japan and all over the world, it seems like IS wants to continue the "Echoes" sub-series. For now it seems like they're leaning toward remaking Binding Blade but I can still hope that Genealogy of the Holy War will get a glorious and proper remake. Assuming that a Genealogy Echoes will be released, what kind of things do you want to see in it? I have a few ideas: Lots and lots of animated cut scenes. GotHW has the best story in FE so I would love to see as much of it developed as possible. Side-stories, flashbacks, all that good stuff. Breaks during the chapters. It not news to anyone that the maps are huge and have a lot of empty space, so breaking them up with cut scenes and a camp or something will make the maps less overwhelming. Add the possibility to get ALL holy weapons. Make it so Lex's kids can inherit Helswath and Azel's kids can get Valflame, etc. Return of the Turnwheel mechanic but obviously with some other lore-friendly gimmick More lovers(support) conversations for all the characters Bonus chapters for other scenarios like Ares retaking Agustria Excellent orchestrations of the OST and new music Fully voice acted(or mostly like SoV) Being able to pair Seliph and Julia without a glitch Adapt that sweet, sweet Eldigan arc from the Oosawa manga That's what I had in mind, anyone have other thoughts? Ideas? I want to know what other people expect for a game like this.
  17. Is it possible to make 3rd tier classes for Fire Emblem 4? If so how? I thought it could work well since levels don't reset in FE4 so the issue of having to gain extra exp in shorter games wouldn't be an issue it could work something like one of these: 1 to 2: Lv10, 2 to 3: Lv20 1 to 2: Lv15, 2 to 3: Lv25 1 to 2: Lv20, 2 to 3: Lv30 if anyone has any info at all on this please inform me
  18. I keep running into snapshot errors around FE4 Chapter 7 on Snes9x and I was thinking it was possible So I can pick up from a specific part where I left off in FE4 on Higan emulator rather than deal with Snes9x's annoying snapshot error bug, does anyone know how to do that? It'd make my playthrough a lot more fun if i didnt have to replay huge chunks of gameplay even though i save state consistently.
  19. So I've been giving Genealogy a whirl at a friends recomendation... took me a bit to get into it but now that I am... ho... boy I may have bitten off more then I can chew with this one... but I'm not here to rant about that! After one failed attempt (I figured she'd talk to Sigurd not attack him...) and another major screw up after that, I managed to recruit Ayra to my army... I figured I'd have Ayra chase Sigurd over to my army to spare me having to manually move her over... instead of chasing Sigurd she made a beeline for Genoa and DESTROYED the castle! ... I... why? Is it because she was looking for Shannan? Did she ransack the place out of spite? I wasn't even aware a non-thief or brigand unit could even DO that... much less would... does anyone know why she did this? And if there's any consequences for it?
  20. (Wasn't sure if this would go here or in Fan Projects, so I flipped a coin.) This is just me being curious, but would it be possible to use FE4's engine to create a ROM hack? I don't mean a translation, but using the game's engine to create an entirely new game from scratch (new sprites, new map design, new classes, new weapons, etc.) Of course, all things in this area are difficult, but I'm wondering if it has ever been done before/could it be possible.
  21. I just wondering about this for a while about the Substitute Characters from Genealogy of the Holy War. I know like they're replacements if one of the mother's didn't married to one of the fathers nor gave birth to the existing children. But, do you guys might wonder where the Substitute Characters might have went off to during at the Child Hunt while their counterparts exist in case if one of the mothers married and gave birth to one of the two off springs (one son and one daughter each) before/after Chapter 5 happened during at Seliph's army in Part 2? I don't think one of the Substitute Characters were mentioned nor make an appearance in Thracia 776 and Awakening as well. And plus, I did see some of the substitute characters were planned to appear in Thracia 776 such as Jeanne (Nanna's counterpart since Nanna had a major role in Thracia 776), Asaello (Febail's counterpart), Daisy (Patty's counterpart), and the other Green haired Female unit that is definitely Hermina (Fee's counterpart and plus, Ced is in Thracia 776 while his own sister isn't in Thracia 776 which you can't recruit Ced and Fee & Hermina and Hawk at the same time during at the Second Part of the story line) were cut in the final version for Thracia 776. And plus, there wasn't any unused data of Hawk and Tristan were founded in Thracia 776 since Ced and Diarmuid are in the final version of Thracia 776. I kinda wondering if Intelligent Systems could make a special Xenologue chapter arcs focus on the substitute characters to have their own story while they aren't in Seliph's army and they're counterparts existed during at the game's plot in case if they're going to plan on making a Genealogy of the Holy War remake in the future similar to like how they did with the Heirs of Fate chapters in Fates.
