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Found 17 results

  1. Hello! My name is Saint Rubenio, and this is my first hack. I'd been curious about making my own hack for a long time, but it always seemed like quite the daunting task. I wanted to set myself a humble goal, one that I could see myself completing. I decided to just make a little FE8 rebalance. Then I started having wilder ideas. In the end, it became a sort of plot rewrite / gameplay overhaul extravaganza that went well beyond the initial scope. It includes new chapters, new characters, new story beats... I pretty much just did anything I came up with, to see if I could pull it off. Think of it as a sort of Project Emblem style thing (in fact, my first idea for a title was Project Fado haha), but with bigger story and gameplay changes. I don't know how much interest there could be for such a thing, but I know I had a blast making this, and I can only hope some folks will enjoy it at least a little bit. Features Overhauled maps, with changes that range from the small to the dramatic. Almost every map has seen at least some slight changes. Four brand-new chapters, two missable sidequests and two mandatory lategame maps. Improved enemies. They now have far greater offense than in vanilla, but only slightly higher defense. I can only hope this will make the game feel more challenging than the original, but fair. Overhauled cast. I’ve tried my best to make everyone have something that makes them viable and fun to use. In some cases I just reworked units entirely. Some changes are more unusual than others. Story rewrites. Make no mistake, I did not set out to “fix” Sacred Stones’s story or anything like that. Think of it as just a sort of “what if?” fanfic I wrote for fun and to accommodate some of the gameplay stuff I wanted to do. The overall plot is the same, but lots of different things happen in it, to varying degrees of importance. **Main story changes begin in chapter 8.** Route split is gone! You will play through both twins’ stories. Eirika keeps her army, while Ephraim’s offscreen army of Frelian knights get faces and names. Speaking of, between these and certain old foes and allies turning playable, it all amounts to 27 new playable characters, plus a secret easter egg character. I… may have gotten a bit carried away, I won’t lie. Added music. Primarily from other GBAFE games, plus a certain custom track I imported and tweaked myself. I pray it’s not too janky for your liking! Optional conversations that raise stats. Like in the Kaga games! No fog. Screw fog. QoL patches. Danger display, growth display, stationary enemies have no movement, hold L to skip animations, etc. Screenshots Download Download the hack here. Patch over a vanilla US FE8 ROM. The hack has primarily been tested on mGBA. VBA seemed to cause some issues for one of my friends, so be warned if you use that emulator. Be warned, **the hack is not properly tested past chapter 21.** I had some people playtesting it, but I wanted to release it before the end of the year and they were busy with other things. Obviously, I played through it as I made it, but if watching others play taught me anything, it’s that there’s a LOT of nonsense one can miss or retroactively screw up. What I’m getting at is, please, do not hesitate to yell at me if you find any issues not listed below. I am certain there’s got to be more. Also, do let me know if you’ve any feedback. This is my first hack, and I don’t expect it to be, nor set out to make it perfect, but if you’ve any thoughts, I’ll be happy to listen. Bugs and other notes I have received multiple reports that, sometimes, waiting with certain units causes the player’s turn to end automatically, regardless of how many units are left to move. I haven’t the faintest clue what could be causing this, it is wildly inconsistent in terms of chapters and units that cause it, and I never experienced it myself. I always play with autoend turns off, which could be the reason this never happened to me. Please try turning autoend turns off if you experience this glitch. The prep screen unit list becomes a bit glitchy past chapter 21, when the two armies merge. Really got carried away with the amount of units. Nothing I can do about this, as far as I know. It’s just a cosmetic glitch, anyway. If Harriett/Elaine die, the screen will become glitchy for a moment. It’s merely cosmetic. There may be some issues with the exp scaling of the malig knight class. This was reported to me, I’ve not been able to verify it and I cannot figure out why it’d happen, so I would appreciate confirmation here. During the epilogue, Mansel appears as a green cavalier. I replaced his class and I cannot figure out how to change it in that specific cutscene. Supports are not finished. No promises there. Supports are the bane of every hacker’s existence, from what I’ve seen. I’ve only written a handful. Everyone has a bunch of functional gameplay supports, though. If you are curious, here's the list of completed supports. Vanilla supports are also untouched, which might just lead to inconsistencies with my own story changes here and there. I would hope not, but I don't know every FE8 support by memory haha. Credits All custom portraits, portrait edits, Strong One (Mother 3) and the attacking Tethys and FE6 bishop Moulder animations by me. I’ll probably make them F2U down the line. They're not masterpieces, but I’d be so flattered to see them used in better, fully custom hacks. Special thanks: A number of Serenesforest users with whom I shared the journey, and who gave me some helpful bits of advice and feedback. Including: @Hawkwing, who helped me with a few questions I had. @Punished Dayni, who gave me some feedback regarding portraits and color palettes. @lightcosmo, who helped me a lot with the technical side of things. @Armagon, who suggested the Carcino Samson/Arran split. