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  1. Hi, I've felt like Fates dumps everything on skills instead of stats and for me that's part of what makes its' gameplay so annoying. Either you have an awesome class with good skills or you have a class with bad skills and all you can do is get out ASAP otherwise you're making the game harder on yourself (like oni skills are quite niche, have very little utility, and even though I used it often in RD, I feel like the movement-related skills like shove are not really useful in this one, maybe because all I can put on the frontlines is the bulkiest units since everyone dies in 2 hits except them, which means I don't really need to move people around and shelter is there if needed). So I've thought of trying to play the game with absolutely no skills (sadly it's impossible to get rid of personal skills, so 0 skills outside personals since we can't do anything about them...). If anyone is interested in this, don't hesitate to post here your thoughts about it (is it funny? challenging? does it change several units' viability? I already think of archers who are simply mediocre without quick draw and Setsuna would greatly suffer from that for sure). Also, do you find it funnier with- or without skills? I'm gonna try it in BR, I don't think it would be funny at all in CQ where it's already annoying with skills. *RANT AHEAD DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW MY THOUGHTS ABOUT DEBUFFS, THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE FE FRANCHISE SINCE 3DS AND MY BROKEN 3DS: Ennemies spamming poison strike, seal def/spd and steel shurikens is really unfun (for me at least), I'd rather give ninjas and myrmidons a little more damage and delete seals and stat debuffs if I were allowed to. On paper it was a good idea...in game it's awful when your Effie who's supposed to be a tank shows single digit def because of a gimmick they added like "hahaha that's so funny to have no defense left in a game where ennemies hit like trucks, have 3-10x more units deloyed than you each chapter and don't even hit your unit if they can't damage it, making the only real tanks in the game nearly useless just because we could do it! hahaha have fun with this troll game!"... Please kill Intelligent systems and replace them with actual humans. And then we have ennemies with freeze, entrap and hex rods... Yeah, fire Intelligent systems, please... they're complete trolls... I don't even want to play 3H with the directions taken in the 3DS games and the whole Hogwarts bullshit. If I want that I go play Harry Potter and that's it. On top of that it means I don't have to buy the Switch, since my 3DS broke in half and the screen can separate from the main part at any moment if I don't hold it tight (FML), which means I'll have to buy a New 3ds to also be able to play Xenoblade...cash cow, here you are! END OF RANT* So, I really want to play like the old days before everyone had 2-6 skills and before you had to check every ennemy skill and your own to calculate how much damage you'd take, and forget to count attack stance ennemies, their skills and you don't even know who they will attack with...yeah, this game went too far for me, tooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, so faaaaaaaaaar that I usually take a strong champion from another castle and spam gold DLC to buy the skill build I want to use as much as I can. I'm probably bad at this game, but I don't want to play in normal mode, it is so much easier that some chapters feel like a Pet Shop game.
  2. I've been trying to make the most optimal parings for my newest Revelations run and im to determine how optimal they are. A bunch of the pairs I believe will turn out well but there are two that will be godawful. These choices are based on dozens of discussions, polls and personal experience. Any thoughts on making these pairs better? All Underlined Pairings are already married and cant be changed. None of the children have been collected yet. I'm on Chapter 13. Pairings: FeMu x Saizo - Nohr Noble Kana Jakob x Orochi - Basara / Butler Dywer (Leftover Pair) Azura x Kaze - FK Shigure Kaze x Azura - Mstr Ninja Midori Silas x Mozu - Paladin Sophie Xander x Charlotte - Paladin Siegbert Leo x Sakura (Witch) - Grandmaster Leo Benny x Peri - General / GK Ignatius Keaton x Camilla - Great Lord Velouria Arthur x Beruka - Wyvern Lord Percy Odin x Elise (Witch) - Witch Ophelia Lazlow x Hana - Swordsmaster Soleil Niles x Setsuna - Sniper Nina Ryoma x Kagero - Spear Master Shiro Takumi x Rinkah - Sniper / Kinshi Kiragi (Leftover Pair ) Saizo x FeMu - Nohr Noble Asugi Kaden x Hinoka - Basara / Nine Tails Selkie Hinata x Selena - Hero / Mstr o Arms Hisame Azama x Effie - General Mitama Subaki x Oboro - Spear Master Caeldori Hayato x Rahjat - Sorcerer / Witch Rhajat Leftovers: Felicia I found that almost all of these pairs were the most optimal based on the Growth percentages for a given childs class with the exception Nina, Rhajat and particularity Dwyer and Kigari. So If I threw Setsuna, Rinkah, Felicia, Orochi and Nyx in a pile what would be the best way to arrange them for thes ake of Nina, Rhajat, Dwyer and Kigari?