  22. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fovxo6nzfv58rmm/Fire%20Emblem%204%20Divine%20Crusade%20V%200.2.ips?dl=0 Hi, this is my first project, so I'm not acknowledgeable about some things (like how to place this into a patch format, or where should I post the edited ROM after I'm finished with it), so I hope you can help me by keeping me informed of things I should be aware off. Anyway, moving along, I'm naming this project, the Divine Crusade balance project. It could be changed in the future, but I like the sound of it, so most likely it will stay like this. The goal of this project, is to rebalance FE4 so that playable characters that were too powerfull or too weak are balanced by nerfing/buffing them respectively. I'm also changing enemies so they fit with those changes. Right now, I have already done some changes to the game via the FE4 editor and the Nightmare modules tools. However I have no idea how I'm supposed to post the file here, since I have no idea if it should be in patch format or if it can be posted as a file instead. I also have no idea on how to convert the changes I've made into a patch, so I hope you could help me with that. Turns out it might have been simpler than I tought. Anyway, I've tried to create a patch and used a unheadered file when asked for the unmodified file. It's compatible with translations (as long as they are separate and named the same name as the SFC file) So if you want a translation of the game, you will have to do like I did and put it in the folder of the game as a separate file rather than patch over the already patched game. Anyway, this is my first version of the change. So I guess I will call it Divine Crusader 0.01. Guess I didn't need that 3 days of time after all to do this. I call this the Divine Crusade v.0.2. It really is just me testing the waters with the edit and nightmare tools. So don't expect it to be anything great, most likely it will have some mistakes that I have forgot to correct, but for now give it a try or don't and wait for me to do some extra touches in the future. It works with the unheadered version. Translations are also compatible, the translations patches should be named the same as the game file so that both patches work together. I will go on ahead and state some of the changes: -Holy blood growths were nerfed. Major Blood accumulated growths are 70%, while minor blood is 35%. Holy Blood used to be 100% and 50% respectively. - Changed Sigurd's,Azel's, Claud's,Tyltiu's and other people's starting classes. Sigurd is a Lord (not Knight Lord), Azel is a Dark Mage, Tiltyu is a Mage and Claud is a Bishop. Azel's and Tyltiu's promotions remain unchanged. - Changed character's natural growths. If there are any questions, please go ahead and post in this topic.
  23. Below I have compiled a list of almost all the etymologies of the person/place/weapon names that are in Genealogy of the Holy War. I would like to point out that I came up with the majority of these etymologies myself but I did not shy away from checking my findings with other sources such as the two Fire Emblem Wikis and some Serenes Forest posts as well. With that out of the way I would like to point out how well researched and inspired this, and by extension all other Fire Emblem games, are in terms of the names used for people/places/objects. Genealogy of the Holy War seems to draw extensively from Norse and Celtic/Irish mythology, and the use of some lesser known names is even more astounding. As a note, the list is not totally complete and it would be great if some of you well informed fans can fill in some of the remaining blanks for the names I have listed. Genealogy of the Holy War Etymology Collection: Place Names Jugdral- Corruption of Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology Grannvale- Original name, Translated as Grandbell, seems to simply be a combination of Grand and bell Chalphy- Corruption of Thialfi(Þjálfi), servant of the Norse god Thor Jungby- Corrution of Ygnvi, the old name for the Norse god Freyr Friege- Original? Possible corruption of Phygia, an ancient kingdom in Anatolia and location for various Greek myths Edda- Named after the Poetic and Prose Eddas, the written sources for the majority of Norse myths, compiled by Snorri Sturluson Dozel- Original name, unclear etymology