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with that myself. @Interdimensional Observer, who suggested the Moulder portrait edit. @Acacia Sgt for helping me out with Lorell’s name. @ping and two of my real life friends, for doing a bit of playtesting. FEBuilder’s creators. This thing is incredible. JeyTheCount at FEUniverse, whose dark-skinned Jehannan portraits I did not use, but they gave me the idea to make my own. The community of FEUniverse, for all the assets, patches and stuff they created which I utilized in this hack. Couldn’t have done half the stuff I wanted to do with without your collective genius. More on that below. Patches installed Anti-huffman by Hextator Fix Weak Promoted Enemies by Gryz Modify S-Rank limits by Tequila Switch:Animation on / off with L button by aera Set staff experience JunaFruits Decliment level setting Remove Pierce Glitch by Brendor Change Skill Pierce activation rate from LV to Skill by aera Add event: Change Edition by 7743 Enable Event34_MessWithUnitState_Fix not to freeze even nonexistent units Staff Range Fix by Tequila/Lord Reyson Unit Growths Display by Tequila Enemy Range Display by Circles FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off ver2 by Vesly ModularMinimugBox by Zane (Runabox) HPBars_with_warnings Cache by Circles and Tequila Show Heal Amount by Tequila Healing Formula: Staff Might: MAG/2 + Staff Might = Heal by Venno IsSethLArachelMyrrhInnes Table Monster Weapon Display fix by Brendor Mov display fix by Circles https://feuniverse.us/t/zeroing-nullifying-mov-feds-style-based-on-ai-parameters/878/7 Set Unit Status by 7743 Lose Weapon Ranks on Promotion by Venno Prevent Freeze for Get Unit State / Unit State Event by 7743 Continue Battle BGM Between Map and Combat by 7743 Change Battle BGM by Chapter by 7743 Set Preparation BGM by CHapter ported by 7743 Switch Portrait images by class, chapter, flag by 7743 Switch unit's description by class, chapter, flag by 7743 Set Multiple Staff BGMs by 7743 Multi-Class Pick Skill by kao, made compatible by 7743 SOUND_NIMAP2 by Alusq + drumfix by Circles Skip World Map Fix (For World Map Users) - MNC2Fix by Stan NarrowFont by Scraiza Set Preparations Store Pricing by Aera Skill pierce to this class by Chap Add event: Split Menu by Stan, Circleseverywhere C01command_hack by Hextator Fixes the world map chapter ID being loaded instead of the actual chapter ID Toggle World Map Monster Skirmishes by FE8_GIRLS Character Custom Animation by EA by 7743 Remove game clear requirement for trainees third promotion options by vilk, Onmi, Tequila Allow 3 or more trainee to be regist by 7743 Distance of sight that thieves can secure additional in mist by 7743 Make a magic throwing axe (Bolt Axe) by Midori Patch and 7743 Range-Animated Weapons List by Circles Minimum and Maximum poison damage Support conversations room unlock by 7743 48command_hack by Hextator Set Defualt Option "Animation" and "Cursor & etc" Weapon S value of bonus item 1 and 2 (hit 10, critical 0) 6_tracks_12_sounds by Aggro/Bendor? Weapon lock ex by 7743 Remove Easy Mode by Nintenlord Expanded the setting of the ring effect used by dancers by 7743 Movement icon ID used when attacking with dragon stone when the animation off by aera Fixed sound of Aircalibur from aera's data Add event: Lose item by 7743 Autocursor Fix by Venno Define multiple classes to suppress status display by 774 Set whether transporter can be used for each map by 7743 Weapon LV up when destroyed by FE8Girls chap Change to have multiple units that can be seize by 7743 Units after this Unit ID will Class Grow by fe8 decomp project Don't draw portrait on item select menu if unit is generic by Hypergammaspaces allow Wyvern Knights to triangle attack Armor Triangle Attack Class Range From and To by 7743 Skip World Map Fix (Disable Skirmishes & World Map) Add Event: GetSupportLevel, SetSupportLevel, ClearSupportLevel by 7743 Setting Hide chapter title calls by 7743 Send unit's all items to transporter by 7743 Adjust Mode Coefficient Experience Gain by Vennobennu. Animations implemented Sword, axe, handaxe and bow knight by TheBlindArcher Chained Sword general by Knabepicer Cannon bow general by GabrielKnight F Warrior Reskin Repal by Temp F Fighter Variant by Pikmin F Rogue Ponytail by Temp F Assassin by Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K M Valkyrie by Gabriel Knight Halberdier by the_blind_Archer Necromancer alt Warlock by JeyTheCount Ranged revenants by Teraspark Ranged entombed by Teraspark Axe Cavalier by Primefusion Mounted Marauder by Spud Deacon (M Troubadour) and FE7 troubadour (magic) by Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Lisandra_Brave, TBA Priest Base Skintone Repal by Flasuban Axe summoner by Spud, TBA Wicked flier by Blue Druid, Alfred Kamon Dozlazerker by Aruka, Kenpuhu and blood Hat myrm and swordmaster by SD9K Ranger-style dark knight by Pikmin1211, Nuramon, and DerTheVaporeon, original by Teraspark Baron cape + shield by Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, The_Big_Dededester, Revamped Handaxe by Sax Marine FE7 coat hero by Swain Bald hero by Pushwall Bow promoted eirika by Belle and St jack Heavy Infantry GL Eph by Nuramon Map sprites and other art used F cav map sprites by Flasuban F paladin map sprites by L95 F Fighter by Pikmin F paladin by Stand F Rogue by Stand F Warrior by Stand F ranger improved bow by Stand and Flasuban Halberdier by the_blind_archer Axe and sword knight map sprites by Aggro Cav sword sprites by Aggro F halberdier map sprites by blood, Dei, dondon151 F soldier map sprites Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq, WarPath Spud's Marauder map anims by LonkFC Axe cav map sprites by Salvaged Thaumaturge map sprites by Pikmin, Der Battle Sage map sprites by Smug_Mug, Unknow Wicked flier sprites by MeatOfJustice Ranger-stlye dark knight map sprites by Pikmin1211, Nuramon, and DerTheVaporeon Axe hero map sprites by Raspberry Ephraim infantry GL map sprites by Snewping Halberdier class card by the_blind_archer
  2. The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance Final Version Released Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM What is it? It is a reskin and rebalance of Sacred Stones using classes and music from all 3 GBA games, a lot of new custom classes with new animations, new spells, new weapons, a skill system and many quality of life improvements made by the hacking community. Vanilla campaign was not altered, but difficulty has been slightly raised. This hack features a complete separation from the Strenght and Magic stats, meaning some classes are able to use magic and physical weapons. All of these changes are aimed at making Sacred Stones feel fresh and more challenging, while not altering the story (with the sole exception of Hayden joining on chapter 20). This project was heavily inspired by Sir Serenes' Reskin and Seal's Sacred War hack. There are 8 versions to choose from. They are combinations of 2 choices across 3 categories so that the player can choose whichever version has the configurations they would prefer to play. The categories and choices are as follows: Full or Lite - The full version