  3. I personally think that Hoshido is more moral in values, in my opinion, because of how they want peace. That's just my view of it.
  4. So as most of you already know, in Fire Emblem: Fates, there is a DLC mission called "Royal Royale". In it, you must select a Royal Team from either Hoshido or Nohr. Depending on which side you complete this mission with, determines what kind of reclassing seal you'll receive. Completing the mission with a Hoshidan Royal gives you a Dread Scroll, and with Nohrian Royals an Ebon Wing. What I'd like to know is, on Hard mode (and Lunatic would be nice too) is there a simple strategy to complete this map with both teams? Though I have completed this map before, it took me a full day and a huge amount of frustration. I just wanna know if there's a simpler way to do it. I've tried the whole Elise being easy mode thing, but honestly that only seemed to make it harder for me. Thanks for any help! <3 EDIT: oops I put Beach Brawl instead of Royal Royale. I'm a big smart.
  5. I've already played through both Conquest and Revelations (I really regret buying Revelations in all honesty) and I'm curious. Is Birthright REALLY worth it? From what I've heard, it's too easy, and the story is almost as bad as Revelations plot. I'm really only considering purchasing it for the path bonuses at this point because I really don't see it being anything special. Figured I'd post about it though, to see what other people though in comparison to what I think. Thanks! :)
  6. So I've seen some discussion threads of other characters and since there wasn't a Takumi one I decided to create one myself. To be completely honest, when the trailers came out and there was a big hype pre-game release I didn't pay much attention to him except for his design, which I really loved his ponytail is rad brah (I know some fire emblem fans don't like archers but I LOOOVE them). But now that I know more about him I find him incredibly interesting and love this character. I don't know how much of it is a joke and how much isn't but Takumi seems to be a bit unpopular with some people because he doesn't like Kamui from the very start and/or due to some other circumstances that mainly have to do with the story. In my opinion, I think he's actually a very human character with all the self-insecurities he has and with the time it takes him to warm up to Kamui. I also love his voice yes yes I know many remember Yuuki Kaji for voicing Eren Jaeger but trust me, he has many different roles and is a very talented voice actor/seiyuu and think it fits him wonderfully. HIS SUPPORTS WITH LEON ARE GOLD (gosh I love Leon too). [spoiler=Translated website page] What are your thoughts on Takumi? :)
  7. Hello! How is everybody? So, I was wondering how to make the most balanced avatar with the final class of Hoshido Noble. Once I've figured out the stat caps, I plan to use the statues to even Kamui out. I figured the most balanced boon and bane combination was HP+ and Luck-, but with two final classes for the original base class, I wasn't sure. I don't know how to calculate the boons and banes. So, if anybody could show me how to calculate or simply give me the final stats for each combination, that would be great.