Velthomer- Original name, likely utilizes the name Vala(Fala) as a source such as Falaflame Belhalla- Corruption of Valhalla, the Norse afterlife for heroes and warriors, seems to fit in with the name Grand-bell Verdane- Original name, draws from adjective “verdant” meaning green with plants. A reference to the forested terrain of the country Evans- English/Welsh last name meaning Son of Evan, where Evan is the Welsh version of John Genoa- City in Italy and capital of the region of Liguria Marpha- Unsure, name of a small village in Nepal Verdane- Capital shares name with country Agustria- Original name, likely drawn from Augustus, first Roman Emperor or corruption of Austria Nordion- Original name? Likely draws from “nord” meaning north or of the north Heirhein- Original name, drawn from hein, diminutive of Heinrich or more likely a corruption of Highland Mackily- Original? Unknown Anphony- Original? Unknown Madino- Unkown, possibly drawn from Medina, a holy city for Islam in Arabia Silvail- Original? Unknown Orgahill- Original? Unknown Agusty- Likely Original, shortened version of Agustria Silesse- Corruption of Silesia, a region in Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany Sailane- Original? Possibly a corruption of Silesia Thove- Original? Unknown Zaxon- Corruption of Saxon or Saxony, a region in eastern Germany Lubeck- Slight corruption of Lübeck, a port city in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Silesse- Capital named after country Isaach- Corruption of Biblical name Isaac, patriarch of the Israelites Tirnanog- Corruption of Tír na nÓg meaning “land of the young” and is another name for Otherworld in Celtic mythology Ganeishire- Unknown, likely drawn from some English/Scottish shire Sophara- Original name? Possibly drawn from Sofia, capital of Bulgaria Rivough- Original name? Possibly drawn from an Irish/Welsh place name Isaach- Capital named after the country Yied Desert- Corruption of Aed, Irish god of the underworld Phinora- Original? Unknown Darna- Original? Unknown Yied- Same as the region Manster District- Corruption of Munster, ancient kingdom in Ireland and currently one of its provinces Melgen- Original name? Unknown, possibly an Irish/Scottish/Welsh place name Alster- Corruption of Ulster, old Irish kingdom and current province Leonster- Corruption of Leinster, old Irish kingdom and current province Conote- Corruption of Connacht, old Irish kingdom and current province Manster- Same etymology as the country Thracia- Named after region in the Balkans inhabited by Thracian people Mease- Corruption of Meath, old Irish kingdom and current county Kapathogia- Original? Unknown, likely a Greek place name Luthecia- Corruption of Lutecia, Roman name for Paris Grutia- Thracia- capital named after country Miletos District- Named after ancient Greek city Miletos(Μί̄λητος) Peruluke- Original name? Unknown Chronos- Named after Greek primordial god of time Rados- Original name? Likely Greek person/place name Miletos- capital named after country Weapon names Tyrfing- Named after the magical sword in Norse mythology associated with three tragedies Balmung- The name used in Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle for the sword of the Norse hero Sigurd called Gram Mystletainn- Named after the magical sword of the Norse hero Hrómund Gripsson, possibly also in reference to the weapon used by Hodr to accidentally kill Baldur in Norse myth Gungnir- Named after the magical spear of the Norse god Odin Gae Bolg- Named after the magical spear used by the Irish hero Cu Chulainn Valflame- Combination of character name Fala and flame Forseti- Named after Norse god of justice Mjolnir- Named after the Norse god Thor’ hammer Helswath- Combination of Hel, Norse goddess of the underworld and swath, “the space covered by the stroke of a scythe” Named Swanchika originally, a corruption of sanskrit “svastika” known as manji in japanese Yewfelle- Named after yew, a material often used to make bows and fell, to knock down or defeat, as Ichaival, the name of a bow used by Odin that could fire ten arrows at once Valkyrie Staff- Named after Valkyries, Norse warrior women who carry fallen warriors to the afterlife Book of Naga- Named after character Naga who in turned is named after serpent deities in Hinduism and other Indian religions Character