contains the community-made skill system. The lite version only contains vanilla skills. The lite version was made for people who complained about skill bloating of the full version. Random or fixed growths - The random growths is the vanilla system for leveling up. Stats are raised randomly according to character growths. The fixed growths are similar to the system found in FE9. Stats will be raised in predetermined levels. With or without AI tweak - The versions with the AI tweak will prevent enemies from attacking player units to which they deal 0 damage. The versions without the AI tweak is the vanilla behavior of enemies dumbly attacking anyone in range. What was changed? * Many characters have exclusive custom classes * Hayden joins automatically on chapter 20 and has an exclusive class (Bow Knight) * Amelia has access to the soldier class and can be promoted to halberdier (using knight's crest) * Knights, generals, great knights and monarchs move 1 additional tile * Magic system revamped with new spells. With the exception of siege tomes, wind spells have low mt and 2-3 range. Fire spells have average stats and 1-2 range. Thunder spells have high crit and are locked to melee range. There is also an anima magic triangle. Fire spells are strong against wind. Wind is strong against thunder. Thunder is strong against fire. The traditional magic triangle (anima>light>dark>anima) is still present. * Every class has a third promotion option. * Poison damage has been reworked. Poison will deal low damage in early game, but it will gradually increase as the player progresses through the game. In the final chapters, it can deal as much as 20 points of damage. Don't underestimate enemies with poison weapons! * Some classes have had their HP caps expanded (up to a maximum of 80) * Added generic female enemy units for more diversity. It always bugged me how 99% of the women of this franchise only fight for the player. * I manually edited every enemy in the game to improve them by increasing base stats, growths, level or giving them better equipment (in a similar fashion to Seal's hack). Bosses have been buffed and are no longer a joke. * Armory and shop inventories have been improved so you will have access to better weapons earlier in the game. On top of that, the preparation shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game. * Allies join you at appropriate levels so they won't require grinding to become usable. (except trainees) * Some of the promoted monsters have custom animations too. * All units can achieve multiple S ranks. * Ephraim and Eirika have alternative promotions. You must decline the automatic promotion at the end of chapter 16 and use the Solar/Lunar brace for the options to appear. * Units gain support points by being up to 3 tiles away from each other * The player can unlock Selena and Lyon by clearing the Tower and the Ruins only once * Myrrh's dragonstone is unbreakable, but is no longer effective against monsters. It has also been nerfed so Myrrh wouldn't be too broken with unlimited dragonstone. To balance it out, her dragonstone has 1-2 range. There is also a second and a third type of dragonstone that can be aquired in the game. * Lagdou Ruins is a high-level challenge area for post-game activity. Enemies over there have better stats and powerful, exclusive weapons. * Starting on chapter 9 there will be mini bosses carrying good loot for the player. * There is a leadership mechanic which gives units additional avoid and hit rates. (usable by the player and enemies) * There are two new secret shops in Lagdou Ruins. One on floor 5 and another on floor 9. Both require the warp staff in order to be reached. You can try to find them yourself or check their exact locations here: **Quality of life changes** * Detailed HP bars (by Circles and Zane) * Skill system -"Full" version only- (by Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze,Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1) * Show Heal Amount (by Tequila) * Map Danger Zone (by Circles) - Press the select button to display enemy range * Colored stats, growth and talk display (by Tequila) - Press SELECT while in the status screen to toggle between growths and stats * Gain support points up to 3 tiles away (by Venno) * Units can act after talking or having support conversations * Metis' tome can be sold (useful for people playing fixed growths mode) * The preparation screen shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game. * You can access the support screen by pressing the "L" button while in the "status" screen * The preparation shop items have the same pricing as regular shops * Detailed minimug (by Runa) Skill list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oeXwIH2tn0Y30FXr0Stx6cbXOHC0IaHVe_ZI9WC03tY/edit?usp=sharing Promotion Chart https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wXaWtr1oJjKHx4dJ-0xy9FrgwhPYzBA4aYm2V-n9IGs/edit?usp=sharing Some screenshots To be updated Credits To be updated * Our lord and savior 7743 for FEBuilder * Sir Serenes for the idea and palettes for Riev * TBA, Arch, Skitty and Temp for phantom animations * IS, Hairyblob and Maiser6 for quicker Zephiel animations * IS and Blademaster for Athos animations * TR143 for fixed growth mode * Temp and sniper_zero for Eliwood repalette and ranged Durandal animation * Alusk for alternative soldier hover and moving animations * Spud for soldier Amelia animations * Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp and Wan for halberdier Amelia animations * Brady Shinners for the animation database * St jack, Seal and Sacred War for ballista animations * Iscaneus and Nuramon for knight animations * TBA for brigand animations * Glenwing and MK404 for fighter animations * SALVAGED team and flasuban for cavalier animations * IS, Circles, Kao and Marlon0025 for Tethys animations * Alusq and Maiser6 for mercenary animations * TBA, DerTheVaporeon and Nuramon for general animations * TBA and Maiser6 for berserker animations * Nuramon, Swain and Temp for sniper animations * Nuramon for wyvern lord animations * Keks_Krebs, Peerless and SD9K for assassin animations * Swain for hero animations * IS and Glenwing for swordmaster animations * Kenpuhu, Aruka and Nuramon for grand paladin custom class and animations * Alusq for better soldier animations * CamTech075, LisandraBrave, Zane, Zelix and Lord Glenn for custom icons * Arkth for Deathgoyle custom animations * Yangfly for kawaii blader animations * Nuramon for infantry great lord Ephraim animations * Teraspark, Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon for dark knight animations * Seal for legion, elder tarvos and gazer animations * BwdYeti for elthunder animation * SHYUTER for forblaze animation * Blazer and Jubby for meteor animation * Arch for static, wind and tornado animations * Seal for tons of stuff like custom icon, map sprites, class cards and battle backgrounds. I cannot stress how awesome he is for making all of this available * Klokinator for putting many custom animations and map sprites in a single, easy to find place * dondon151, Sephie, Teraspark, Arch, RobertFPY and HyperGammaSpaces for many card classes and map sprites * Waleed and flasuban for the male fighter animations and map sprites Known issues * Using any of the four new staves with animations turned off will cause a visual glitch Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM
