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  1. Just like the unpopular fire emblem opinions thread, share your unpopular opinions and why you have that opinion, or don't, I can't stop you. Because we already have a thread for unpopular FE opinions, keep anything FE related off this thread, anything else video game related is allowed though.
  2. Hey no idea if this has been done before and hopefully allowed (if not let me know/remove post) I just wanted to see peoples builds of all the dragons in the FEH game all in one place I have almost all the dragons available in the game so far just missing 3 I think These are some of mine definitely not perfect but they get the job done minus naga and mila whom I'm still trying to figure out what I want from them lol
  3. I don’t mean this in an offensive way but I really feel, now that the paint has dried, that in terms of characters 3H has the lowest amount of characters I flat out dislike but it also has the smallest amount of characters I really like too. What is everyone’s thoughts on the overall cast of 3H?
  4. I personally think Rhea is pretty hot. I know she has done some pretty bad stuff, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you S tier with her like I did she apologises and says she loves you. I don’t know bout you all but I think she’s cute.
  5. (I dunno if I should put this in general fire emblem, entertainment, or general because this may go beyond just fire emblem characters.) So with all these topics asking about who is your favorite or least favorite character in FE, I thought I'd get to the heart of the matter. I'm curious what makes you like or dislike a character? Like what exactly about the character rubs you the wrong way? are there characters you like that you feel are poorly written? and vice versa. Are there characters you dislike that you feel are well written? What is a well written character to you? I wanna get a discussion going on this cause it'll give me a better understanding on the nature of critique as a whole.
  6. Compared to how worried I was over things like 8-4 not handling localisation, and the marriage and avatar seemingly coming back, I'm actually getting excited again for the game, as it looks like a hybrid between awakening and echoes, which is better than I was first expecting it to be. Sure a tellius 3/echoes 2.0 would've been better for me at least, but this game has been on my mind a lot in a positive way, and I'm wondering if anyone feels the same way I do? Not only that, but my hatred for awakening and fates has seriously died down as of late, as while they may not be exactly like what I want out of fire emblem, I now realize I still like them quite a lot as I've recently replayed them (my play time for both games combined is 400+ hours now). Also I've recently finished xenoblade chronicles 2 at around 130 hours, and I loved playing through that game as well!!
  7. So I've been thinking for awhile now about a project I wanna work on, and I've been considering using either FE 7 or FE 8 (Not sure yet which I'd prefer as a base.) I've got much of the story and I've written up much of my plans for the units and class plans I have for them. I decided I wanted to have units use Personal Skills and I also wanted to do Class Skills one for the Base Class, one for Level 10 of that class, and one final skill for the promotion class. So I've been considering how I want the promotion system to work exactly, and I've been considering utilizing Second Seals for units to access alternate classes. However I was considering the feasibility of having Second Seal Classes utilizing slightly different Base Stats by incorporating a unit's base class. An example would be let's say you have a F!Mage which promotes to a Sage or Mage Knight normally. Let's say using a Second Seal the F!Mage could promote to a Harrier which is a hypothetical promotion of a Pegasus Knight that uses Anima Magic and Lances. Using the Base Stats from Sacred Stones for this example. Class HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Pegasus Knight 65 35 / 5 40 40 35 15 35 Mage (F) 55 0 / 55 40 35 20 5 40 In my project I intend for Magic and Strength to be a separate growth rate. Pegasus Knights will have a 5 in Magic and Mage's will have a 0 in Strength. The hypothetical Harrier class has the following growth rates in this example. However below it is the average of the two above classes in the event that the F!Mage uses a Second Seal. Class HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Harrier (Normal) 65 35 / 35 40 40 35 15 35 Harrier (Second Seal) 65 35 / 55 40 40 35 15 40 I always felt it strange that there wasn't much carry over of the growth rates from the origin class, and I felt like this would make for more interesting builds. In this example the Harrier has a better Magic Growth which makes more sense anyway since it'd be originating from a Magic Class rather than a Physical Class. So I guess I wonder what others would think of this as a mechanic, the Second Seal would be a somewhat rare item since obviously in most cases a Second Seal class would turn out better than a normal promotion into that class. It might be unbalanced or maybe it'd prove too difficult to implement, but I'd love other thoughts on this idea and concept. (Maybe something similar already exists.) I've also considered doing something similar with the Base Stats, but doing one or the other might be better, though perhaps both is the best scenario in that case too.
