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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to start a Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Pick my Units, With your Units as replacement for the standard cast. How this works is, If you want you send me your Own Character in a Comment following the Template here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Description(optional): Class/Reclass and Pomotion: Army: (Nohr,Valla,Unown,Hoshido) Birthday: Which Unit to Overwrite/ You will join in that Chapter and get this units Bases (Taken Characters will be named in the Comment Section) Growths/300 Points per Character to divide in these Substats: HP: STR: MAG: SKILL: SPD: LCK: DEF: RES: Personal Skill: (can be an original/new idea or an exisiting one, Every skill in the game is possible) Portrait: (which Character or Enemy Portrait) PERSONAL WEAPON: (be creative) ( also optional 😄 ) Hair Color. (just a color or a color code) Also optional: A Child Unit. If a Child unit is wanted then just use the same Template and post it after the Parent. Supports will be available between every playable unit. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think thats about it. I will try editing all of your Ideas and will post the chapters and character if finished. I hope you can help me and my playtrough. Extra Information: New Classes are very difficult to create, I tried but there were always some errors, Difficulty will be Lunatic and if its too hard, Hard Child units are optional, Also Twins will be accepted too.
  2. Welcome everyone to this small LP of mine! Some of might have seen my PME Thread (where you can also see all the changes) over on the Fates Subforum, and after finally getting all 16 of units, and some asking around, i decided to do a small LP! It won't be a detailed one, but i will try to post pics of my general strategy and of interesting events happening! For this post, i have only a small introduction. I went and edited my units right after the route split. Our Main Character, the Man himself, Kaga! Somehow, in his way to infiltrate IS' games, he became... a fish dragon? What's interesting about this unit is that it has access to 1-5 range attacks and heal, but can't double attack or Attack stance. Can still pair up, though! Although the Bonuses are abysmal, really. Following Kaga in his adventures, his loyal servant disguised herself as a lord! She knows that they've got trouble with how her lord became a fish and all, hence she is going all out with her magical arsenal! This is the start of a chaotic adventure, and i hope as much fun as i will have, you all will be entertained as well! Index: Episode 1 Episode 1x Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Bonus Episode Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Interlude Episode 16 Episode 17 Endgame
  3. This is a Pick My Edits based on a topic I posted a few months ago. Feel free to add suggestions in either here or the original thread, and I'll decide if it goes in. 4/23/2018: BETA 1.1 is live! 4/24/2018: BETA 1.2 is live! 4/26/2018: BETA 1.3 is live! 5/11/2018: BETA 1.4 is live! 5/17/2018: BETA 1.5 is live! 5/31/2018: BETA 1.6 is live! 6/19/2018: BETA 1.7 is live! 8/26/2018: BETA 1.8 is live! 9/23/2018: BETA 1.9 is live! 10/26/2018: BETA 2.0 is live! 12/25/2018: BETA 2.1 is live! Merry Christmas! Current Features: Patch List: Growth Rates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GcyBFBw5qyBBARgwgQ8IIJ7SwKkilDy1q897OakWEe4/edit?usp=sharing Planned Features: Credits: @7743 for making FEBuilder, and Nintenlord for making Event Assembler, and to those over on FEUniverse who made the Melee & Magic patch, the Display Weapon Ranks patch, and the animations for Bow/Magic Generals, armored Ballistician and Mage Knight with Swords, and to those who made the graphics for literally every new thing in the hack. Except for the stuff related to the surprise character. I did those, with some tips from people on Ft. Mangs. Oh, and thanks also to Zorua, who touched up the Rennac/Erk splice.
  4. Here is a PME I started on FEU about a week ago. I thought that I could continue it here. This is the link to the FEU topic so you can see what edits are made already. This is an FE8 PME that I decided to try out. Here are the edits that I am making to the base ROM. These are very important to know for this so please read them. Really any edit can be made, whether it be characters, classes, events, maps, or anything else. Rules: -Choose any edit you want but don't mess with the edits I made (for example adding in a class I removed) -Not a single FE8 character or map can remain the same (no edits to vanilla FE8 characters) -Maps must be larger than one screen (at least 17x13 size) -Anything requiring graphics insertion has to be sent to me so I can insert it (portraits, custom items, etc.) -No self inserts, only original characters or characters from other games -Custom classes or items are fine as long as they aren't things I removed -Character classes must be from the list in the pastebin (unless custom) -I will deny an edit if it breaks the rules -Any suggestor can add as many edits as they like and they're not limited to character creation There are going to be around 25-30 chapters total. Enemy placement and events will be handled by me unless somebody else wants to do it for a specific chapter. Characters will join in the order they are suggested. There is no limit to the amount of characters that can be added. Here are the potential types of edits that can be made if anybody's not sure. I would prefer all suggestors to put forward a new character since there will need to be a lot of them. Boss characters are also an option for additions. New characters must specify a name, class, portrait(formatted correctly), starting stats, inventory, and growth rates. Any extra character edits will also be accepted. I will not be using the skill system, so don't list any personal skills. You can also just put down a portrait, class, and name and I will do the rest if you're feeling lazy. I will put any edits I accept and apply to the rom on this link.
