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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, it is I Pengaius here with my long awaited contribution to the SCU Let's Play thread, well here we go. Part 0; The Prelude to Conquest
  2. You all know very well it's coming, sooner or later. Our beloved dating simulator with a tactics minigame tacked on prints too much money for IS to just give up on it. The question is... What new things do you want to see from the next installment? Are there any old mechanics you'd like IS to bring back? Is there a current mechanic you'd like to see them rework or get rid of? Would you rather it be a remake of an older FE or something new? Do you want it to be on the 3DS or the Switch? Why is Meg so perfect? Personally, I'd like to see something new, though I wouldn't mind a remake. I mean, if IS dangled in front of me a chance to play with Alm, Leif, Hector or Niime in a sick new model with a sick new art style, you bet your ass I'd be all over that. Still, I'd like to see IS deliver something completely new to the table. They did some interesting stuff with the classes in Fates (Like giving us a cool Bow + Staves class), so I'm excited to see what they might do next. Anyway, share your thoughts. I'd like to hear what you guys want.
  3. I've been doing some randomized playthroughs of the GBA FEs recently and it's rekindled my interest in Fates, so I decided to boot up Conquest and have another go at it. With a little input from some very lovely people in IP Chat, I successfully created the most bitchin', take-no-shit-from-no-pussy-ass-hoshidans ho Corrin ever: Now you get to watch me her fuck everything up in this playthrough of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest-- HARD MODE.
  4. Character sheet! Current Chapter List: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 2x Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 (Continued) Chapter 4: A Royal Headache (Continued) [spoiler=Nefarious]"Sir, I've returned," she said, heading into the dimly lit office space, and coming up to the desk. She hung her head and scowled. "You failed then, did you? What of the new bodies? Where are they?" He didn't lift his head, simply continuing to watch his quill write, making sure it was taking his thoughts down properly. "They were... Disposed of. A group of mercenaries made short work of them. I do not think they would have made able bodies, if they were dealt with so quickly." She tried to excuse her failure, hoping it would slide. "Then, since you survived, I suppose you would make an able body?" He asked, glancing ever so slightly towards her face, which was now turning from shame to fear. "Sir, I, I-I've always done my best to help you... Please. One more chance. I have a feeling they'll be making their way here. Their leader questioned me about the note that was left. I am sure such powerful people would jump at the chance to explore the unknown. If they come here, you'll have more bodies than you'd ever need for your work." She smiled a bit, trying to hide that fear. Much to her pleasure, he looked back down at his paper. There are never enough. His face twinged with anger for a moment, but settled back into apathy. "I suppose," he mumbled, "but you will go to meet them, and see if you can take care of them before they reach the castle. I don't want to have to clean up any messes inside. It would make the current subjects rather... Unruly. You don't want that. I don't want that." "Yes, sir. Of course." She bowed slightly, and thanked the stars for her luck, despite having to go back out into that cold. Even if it meant giving her life, there was no way she was dying on a testing bed. ---------- The morning after came slowly for everyone, Makin, Ingverd and Vriska included. Despite normally being an early riser, presumably, having extra heat in the bed made Makin sleep a lot longer than she wanted to, even if there was no rush to leave quickly. She collected her things and herself, and yawned her way into the foyer, hoping the mercenaries would be ready and raring to get walking. And as inviting as the couch looked, to sit on while waiting, she decided that it would be best to stand and wait. She might've fallen back asleep if she had. Someone else was already awake, though, and getting their wagon ready. Isabelle was outside, brushing her horse, and making sure the reins were attached properly. Perhaps she didn't seem like one to be proactive, but when it came to making sure her own properties were in check, she was always on top of the ball. She'd even made space for some of the mercenaries to sit if they got tired of walking for too long. She wasn't entirely inconsiderate. As long as they didn't talk to her... Ingverd had woken up after Makin, but was far slower in his getting ready to leave than her, still fiddling with clothes and his weapons. Part of him really wanted to stay here longer. Maybe with more effort and time he could make a real impact on the place, rise through the city guard by fighting and working at the arena, get close to Marius, make a difference... But it seemed all so unrealistic, if Marius himself was still unable to make a change from the inside, with all his influence. And then there was Valha... Things had taken a turn for the better, at least in his mind, but he didn't know how to make them go any further. Was she even ready for that? Was he? He didn't know. Playing around was easy; you just didn't get attached, but now that he had... Well, new emotions are difficult to deal with, even for adults. He sighed. He got dressed. He wandered downstairs. "Morning, elf," Makin said with a wry smile. "You seem tired. Not much sleep?" "I suppose you got a lot... No, not really," Ingverd responded seriously. "Too much on my mind. Hopefully some old fashioned mercenary work will help clear it up. I need to get the blood flowing back up here so I can think straight." "Oh... Well, I hope you get the chance to." Makin was a bit surprised. Almost disappointed, too. She'd sort of wanted some of his witty banter to wake herself up more, but if he really wasn't feeling it, she'd have to wait for the rest of the mercs to wake up. Someone could provide, she was sure. Wonder what's on his mind that's got him this shaken up. Might be the town. Wouldn't be surprised... All the while, Vriska continued to snore.
  5. Hi. So yeah, I've just made an account basically only to post this pure gold I've found today. I'm bot a big fan of mlg parodies/montages/whatever, but I laughed so hard anyway. This guy deserves more views. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOvWhQwC3oY
  6. Its pretty funky. So far I've gotten two perfect IV eggs with it.
  7. Hello and welcome to: The JOJ's Florina Emblem Run A screenshot LP of FE7. For some reason I think there's too many of these but at the same time I think there's not enough. So, I'm starting my own. The basis is that I'm going to be overusing Florina. Le start: [spoiler=Prologue] The start screen. Oh wait you knew that already. Entering my name. I think this is the first time I've ever entered the entire thing truthfully. Wow. Nintendo got the name really wrong. Everyone knows Lyn's from Bern. OH GOD I JUST REALIZED. LYN EASY MODE. OH GOD WHY. No, Lyn. I'm asleep. I'm just magically hearing you. I didn't take screens of the beginning conversation because no one wants to see it anyway. Lyn. I'm right next to you. Wow! I didn't know that! Thanks, Nintendo! Lyn was bullying me to move there. What a meanie. So I moved there. So Lyn's saying she didn't expect the bandit to see her that close? Ummmm..... no he's not. Your giant face is blocking him. Lyn killed the bandit. Oh wait she has to. What was Nintendo thinking They're forcing a terrible strategy upon you Some guy. I'm actually kind of scared. This plains dweller just picked me up and expects me to completely trust her. Me: No he's not. Lyn: What do you mean? Me: You're scripted to win. Lyn: What's that supposed to mean?! Me: LYN EASY MODE. Lyn: What? Me: Trust me. I hate it more than you do. Lyn gets a good level. Oh wait. She has to. GOD LYN EASY MODE. IT'S SO..... LINEAR. Once again, Lyn thinks I have the ability to understand conversation while I'm asleep. That's it for the prologue! I hope you enjoyed. Please be brutally honest. I want to improve in every way possible.
  8. Its n rpg, u gaiz r dum. has no stratergy 1111!!!
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