  8. Inspired by Godhand ''Saddest Death Quote'' topic, a little game for everyone. Make a death quote yourself and share it here. Mine: Hehe... In the end, my death... meant as much as my life..... no...thing...
  9. Exactly what the titles says (again), What are things in the franchise you are sick of seeing either because you've seen them too much or because you think they effect the story or gameplay in a negative way and need to go. Here are the things in the Fire Emblem franchise I think need to just leave and never come back based on what I've played (Awakening, Fates, Echoes): Let's get the obvious ones out of the way. Desert Maps (They're tedious slogs and I can't think of a single benefit to them) Fog of War (These are bad for strategy because they only effect the player and practically enforce turtling) One Dimensional Villains (They're lazily written and boring) Quirk-Centric Characters (They're lazy and I find them immersion breaking) Open Field Maps (Lazy, Awakening was embarrassing and Echoes has NO excuse) Lackluster Worldbuilding (Let's be real, even Echoes needed to do a better job with it's worldbuilding despite having different teachings Rigelian and Zofian societies appeared the same) Now for some that are important to me personally. Dragon Final Bosses (It does not always have to be a dragon come on) Kid-Looking Characters (Unless they're manaketes there's no reason for units that look prepubescent to be on a battlefield at all) Boob Armor (https://www.tor.com/2013/05/06/boob-plate-armor-would-kill-you/ I know it's done for the sake of fanservice but I find it immersion breaking and cringeworthy) Destructive Faithfulness (When you remake a game you FIX it's flaws, not preserve them for the sake of staying faithful.) 2 Range Exclusive Archers (Echoes had the right idea, let Archers have 1-3 range while balancing the effectiveness ofcourse) Avatar units (I've bitched about this plenty so to keep it short, they're more often then not destructive to the writing) Possessed Villains (I vastly prefer villains that are motivated by their own goals instead of being influenced by evil spirits/magic and shit) Lack of Politics (I think it'd be great if the conflict weren't as simple as just "Evil Nation vs Good Nation", use some imagination) These I'm only mostly sure on. Fanservice Characters (Characters build for the express purpose of being masturbated to are lame though I don't think they're THAT harmful) Weapon Durability (I've been thinking about this for a bit and I think a MUCH more balanced version of what Fates tried to do would be better) Critical/Skill cut-ins (I liked it better when critical hits/skills were quick and surprising, now you have to sit through a not-so-witty one liner and portrait closeup before impact.) Dancers/Bards (Unless they're dancing/music have magic properties that are useful in battle then it makes no sense for them to be on the field) That's all I have, what about you guys?
  10. So after reading several posts on the camilla opinions thread and everyone pretty much saying she's a character with wasted potential. I got to thinking which is worse? A character that's just poorly written with really no real way to salvage/fix them or a character that has the potential to be a great character but is poorly written due to being held back by a variety of other factors. This can also apply to stories as well. Personally I think disappointing/wasted potential characters are worse because it's frustrating for me to look at them and see what could've been where as with plain bad characters are just bad end of story.
  11. If you could rewrite any SINGLE character in the FE series who would it be and why? I'd prefer to keep this to singular examples but if you have multiple answers feel free to share them all and got as in depth as you want. I SHOULD get this out of the way though, when I say rewrite I DO NOT BE WRITE OUT OF EXISTENCE so please no "just remove x from the plot" types of answers. These are fixes, not erasures.
  12. What on your thoughts on the Possessed/Corrupted villain type in Fire Emblem games?
  13. Exactly what the title says, who are your favorite characters and why? They can be from any game in the series and there can be multiple. I'd ask for least favorites but I don't want this to turn into a predictable Fateswakening hate circle.