  8. I'mnewtotheseforumssobeniceplease. So I'm playing Birthright, and I'm a really indecisive person when it comes to pairings and I could use some help. These are by pairings: FEmui x Silas Hayato x Sakura Orochi x Saizou Hinoka x Subaki and here's where the pairings get really indecisive: Ryouma x Kagerou/Rinkah leaning towards Kagerou on this one but I heard Rinkah is okay Takumi x Oboro/Hana/Mozu Hinata x Oboro/Hana/Setsuna Azama x Bench Felicia/Maybe Setsuna Throwaway pair really but I'm open to suggestions, heard he's actually a physical unit. Azura x Kaze/Kaden/Jakob Kaze x Azura/Mozu/Rinkah Heard Mozu makes Midori OP, heard Azura can also do the same broken Miracle thing and makes for a great Shigure, Heard Rinkah helps Kaze a lot with stats or something Kaden x Hana/Azura/Mozu And Jakob can die alone. *sigh* Jakob x Flora Azura, Mozu, Kagero
  9. I have one of the best teams ;) you won't stop me! SeraphPunchOnline MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  10. My theory is that Nohr and Hoshido dont actually exist, in DLC 5 I believe of heirs of fate, shigure mentions that they were in valla to which shiro and siegbert reply that they were at the opposite factions castles,but shigure says that it was all and illusion, the same illusion that may have been seen by their parents, now it makes sense, back in the before awakening DLC when Chrom said Nohr and Hoshido were mythical worlds, because they are.
  11. Nevermind, I figured it out :P
  12. Yes. Azama is absolutely hysterical. He’s the antithesis of a traditional holy man– impatient, condescending, and a bully. Now, now. I know what you’re thinking: He’s a monk but a dick! Of course that’s why he’s funny! He’s a hypocrite! However, best put in his wise words, “I’m sorry that you’re totally wrong about everything.” Azama’s cruel behavior corresponds to his personal philosophy more than you understand. Despite it being the wildly common claim, he’s actually not a nihilist. Azama’s an absurdist. Absurdism is the third, lesser-known sibling to existentialism and nihilism.Existentialists believe humans can imbue meaning to life while nihilists think life is intrinsically meaningless and trying to ascribe some kind of meaning is futile and irrational. Yet it could be said that absurdists are like a paradoxical combination of the two schools of thought. Absurdists believe that while life is indeed intrinsically meaningless, one ought pursue the experience of life itself anyway– to live on in spite its contradictions and dilemmas. One can “reject” the absurd in two ways: 1) suicide and 2) religion. Suicide outright denies the experience of living, and to place faith in a religion is to willingly stay ignorant about the ultimate insignificance of a life. [x] But Azama’s a monk! Yes, yes. I hear you, and you see, that’s exactly how Azama has embraced the third option: to accept the absurd. He’s not necessarily a pious monk. (Whether it be enemy soldiers or bears, he has no qualms over killing.) Furthermore, he originally became a monk in hopes to mitigate his horrible temper. In meditation, Azama has found something that works for him, and he’s making use of his time being a monk with the full awareness that him being a “holy man” utterly holds no value. That’s why he doesn’t take being a monk and a healer and a retainer seriously. He may realize he’s smarter than most, but he also realizes that he’s truly no holier-(or-more-important)-than-thou. He never questions his comrades for their morality, just their stupidity. Arguably, he’s the most grounded character. Because instead of establishing a god-complex for all his talents and imparting his knowledge onto simpler minds, he doesn’t give two shits about anything since he knows no creation is any more more special than the next. So who is he to try and pretend like he’s someone better? Azama’s a dick because…might as well get some cheap laughs out of a ride you didn’t sign up for. Right? [x] ~~~ Whoever worked on Azama for the localization deserves a huge bonus– they did their philosophy homework! See?! I’m learning something as a philosophy major in college! [ugly cries]
  13. Specifically the royals. I would say: Xander/Ryoma - Mid (possibly late) 20's Camilla/Hinoka - Early 20's Kamui/Corrin - Late teens (nearing 20) Leo/Takumi - 16-17 Elise/Sakura - 14-15 I'm guesstimating from the ages of Awakening since the artist is the same. So then I would put the majority of the cast's age between 17-22, which makes me feel relieved. Having too many child soldiers squicks me out.