  5. Welcome to Fire Emblem 7 Pick My Edits: Pink Suit Edition! What started as an excuse to practice ROM hacking and figure out if Assassins pick up desert items became a full PME run by a single vote (see below). Now, not only will I be doing a run of Hector Hard Mode with a "horribly mutilated team" of units in suggested reclasses, but even the game itself will be horribly mutilated with all manner of silly edits. How this works is that, for each character, I will be assigning them a new class as well as adjusting their growth rates. Their new growth rates will be their original growth rates, minus the generic growth rates for their original class, plus the generic growth rates for their new base class. I'll also be adjusting their weapon ranks and equipment to match their new classes. Editing their bases is not necessary- because of how a character's base stats are determined, changing their class is enough to accomplish that. I'll try to use as many characters as I can, but I can't make any promises because A) I cannot recruit both Karel and Harken, and B) I am not very good at video games, even the turn based RPG ones, so I may find myself reverting to a core team of powerhouses. Every character has already been reclassed, but other edit suggestions are still welcome. These suggestions can be of any kind. Changes to weapon stats, putting new items in different locations, having Dorcas start out poisoned (this is something someone suggested and that I'm doing by the way), or simply giving things new silly names or other cosmetic changes. Unit Reclasses: Marcus (Paladin -> Assassin) @AnonymousSpeed Lyn (Lord -> Pirate) @Florete Rebecca (Archer -> Wyvern Rider) @Ether Geitz (Warrior -> Paladin) @eclipse Jaffar (Assassin -> Druid) @eclipse Renault (Bishop -> General) @eclipse Dorcas (Fighter -> Pegasus Knight) @Michelaar Vaida (Wyvern Lord -> Blade Lord) @Joe Cool Bartre -> Bardtre (Fighter -> Bard) @ping Heath -> Feath (Wyvern Rider -> Thief) @ping Canas -> Can-ass (Shaman -> Knight) @ping Eliwood -> Eligood (Lord -> Monk) @Dayni Louise -> LOffise (Sniper -> Sage) @Dayni Hector -> Hectorino (Lord -> Knight) @silveraura25 Wil (Archer -> Thief) @HTAS Serra -> Serra-sama (Cleric -> Wyvern Rider) @HTAS Nino (Mage -> Mercenary) @garbaeg Lowen -> Lordwen (Cavalier -> Hector Lord) @Hylian Air Force Matthew (Thief -> Archer) @Kubson Wallace (Knight -> Fighter) @Kubson Ninian (Dancer -> Mercenary) @Kubson Harken (Hero -> Berserker) @Kubson Erk (Mage -> Soldier) @Tuvy Lucius (Monk -> Fighter) @Ruminant Farina (Pegasus Knight -> Mage) @Ruminant Pent to OnPent (Sage -> Sniper) @Shiinoobi Fiora (Pegasus Knight -> Dancer) @Pengaius Guy -> Dude (Myrmidon -> Cavalier) @Pengaius Nils (Bard -> Priest) @Pengaius Athos -> Sohta (Archsage -> Magic Seal) @Pengaius Dart (Pirate -> Myrmidon) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Kent (Cavalier -> Cleric) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Isadora -> I a soard (Paladin -> Swordmaster) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Karla (Swordmaster-> Archsage) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Sain (Cavalier -> Mercenary) @saucegoblin Rath (Nomad -> Pegasus Knight) @RexBolt Eligault (Thief -> Eliwood Lord) @RexBolt OsWing (Knight -> Wyvern Rider) @Interdimensional Observer Karel -> Kareling (Swordmaster -> Valkyrie) @Interdimensional Observer Florina (Pegasus Knight -> Cavalier) @Koumal8 Raven (Mercenary -> Shaman [F]) @Koumal8 Priscilla (Troubadour -> Nomad) @Garlyle Hawkeye (Berserker -> Nomad Trooper) @Garlyle Other Edits: If you'd like to play along or otherwise share in this experience, I'll be releasing several patches. One will just be the unit reclasses, while I'll be playing with the "complete" patch. Original Opening Post: Original Poll Questions and Responses:
  6. Basically, an FE8 PME, but I get the final say if I will implement the change or not. Keep in mind that I kinda suck at making custom portraits, but I can do recolors if I'm lazy.