  3. This hack aims to rebalance the weapons of Fates while still maintaining the unique drawbacks to weapons presented in the game. Some notable changes include: * Silver weapons now have an effective speed buff and have the half Str/Mag debuff instead of the stacking Str/Mag/Skl-2 debuff. * Rebalanced forging bonuses * Addition of 1-2 range melee weapons * All vanilla armory weapons and weapons altered in the hack can be purchased infinitely at armory level 3 * Significant changes to many other weapons The full details can be found in the readme inside of the Google Drive folder. This hack is a work in progress, so not every weapon has been changed yet. The next update will consist of changes to the weapons gained from castle events that are not named after characters (like Raider Knife and Illusory Yumi). Download link: Super Armory v1
  4. Hello guys, it has been a while doesn't it? Today I bring you my first go on nightmare modules: A rebalance project on Fire Emblem : Gaiden You see, some days ago I tried to play this old gem since echoes it's so far away from my hands and I just drop it at the beginning of CH3. Some could say it was the difficulty, but what really brush me in the wrong way was the fact that you need to grind in order to avoid frustration in the near future, and I really hate games with that kind of mindset, so I decided to give it whirl and make it better. *UPDATE* VERSION 2.0 IS OUT Changelog: - All units on both routes got their bases & growths rates completely redone in order to avoid empty level ups (I played this whole thing twice and I haven't get an empty level yet) or units which are completely useless (I'm looking at you Boey). - All weapons were changed in order to both bring a balance between power vs speed and create a more unique artillery - Magic spells got buffed since they don't scale with skill in order to ensure they are relevant the entire game - All classes base stats were changed in order to both nerf overpower enemies (the mercenary tree) and make other stand out (soldier tree) - Several changes were made to make sure the game is beatable even without the use of stat boost via the Lion Heads - New palettes for both player and enemy units: With this out of the way, here's the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lekrcdzoekzhsh4/FE2 MR v2.0.rar?dl=0 (You only need to patch a clean file, please don't use any translation or anything) ***VERY IMPORTANT***: This mod has been tuned with the EASY MODE in mind, please do not play it under NORMAL MODE unless you really want a BAD TIME If anyone can give me some feedback and suggestions, I would be glad
  5. Hi, I've seen a big topic about hex editing for Radiant Dawn that I've barely started reading, and I was wondering if the same could be done for Path of Radiance. I have downloaded HxD (I don't know if it's the easiest to use), I'm totally lost in how to make it work, the Data file seems to not be compressed, but all I see is a list of Aid per class and some skill names with capacity, I don't understand the rest and the hex code lines look like Chinese to me, I know they're multiples of 16 (from 0 to 15) but I can't find the value that is linked to the capacity taken by the skills for examples, all I see is 40s and 50s on one line, there aren't any numbers corresponding to 10-30 capacity. I'd also like to be able to edit the class stats and such. I've been looking for Nightmare editors for years since they're much easier to use than learning to use a hex editor when you're no programmer, but never found any (I've Dld a randomizer/editor but it never launched for some reason). The items would also be a good thing to be able to edit, so that early game weapons weigh less (giving them the same Wt as in TSS would mostly fix the problem with early game snails, and giving tomes the same Wt as in FE6 which has the most usable magic of all the GBA titles unless FE7 is the same, all I know for sure is that TSS has wonky tome Wt, if their tomes weigh more than axes how are these book wanderers supposed to carry them? Gleipnir is 5 or 7 Wt more than the axe Garm that also gives +5 spd!). I think mages would appreciate not having to reach high levels of str to carry their final tomes. I'd also buff Laguz weapons of course, I love Laguz.
  6. Hi, Like I wrote in the last Laguz topic I've opened, I've worked on a Laguz rebalance patch with nightmare modules (can only mod class and unit stats/growths). Every non royal Laguz in this mod has the same stats in human form he/she would have in halfshift, since halfshift is so rare and I can't edit unit skills or their items/level. This means they have nearly their full form stats in halfshift and they have more in full form. Basically, they're close to capping several stats in full form while some of these stats are overcapped in human form (mostly speed). Human form has higher caps, especially in speed and defenses to follow the stats expected in halfshift. Link to the Dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nyth7hd8ba0m4h/FE10Data.cms.decompressed.compressed?dl=0 DL wiiscrubber, lauch the program, select a Radiant Dawn game file (keep a backup), part 1 (there are part 0 and part 1), Data, Data.cms, right click, replace, wait until wiiscrubber confirms the patch has been applied, close, play on Dolphin. By class: Tigers have 32 max speed in full form, don't remember the value in human form but it's higher than 16 (probably between 17 and 20). Cats have higher def/res, 4 def lead for males, 4 res lead for females. Probably gave them higher max speed in human form, unchanged in full form. higher def/res caps in human