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Found 7 results

  1. Since the recent 2/9/2023 Nintendo Direct revealed Nintendo just added the Game Boy for regular Nintendo Switch Online and Game Boy Advance for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack to the Nintendo Switch eShop at the same day. I'm going to predict that next year's announcement in a future Nintendo Direct in 2024 that we might possibly going to see TurboGrafx-16 Online added for regular Nintendo Switch Online (while Sega Genesis was popular in West, I think TurboGrafx-16 might get some more Boost since it was in Wii Shop Channel & Wii U eShop with a limited stuff) while Nintendo DS Online might show up for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack like GBA had. So, if you had any predictions what next console(s) that you might predict to expect for Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in 2024 Nintendo Directs, you can post them here.
  2. With cyl 2 there is the introduction of Tier 4 skills with Celica's death blow 4. I feel that will be unable to be passed down to others. And may set a trend of already strong skills even more broken. Bold Fighter 4, or Wrath 4 anyone? Balance wise I find it difficult to pull it off well. What do you think?
  3. After looking at the trailer, one thing that how my attention was in the battle forecast. Where the enemies had crit rate ranging from 2% to 5%. The difficulty is unknown, but a game where potentially enemies have a small change to crit is going to make me reset time to time. The only other Fire Emblem game where I believed this occurred normally was in FE5. Perhaps luck will be a more valuable stat this time around?
  4. With the newest update, there is another item added to the game Arena Crowns. I wonder in the future what will be the purpose of this one? Considering that potentially is going to be the rarest collectibles in the game. For me I'm unsure for the purpose of them, since a minority of players can have gain them. But it must be something grand for the amount of effort put in.
  5. Exactly what the title says, what are you good people hoping to see in Fire Emblem Switch in terms of gameplay? Mechanics, Quality of Life Adjustments, Skills, Classes, Weapon types, ANYTHING you can think of! Personally I want to see two things from the Tellius series make a return. Bonus Experience and Skill Scrolls but I personally would make a few adjustments to them. For Bonus Experience I'd make the special requirements for getting them clear and available to the player by putting them next to the Victory/Defeat conditions so they know what they need to do if they want extra EXP. It never made any sense to me why they decided to hide these from the player and not tell them what they needed to do, it sounds like something a Famicom game would pull and we're YEARS beyond that. As for Skill Scrolls I'd have them work very similarly to the way that they work in PoR only removing the skill from a unit doesn't make them disappear into thin air but instead return to a scroll that you can reassign to different unit. The skill scrolls can either be gotten the old fashioned way via chests and fleeing enemy units or recruitable units can come pre-packaged with skills you can take and slap onto someone you want to have them, adding some customization options for your units. If possible, I'd also make Echoes/Radiant Dawn's Base Conversations make a return since they're great for extra characterization and world-building and Fates' Personal Skills also return since they make each unit feel more unique. I honestly don't care if they bring back Full Voice Acting or not but if they do keep the in-battle voice clips but remove the critical hit cut-ins. I liked it better when critical hits were fast, surprising, and came without warning. The last thing I want to see make a return are Tellius Style Maps the color code which part of the continent fall under which power, though this one isn't as important. Welp those are my thought's, what're your's?
  6. Ok everyone, E3 is here! With all sorts of hype going around (with the presentation from Betheda last night increasing it), I just wanted to see what others were hoping to see in 2015 E3 and how you feel about it after everything is shown and done. While I am focusing on Nintendo, if you guys want to bring up other companies' presentation, go right ahead (just please don't start a war in the fourms, thank you). I really want to see what other people's opinion are! While I will give my thoughts and opinions later, I will say that Bethesda (and the Nintendo World Championship) started things out pretty well (even if FPS's aren't really my thing)!
  7. Supports are as much a staple in Fire Emblem games as the weapon triangle, but the marriage mechanic is much more novel. It not only encourages you to pair characters off, but it gives the game ridiculous amount of replay value. The question is; are we going to see it again? Is marriage now going to be a staple in Fire Emblem games? I mean, how marriage works in Awakening is extremely specific to the plot of the game: your characters marry to give birth to children that come from an apocalyptic future. Obviously, that can't be the scenario for every Fire Emblem after this one. Is there anyway or even any reason for IS to keep the marriage system instead of going back to typical supports?
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