  14. Hello, I am completely new to FE and would like some advice. I have spent hours thinking of what would be the best team for hoshido (see image attached) to play this game on hard/classic mode. I am playing birthright so I have the chance to grind as this is my first game so I would like the option. After doing hours of research I have read that some characters/children are completely worthless which threw all my research out the window. I am looking for 4-6 attackers 1-2 defense characters and 2 magic users. I am about to loose my mind over this so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  15. In this discussion, we will be taking a look at Suzie- I mean Kaze from Fire Emblem Fates and turning him into an op streetpass unit. Be sure to leave your build for him below, include class and skills. With the introduction out of the way, let's start the process Who is the unit: So, now that we know about the unit, let's start breaking him down a little deeper. We will cover the unit's class tree, growth rates, personal skill, and all skills the unit can obtain, excluding DLC. But there is one thing I also want to cover with Kaze...There are 3 ninjas on the Hoshido route. 3!!!! So, how do I know which one to use. For now, I'll give the short answer Saizou: DEATH EVERYWHERE! Kaze: The speedy tank Kageroi...Kagerou?: Glass cannon Growth rates: HP, 55-STR, 40-MAG, 0 :(-SKL, 45-SPD, 65-LCK, 20-DEF, 20-RES, 35 *Starting class* Class set: *Ninja* -> Elite ninja or Puppeteer Samurai-> Trueblade or Weapon master So, what class to use? Now I actually haven't experienced Fates yet, but from what I see your best options are Trueblade or Elite ninja. For the sake of this discussion we are going to build an Elite ninja Kaze. Personal Skill: Prayer of Bonds; When the user is the support unit, the lead unit has a <insert your luck stat here>% chance of surviving a fatal attack with 1 HP. Essentially, Kaze can give anyone a free miracle, which makes this a very good skill. Couple that with the fact that he is a tank, have him supporting his spouse, and this can be kind of broken. All obtainable skills: Flowing Strike, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Strength seal, Line of death, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Lethality, Kunaifaire, Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet And now, drumroll please, the top 5 skills you should and shouldn't use in Kaze (in my opinion); Don'ts: 5.Snake venom- When the user triggers the battle, the enemy's HP is reduced by 20% after the battle. If the enemy has renewal or a healer has fortify then this is useless. That is not to say it is a bad skill, it sort of helps Kunais out a little 4.Line of Death- During battles, both damage and damage received +10 I really don't like this skill on Kaze. I get he is suppose to be a tank, but defense doesn't nullify this. He needs to be able to one shot his opponent, something hard to pull of with him unless he gets a crit. 3.Flowing Strike- When the user triggers the battle, avoid +30. Ok...so what if Kaze one shots the opponent...What if the opponent can't counter-attack, like if it's and archer or someone helpless to Kunais? 2.Copycat puppet- Creates a clone of the user once per map with the use of the "Copycat" command. Only useful if he is a puppeteer, this is an Elite ninja build. 1.Locktouch-User doesn't need keys to open doors and chests. Streetpass team...no chests in My Castle...This is useless. Do's 5.Lethality-Chance of instantly killing an opponent, based on skill x 0.25%. Insta death is good in my book. Saizou makes better use of this skill, but come on, IT'S INSTA DEATH! 4.Vantage-If the user is under half HP, they attack first. Hey, this is great for Kaze, give him a brave sword and he might as well start wrecking stuff 3.Puppet break-The users attacks are super effective against puppets. Coverage is all I have to say. 2.Astra-Based on skill x 0.5%, chance of triggering 5 consecutive hits at half damage. If all hit connect, Kaze will do 2.5x his original damage. Nuff said 1.Kunaifaire-Damage +5 if the user is equipped with a kunai. Yay! Stronger kunai! This will actually make his main weapon useful! So their you have it. Building a good competitive Kaze as I recomend. Don't forget to comment your build and also what character I should look at next. I'm Wolfie, and Kaze might as well be the next Lon'qu.