form. Wolves are the middle ground between cats and tigers, 36 or 38 max speed, 38 max str, better max stats in human form. got Volug in p1 he's bonkers with nearly his full form bases in halfshift. I'll keep wildheart on him for p3 I think so he doesn't become too hax. Still outdoing any DB unit before long. Ravens are like cats, the nine tails of the skies (with canto on top), bumped thair human form move from 6 to 7 because they were the only non dragons to have 6 movemet in human form and 8 in Laguz form. Better caps both in full form and human form (34 strength in full form, Vika will be usable). Hawks are like wolves, the middle ground between tigers and ravens. Basically you'll never need to use them in full form before the tower. Why give that to Laguz? Since their only tool to fight all the time is halfshift and it's locked to DB and late GMs, I gave them their wildheart stats in human form. You'll be able to experience what a laguz would be if it had wildheart from the get go and then they won't need any level up to be tower-worthy, 24 base def Mordecai in human form with 13 speed, 48 def (overcapped) and 26 speed in full form, 21 base str = 42 in full form. Royal Laguz without formshift. Wildheart is their formshift. Actually except a few things (like tiger speed vs lions), they have better stats than the royals at some point. I buffed Nailah because of her availability (+1 base speed and +1 or 2 base strength, +1 base def), and Naesala because he's inferior to all other royals on top of having S strike instead of SS. I nerfed Tibarn (-1 movement because why did he have the highest in the game? lower speed I think, lower strength maybe). I also modified a few things on Beorcs. Meg and Fiona have t3 stats very different from other classes of the same tree (since Fiona has 50 max HP, I bumped her def/res over 30, while Meg has more speed, more res and less def than generals). Generals all have the same caps, better than what they used to (40 def instead of 36-38, 32 or 33 speed instead of 30-31 for Brom, etc), Paladins also have better stat caps in t2 and 3 (basically paladin caps from gba in t2 with 24/20 def/res instead of 25/25, 1 less in offensive stats in t3 than in t2, 25/26/24 in t2, 34/35/33 in t3). Jill's t2 and 3 caps are modified (she far closer to Haar instead of being a completely different class, she's a female wyvern lord instead of female wyvern knight basically), better bases so you don't have to dump 3 stat boosters on her just to make her slightly better than "barely usable" and then you can give stat boosters to whoever you want. Astrid basically gained +2-+3 in every base stat, +5% speed growth. Rolf got +2 in almost every base stat. Gatrie got better stats but not incredibly more. Shinon has less def I think, more attack (since he's an archer, not a knight, and he faces many ennemies he can't kill without a crit in the first maps). Titania has different caps so she will not be the same. Falcons all have been buffed, their caps adapted, and Seraph knights are better than female sentinel (not higher caps but high enough where it matters unlike OG and more balanced, better offense). Sigrun is usable, Marcia too, Tanith is good. Nephenee was buffed in a non gamebreaking manner: +2 base speed (doesn't change her damage, only she can double more what she should already double if her weapon wasn't 3 Wt too heavy for her) and better hp/def (she has -6 or -8 hp compared with class base in OG, why even put class base stats for 1 unit and put negative numbers in unit base stats? Just like Mist and Volke). Brom has better bases, especially skl (since he needs some in order to disarm). Heather can actually steal heavy stuff (19 strength instead of 15, don't worry she's still using knives so she won't become better than Nephenee long term but she could be better short term). Swordies and thieves have better strength caps, Zihark has less shitty bulk, Mia has bases more fitting to her base level, Lucia is more usable in p4 and more Jaegen in p2, Aran has slightly better bases, Meg has instantly usable bases and has better stats than Nolan with 5 less levels than him (promoted her at 15 and she was better than Nolan 20/1). CKs are overall more worthy of investment, Makalov is about on par with Kieran and Geoffrey, Danved has slightly better bases and 5% more growths to stay relevant. No one should die in 1 hit in their recruitment chapter I hope, at least not one hit from mooks, including Rhys and Mist, and Laura. Micaiah is actually funny to use, don't get tricked by her bases, her growths are worth it (twisted Myrrh's growth rates a little), magic classes stat caps are more GBA-level good (not as much insane def as in GBA games but the rest is approximately on par). Ilyana is biffy mage (not ultra biffy but more able to take a hit than any non-Micaiah mage), Soren is faster at base (he can hope to double some day), Beautiful lady fire sage is good, Tromod got like +4 everywhere to make up for shitty availability. Bastian is more usable, basically 0 investment for a t3 Soren. Tauroneo is bulkier at base. Nolan has good base speed and 10 base def. etc. I don't spoil everything, basically everyone's usable. Have fun!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm currently making an Let's Play for The Sacred Stones. Specifically, I'm doing an Ironman run on Hard using a Changes-Lite patch I made. Here's a link to the first episode. And here's a link to the full playlist (you don't need to watch the intro). I'll be uploading daily, so if your interested, be sure to check it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. I hope to see you there!
  8. Welcome to my Changes-Lite Patch for The Sacred Stones! The Goal of this Patch was to make the least amount of changes to the base game for the greatest positive result. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys the base game, but is looking for a tighter experience with a handful of quality-of-life patches sprinkled in. If you’d like to learn more about the patch, I’ve created a video detailing what I believe to be some of the more important changes found within the patch. If you want to try the patch out yourself, or just learn more about it, feel free to click the links below: Changelog UPS Patch How to apply a UPS Patch (Thanks Arch!) If your interested, I’m also making a Let’s Play using the patch, so be sure to check it out. To those of you who made it this far, thank you for your interest! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. Enjoy!