Names Twelve Crusaders: Baldur- Norse god of light Odo- Corruption of Od or Odin, Norse gods Hezul- Unknown, possibly a corruption of Hodr, Norse god and brother of Baldur Dain- A dwarf listed in Norse texts Noba- Unknown, possibly named after Roman city in Africa or Latin word for “new” Fala- Named for volva, also said vala, Norse mystic women, also possible reference to Norse goddess Freya Ced- Corruption of Forseti, Norse god of justice Tordo- Corruption of Thor, Norse god of lightning Neir- Unknown etymology Ulir- Corruption of Ullr, Norse god of hunting and archery Blaggi- Named for Bragi, Norse god of poetry Heim- Corruption of Heimdall, Norse god and guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost Playable Characters: Sigurd- Norse hero who killed the dragon Fafnir with the sword Gram(Balmung) Naoise- Irish knight and nephew of King Conchobar mac Nessa Alec- Short version of name Alexander Arden- The brother of Naoise in Irish mythology Azelle- Hebrew name meaning “noble” Lex- Shorthand of Alexander or, as Rex, Latin for “king” Quan- Corruption of Cian, the father of the Irish hero Lugh Ethlyn- Corruption of Ethniu, wife of Cian and mother of the Irish hero Lugh Finn- Irish hero Finn MacCool(Fionn Mac Cumhaill), the leader of the Fianna Midayle- Corruption of Midir, an Irish god who is the son of the Dagda and lover of Etain Dew- Likely named for “morning dew” Edain- Irish heroine and lover of the god Midir Ayra- Corruption of ira, the Latin word for “wrath” Deirdre- Irish heroine and tragic lover of Naoise Jamke- Corruption of Jamukha, Mongolian political rival of Genghis Khan Chulainn- The Irish hero Cu Chulainn, wielder of the magic spear Gae Bolg, also possible reference to Chulainn, the man who gave Setanta(Cu Chulainn) his name Lachesis- Greek goddess of fate and middle sister of the Moirae(fates), she measures the length of the thread that defines a person’s lifespan Beowolf- Corruption of Beowulf, Norse and Anglo-Saxon hero Lewyn- Possibly a corruption of Welsh Llewellyn or Old English Leofwine Sylvia- Latin name in reference to Roman nature god Sylvanus Erinys- Greek goddess of vengeance also known as a Fury or the Furies Tailtiu- Irish goddess and foster mother of the hero Lugh Claud- Alternate form of Roman name Claudius Briggid- Irish goddess of fire Seliph- Original name Julia- Roman name, feminine form of Julius Lana- Unknown Larcei- Corruption of Irish god Luchtaine Ulster- Named after Irish province, As Skasher, his name is a reference to Scathach, the Irish warrior woman who trainned Cu Chulainn Oifey- Corruption of Aoife, Irish warrior woman Diarmuid- Irish hero of the Fianna and lover of Grainne Lester- English name derived from city of Leicester Fee- Diminutive of Fiona or Phoebe Arthur- Named for King Arthur of Camelot Iuchar- Irish figure, brother of Iucharba and Brian, who killed Cian and Iucharba- Brother of Iuhar and Brian, killed Cian Shannan- Corruption of Shannon, a river in Ireland Patty- Diminutive of Patricia Leif- Norse name such as in Leif Erikson Nanna- Sumerian goddess of the moon Ares- Greek god of war Lene- Unknown Tine- Derived from Tini mac Conri, Irish king of Connacht Febail- Irish hero Bran mac Febail Ced- Corruption of Forseti, Norse god of justice Hannibal- Carthaginian general who fought against Rome in the Punic Wars Cairpre- Medieval Irish name with various associated figures Altena- Possible combination of Greek goddesses Athena and Artemis Arion- Possibly from Greek poet Ἀρίων Villains: Alvis- Corruption of Alviss, a dwarf whose name means “All-wise” Andorey- Likely a corruption of the name André Lombard- Also known as Langobalt, both are names in reference to the Lombards, a Germanic people who lived in northern Italy Reptor- Unknown, likely original Travant- German word “trabant” meaning satellite Manfroy- Unknown Loptyr- Name used for the Norse god Loki Story Characters: Eldigan- Original name Grahnye- Corruption of Grainne, Irish heroine and lover of Diarmuid Kurth- Corruption of the name Kurt Cigyun- Corruption of Sigyn, wife of the Norse god Loki Azmur- Original? Mananan- Corruption of Manannán mac Lir, Irish sea god Mariccle- Corruption of mac Lir from Manannán mac Lir EDIT: New etymologies for Friege, Lopty, etc. thanks to comments
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