  16. Yay, I just finished Birthright Lunatic after giving up on Endgame Conquest Lunatic, and it was a very fun, very balanced ride in my opinion. I didn't find myself needing to use grinding for either gold or experience much, but was happy to be able to go back and catch some units up for their children. Plot Thoughts: Invasions and Nohr? *I was under the impression that a lot of the game would be about defending Hoshido from invaders, but from like Chapter 11-on the focus of the game seemed to be invading the shit out of Nohr. Looking at both Conquest and Birthright, I get the impression that Nohr is a completely ineffective and weak nation. The escape Xander and Garon level was the only one that came close to making them feel like a force to be reckoned with. Siblings * I was very pleased with the characterization of the Nohr siblings. You really get the sense that they love you and feel betrayed, and the battles you have with them are quite epic. Camilla, Elise, and Leo stood out to me as well-written compared to the way they act on Conquest. Unfortunately, this seems to come across at the expense of the Hoshido siblings who just seemed to talk about what was going on or where we were headed instead of having really fleshed-out personalities to me. Sakura likes to heal people and gets scared a lot. Hinoka likes trash talking even though her stats barely back it up. The reveal of Ryoma in Cheve felt completely random and poorly plotted to me. I could have used more character development/scenes for Xander but he was built up as a total badass! They were supposed to be my allies and close family, but I didn't feel like I got much of anything in the scenes and dialogue I saw. Takumi's "betrayal" could have been foreshadowed better or maybe just more utilized? Something like a recurring murder mystery subplot where a couple named looks or allies get hurt or outright murdered and we can't find the culprit? The only thing that stood out to me amongst the Hoshidan Siblings were the kindnesses and sympathies they seemed to have in certain situations like upon Elise's death. Their bond with Azura also felt very palpable. Villains * I didn't feel like Garon made enough appearances to really feel like the main villain, but I guess we learned everything we needed to learn about him in the early choice chapters. I understood that they kept some details hidden for both Conquest and Revelations, but one or two lines hinting that he was no longer human or of his motives would have been helpful. I guess I liked when he threatened Iago, more of that would have been fun to watch. *Iago in this path actually seemed like he was trying to do harm and got away with it, but the execution was still way off. Again, it made no sense to reveal Takumi as the traitor without him genuinely having done something awful or violent. Iago begging for mercy only to be killed by Leo felt silly to me as well. There was no reason for Leo to step in there when Corrin and co. had the situation under control. Hans is almost irrelevant in this path, but his killing Lilith generally seemed like a better writing choice than a random Faceless. Supporting Villains *There were some generally shocking twists like Flora's betrayal. I guess Zola's involvement in the plot was handled better, too. Hoshido felt like it had more supporting characters. And the leadup to Azura's song wasn't a travesty of logic like it is in Conquest. Azura *I liked Azura's involvement in the plot much better than in Conquest. She's still enigmatic for no reason and only as helpful as the plot demands, but at least her song saw some freaking use and got explained. I think you get to hear it like 5-7 times over the course of the game--now that's how you use a theme song. In Nohr she sings like maybe twice and barely at all after the dance cutscene. There was absolutely no reason her dissolving cutscene couldn't have been featured in Nohr. She only walks offstage in the Conquest endgame because they did such a poor job at explaining her powers and importance to the plot. Granted, she had a few too many damsel in distress moments for my liking, but she felt central to the plot in Hoshido! On Female characters ***I haven't played any other Fire Emblem games beyond Awakening, but Birthright certainly felt like a horrible place to be a woman. Between Azura, Mikoto, Elise, Flora, and Lilith, the game felt like a series of Women in Refrigerators. I get that a lot of this deathtoll is shared between versions, but it felt higher and more "bloody" than usual to me. Gameplay Thoughts: The only chapters I found difficult enough to warrant multiple resets were: Chapter 9: Land of Gods * Only because my ranged units were still pretty squishy and I couldn't take my time because Hinata kept getting slaughtered before I could recruit him and Oboro. I eventually aced this chapter and have to thank it for really forcing me to