  9. Fire Emblem Dawn Brigade Remix The main goal of this mod is to make Meg, Aran, Edward, Fiona, Leonardo, Lethe, Lyre, Viki, Nealuchi, Laura, Kyza more usable in normal, and hard difficulty modes by altering their stat additions and growth rates. I consider the mod complete now with revision 5 released. There may be more changes however later on if I feel it needs more changes. Even though I found the Redux mod to be interesting and highly entertaining, it didn't address what this mod specifically was designed for. The changes are meant to not stand out and your experience should stay feeling vanilla while adjusting the above. I am using the Nightmare editor to adjust these and requires the Wii Scrubber tool to utilize this modification for your ISO. This mod is only for use in the Dolphin emulator and the U.S.A version. Instructions are below. Edward I'll use Edward, Leonardo, and Micaiah as an example of what has been altered. (Adjusted Stats) HP:21 STR:9 MAG:0 SKL:12 SPD:13 LCK:9 DEF:7 RES:2 Leonardo (Adjusted Stats) HP:19 STR:10 MAG:0 SKL:12 SPD:11 LCK:6 DEF:7 RES:5 Micaiah (Adjusted Stats) HP:15 STR:2 MAG:7 SKL:8 SPD:7 LCK:10 DEF:2 RES:4 Base stats were not altered for Micaiah but her growth rate has been raised where I found them appropriate. You should see better level-ups. Leonardo and Edward also received a similar growth rate change. I'm currently learning hex editing so I have some plans to alter other things but not as to change the game flow or as broad as the Redux mod changes but alterations that should balance out the game in a more positive manner. Due to computer problems, I'm currently experiencing, hex edits may come much later. As for this modification, it is complete. I thought I would share this with like-minded folks who felt Meg, Aran, Edward, Leonardo, Lethe, Lyre, Vika, Nealuchi, Laura, and Kyza difficult to implement into their gameplay. Here is the Recompressed FE10data.cms file needed for using this mod. Revision 4 - Mostly overhaul of stat additions and growth rates for members of the Dawn Brigade and a number of Laguz. Revision 5 - Complete rebalance of all stat adds and growth rates for all playable characters. Revision 5.1 - Complete rebalance with further adjustments to Meg, Aran, Janaki, and Edward. Instructions for applying the mod to your ISO using Wii Scrubber. 0. Backup your original FE RD ISO before proceeding. 1. Download Wii Scrubber and extract/unzip to a folder of your choosing. 2. Go to the directory, double click on MakeKeyBin executable. Let it create the key.bin file. 3. Double click Wii scrubber executable. Click on load ISO button. Find your Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ISO and open. 4. Click the + on partition 1 and scroll down until you see fe10data.cms. Highlight and right-click using your mouse and choose to replace. 5. Navigate to recompressed fe10data.cms file. Open and let Wii Scrubber do its thing. 6. Once finished, take the newly modified ISO and place into Dolphin game directory. Choose a new ISO in Dolphin and play. You are welcome to leave constructive feedback. If you don't agree with my sentiments on what has been altered, be free to ignore this topic and move on.
  10. Here is my attempt of a FE 8 rebalance or reskin hack. The link to the ups file can be found here: FE 8 reskin april 19 2019-2.ups The readme file or the changes I have done to the hack can be read here: FE 8 Reskin hack-1.txt
  11. Hi, I was wondering what the Serenes community was thinking of each class's role. So I made this topic so everyone can give his/her opinion on classes/roles. What do you think the traditional FE classes are supposed to do? PT (physical tank), MT (magical tank), HT (hybrid tank), ORKO, OS (one punch man), wear down ennemies (giving exp to lowies), staffbot, planebot (carry things from point X to point Y), complete destroyer (most stats are sky high with good caps), dodgetank (sky high avoid), mobile, unmovable (defend units), melee oriented, range oriented (specify range from X to Y tiles away), jack of all trades (very even stats). This topic could be the starting point of a FE mod if there are enough answers. Please respect each other and everyone's opinion, everyone has his/her own view of the game and this is what makes such topic interesting. PS: by traditional classes, I mean classes that existed from the GBA games, and classes that can be made into GBA games classes from 3DS games (like dark knight/mage knight). Don't hesitate to suggest weapons available for classes you want to change. Edit: Seeing nobody answers, I'll begin: Archer would be a class with very high skill and high strength instead of speed, higher str cap but lower spd cap, with maybe 2-3 base range and 2-4 or 3-4 for long bows. Sniper follows the archer path while bow knight/ranger is faster, tankier and has less str and a little less skl. 6 move sniper/8 move ranger. Mages have no more 1-2 range, but 2 range only and more long range spells varying in power and accuracy. They're more siege-oriented, like archers. We could make mage knights awakening's dark knights or on the contrary let them squishy and make them more oriented to kill low hp targets while sages are more suited for the battlefield, what do you think of it? Maybe a few books could deal physical damage and have 1 range for the battle mages, so they can answer 1 range weapons?
  12. I randomly deicided to make this rebalance patch for FE7, Here's what it does - It changes all stat caps to 30. - Some characters have been reclassed. - The Final boss is more challenging.
  13. Here's an FE8 hack I've been working on for a couple of weeks. Some key points: * Durability is removed for most weaponry (siege tomes can still break). Weapon lines get various abilities to differentiate each other. * Some classes have had their weapon choices changed. Notably Cavaliers no longer have access to swords, Knights get axes in addition to lances. * Enemies are buffed up relative to vanilla FE8. No more facing unpromoted enemies in the last few chapters. * Character stats tweaked to clarify their roles. Example, Seth is still good, but will have a harder time remaining relevant to endgame unless given more attention. Here's the link for v 0.9: https://www.mediafire.com/?9zgqtyajxu6v71v As always give feedback after playing! Thank you!
  14. Hi there! My name is AMH9000 and I have created a mod for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. (Made for any hard mode) Download it here --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/02spl31bqljg2pi/Fire Emblem - The Blazing Blade - AMH9000's Mod.ups?dl=0 (tell me if something stupid happens to this link) The amount of changes I made were... minuscule to say the very least. Changes were made only to character's starting stats and their growths. Some were drastic (compared to the other changes), others were small, and most of them probably changed nothing. I attempted to change the levels of some characters but it never wanted to work no matter how hard I tried. :( I guess some of you want to know what the big changes were, so I'll put 'em in a spoiler, but there's only 3 I can think of as "big" changes. Now for the part that'll probably send about 80% of you away... I only worked on the Lyn's Story characters so the only things that are different in this patch happen in Lyn's 10 chapter story. sucks, I know, but this is my first Fire Emblem patch ever and I worked "hard" on it. It took me about 4 hours to make this so... I'm slightly proud of me. So, to the 4% of you that clicked on this thread that aren't considering leaving down a hate comment, have fun. As for the 16%... try first, and then leave down a hate comment if you REALLY want to.