  7. I generally have 3~4 hours to kill a day, so I figured I'd spend it with a Pick My Edits. I plan for this to be on Hector Hard Mode, so Karla and Farina are OK to edit. Enemy growths are going to increase 20%, as a counter to all the player foucsed buffs that seem to be poring in. I'd like to see at least one change for every character, but I'm not quite sure how many people will see this. I do want a somewhat balanced playthrough, so throwing in a provision I can not accept a change. Be suspific, as to just increase or decrease something isn't clear enough on what you mean. List of changes I've accepted
  8. Looking for edits for a Fire Emblem 7 ROM. List those edits and I'll pick the best ones and interesting ones. If you want me to change names of weapons or characters or change the portraits of certain characters, I'll have my editor: Chaos Slicer do it (major thanks for helping me btw).Also, the growth rates of enemies will be increased by 20% so keep that in mind when you play HHM.List your edits here or message them personally to me. With the way things have been going so far with this PME, I might make this into a type of ROM Hack. I don't know if I want to call it ZIGLUDO Emblem or Fire Emblem:ZIGLUDO and Hector's Tales HERE IS A LINK TO THE EDITS SO FAR:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PCIyKF_FSIGjHlKhSPYyghvmWqkhpu-eIFBb3wl4LFI/edit HERE IS A LINK TO THE DEMO PATCH:https://www.dropbox.com/s/oc5swuxnvbgmtmo/FE7 PME chapter 21.ups?dl=0 *Demo Patch for this goes up to New Resolve *Recommended that you play ZIGLUDO or Hector's stories first because Lyn story unit are/is entirely different from ZIGLUDO and Hector's.
  9. So my Christmas holidays start in 3 weeks and I thought it would be fun to play an increased difficulty patch over the holiday but then remembered the pme craze that seems to be going round after Mangs started playing them - so why not do both? I can do most of the hacking but if custom graphics are required then assistance might be needed. e.g. portraits are not my forte Here are some of the current edits: Circles' (and everyone else who helped) skill system Overlapping weapon triangle (Dark/Axe > Anima/Lance > Light/Sword etc) 2-3 range bows increased enemy growths - most likely 20% Seth becomes Kid Seth (recruit/squire class) If i can figure out how then level cap at 30 with promotion at 20 and no level reset upon promotion Link to the current edits: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZouXEcGKQ7lRJKMlYaDHSesNsJvgM7Z2D2pL0iJBS2Q/edit?usp=sharing EDIT: Updated as of 27th Nov In summary then if anyone has edits fun or hard leave them in the comments and when this is finished I will add a patch to this post. Coming Soon!
  10. I was hoping to find a ROM hacker who is knowledgeable on FE6 ROM hacking because I have a PME that I want to create. If it was just basic edits, then I would have no problem. But some of these edits have custom palette's, name change's, etc. So, if your able to, plz respond to this thread to assist me with this PME so I can get it underway. I really want this PME to become a real thing.
  11. Hello, I am currently making a PME for fire emblem 7. And I would mainly like someone who could make a GBA portrait for Ceada, Astram, Midia and Marty. I would also be interested in more edits(mainly for items and bosses). I tried making the portraits myself and I just can`t figure out how to do it. I hope someone has the free time to do this. If not, then I hope I will get some more interesting edits. EDIT: I also just figured out i need an Altenna portrait, so if anyone is still interested in making that. it would be greatly appreciated edits so far: Eliwood- doubled growths, but 0 Def growth and base Marcus- Fins 20/1 bases and growths, s- rank lances, d-swords,e-axes. Personal brave lance that gives +10 lck Lowen- halve Def, double res, base 1 atck but Nino's atck growth Rebecca-innes' bases, all her growths +10%, res+50%, starts lvl 10 Dorcas- fe 11 ceada's bases, growths, inventory Bartre- johalva bases,growths and unbreakable brave axe Hector- marty's bases, growths+25% Oswin- 25hp,40 growth 9str. 55 growth 12skl, 60 growth 11spd, 45 growth 6lck,. 45 growth 5def, 20 growth 5 res 20 growth 14 con Serra- Matthew- Matthew and Leila are switched Guy- becomes fir, FE6 hm average bases, average of bartre and karla's growths Merlinus- paladin with capped stats Erk- pents bases, growths and in, a-support with priscilla Priscilla- lvl 1 valkyrie, bases +20, FE6 Karels growths Lyn- triple base spd, +100% spd growth, 0 str And 0% str growth Sain- Saul with +10% growths, Kent- Dorothy with skl/spd +20%, +2 tot all bases Wil- nmd trooper, 20%hp growth, starts with base 6def/rea Florina- lvl Falcon knight with modified stats Raven- becomes kelik Lucius- van use all magic, has pers.wp called "trap card"( aureola) Canas-has prs fimbulvertr tome, +20% to all growths Dart- becomes fargus with brave axe named shanty Pete Fiora- -5spd +3atk +2def, -15 skl/spd growth, +20%str, +35%def, 