learn the nuances of guard and attack stance. Bringing along a bunch of extra healers helped, too, though I regret missing one of the chests. Chapter 13: Another Hope * At this point in the game, you have a bunch of strong units who can kill fliers and cavaliers and knights no problem, but it really helps to know where the enemy AI will drag them because if too many swarm you you're screwed. I mostly reset because I wanted to get all the village items. Kagero and Saizo were invaluable at getting them for me. It really helps that you can plan your movement in such a way that Camilla can be baited before her minions and Hans can get dragon veined before you fight him, though it's not at all necessary to kite too much. Besides the thieves, only the promoted armored units were troublesome when they started lumbering over. I had fun reclassing Corrin to a magical class for that. Chapter 23: Camilla *A lot of people like to talk about the difficulty spike in this chapter. Between the infinite Dragon Vein Chip Damage, the narrow corridors, and the reinforcements, it's easy to get screwed. I got through it by putting my tanker characters in one corridor to clear while my weaker ones fell back and drew Camilla's fire. Putting my strength-blessed Sakura into Priestess and giving her a Bow ended up being a great investment here. Camilla and her retainers themselves weren't too difficult upon being kited. Ryoma, Dark Flier Caeldori, and Oboro were all-stars here! Chapter 25: Traitor Revealed *I think this one took more resets than Chapter 10 on Conquest Hard did for me. The opening reinforcements are just completely brutal--a waking nightmare if you're not prepared! I think there are like 3-4 waves on each side of Great Knights, Dark Knights, Paladins, and Bow Knights. It's the most ridiculous thing I've seen in awhile! Especially when you consider the lack of reinforcements in Chapter 27. Shigure with a Beast Killer, Silas, Ryoma, and Caeldori's Galeforce really saved the day. I had some trouble with the Fortify Strategists at first until I realized they could be baited out, and didn't always just use their staves. The Dragon Vein in the middle is so absurdly good, it made me question its presence. Where I made things close to impossible for myself was trying to give Takumi the kill on Iago for the special dialogue. Iago's Bowbreaker and Vengeance made that a very poor choice. Chapter 27: This Chapter wasn't hard or scary after I realized that Garon wouldn't have any reinforcements coming for you. Takumi with a Spy Yumi was invaluable in eliminating his Maid and General minions a 3-range. I was a little disappointed that there weren't any reinforcements at first, but after Chapter 25 I was grateful for it.
  17. Pretty self-explanatory, but any help with the following pairings would be extremely helpful! I've organized them according to how confident I feel about them, meaning I'm pretty set on the beginning pairings, but could use a lot of help towards the bottom of the lists. Thanks in advance! Nohr: Xander x Kamui (unchangeable) Leo x Nyx Odin x Elise Zero x Camilla Flannel x Azura (thought Azura could use the defensive support bonus, plus their kids should be pretty great?) Lazward x Charlotte (like this one for the supports/personality more tbh) Kaze x Mozume Silas x Effie Arthur x Berka Benoit x Pieri Jacob x Felicia (basically the leftovers, but don't their modifiers clash?) (Luna is alone, mostly because I dislike her personality) Hoshido: (much more unsure about this list; a lot can be switched around) Jacob x Kamui (can marry Kaze, Subaki, or Takumi instead if optimization deems it necessary) Ryoma x Kagerou Takumi x Oboro (vassal-lord love) Subaki x Hinoka (red-haired Matoi yes) Hinata x Setsuna (balance out Hinata's terrible speed, and vice versa for Setsuna's paltry defense/strength?) ~Yomi x Sakura ~Saizou x Felicia (~=magic moms can be switched around) ~Asama x Orochi Kaze x Hana (I want to avoid doing the same pairings as in Nohr, so if Mozume-Kaze before, none of that now) Silas x Mozume Nishiki x Azura (Rinkah is alone, mostly cause I heard she's a subpar unit)
  18. Right now I'm on chapter 23ish of Birthright (So, spoiler: I'm well into Nohr and have visited the underground part of Nohr's capital), and 17ish of Conquest (So, spoiler: I'm just beginning to invade Hoshido). I thought, given that the premise of Birthright is that you defend Hoshido against the invading Nohr, and in conquest you fight to restore Nohr from within, that Birthright would put more emphasis on learning about Hoshido and Conquest would put more emphasis on learning about Nohr. It could just be that I'm behind on Conquest compared to Birthright, but I seem to be learning more about life in Nohr and Nohr's motivations from playing Birthright than from playing Conquest. Is this genuinely the case? Or is it simply that I'm further in Birthright than in Conquest?