  15. ****WARNING!! YOU'VE FOUND THE GREAT TEXT WALL OF PORTUGAL! TURN AWAY NOW IF YOU DISLIKE READING!**** So I've been checking out some topics about weapon weight and a lot of people seem to want it back (me included. Build system plz.) but a lot of others seem to not want it. I understand their concern especially on the Constitution system of the GBA era, but I think that the problem isn't so much the system's design, but the amount of realism GBAFE has. See, it has enough realism to tell you that women are weaker and smaller than men, which, for the large majority of the world, is true. But it doesn't have enough realism to tell you that there's a shit-load of different types of axes, a shit-load of types of spears, a shit-load of bows and a mega-fuck-ton of types of swords. I mean there's a LOT of swords. I was giving this some thought as I was working on adding these "sub-types" to a GBA game as a bit of a "rebalance hack" and was going to base it on the classes in question. Think about it. Let's use infantry sword classes in GBAFE as an example. Thieves are the lightest and weakest ones. Least suitable for combat. They appear to use daggers in combat. Myrmidons and Lyn appear to be the average build for an actual human being. They strike a neat balance of speed and strength. Not too much strength and a lot of speed, but a nice strength cap as Swordmasters nonetheless. They appear to use saber-like swords in battle. (though the Myrmidons have straight and apparently double-edged swords) Eliwood/Roy/Eirika appear to be average sized as well but they focus more of finesse than raw strength and cutting motions. They use Rapiers, and it's a fact that you need less force to stab something that to cut through it. Finally, the heaviest kind of infantry sword class is the Mercenary. They have balanced stats all around but you'll notice that when it comes to swordsmen, they are the strongest of the bunch. Gerik and Deke sit at a really good 13 con which makes them HUGE when you take 8 Con as the average person (judging by artwork) Raven and Ogier seem a little small in comparison and Harken does too to some extent at 11 con promoted but he's still larger than average. Echidna only has 9 con promoted but she's a woman so she's still larger than average. They are also the hardest hitting ones (barring crits) with strength bases, caps and growths larger than the others. They appear to use Greatswords/Longswords (art style makes it seem like a weapon as large as yourself isn't even all that) and promoted heroes kinda just use the same sword but in one hand. Keeping this in mind, what if the different classes straight up just used different types of swords (Daggers, Sabers, Rapiers, Greatswords, etc...) and each were catered to each class's needs and strengths. The spoilers contain my older ideas. This is my rather small-scale research based on youtube channels like Skallagrim, Scholagladiatoria, Metatron, Lindybeige and others, as well as my own search through HEMA websites such as wiktenauer and some thorough googling. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CORRECT ME ON ANYTHING THAT YOU SEE WRONG. Also, please provide sources if you'd please. **Greatswords** Pros: -Ridiculous power due to the mass in the blade. -Versatile. They are faster than they would seem, are good at both thrusting and cutting and are good primary weapons, unlike virtually any sword that is shorter than it. -Half-swording makes them surprisingly good short-range weapons. As if they were a shorter spear. -Massive crossguard and the second set of quillons makes them REALLY good at parrying. -The Japanese Nodachi in particular was used to counter horsemen by sweeping at the horse's legs AFAIK, so it seems appropriate that the other Greatswords would be good for it as well (unless they are thrusting oriented swords). -The range, agility, power and good defense of the Greatsword makes them the best sword for countering spears. The way they were (suposedly) used against pikes suggests that they might be well used to counter spears. Not as good as other Polearms, but then, Greatswords are sort-of sword-shaped polearms anyway. -Range. HOLY SHIT RANGE. -Much like two-handed Cutting Polearms (like the Dane Axe), they can defend narrow passages by simply blocking an entrance. -Can use longsword techniques which makes them good dueling weapons (as the longswords were). -They look badass. -Pretty good 1 on 1 weapons. -The Mordhau (In english: "Murder Stroke") makes them decent at combating armored opponents. (In essence, you grab the BLADE of the sword with both hands and slam the crossguard/pommel onto your opponent, effectively turning the sword into an improvised warhammer. Not as good as an actual warhammer, but decent enough. Perfectly safe as well if you know what you're doing. Not exclusive to greatswords (longswords dit it as well and you COULD do it with the others, but Greatswords/Longswords/Arming swords did it better in general.) -As long as all opponents are in front of you, the greatsword is great at holding multiple foes at bay, since no one wants to get in its range, and they kind of HAVE to in order to attack the swordsman. (unless they have polearms, bows, or greatswords themselves) Cons: -While lighter than thought by the general public, still pretty hefty for a sword, and as such is pretty hard to stop a swing. As such, followthrough cuts should be mostly used instead. -Actually require a lot of training. More than longswords I would argue. Maybe I'm wrong though. Still, a lot of training. -Not exactly the easiest things to carry around. Then again, most primary weapons weren't easy to carry and would have to be discarded (even if temporarily) if a secondary weapon became more appropriate. -Require a LOT of room, and as such can't be used in tight formation too effectively or in tight spaces (corridors, etc). -Expensive to make. A lot of steel in there. -Still not as good at hacking as a pollaxe or dane axe, not as good at thrusting as a spear and not as good at blunt force trauma with the mordhau as a warhammer or even as an axe. -Exclusively two-handed so no shields allowed. -While half-swording makes it better than most polearms at close-quarter fighting, it's still worse than a one-hander if the foe is within arm's reach. **Thursters**(Rapiers, Estocs, Smallswords, etc...) Pros: -While just as heavy as any other one hander, the point of balance is REALLY far down the blade.