12con Legault- capped stats but 0 mov Ninian- Pegasus knight, +6 str +8skl, str growth +30%, skl growth +35% Isadora-midia's bases and growths Heath- renamed health, lvl 1 Bishop with martel's bases and clarines growths Rath- has unbreakable short bow that can inflict silence Hawkeye- sniper with a-bows, +8 spd, -15 HP, skl maxed Geitz- Wallace- renamed "wall", str/skl/spd/lck base and growth halved, Def/res base and growth doubled Farina- Falcon knight with 12mov and Bows, 10% decreased growths, has ballistas in inventory Pent- is named "loser", has wils bases, karla's growths, has e in anima and staves Louise- renames slouise, base speed 5, all growths doubled, spd 1% Karel- becomes Lex!Ulster. Is hero with unbreakable brave axe Harken- astrams bases + growths Nino- named 'your god' and has pents bases Jaffar- druid with rievs growths Vaida- altenna's bases and growths, starts with Uber sprear Nils- becomes arvis w/ FE 5 valaflame, gen 1 bases Karla- larcei with shanans bases, growths and unbreakable wo dao Renault- becomes lewyn, has fe5 forsetti, with average 20/16 bases, s anima, a staves Athos- becomes nino item/class changes: Iron weapons now have a devil effect All Generics get silver weapons and +5% growths All javelins are Uber Spears All hand axes are pugis All clerics can use light magic Pegasus knights can dance
  12. So I saw my friend Radrex do a fe8 Pme, which looks pretty exciting. So I thought. I know a bit of hacking. Why not do a fun little Fe6 pick my edits run? Now, keep in mind. Despite me having played every game in the series (have not completed fe4 but i'm on my way), i'm a noob at this game. Just saying. Now, I will release this ROM here too so you guys can enjoy this too. Changing portraits is beyond my knowledge (might have to take that up someday), so having someone who is able to change portraits would be a great help, but it is not neccesairy. Now for some things: - Every playable character must be edited in some way. If I accept them is completely up to me, but most things will be accepted. - Editing boss characters is also encouraged, but not neccesairy - Items can also be edited, along with Classes. Edits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UAroLvn6CCJwOcIjbUorG9wqwp0rzl04Pe7M_d3K-ws/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Time for another PME. While I have my editor work on my FE7 PME, I decided to start getting edits for my FE8 PME. I'm really looking forward to this run in particular. So give me those edits. Remember, only good and/or interesting edits will be accept. Nothing stupid here. Also, if your able to make custom portraits, I would really like your assistance on this PME.
  14. Basically, I need someone proficient in sprite work to make me some portraits and talking animations for said portraits for my Sacred Stones pick my edits, If you are proficient please respond and I'll tell you what I need
  15. So, can anyone help me with seting up an FE 7 Pick my Edits run? I have some ideas for it already. Serra Now a mage Has access to the new LALALALALALALALA tome (An E rank Thunder with half the weight). All growths buffed 10% Karel Replaced with Kelik from TLP with the same growths Same class as promoted Kelik Comes with the Arectaris Bases are: HP: 36 Str: 20 Skill: 21 Spd: 20 Lck: 11 Def: 13 Res: 7 Con: 11 Pent Replaced with Mangs Nomad Trooper (Referencing Bosswin) Comes with a Killing Edge, Killer Bow and Pepsi Max Has Alm's Gaiden growths doubled. I'm pretty proud of these ideas, feel free to add on so I can pester someone to add them!.
  16. So I was wondering if people would like to suggest edits for fe6 PME style but with a little bit of help with the randomizer! What I will be doing is taking requests. I will be using Nightmare editor to make the edits. How this will work is I will randomize a FE6 rom and apply the requested edits ontop of it. I will try to apply all the requests but I can't make any promises. I don't know exactly when I will be able to get this done yet but I will try to get it done as soon as possible. Request away!
  17. So i want to do a pick my edits run of fe8. If you don't know what a PME run is, it involves people submitting and edits they would like me to make to the rom - stupid or serious. Anyway please submit any ideas you have.
  18. I'm gonna go ahead and jump right into the chase, some of you know me, some of you don't. I used to be an immature shit named Matt Custov, now I've dropped the alias, and I don't plan on picking it up again. I'm doing a Pick My Edits run of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. Basically, comment on the video linked below, and whenever I finish one of my ongoing projects (Pokemon Silver Ranomized or Final Fantasy I) I'll get all of that set up, and play through the rom you guys want to see me play through Announcement video CHECK OUT MY OTHER WORK:
  19. Guys if you like Fe4 and want to watch an LP of it with a twist make sure to watch this.
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