  19. I currently have Birthright and I'm trying to recruit other people's units in their castle. I want the Nohr siblings. I've beaten other castles from Nohr games using no handicaps and in my castle, but I still can't recruit units. I also seized their castle as well. After beating them, I get the message "Would you like to add a character to your log book" and that's it. I've heard it should say "would you like to recruit?" Am I doing something wrong? And what should I do to get the Nohr siblings recruited in my game?
  20. Who do you plan to fight for? Nohr or Hoshido? Bond or Blood? Redemption or Revenge? (Insert another option here) or (Insert another option here) :3
  21. I've seen a lot of people like Ryoma. I love him too, but I want to know why so many people love him.
  22. **[uPDATE AS OF 3/6/16: Added max stat caps based on classes, and weighted growth rates!!]** Hello! This is my first time posting in SerenesForest, so I'm new to this posting thing (so I hope this is okay), but I've made a spreadsheet that can help you organize, as the title says, Marriage and Buddy Seal (partners) for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters in Fire Emblem if/Fates (even though it might be a little too late since it's already coming out in less than two weeks, haha). I tried doing some visual stuff to make the spreadsheet easier to read/make the information easier to understand at a glance, but since I'm not very much on the coding/programming/formula-writing/etc. side, my formulas are a little clumsy/ugly/really bulky/slow, but I promise you that they should work. Before using it, I recommend that you make a copy of it for your own personal use so that--on the off-chance more than one person uses this--your pairings won't get messed up. If there are any mistakes/errors/problems/etc., please tell me, and I will fix them as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions/comments/etc., I would also be glad to address them. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope this spreadsheet helps you, even if it's just a little. **Note: This spreadsheet works for ALL paths.** Version using the Japanese names (in English): Here Revelations version using the localized American names: Here Localized Hoshido-only version: Here Localized Nohr-only version: Here What you can do with it: - Customize Kamui/Corrin based on the asset/flaw/secondary class you choose. - View overall stat bonuses for children based on the marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritances for the Gen 1 characters. - Organize your class/skill inheritances for Gen 2 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritance for the Gen 2 characters. - View growth rates for Gen 2 characters based on marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View stat caps based on classes for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters. - View weighted growth rates for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters.
  23. I don't know if this has been done! But I couldn't find a topic like this, so if there is one... Sorry in advance! Well, I really like Renka's voice (also Aqua/Azura as a character) and the grunts Garon makes throughout it just pisses me off So I just removed his voice in the song! My editing skills are bad aren't the best but this is still way better than hearing the extra noises in the background!!! Enjoy! Nohr: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-nohr-version Hoshido: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-hoshido-version Renka vocals only: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-renka-vocals-only
  24. I realised that there has not been a proper marriage poll yet, so I decided to make one. Whom did you marry your MU to? Which route(s)? Why did you pick that character? Which marriage was your favourite (if you married more than one character)?
  25. I guess this is kind've similar to a "What's your favorite class?" type of question, but I'm sure some have other reasons as to why they would make Kamui a certain class, like gameplay reasons, what they feel fits into the story, and so on. Of course picking just based on your favorite class is fine, it's what I'm doing. Top 5 for me: Butler, Ballistician, Holy Lancer, Puppeteer, Weapon Master
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