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Found 15 results

  1. Nintendo just put up the May 2021 Trailer that are releasing 6 SNES Games and One NES Game. I managed to look at the Japanese Trailer for NES and SNES Online (Famicom Online and Super Famicom Online) that they just revealed Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is coming to the Japanese SNES Online (Super Famicom Online). It is coming at May 26th. I'm pretty sure the two that replaces Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War for the International Game List could been Spanky's Quest or Super Baseball Simulator 1,000. Since Nintendo just put Genealogy of the Holy War in the Game Library, I'm definitely think that possible chances of a Jugdral Remake might going to show as unlikely deconfirm to be shown off for E3 2021 incase what Nintendo and Intelligent System going to show off a possible Fire Emblem game at E3.
  2. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhat recently. If I recall correctly, bookofholsety gave a rough estimate some months ago that the updated translation patch for Genealogy of the Holy War would be completed by the end of this year. I understand that real life can get in the way of fan projects such as these, especially college and work. Nonetheless, has anyone heard any recent news from him or others involved on the patch?
  3. Now that Shadows of Valentia has been released and has found success in Japan and all over the world, it seems like IS wants to continue the "Echoes" sub-series. For now it seems like they're leaning toward remaking Binding Blade but I can still hope that Genealogy of the Holy War will get a glorious and proper remake. Assuming that a Genealogy Echoes will be released, what kind of things do you want to see in it? I have a few ideas: Lots and lots of animated cut scenes. GotHW has the best story in FE so I would love to see as much of it developed as possible. Side-stories, flashbacks, all that good stuff. Breaks during the chapters. It not news to anyone that the maps are huge and have a lot of empty space, so breaking them up with cut scenes and a camp or something will make the maps less overwhelming. Add the possibility to get ALL holy weapons. Make it so Lex's kids can inherit Helswath and Azel's kids can get Valflame, etc. Return of the Turnwheel mechanic but obviously with some other lore-friendly gimmick More lovers(support) conversations for all the characters Bonus chapters for other scenarios like Ares retaking Agustria Excellent orchestrations of the OST and new music Fully voice acted(or mostly like SoV) Being able to pair Seliph and Julia without a glitch Adapt that sweet, sweet Eldigan arc from the Oosawa manga That's what I had in mind, anyone have other thoughts? Ideas? I want to know what other people expect for a game like this.
  4. Hey guys, I hope this is the correct place to post this. If not, please let me know. I need some help with my yellow deck. I'm quite new to the FETCG, only started playing this summer and I can seem to get a good flow in my deck. So any tips about deck building are welcome and below I have included my deck list for more specific feedback. Deck v1 Deck v2 Explanation v2 As always, any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I keep running into snapshot errors around FE4 Chapter 7 on Snes9x and I was thinking it was possible So I can pick up from a specific part where I left off in FE4 on Higan emulator rather than deal with Snes9x's annoying snapshot error bug, does anyone know how to do that? It'd make my playthrough a lot more fun if i didnt have to replay huge chunks of gameplay even though i save state consistently.
  6. (Wasn't sure if this would go here or in Fan Projects, so I flipped a coin.) This is just me being curious, but would it be possible to use FE4's engine to create a ROM hack? I don't mean a translation, but using the game's engine to create an entirely new game from scratch (new sprites, new map design, new classes, new weapons, etc.) Of course, all things in this area are difficult, but I'm wondering if it has ever been done before/could it be possible.
  7. I just wondering about this for a while about the Substitute Characters from Genealogy of the Holy War. I know like they're replacements if one of the mother's didn't married to one of the fathers nor gave birth to the existing children. But, do you guys might wonder where the Substitute Characters might have went off to during at the Child Hunt while their counterparts exist in case if one of the mothers married and gave birth to one of the two off springs (one son and one daughter each) before/after Chapter 5 happened during at Seliph's army in Part 2? I don't think one of the Substitute Characters were mentioned nor make an appearance in Thracia 776 and Awakening as well. And plus, I did see some of the substitute characters were planned to appear in Thracia 776 such as Jeanne (Nanna's counterpart since Nanna had a major role in Thracia 776), Asaello (Febail's counterpart), Daisy (Patty's counterpart), and the other Green haired Female unit that is definitely Hermina (Fee's counterpart and plus, Ced is in Thracia 776 while his own sister isn't in Thracia 776 which you can't recruit Ced and Fee & Hermina and Hawk at the same time during at the Second Part of the story line) were cut in the final version for Thracia 776. And plus, there wasn't any unused data of Hawk and Tristan were founded in Thracia 776 since Ced and Diarmuid are in the final version of Thracia 776. I kinda wondering if Intelligent Systems could make a special Xenologue chapter arcs focus on the substitute characters to have their own story while they aren't in Seliph's army and they're counterparts existed during at the game's plot in case if they're going to plan on making a Genealogy of the Holy War remake in the future similar to like how they did with the Heirs of Fate chapters in Fates.