  14. What kind of antagonist would you like to see in a future Fire Emblem? I personally would like to see one that thinks of themselves as the one in the right. One who has, in their own views, heroic intentions and thinks of themselves as a good person while seeing the people opposing them as the evil ones, only acknowledging people they approve of as their followers while denouncing morally bankrupt ones and refusing to associate with them. One who's a competent leader and doesn't make cliche mistakes like letting the protagonist go because "They're too weak" or "I have other business to attend to", but instead does what they can to eliminate potential threats. One who's followers believe in them because they see the good that could come from their goal and want to help reach those ends. One who's flaw is the refusal to see the negative impact of the means they use one the ones they oppose, and in turn refuses to see why the protagonists oppose them. Which would help them contrast with the protagonist who, while able to see things from other perspectives, simply can't accept what is happening and wants to put an end to it. As a result the story wouldn't end with unanimous praise of the protagonists, the rival nation may even see them as the villain and their history would remember them as an awful person who took away what could have been a bright future. I think my standards are a smidge too high, is the fact that I want to be a video game writer obvious enough yet?
  15. I haven't played Genealogy of the Holy war yet so I know next to nothing about the story save for the one plot point that keeps getting spoiled by dumb memes, but I've heard from the FE Wiki that the Manga for Genealogy of the Holy War expands on the plot, characters and world so I thought I'd ask those of you who've played FE4 if a potential remake game should adapt that manga or if you'd be satisfied with an expansion of the game itself. Feel free to let me know if there's already been an ask like this.
  16. I know there's a lot of criticism being hurled at a certain two recent titles in this series (I guess I'm part of this camp?) so I felt like I should ask critics of Fire Emblem's 3DS era what their favorite things about those games are since all I fucking do here is ask people stuff.
  17. There's something that has been bothering for quite a long time, why does so many people hate Kris, the MU of New Mystery of The Emblem. Some say that is because he takes all the spotlight from Marth, I mean sure, sometimes I think he becomes too much of a hero for a deuteragonist, but still, I never saw him as such. Considering the fact that the MU customization began with him (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken doesn't count, I'm sure you know why), of course there would be flaws, but it just seems that he's too much hated, he may not be the best MU and absolutely not the best character, but still he ain't the worse either. What do you guys think?
  18. okay first of all Idk what forum type to put this under so yeah. Anyway, I've been thinking about this sort of thing a lot recently because of all the distaste I see for characters like severa, camilla, peri, and tharja. people say they're bad characters because their mean, immoral, psychotic, etc. Personally I like all those characters except tharja mostly because well they were interesting characters in my eyes. I think people need to understand there's a difference between a likable character and a well written or interesting one. Like just because a character is a good person that doesn't automatically make them a good character. I mean just look at characters like kirito or corrin. I dunno if what I'm saying even makes sense but it's something that's been on my mind is all.
  19. There are some pretty crazy plans in the Fire Emblem series. From Manfroy's manipulating countries, to Azura's plan for Garon to sit on a throne. Which one do you think has the highest change of failing? For me is Manfroy, his plan rely heavily on the writing itself favoring him and the amount of cutscene powers to accomplished otherwise difficult feats.