(like almost on top of the crossguard) -Relies more on stamina(slow twitch muscles) than strength(fast twitch muscles). -Thrusting takes a lot less effort to pierce soft armors like gambeson than cutting does, which means, again, less strength required. -While it's unusual to see rapiers paired with shields due to the dueling nature of the weapon, it's a one-handed weapon so it CAN be paired with a shield if need be. (Excluding the Estoc, which I'd group with the rapiers for the purposes of this hack.) -Thrusts are harder to block with a weapon than cuts and in my (inexperienced and probably somewhat uninformed) opinion, just as hard to block with shields as cuts are. -The hand is VERY well protected. -Blade as long as a longsword's, weight of a one-hander, magnificent point of balance, profiecient in the hardest maneuver to block and amazing hand protection means it's basically the perfect melee weapon for an (unarmored) duel. (When not against a spear. Those are OP as shit.) -Stupidly easy to wear. Like most swords were. -The blade being so light makes it easy to redirect for feints. -The Estoc actually was an anti-armor weapon. It was basically a really long spike with a longsword hilt/crossguard. Cons: -Just as likely to lose to spears as any other sword shorter that a greatsword. -Reliance on the thrust rather than being a "cut-and-thrust" weapon (though it can still slice. It just can't hack) makes it predictable at times. -Built around dueling and self-defense, which means it's not well suited for war or skirmishes, in which people are likely to be wearing at the very least gambeson (which for the rapier might not be THAT bad) and varying levels of hard armors. (which basically counters it as well as most swords). (Again, exclude the Estoc.) -Built for taking on one opponent at a time (DUEL) so fighting multiple people with it is hard. (Though, fighting multiple people is hard in general) -Light blade makes it hard to block/parry/deflect heavier weapons or particularly strong swings with unless done basically flawlessly and with the "strong" (lower half) of the blade rather than with the "weak". (upper half) -Despite what Fire Emblem tells you, actually REALLY WEAK against both armored units AND cavalry. (Dat Estoc Tho.) -The Estoc in particular, was a sort of "two-handed rapier" which, while useful if covered in steel, is two-handed and therefore does not allow a shield. -The Estoc also has the weakness of not having an actual edge. Again, it was a really long and slender spike with a longsword-like handle and cross-guard. -The rapier is really light so you can "beat" the blade to the side pretty hard (unless you miss,lol), which lets you move in without getting skewered. **Backswords and Sabres** (I previously referred to this category as just sabres) I'm considering backswords to be any single edged, one handed, cutting-oriented straight sword. (Falchions; the ACTUAL Claymores, which were one handed basket-hilt swords; some viking swords; some Dao; etc...) Also, I'm considering Sabres to be any CURVED single-edged sword. (Messers, Cavalry Sabres, Katana, some Cutlasses, some Dao, etc...) Pros: -The Sabres slice like a motherfucker. (slice, not cleave.) -The Backswords cleave like a motherfucker. (but don't slice as well as a sabre.) -Since the Backswords cleave well, they also apply really good blunt force trauma to things they can't cleave through, like some Gambesons and basically any mail. Kinda just skid-off plate, though, as do most if not all swords. -The sabres are better for cramped spaces such as alleys since the sword's curve makes it take up a smaller "length" of space. I think I might need a drawing to illustrate this. -The Sabres can work around stuff like shields using thrusting techniques, due to the curve. (Short note: according to my research sabres should have a little less might but higher hit rate and vice versa for the backswords.) Cons: -BAD against armor, as it counters basically any cutting sword. -More often than not, a heck of a lot shorter than thrusting swords like the Rapier. -The Sabres HAVE to use the finnicky thrusting techniques on enemies that don't have a shield as well because the curve means that you have to curve your stabbing as well. **Daggers** (They are not good for combat. Only used historically as finishers, after another weapon did the brunt of the fighting. Thieves are still gonna be a utility class rather than combat.) Pros: -There's a shit-load of types of daggers. Thursters like the Rondell Dagger and Slicers like the Baselard, and even throwing knives. This means variety. Cons: -Yes most of the kills against armored units came from daggers but that's because there was another big armored dude subduing the first one to the point where he could pull up his visor and jam a dagger in his gullet, or they were wrestling. -Yes Rondells are the best Daggers to use on armor, but again, the victim would basically already have to be subdued or you'd have to be wrestling. -Yes throwing knives hurt... but they can't pierce even soft armors like Gambesons, aren't always guaranteed to hit with the blade unless you are a god at throwing from all ranges, and, finally, even if you do hit your opponent in an unprotected area, IT WON'T GO DEEP ENOUGH. It won't cause a severe enough injury to even immobilize a limb let alone actually kill someone. It CAN kill someone, if you are incredibly lucky, but it can't kill someone reliably. -Range. I mean really, don't bring a knife to a swordfight. Or rather, do, but have it around JUST IN CASE. **Broadswords"" Pros: -Average at everything. There doesn't appear to be any real weakness to them. Better range than shortswords an daggers, effective strikes, alices AND thrusts, allow for a shield... Cons: -Average at everything. There doesn't seem to be any specific advantages to them. -They can cut, but, unlike Backswords and Sabres, generally isn't gonna lop off limbs. (unless you REALLY power your cuts and/or your edge alignment is godly.) -They can thrust well enough, but don't have as much range or point control, both of which give AMAZING advantages to thrusts, as the "rapierish" weapons do.
  16. I already asked this question before on a different forum, but not much interest was shown. But from the given suggestions, and what we can realistically achieve so far with ROM hacking, I've come up with a small list of tentative changes and would like some input. http://pastebin.com/933nAbXM And because I know this is going to be suggested, no, we don't know yet (or at least I don't know) how the game handles what shop sells what, so I can't edit shops at this moment.
  17. Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to the forum and I'm making a FE8 hack. It's not too ambitious, just basically vanilla FE8 with some new and rebalanced classes, extra weapons, extra supports, much harder difficultly, and eventually (if I can figure out how) a few more chapters. I don't want to go down in ROM history, just create a better alternative to regular FE8. Re-Balanced difficulty and class changes. AKA, the bulk of what I'm doing. Things done already are highlighted in Green New Content AKA Stuff I largely don't know how to do yet. As you can see this is a huge undertaking, and I don't expect to finish it all. I'm going to use available animations for all I can, and maybe beg help for the animations that don't exist yet. There are animations for the halbardier class I want to use, but the link in the animation resourse thread is dead. I also once saw a video of a swordwoman attacking with a mauth dog that I want to use for Velour, but I don't know what the deal is. I hope to be able to work out a deal with people who can help me. I can write smut for you perverts if you give me what I want Right now I've increased the difficulty of the presplit and about four Erika route chapters, but that part is the easiest thing I have to do. Any feedback you folks can provide is much appreciated.
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