  8. Since there are three Fire Emblem games got remakes that are Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and the upcoming Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. I think the next one that we might get a remake next is Genealogy of the Holy War and the next one after Genealogy of the Holy will be Thracia 776 since it's a mid equal to Genealogy of the Holy War, but since there is going to be a new upcoming Switch title that is going to be brand new story, do you guys think that Intelligence System will might make a Genealogy of the Holy War remake sometime after the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title that gets released in 2018 or do you guys think it will might going to be later than that?
  9. Do forgive me if there is an specific help section for this kind of stuff on the forums and I could not find it. I'm kinda new here. My problem is that I'm having a bit of trouble trying to emultion FE4 with the Naga translation. I tried updating the patch using Lunar IPS and neither the headered or unheadered patches work, the game just boots up the screen on the screenshot provided and then remains dark forever. the Delta patcher doesn't work for me either, so I'm not really sure what to do. Could anyone help me?
  10. I was playing Civ 5 today and I was shocked to see there were no completed Fire Emblem mods for the game. Since I just completed(and loves) Genealogy of the Holy War, I was thinking of starting a little mod based on the Grannvale Empire. I'm totally new to Civ 5 modding but I got far enough to change the opening screen, the name of the civ and its cities, and I changed the unique units. Grannvale Empire Leader: Seliph The leader icon still shows Bismarck and it still has the Iron Cross icon. Still trying to figure out how to change that Trait: Together We Ride (renamed version of Germany's ability to recruit barbarians) Unique Units: Winged Hussar(trying to rename it to Lanzenritter) and Mongol Keshik(also to be renamed into Beigenritter) Of the 50 or so cities you can make, the first 46(I believe) are named after all of the cities present in FE4, not just the seven in Grannvale. These are the basics I have, if anyone knows how to mod Civ, please help out because there really needs to be a Fire Emblem mod. Edit: Here's the link to the Steam Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=808580802&searchtext=
  11. Here's my plan for my first playthrough of this masterpiece - at least so far (currently at Chapter 3) : Fury x Noish Lewin x Tiltyu Ayra x Holyn Aideen x Midir (already sealed) Lachesis x Beowulf Sylvia x Claude Briggid x Dew OR Jamka (not decided yet) What are your thoughts? Also, I'm kinda worried about pairing Fury with a physical unit, because while Fee will surely turn out great, I'm worried that Sety will be sh*t because of that. Is it alright? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I'm Busterman64 and I'm new to Serene Forest (the forums anyway). I've recently had a major Fire Emblem rush and have been playing it kinda non-stop the past couple of weeks (with the start of summer and all). (I beat Blazing Sword 2 weeks ago and I am currently playing Binding Blade, a game I love and kinda hate). Since I've been in a Fire Emblem mood, I've been hearing that FE: Genealogy of the Holy War is pretty good (and I think Thracia 776 too). For someone like me who's played FE 6-11 & 13, (and grew up on 7 & 8) What's it like? I hear there is a patch and I'm interested in playing, but I kinda want to know what to expect. Please and thank you!
  13. Hello again everyone! So I`m curious who here has had the luck to obtain those sweet rare FE4 figures?? heh I`ve always wanted them oh man I love FE4 and having atleast 1 would really be sweet so if anyone actually owns one how is it having one? ah and the trading card game too not any downloads of the TCG though I`m talking like physical collections of the cards if I`m not mistaken those are pretty darn rare too I also hope to obtain those one day (actually I saw a FE4 booster pack on ebay awhile back for only 10$ should have gotten that sooner) But yeah... It must be pretty fun having them I wonder if they will ever release anymore in the future? they are not finished yet from what I saw it is only set #1 ah!!! now I remember it is called exceed a generation yeah that figure set so yeah who has some?
  14. Well...umm I wanted to share something with you guys I`m sure you will enjoy its my FE4 playlist I made all the videos in it all FE4 stuff heh but with some twists I used many cheats on it so its sorta a broken plathrough Lol. I thought maybe this would be neat to share here is how it goes,first generation has more changes to classes Alec as a master knight and noish a sword master? sweet right? and the second generation is where its better as it focuses more on holy blood and holy weapons (if you mix a bunch of holy blood together growth rates sky rocket! I don`t even know how high they are) anyhow the playthrougs are meant for fun so I hope any who come across enjoy there is plenty of stuff for you to sit back to and relax while seeing have fun :) here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnvW8GIFkQA2ntvUJEYnSpyeL3kDlix5S
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