  20. Okay, so. You're probably wondering about the topic title. You see, this LP is SPECIAL. I won't be playing just one hack. Instead, I'll be playing six separate hacks, all made by the same person. The quality between them varies WILDLY, and some of it will be terrible in a zany fashion, or just terrible. Markyjoe1990, the creator of all the hacks, is a relatively well-known FE hack youtuber/reviewer, and he is VERY CRITICAL. LET'S FIND OUT ABOUT HIS RIGHT TO JUDGE Let's find out about his OWN dark past! I'll be playing the hacks in a very specific order. Keep in mind that I need to play them in this order, because this is the order they were made in, and they all sort of together form a VERY WEIRD "canon"(eg: If I don't play them in this order you won't understand the "in jokes"). Also, all the hacks are unfinished or abandoned to some degree. Anyways, here's the order I'll play them in: Super Hard Lyn Mode: The very first hack Markyjoe released, it's basically a reskin of Lyn mode, made to be "super hard"(note the quotes). It's terrible in every since of the word, and thus will be a great way to start things off. It's length is the whole of Lyn mode, but the chapters are short so it shouldn't take THAT long. Markyjoe made changes to Eliwood mode as well, but he never specified what they were or if they were worth seeing, so we won't be caring about them. If you need something to compare it to, it's like a really early and REALLY WEIRD Chaos Mode, except not really. Tactician's Nightmare: It's one level of pure insanity. Pure, imbalanced, terribly designed, luck-based insanity. It plays like a bad ragefest hack, and will likely only take 1 update. Markyjoe said that some people had no trouble with the level while other ended up tearing their hair out over it. I guess we'll see, won't we? Old Fire Mumblem: Marky's first full custom hack. Except not really, because all the portraits are copied. It's terrible, at many points not even in an entertaining way, and Marky admitted that the only interesting part about it is the dialogue, which is so impossibly explicit I might get an infraction for posting it in uncensored form. I'll find some way to deal with it, don't worry! It's length is about 7 chapters or so if I remember right, after which the hack kind of peters out. New Fire Mumblem(also known as Fire Mumblem: Revised Edition): Basically Fire Mumblem TAKE TWO! It's the first hack on the list with gameplay that someone MIGHT CONCEIVABLY ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY. Believe me, that says something! Of course, markyjoe abandoned this one after even less chapters, but that's okay, because it isn't THAT great. Corruption of Roy: I didn't initially PLAN on playing this, but my viewers convinced me otherwise. I regretted listening to the peer pressure, it was a Ragefest submission for a reason! Project Shoeshine: I would LIKE to play this, but I can't, because it was only available on Marky's forums, and they apparently disappeared at some point, and the link on the thread on serenes forest just gives me a 404 error. Fire Mumblem: Chronicles of Lussaria: All the numerous failures and train wrecks FINALLY come together to form a hack with an interesting plot, an entertaining cast and dialogue, good gameplay, and interesting concepts, which all lasts for an amazing TWO CHAPTERS! Beautiful! This will be the finale for this LP thread. OBLIGATORY LINKS: Markyjoe1990's youtube channel And his weird website Fire Mumblem "Fun" Pack(no idea if the download link works, but if it does you can get the first 4 hacks in the list.) Fire Mumblem: Chronicles of Lussaria(should be obvious which hack you can get, but again, no idea if the download link works.) THREAD RULES: 1: NO SPOILERS, I WANT ALL MY VIEWERS TO BE SURPRISED BY THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN 2: Don't be blind 3: Or an idiot. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Super Hard Lyn Mode: Page 1(HINT: SCROLL DOWN) Tactician's Hell(One episode, Page 3) Old Fire Mumblem(Page 4) New Fire Mumblem(Page 7) Corruption of Roy(Page 9) Chronicles of Lussaria(Page 11) Project Shoeshine(Page 13) And now, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: Super Hard Lyn Mode: Episode 1: Prologue and Chapter 1: The Zaniness Begins NEXT TIME: The Mani Katti's secret power! Try to guess what it is!
  21. What's your least favorite character in the whole series itself? Personally, my least favorite is most likely Peri (FE FATES)
  22. Basically, what do you guys think about the music in this game? Favorite pieces, how it stacks up against the other games, etc. To start, all of Celica's map themes are total bangers. I like it a lot. The map theme for Act 3 is tight, I like that it's reminiscent of the series main theme. Also, I like the songs for fighting Berkut. I also like the music in this game in general. It's not a departure from the rest of the series in any way, but it works hard to establish clear leitmotifs for Alm and Celica. Not a big fan of how it doesn't pay off for either of them. (For an example, listen to Alm's Map 1 and 2, and then listen to Alm's map 3. Same for Celica.)
  23. USEFUL THINGS PEOPLE HAVE FOUND Throwback Interface Tweaks
  24. ​​Well hello there! This may seem very out of the blue and very unorthodox to put here, but I thought I would do it anyway. Let me explain what this is first. This will be me watching the TV series, Super Sentai, and reviewing it episode by episode hence the title (yes, the title does serve a purpose). ​I'm not very sure if this goes in Entertainment, since I think I'm the first one to do this on this forum, but we can roll with it. By the way, if anyone else wants to join me in watching this, then please pm me and I'll gladly share the experience with you through Discord. Also, if anyone else wants to do something like this, then go right ahead, it'll be fun! Onto the important stuff, "what is Super Sentai?". Well, have you heard of Power Rangers? If yes, then you have a step ahead of everyone else, hooray! But for those who don't, it's about a group of 5 or more characters who have the ability to transform into powerful forms using some form of device or power and they fight against an organization of evil. The series known as Super Sentai started in 1979 with the series known as Battle Fever J. For those hard core Otakus that I probably just confused please wait for me to explain. Technically, the series started in 1975 with the release of Himitsu Sentai Goranger, but wasn't technically "Super Sentai". The releases of the first two season, Goranger and JAQK, were made without giant robots, giant robots are what added the "Super" part onto Super Sentai. These two series were technically not canon until much later into the series. "What does this mean?" you might ask, this means that I'll be starting my episode by episode review with Battle Fever J instead of Goranger (although it's really awesome and everyone should go watch it). ​Talking about Power Rangers, the Super Sentai season Zyuranger was adapted for American audiences into Mighty Morphin which is what is known more prominently today (thanks mostly to the movie). Also, the reason I'm not doing Power Rangers is because I've regrettably seen every episode of it (and grew up with it), so my review standpoint wouldn't be very unbiased or uninformed. ​Let's talk format. The format for this topic will be very erratic. Honestly, I'll watch the episodes when I want to and immediately do the review after. There won't be a "schedule" for this, mainly because I'm lazy, but also because I've got school. I'll post my thoughts and opinions on the story, characters, what happened in the episode, etc. I'll be taking notes during the show while I'm watching it, so I don't forget what I want to talk about. Also, I'm probably going to try and be comedic and funnily critical in order to add some spice to the review, so you guys don't fall asleep while reading it. ​I think that's about it. If you have any questions, then please ask them because I'm sure I missed something. EDIT: I'm adding a rule that if I don't enjoy a season after the first 3 episodes then we'll move onto the next series. The reason I'm adding this is because there are 38 Seasons of Super Sentai and each of them have 50 or so episodes. This would be a very long thread that would last many years if we did the entire series. ​[spoiler=Table of Reviews] (done) ​Episode 1: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=67014&p=4585510 Episode 2: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=67014&p=4587637 ​Episode 3: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=67014&p=4593436 ​ ​
  25. We already have a topic about the opinions on the characters of Fire emblem Fates, created by Roylking. I thought, why don't we make a thing like that, but for the soundtrack of Fates? I think fates has the best soundtrack of all Fire Emblem games, and I think it deserves a lot of praises. This thing will be daily by the way. Day #1 - Abundant Solace This theme is the generic mycastle theme My opinion: This theme is ok. It is very calm, but at the same time, it has a certain charm to it. I still never hear this theme ingame because I always change my Castle music to something else, but it's still not bad. Themes opiniated: - #1 Abundant solace - #2 Puppet's feast - #3 Quiet Burn - #4 Justice RIP - #5 Petals in the wind - #6 Spreading Shadow - #7 The Water Maiden - #8 Glory/Ruin - #9 Past Light - #10 Vanity Judge - #11 Paradise (Light) and Paradise (Dark) - #12 Alight - #13 Oblivescence - #14 Prelude to disaster - #15 A brother's vow - #16 Lost King's Supper - #17 No Justice - #18 Pale Star - #19 Dusk falls - #20 New power - #21 Pray to the dar - #22 Obsidian Ruler
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